Fake News is for people who can't cope with truth or reality: Why the denial of the existence of facts will not make bad things go away -- not even for you

I wrote the book on lies making news -- literally.  And that is an absolute fact.

So I know a lot about the psychology of fake news.

And fake news is for passive and arrogant cowards who have a fantasy that drives their thinking and their narrative that they are always innately right without effort, that they never need to change or grow, and that their perceptions are a perfect reflection of truth and reality.

They make up lies as a defence mechanism. It is a form of magical thinking that blinds these know-it-alls.  They dismiss anything that proves their theories wrong. They appeal to authority, use personal attacks on people with evidence that weakens their ideas, fall for the confirmation bias, and use the straw man argument to distort sensible logic, and they have to keep upstage lie because cognitive dissonance infectsntheirnthinking and they cannot face reality or truth; so their flimsy fortress keeps them in the dark as it poisons them.

I have heard many people tell me that there are no such things as facts, which is a very easy theory to disprove.

All you have to do is beat the living daylights of the denier in front of rolling cameras and when the person accuses you of assault, all you have to say is, "Sorry, that is just your opinion. Your bruises and broken bones aren't facts. The video of you getting the tar kicked out of you is not any proof because facts do not exist." 

There are such things as facts. There is such a thing as truth. There is such a thing as reality.

The more you lie, the less of these things you can see.

In my book Don't Believe It!: How lies become news, I chronicled many real-life fake news stories that mainstream press either fell for without question -- or the reporters was the one who invented the lie.

Sometimes the liar was a scientist who faked results of a study. Sometimes it was a person who pretended to be terminally ill. 

There was always an agenda. Sometimes it was all about the Benjamin's. Sometimes a killer wanted to get away with murder.

These days, people just don't want to consider the fact they are wrong, and their wrong ideas are driving them into oblivion.

Facing fear with humility and without the face-saving narrative would go a long way to make positive changes. There is no magic wand that will make all your problems go away. You are not special. Unless you think critically and are active and aware, your problems will get worse.

That is reality. 

Fake news the blanket a kid puts over his head so the monsters or killers don't get him.

The monsters never existed in the first place.

But the blanket is not a killer-repellant.

Fake news also reminds me of the old PSAs where school kids were told to hide under their school desks in case of a nuclear bomb.

Yeah, that'll really save little Bobby from the apocalypse.

You can never find the right answer if you believe lies.

That is truth.

You might not want to believe you have cancer, but if you have it, nobody is going to care if subscribe to the magic-wand theory of dealing with it for yourself. 

But they are going to care if you try to make them follow in your passivity and fear.

Sooner or later, reality intrudes.

If you deal in truth, reality is your ally.

If you deal in lies, it becomes your enemy.

And life still goes on.

Because your opinion, image, and narrative are meaningless.

But truth and reality will not crumble whether or not you see them, believe them, or hide from them under a fake news story as they explode...