Reading Matriarchal Stories 

Patriarchal stories are like a prepackaged vacation at a resort with a tour guide: this is the good guy. This is the villain. These are the feelings you should feel. The end. The Matriarchal is daring. There is no tour guide. There is no author holding your hand. There is no single theme or single hero. It is uncharted territory to explore the way the reader chooses.

It is raw, and to those who are used to authoritative narratives, it is overwhelming and scattered, but it is not. The author does not do the reader's thinking. The reader must explore the literary jungle for himself.

It is the way journalists gather stories. He has to navigate through the chaos to find a thread of order, but there are many threads to choose from. There is no The One Right Thread. The Matriarchal gives the reader the ultimate freedom to immerse in a world where there is no tour guide to act as interpreter. The reader is the explorer and jumps in to learn to trust his own instincts. No hand-holding and no preset scripts and readers orient themselves in a story and can go back to try a different path.

It is a more rewarding kind of story to read, but only if the shackles of traditional Patriarchal confines are thrown away and the reader jumps in ready for a new kind of escapade.