Doing Away with Delusional Indoctrination with Matriarchal Storytelling 

The Queen Bee, the Wonder Woman, the Femme Fatale, the Fairy Princess, the Damsel in Distress, the Sexual Social Worker, the Mary Sue, the Plain Jane Better, and the Mother of the Magic Wand are all common stock characters in Patriarchal stories. What is the Mother of the Magic Wand? She has a wayward man in her life, but then gets knocked up and somehow, the child she gives birth to magically transforms the wayward bum into mommy's Prince Charming.

What is a Plain Jane Better? She is the jealous wallflower who cannot compete with a glamourous romantic rival who discards the man, and little Miss Plain Jane picks him out of the romantic dumpster as he is grateful for her calculated pity as the glamourous one regrets dumping him in the first place.

In the Patriarchal, women are focussed on husband-hunting, or if she already has a husband, she has to support him at the expense of other parts of her life. She must nab a man and then keep him happy as she defers to him and has to think of ways to change him.

If she a Femme Fatale, her looks and magical genitalia will get a man to do her bidding. If she is a Wonder Woman, it is meddling and rescuing that will do it. The Damsel in Distress will use her vulnerability and gratitude to soften him and make him more pliable to agree to marry her.

Her life strategies are non-existent. How she becomes CEO we have no idea. She is always tethered and working within confines. Few stories revolving around women push those limits. The Closer and Madame Secretary may seem like exceptions, but even with The Closer, the protagonist had an affair with the man who hired her, and Madame Secretary's protagonist has no social life outside her husband. Even when barriers are broken, female protagonists are always held back in disturbing ways. Women are not even allowed to dream of having the same freedoms male protagonists do.

The Matriarchal deals with systemic misogyny, but the old ways of women navigating through life are rejected. Even if a woman is happily married, she is not her husband's saviour or servant. He is one part of her life, but hardly the only one.

The focus is on her life's purpose and legacy. How she solves problems, builds, creates, progresses, and grows personally and professionally is the focus. How she creates her strategies for tackling obstacles is the key, not how she will trick a man into marrying her and then magically fall madly in lust with her.

Because Matriarchal is not about the One, there is freedom to explore. A female protagonist will not be penalized if she rejects a suitor as there is a planet with many others who are better suited for her, and perhaps she desires to be footloose and fancy-free and she is happy to stay single or get divorced.

In other words, her relationship status is not a focus. We care more about how she stands up to tyranny and injustice on a global scale or a local one. She has purpose. She has ideals. She has vision. She has ideas, theories, wants, and needs. She has thoughts and feelings.

She has many facets to her personality as she learns how to refine them to live her life on her own terms. She doesn't care if she has the prettiest dress or the most friends on her social media page. She cares to get promoted at work, make an independent life as she makes the most of her brains and talents.

She doesn't play mommy to dysfunctional lovers. She doesn't yell or bark orders to her passive aggressive leech parading as her husband, nor does she rely on a man to define her as he pays her bills.

The old archetypes were delusional indoctrination, used to deflect women's attention away from what mattered and offer brainless fake solutions to problems with seemingly no-brainer and no effort simple schemes. These delusions are preset scripts used as blinders to convince the gullible into thinking this narrative is the way to be street smart and cunning when all it does is back the deluded into a corner.

We see the toxic results of what happens when harebrained and conniving schemes are confused with strategies.

It is 2016, after all, and a change in a non-functioning structure is long overdue.