Matriarchal Storytelling is a Slice of Lives

In the Patriarchal, we are only give information pertaining to the storyline and everything is resolved at the end. Everything is neatly tied and there is no Gordonian Knot to contend with. If life were only that simple.

I worked as a journalist, and I can tell you stories in the real world don't work that way. I had facts I appreciated, but could never use. I could not interview everyone or use all the interviewees I found. There was always many stories within a single one and I had to walk away from all but the One. Every story was that fabled Gordonian Knot and it always took a lot of work to present a simple Patriarchal story for the public to consume.

Yet I never had trouble following that Gordonian Knot and neither did anyone else in that profession. Life is not a colour by numbers pictures; it is Salvador Dali masterpiece of interconnected stories happening in a single epic work.

The Matriarchal cuts that Gordonian Knot. In fact, it slices it like one slices an onion, and then examines the weaves to see how the knot was constructed.

In terms of Matriarchal story, a well-crafted story is not one where all the facts conveniently lead to a follow the dots story, giving the false impression that everything is up to fate and life has no random elements to it. Instead, there are seemingly irrelevant and poorly-defined facts mentioned in passing for a single story, but when they are read in conjunction with other stories, suddenly the focus becomes clearer, allowing readers to go back to re-read stories to discover they can read the same story with new facts and more than one lens to gain a new experience. It is never the same story twice.

One cannot use the same yardstick on a Matriarchal story that is used to judge a Patriarchal story. What seems busy in a simplistic Patriarchal story is easily navigatable in a Matriarchal one. The story is complete, but always with the option to explore another story, but with the reader knowing he is very likely to have some familiarity with some of characters and concepts.

Put the stories together and you have a Gordonian Knot, but each story is a slice of lives, looking at the interconnectedness of the world and how those pieces weave in with one another. This allows exploring all characters from the protagonist to the supporting cast as well as allow for a more diverse story as different cultural mindsets are woven together. It is one thing to have a multicultural cast, but if they all fit into the Patriarchal paradigm, then the attempts have been nullified. 

We can have clashes and incongruous ideas, even contradictory ones. We can see how different interpretations of reality interact with each other without the story getting muddled. The author becomes a method actor, getting into the minds of different characters to make a more vivid and dynamic story with a high re-read factor as the reader can see the same story from the perspective of different characters.

It is not your average storytelling, but one that brings a focus of a different sort to show that facts must be seen with many lenses before the truth comes in focus.