Writing While Female

It is easy to get dismissed while WWF. Yes, the quirks in my stories are there for a reason.

No, it is not a mistake.

Yes, it is possible for a woman with 20+ experience to have gravitas and write meaty and epic stories that don't have anything to do with falling all over men, thigh size, being petty and jealous, wallowing, new agey, or folksy and/or cheap.

No, I will not shy away from the political, the rebellious, or even anarchistic.

Yes, I can be original, innovative, and sly.

No, my strong women are not angry men with ovaries. They are women who can eat you for breakfast.

Yes, my stories are complicated, complex, visionary, and require thought and emotions to appreciate them.

No, I am not looking for validation.

Yes, I write about ambitious women who create their own path because the paths we have now don't take a woman's wants and needs to heart.

No, I am not going to write about men who are deemed Chosen Ones by other men rigging the board.

Yes, I write Matriarchal stories that are rich, textured, and different.

No, I am not going to pretend that Patriarchal structures did anything but unnaturally hold women back since the beginning as it indoctrinated women to think it was all natural, inevitable, normal, and desirable.

Yes, writing needs change and a more scientific way of finding new paths to rejuvenate the industry.

No, the status quo is not enough. It never was.

Yes, there is a problem when women are defined by their relationships and not their actions.

No, we are not living in an enlightened age right now. We are in the dark ages so long as fiction refuses to awaken.

Yes, it is up to women to break down that barrier.

No, it is not the same if women allow to men to do it because they did not move fast enough or pushed hard enough.

There is a problem. 

I see it, but am not taken seriously.

I am writing while female.