You're Going To Make It After All: Mary Richards, Feminista Heroine 

I talk a lot about pseudo-feminist icons, such as Wonder Woman, but there is one Feminista icon who ought to get a serious mention. Mary Richards, as portrayed by Mary Tyler Moore on her eponymous television show.

She was a single woman making her way in an all-boys profession that has never been easy to crack. She had her female friends, one who was strong enough to headline her own television series, making the MTM Show one with true Matriarchal potential. 

Mary was not a fairy princess. She earned her keep and had dreams and ambitions.

The show could be serious, silly, and iconic. A little song, a little dance...

The program was ground-breaking for the portrayal of women in fiction, and, in fact, if there is any concept that is needed with a reboot for a modern age, it's Mary Richards.

The show is about a young single and independent woman fighting for her place and aspirations. Things are not handed to her on a silver platter, but she is not defeatist in nature.

She stands alone, but she can also stand with other young women who are not like her, and could easily breakout from supporting character status.

We need more characters like this: women who are women and not stand-ins for a male character. She is well-defined and engaging. There are other iconic females who understand the nature of power, such as Maude to The Closer's Brenda Johnson, yet there is something distinctive about Mary Richards that makes her timeless -- but more importantly, essential to the modern fictional landscape.