Getting off the Hamster Wheel with Matriarchal Storytelling 

People don't see when they get swept up in very bad things. They blindly follow leaders, cults, or ideologies. They stay in bad relationships. They believe in lies as they distort their own perceptions of reality. They sacrifice everything and becomes dupes ripe for perpetual exploitation. There is no talking to them. You are out to get them. You don't understand that their abusive and philandering mate was abused as a child and marriage is the standard psychiatric treatment. The filthy rich  are being attacked and they have to be protected through joining militias and getting killed for them.

How do people get caught the hamster wheel of lunacy?

They have the One narrative that tells them there is only the One right answer. Alternative explanations are rejected. Heroes stick to their One belief at all costs and the hero's purpose to is spread the gospel to others as they save damsels in distress.

Propagandists and manipulators know how to supply the right narrative to their marks who believe them. They cannot let go because the story sounds flattering: you have to save a lover because he or she is a diamond in the rough and the pigeon is the living key to unlock it.

They are decreed to the Chosen Ones.

The pigeon does not want to hear that their low self-esteem and lack of experience contributes to them seeking superiority, but do not know what being "superior" means and are deferring to a con artist to define it for them.

Often, confirmation of those flawed theories comes from fictional stories.

Twilight confirms it, after all. Belle walks away from her life to marry a man who literally sucks the life out of her as she becomes a breeder for his monster race. It is celebrated as a love story, yet many women who followed that formula ended up broke and broken, often in a body bag.

50 Shades of Gray also confirms it. Beauty can tame the beast. It is love if he stalks her and abuses her, especially if he has economic superiority over her and her lack of life experience is no impediment to dealing with an emotionally disturbed man.

We also have people live as paupers and servant slaves in the name of religion, while their masters live it up and see the or pawns  as expendable. They do not have gratitude and the sacrifice means nothing as loved ones are rejected, even though they are torn apart by the separation.

Matriarchal storytelling rejects the One. There is no applause for sacrificing for others who are more than capable of looking after themselves. Cheerleading others who get all the benefits while you get used and abused is not the point of the story. Yes, the Matriarchal is about altruism, but not martyrdom. Life is precious, not expendable. Artificial rigs of a pecking order are rejected as we find a place for everyone to grow and blossom.

And most importantly, people pull their own weight.

We don't become a nurse with a purse. Grifters are not lost little children needing a parent. We help and heal, but not at the expense of our own sense of self. We do not become defined by meddling and rescuing. We have respect for others and do not try to usurp their power.

It is the way to expand horizons and accept diverse thinking. 

In other words, we build staircases and not hamster wheels.