Storytelling versus Storyselling

Anyone can tell a story. We are all born storytellers.

You do not have to learn it. Toddlers tells and appreciate stories.

We dream in stories.

It is an innate gift. We are hard wired to tell and understand stories. It is a map to understanding others and ourselves. It is the sugar mixed in with the medicine. We heal as we savour the sweetness. Wisdom is imparted. It inspires us to find solutions when the chips are down. It teaches us strategy and see the big picture.

That is the wonder of Storytelling.

But some people want to fancy themselves as special and it is not enough to tell a story.

They have to sell a concept.

And they are storysellers.

They are the propagandist who want to indoctrinate others, trying to justify and validate their toxic beliefs. The girl in grade school who wouldn't date a selfish and obnoxious boy winds up being the murdered villain in his stories as an adult.

That is storyselling.

A true storyteller embraces differences and diversity. The hero is not always right. The villain can have redeemable qualities, but his delusions get in the way.

The storyteller is not an apologist, however. He is the curator of the heart and soul.

He will not turn the girl who shot him down into a villainess. He will look at her perspective as much as his own.

Storytelling is not about settling petty scores with a robotic and rigid narrative. It is not about being a propagandist. It is a journey from one end of a psychic place to another, and bringing those ends together.

Storytelling is creation. It is about the author trusting her instincts and going with the flow. It is a messy, dirty, and intensely personal and brave process. It is about facing reality and embracing truth, not spin or deny it.

Storyselling is about embracing lies and finding ways to make the lie seem as if it were the absolute truth.

There is no storytelling without facing reality. Sophistry, sour grapes, appealing and appeasing authority, and using the confirmation bias are the ways of the storysellers because we will do everything save the one thing he must do to evolve as a human being. Stories liberate and are not fortresses. It is not about controlling the hearts and minds of others, dictating how readers ought to think and feel.

But it is about sharing your own thoughts and feelings. 

Because it is our nature to turn those chaotic and enigmatic elements into the ordered solutions we call stories.