I Got a Different Idea: learning acceptance with Matriarchal Storytelling 

How many times have you proffered a suggestion only to be dismissed with someone who wished to be at the top of a non-existing pecking order with: I got a better idea.

Really? You got scientific studies backing up your lofty theory about yourself?

Usually not, but control freaks always have a way of trying to wrest power from an active person who is willing to think of a solution, and then share it.

You may have a different idea, but it is not necessarily a better one.

The Patriarchal is all about the pecking order of ideas. The hero has not just the better or the best idea, but the only idea that will actually work.

It is a logical fallacy known as sink or swim.

The Matriarchal explores the realm of different ideas and compares and contrasts them. Some ideas work great in some circumstances, but are less effective in others. Other times, two different characters can reach the same place using vastly different ideas.

People fret over buying a pair of shoes, horrified the black ones are not as great as the brown ones. So long as they are comfortable and reasonably priced for your budget, if you like both equally and both go with your clothes in your closet, it doesn't matter which shoes you buy.

There is no "better" answer.

Just a different one.

Meddling with someone else's choice in footware does not make for a better world or life.

The Patriarchal always compares ideas for the pecking order.

The Matriarchal searches for all the wonderful ways to make life better because knowing many right ways to do things is more helpful than having just one.

It is about expanding of choices rather than confining them.

Even if we are not the only Ones who have the right idea.