Sanders, Trump, Patriarchal Storyselling, and Why the Medium is the Real Message

There is content. That is part of a message. The overt part, to be precise. But there is the hidden message in the structure.

Marshall McLuhan noted that medium is the message. The medium, according to him, was radio, television, and print.

But we can expand that in two other ways: the structure of the message and the profile of the person giving it.

In Western culture, steps are being taken to diversify the content of the message, but it is doomed to fail because the structure or content is being left in place, as archaic and misogynisitc/racist as it is.

The Medium is Patriarchal.

And Patriarchal is all about the One. There is no plurality with the Patriarchal.

What that means for the content is absolutely crucial: we can include whatever characters we like, but in the end, if they do not support the One, it is all for nothing. They are judged to be inferior or unworthy unless validated by the One (i.e., the protagonist).

We can see how deeply the Patriarchal Medium is ingrained in Western thinking. 

In the U.S., two presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have captured the imaginations of those who think they are supporting mavericks and outsiders, and both camps honestly believe they are complete opposites of each other.

In content, yes, but in structure they are identical.

Why? Their Medium is Patriarchal.

They need a white, privileged Establishment male to hold their hand and validate their woes and ideas. How Republicans choose their One is no different than how the Democrats choose their One. Had a true outsider, such as a working class black lesbian woman, put forth her ideas, she would be dismissed, let alone be seen as a bold and capable visionary. Forty-four American presidents, and only one among them was a biracial male. He was still privileged. He was still one with the Establishment. That is the extent of diversity for the highest office in the United States.

So long as the Medium is Patriarchal and the One sounds authoritative without having to be right, just, or good, it doesn't matter. It is the Medium that shapes that message, and ultimately owns it. 

We are not taught how to diversify our thinking. We have become dependent on Patriarchal Storyselling for so long, we think that is the best, or even only way to see truth and reality accurately. 

And that is a lie.

We need a more flexible Medium for society to progress, and the Patriarchal just doesn't cut it anymore.

We need the Matriarchal. We need to know how to weave the plurality to embrace the Infinite so we can all evolve and progress without falling behind or being held back.