The Untapped Magic of Spoilers

A good Matriarchal storyteller does not fear spoilers. Stories are magic as a whole, but also each part of the story has infinite magical elements within it. For a Matriarchal storyteller, there is no such thing as canon fodder: you can go back in time to explore the  character later on or follow them in the afterlife. Go back to the future or forward to the past, your options expand. Because the Matriarchal storytelling structure is one where the game is a long-range one where your past body of work is an archive where readers can pick and choose their stories. It is not a smash and grab scenario. The Matriarchal creator is a universe-builder and the reader is the intrepid space explorer. They can skip stories and come back to them later. They can read the same story multiple times, but with different combinations of other stories, completely altering the reading experience. The story is a Koh mask where the shades of meaning alter and the same story suddenly feels different because different elements become important, or the same elements have new information to go along with it, and hence, a vastly different context.

That means the Matriarchal story is told in loops and weaves, not a linear track. The Patriarchal's domain is the latter, meaning a spoiler here is akin to a land mine. But in the Matriarchal, it is merely magic, but what magic it brings depends on the other magical elements you experienced before or will experience after.

And the net effect is not the same for all readers because they will have read different stories in a different order.

A case in point: in two separate series so far, readers know of a widowed character. We are introduced to him a couple of years after his young wife died; however in a upcoming series, we go back twenty years earlier when they were newlyweds, and we get to meet that wife. Read the stories where the wife is alive alone, and what you have is comedy. If you choose to be chronological about your reading, you become sad, but not as sad than if you read the stories where he was widowed, and then go back in time when his wife was still alive. It isn't comedy, but a mystery drama, but you can certain future stories will alter those experiences numerous times over.

What the means is simple: the Matriarchal is the dangerous art and science of working exclusively with the volatile element called the spoiler and pushes the boundaries of it to create true literary magic. The construction of the story  radically alters because unlike the Patriarchal where the focus is on One, the Matriarchal's focus is on Infinity, but it is one where truth, and not deception, is used to show the shades of reality. An author does not have to deceive the reader to play magic tricks, but by enhancing the grains of truth to present a nuanced picture of reality. The Matriarchal is a mosaic of various lives brought together to tell a chorus of stories. With multiple heroes, each one has a different part of the truth toeexplore, making the once dreaded spoiler the best and most potent element to explore.