Disney's Matriarchal Storytelling Gamble with Star Wars

Of course, the studio and the press are not labelling it as such, but Star Wars has now reached a Matriarchal era as Disney plans to release a Star Wars film every year: one film that is the core of the mythology one year, and a standalone tangent film alternating years.  If you read A Dangerous Woman regularly, you know this is the structure I use deliberately, and have been since its inception in 2013. There are numerous advantages of having a pool of characters and concepts that intersect and weave: audiences get to see people, events, and life from multiple points of view.

It is how we live.

Disney has been using the Matriarchal with their Marvel movie line with big success. 


Because we seek wisdom, and wisdom does not come from wearing blinders and thinking about only yourself, thinking you can never do any wrong.

The Matriarchal is the storytelling style of the future. With a global audience, it is the way we can better connect with each other as we learn life if not a competition: it is a place interdependence where we can battle each other, but have to understand that once wounds open up, the losers of those battles will reopen them to seek vengeance, validation, justice, closure, rebirth, resolution, and even peace.

When there is tomorrow, there is not just a new story, but new chapters people wish to write.

The Patriarchal does not acknowledge that there are consequences to how you win a war.

The Matriarchal does acknowledge that you may have defeated someone who labelled a foe the day before, but that villain still has family, friends, and even fans who will be affected by his failure or will mourn his defeat and will carry on in one form or another.

Cooperation does not mean compromise or enabling rot. The Matriarchal is all about a bigger vision that we have puzzles of competing and often clashing wants and needs and a balance must be struck. We cannot be greedy or selfish, hoarding and pretending no one else has feelings or rights that are equal to ours.

The Patriarchal has given many people a false idea that they are always the hero,in every situation and that they are always right; so they try to spin a narrative where detractors never have a valid point and are villains who must be harmed.

Sometimes you are the hero.

But other times, you are just a jerk who needs to be put in your place as that paper crown you put on your head is taken off your head and thrown in the trash.

The Matriarchal is all about seeing the world from multiple points of view, not just the convenience of our own, with people having pieces of a puzzle they must put together. Opening and expanding our understanding is important and we learn how to do that with the stories we hear as children.

Disney is not the only ones. From comic books such as Archie, Marvel, and DC to Dick Wolf's Law and Order and Chicago franchises, we have always quietly mused with the Matriarchal.

But it is the time to push forward with that structure in a world where communications has changed and tomorrows have changed from our yesterdays in significant ways.