A Storyteller's Manifesto

Storytelling is in the marrow.We tell stories and seek them as toddlers.

We dream them every night.

It is the way we understand the world and each other.

There is an Alpha and Omega.

From once upon a time to happily ever after.

The curtain rises and falls until it is time to rise again.

The story is a place that tells us the ways of life.

How to fight.

How to live.

How to create.

And how to recreate when all has been destroyed.

It is a mountain to climb.

And to cherish.

There are always new tales to devour and old favourites to savour again and again.

A good storyteller knows it.

And is a magician who creates new worlds from the heart.

But the grains of the greatest fables comes from love, bravery, and truth.

A story comes from the heart and soul.

Every character is a creation of the storyteller's heart.

And every story is a creation of the soul.

We speak the language of puzzles in every story.

We teach as we learn.

We speak to reach out to you.

We do our best to entertain you with a puzzle as we teach with wisdom.

We stand up to darkness.

We look into light and look at every grain.

Each grain we give as a gift in our every story.

We must never lie, never hate.

We must protect by giving maps to show how to be braver than you think you can ever be.

We share our stories and characters.

We never know if you will like it or not.

But we will show you what we see and feel, even if we never meet.

It is stories that bring people together in time and space.

The world is a story spinner.

Every second, a new story is born.

Another thread to weave together with kindness and open hearts.

To bring dreams together with our waking lives.

So we are never alone and find our path to create new stories with every journey.

We are storytellers, and we love the world to keep stories spinning in times of triumphs and tragedies, and in war and peace; so we always come together so no one is alone or falls apart.

We hold love and truth above all else.

We liberate both because it is what a storyteller vows to do.

And promise to do it with every story we spin, no matter how dangerous to do so, and no matter what tyranny we face for showing the world our love and gratitude for every moment we are given to feel life and its infinite enigmatic mysteries...