That's not storytelling; that's propaganda

The biggest problem with patriarchal storytelling is that it is often nothing more than propaganda. The hero is deified. The villain is demonized. The supporting cast are cheerleaders who need the hero's meddling to save them. That stifling narrative has been seen on countless war propaganda posters, yet we think of nothing that storytelling has not evolved over time. It is the same old structure that we get so used to that we never think to question it, let alone challenge it.

The matriarchal opens the focus in a way the patriarchal cannot. It encourages readers to consider alternate points of view. It is not about simplistic plots and narrow logic. It is about gathering the grains of facts to see the picture picture that happens to be a mosaic.

The mosaic can be of a single unifying image, like the Sistine Chapel, the various images unify without detracting from the individual components.

The matriarchal is epic in scope: it weaves different lives to show waves and patterns. Unlike the patriarchal that tells readers what to think, the matriarchal is about tolerance, diversity, and allowing the reader more leeway to ponder the complexities of life. While the patriarchal tells you what to think, the matriarchal opens the heart so the you can understand what you feel and why.

The matriarchal is ultimate literary freedom for both author and reader and does not stoop to authoritative  decrees that we can only focus on One when we can focus on Infinity.

Because with Infinity, there is always a common point where everything comes together, and the joy of the matriarchal is to ride that wild roller coaster to explore it to its fullest with truth and not a distorting lens of contrived propaganda where there can only be one hero with the lone right answer. We learn to expand horizons and not blindly go in looking for easy answers and labels to learn a rule and then shut off the heart and the mind.

For those looking for real diversity, the matriarchal gives a more global and universal guide to progress, evolution, understanding, and tolerance. It is not about propaganda and lording over hearts and minds, but freeing them one fable at a time.