Love as War in Matriarchal Storytelling 

They tell me all is fair in love and war, yet in Patriarchal Storytelling, the ends justify the means. Romantic stories are often Machiavelli-bent tales drowned in sophistry, yet when those rules are used in the real world, the results are catastrophic, yet we have trouble seeing the problems. In the Patriarchal, war is often deception disguised as love. After all, if all is fair in love and war, and, as Sun Tzu noted, war is deception.

Ergo, love is a lie.

In the Patriarchal, love is based on lies.

How often does the smitten protagonist lie through his or her teeth to land a mate so no one bothers them about still being single? But the protagonist gets a free pass and the duped settles for the liar. Victory!

The Matriarchal is about love and truth. Love is not war. Love is not deception. Love requires truth to flourish. Loving a mirage is a soul-draining exercise that turns hearts bitter and spiteful. Wasting your life on exploiters is not a good idea.

But exploring  love as war is something the Matriarchal excels — but it is not its apologist or justifier. It looks at what happens when love is based on strategies and strategems of war in depth. Where there is love, but no truth, there are festering problems that can turn love into hate.

As a journalist, I had covered such stories. Women in abusive relationships explained away the abuse. Love, no truth.

I had covered women in jail for thinking the boyfriend who rescued them from abusive relationship did so because they were knights in shining armour, not predators looking to manipulate grateful prey into breaking the law to show loyalty.

In the Magnus Lyme Mystery series, the young detective solves murders on such a premise where war is mistaken for love. There are casualties of love. People who die because they thought deception was the price to pay for getting love, but forgot about the truth in their fatal bargains.

The Matriarchal gives authors the freedom to explore those realms to add truth to mix so readers can feel the big picture and see that all is fair in love -- and peace.