Memo to First Post: It is better to have no media than a biased media: It is time for journalists to grow up and understand what their function in the world actually is

Excuses, excuses. That’s what journalists have stooped to trying to justify the rot posing as news. Why did so-called “fake news” gain a foothold?Because journalists have watered down and skewed the products so much that it became impossible to tell the difference. Real news, fake news, opinion, propaganda – it has all become the same abusive dreck. But in the game of cognitive dissonance, people try to justify their own evil by explaining their actions away after the fact to put a positive spin on it. Now we have those in the press who are fessing up to being biased and partisan, but hey! A biased press, according to these people, is still better than the alternative! Oh, nice try, but a biased press is worse than having no press. It is like getting beat up, controlled, and terrorized by a lying and cheating spouse who tells you, “Well, it is better to have an abusive spouse than no spouse at all.” The hell it is. First Post has a very poorly-thought out column making that very plea. Bad information is far worse than having no information. Right now, there are an INFINITE number of things that you do not know, and yet – hello! – you are still making progress in your life. However, there are a lot of things that we thought we knew, but were out and out lies, and because they were lies, we rewarded those liars. Just take a look at the tsunami coming out of the communications industry revealing the vile extent of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein and Leon Wieseltier were two over-rated and pompous nobodies who got a free pass and an enviable and profitable career because a biased lapdog media drooled over them on cue because they were told to do so by those same narcissists. What happened when the press was biased and reported only flattering information about these tyrannical nobodies? They handed them careers on a silver platter. They gave these mental and artistic lightweights gravitas, and hence power to control and gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do on those who did not have power. How many talented people were denied a career because their talent would have made Weinstein’s and Wieseltier’s stuff pale in comparison? How many hard-working and sensitive people were forever traumatized and oppressed? How many lives were changed for the worse? And how many people were taught to believe these were people to be envied – and whose life theories were “correct”, and hence, should be followed? Sorry, I would have rather never heard about these men because had they not ever gained publicity, they would have been given more suitable jobs for their true ability and intellect, namely scrubbing toilets at a gas station. Instead, thanks to a biased media, the world had been indoctrinated by these poseur “great men” and lead down a garden path. We could have had true and benevolent talent guiding the world; instead, we got creeps who manipulated a gullible and biased media who served as willing vectors. That press infected the collective information stream, distorting certain concepts – and destroying left-wing ideology permanently because when predators use their place of work to attack, that means the job itself is a sham and is merely the pretext to abuse. Weinstein hid under the guise of being a liberal who supported feminists, but what had been promoted was anything but liberalism or feminism. These causes were hijacked and reinterpreted to keep a patriarchal and tyrannical status quo. Oh, so do not tell me that a biased media is the lesser of two evils. It is the far greater evil because it re-interprets truth and reality in such a way that it distorts our perceptions of it, meaning no matter how we try to solve problems with the facts we are given, we will always be wrong. We will strive for things we should avoid. We will avoid the very truths we need. We will never see reality accurately. We will become grateful for the things and people oppressing us. We will terrorize and demonize heroes and victims alike as we support villains. That is what biased media does: it messes our thoughts and perceptions, meaning life will always be rigged to harm us, but we will never see it. A partisan press is an evil press because it will always steer us away from the very things we need as it makes us want the things we must avoid. But it goes beyond sexual predatory bosses and gate-keepers: how many fraudulent companies were presented as real by a press that was biased in favor of maverick tycoons? People lost their jobs and life savings and never recovered. How many child molesters were praised by the same biased press? How many incompetent politicians? It is far better to have no media than an media that is never held accountable for their insufferable ignorance and lapses in critical thinking. Because a biased media is an abusive media: they abuse their power and cause untold damages, from suicides to genocides. Wars broke out because a biased media skewed reality, inciting irrational hatred. A biased media focussed on people wearing paper crowns and ignored dispossessed people who became homeless or cannon fodder for abusers and murderers. Just as every bad spouse needs to be kicked to the curb, every bad news producer should face the same fate; so that when the next one walks up, they can see what happens to those whose egos blind them to their purpose, and will know they must take their roles seriously if they wish for us to open our hearts and minds to them.