Lies versus Truth; Perceptions versus Reality; Opinions versus Facts

As a journalist, I was in the centre of a compass: there are lies that hide truths.  There are perceptions that distort reality.

And to add to the mix, there are opinions used to replace facts.

People confuse hypothetical constructs of convenience for truth and reality and never question basic things.

I was always keenly aware that it was easy to mix one for the other, but there was no excuse to do so. The buck stopped with me, and I took it very seriously.

When I began to write fiction, those concepts became more important. I knew all about what PR firms could do, for instance to muddy those waters. I decided to write from truth, reality, and facts as I took on lies, perceptions, and opinion.

The Patriarchal structure could not be my framework because it assumed there was the One: the one right way to act, think, and feel.

So I opted for a Matriarchal structure: there are new ways and different ways to see the world, and each way gives you a different set of facts as they reveal different truths and realities. Being rich or poor means different realities and why we always have linear divides: the rich have stupid solutions for poor people.

To write about both in Matriarchal will reveal exactly how they are different without a us versus them without the artificial confines.

It is about showing how contradictory realities collide and why we have barriers: lies, perceptions, and opinions build walls when we need to tear them down.

Truth, reality and facts bring energy for progress, and the reason why I opted for a different way of telling stories in an age where there are walls blinding us to see the stories.