Conniving Pollyannas and Matriarchal Storytelling 

In the Patriarchal structure, many toxic personality types get a free pass and can be seen as heroic because the so-called "positive" traits are viewed as redeeming qualities. Yet they are misused as a fortress used to first validate, and then vindicate the bad.

Take the Pollyanna archetype.

She is oblivious and insensitive to her own reality, let alone the reality of others. She fancies herself as so special, that she can passively not have to change or do a thing and everything will work out for her.

Her survival strategy is to play dumb and endure.

She deserves all good things because she is perfect as she is. No learning is necessary.

But as she expects others to deliver her riches, she is, by nature, a conniving Pollyana. She plays dumb, hoping to manipulate others to do her bidding. She will get others to bend to her will as she steals to crown of heroine and lives happily ever after.

The Patriarchal will indulge her as its structure sees women as less capable of learning and more in need of saving. 

The Matriarchal sees the conniving Pollyana for who she really is and will have none of it.

The Matriarchal shows her mental laziness, her entitled mindset, her passivity, unwillingness to grow, her conniving nature, and her schemes to expose them. She isn't going to get to meddle or boss others around to get others to do her work for her. She is in for the shock of her life when she finds herself out of the running as heroine.

Because the Matriarchal compares and contrasts various characters, static manipulators lack the heroic gravitas to be seen as heroes. She cannot be the One because her simplistic feints do not take other Ones into her equations. The characters who stand around waiting for others to do their work for them do not pull their own weight; hence their manipulations become glaring.

But because the Matriarchal does not downplay other characters, the typical literary shading required to make an odious character seem heroic are not there. 

The Matriarchal can give us new heroes and villains, meaning new stories and directions are possible. With the typical indoctrination of the Patriarchal out of the way, we can focus on different angles to bring exciting and bold stories out to be finally told.