The Nature of Power

In Patriarchal storytelling, power and control of the narrative go hand-in-hand. The protagonist controls how readers and viewers interpret other characters, making it an exercise in persuasive narcissism.  Some character does his own thing or has a thought or belief that veers ever so slightly away from the hero's?


If the character likes the hero, they will be delegated to inferior supporting cast or comic relief. He tried to do his own thing and it made him looked silly in front of others, ha ha!

Really? Doesn't practice make perfect? Why do we discourage independent thought?

This mindset is very toxic, and I would argue the bane of humanity since the beginning of time. No wonder diversity often feels like a pipe dream: can't we all just get over ourselves already?

It is akin to force everyone to go through cancer treatments: just because it is a good thing for some people, are we to think everyone needs it?

When someone makes a suggestion, we often say I have a better idea. 

We don't say, I have a different idea.

Politics is an antagonistic exercise. Two candidates run, but only one wins. Everyone who had a different idea and voted for the other guy doesn't get their wishes granted.

Power is defined by submission and controlling people in ways they have publicly stated they have rejected.

We don't, for instance, make policy based on ratios; it is all or none. Power is hoarded and no one can give an inch.

They begin to weave narratives how the opponents are evil, crazy, and selfish. They go looking for fights and create monsters where none exist. Xenophobia taints every aspect of our lives, but the fear of another idea has harmed society time and again.

People interpret different life requirements as the root of all evil, not a puzzle to solve.

In Matriarchal storytelling, this kind of power structure is not seen as heroic by any stretch. The narrative used to justify tyranny is rejected. The Matriarchal sees the world in terms of equations that must be solved in stages.

We don't make threats of rejection because someone does not think your every idea is perfect.

We are not impressed by paper crowns, tin foil titles, or see fortress-building as a shield.

Those things mean nothing, especially when anger explodes against the tyrants and they discover billionaires are as disposable as the dispossessed.

Storytelling is not a form of indoctrination or propaganda. It is not means to spin or justify the ways of control freaks.

It is about weaving pieces of society together sensibly. It is about progress and evolution. It is about facing smaller problems before they grow into cancerous monsters that take no less than a bloody war to stop.

The Patriarchal tries to stop opposition with the One. The Matriarchal confronts reality and truth of the Infinite and looks for ways for people to have freedom, independence, and true autonomy.

There is no room for greed or jealousy. We don't make people artificially dependent on us for their survival. There is no room for mind games or campaigns. There are no power struggles because the Matriarchal gives us several solutions, and excuses are rejected.

There are no cages in the Matriarchal. We do not control or meddle, but we do not allow others to dictate the terms of our lives. We stand alone, but we also stand together.

Because it is about balance and sensitivity. We nurture and push forward as we learn, change, and refine.

It is a new way to interpret the world, and it is long overdue.