Not a meddler or enabler: The hero's role in Matriarchal Storytelling 

In Patriarchal, the roles are binary. It is the One or Zero. To be the Zero is to be the fool, and to be the One is to be the Magician. Follow the rules of the One and you can turn your dismal reality into Happily Ever After; question the rules, and you keep getting punished. The game is rigged, in other words.

This system is classic Pavlovian Conditioning. Stimulus and response until you assimilate the subject to perform the desired outcome. Give shocks to those who do what is natural and punish them, and to those who go against their natural rhythms to dance to the experimenter's beat get rewarded.

We are indoctrinated into this way of thinking since birth. No wonder social change is slow to come: the structure of our thinking is confined through the structure of our stories.

This method requires rote learning: modelling, mimicry, and memorization. You don't have to know why you have to think or behave in a certain way, just so long as you do it.

The hero of the story is the gold standard and the model. Characters who  follow the hero are rewarded, and those who don't are punished.

The hero's job is to learn and grow, but also to meddle by telling others how their thinking is deficient, and evil.

Many stories of good and evil are comical. The villain wants to rule the world and that is bad. The hero thwarts the villain and is rewarded by getting to...rule the world.

Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss, as The Who succinctly put it to song.

The hero has to have a mastery of the optics, slowly meddling in the lives of others until they beg him to subjugate them and tell them how to live because he is The One.

The Magician who has the monopoly on being right.

Male characters can pull this off more than female characters, who get slapped with the label Mary Sue for doing the same thing their male counterparts do.

The Matriarchal is not about just The One.

There is no just one right answer or just one right way of doing things.

Options and opening new roads is the goal and mandate, but the Matriarchal is not about enabling the odious or the dysfunctional as being an option.

There are ways of doing right. There are ways of doing wrong, and the Matriarchal explores both these roads.

The hero is a detective and active experimenter. It is about learning to think and not passively coast on The One Rule That Explains Everything.

The Matriarchal protagonist knows there is more than one way to do things. There is no excuses for tyranny in a world of plenty. There is no excuse for hoarding, deception, oppression, or violence.

There are villains in the real world, but in the Matriarchal, there is more than just The One facing it head on.

There are The Infinite who each contribute to progress, but sometimes, those differing ways can seem to clash and collide.

Yet each can be woven together.

Because we all have different roles to play.

What is the meaning of life?

Your meaning may be different than mine. One is not wrong or better, but different.

No one has the monopoly on doing good.

True progress is not us versus them until us assimilates them or us subjugates them.

It is when we see the false linear divides and delusions that build fortresses that need to be taken down as we find common ground that true evolution happens.

The hero does not enable lies. The hero does not dictate how others should feel.

The hero is not a servant or martyr, let alone a messiah.

The hero solves. The hero learns. The hero builds.

The hero lives life to the fullest creating.

Nothing stops the hero, but should anyone get in the way, the hero continues to build without destroying another.

The other learns is he is not the only One out there.

Because it is a world of the Infinite.

The Matriarchal begins with a simple equation:

One plus one equals a bigger one, and all equations equal Infinity.

And from there all good things are more than possible: they are inevitable.

The Matriarchal is an Edenic way of seeing the world: we build to make life worth living; so that every time and place is a good one that gets better over time.

And the hero is one of many working to make it happen.