Memo: It is 2016. When do you plan to have a female in the White House?

Watching the primary circus in the United States right now is fascinating as it is horrifying. That the United States has yet to have a female president is revolting. Under what circumstances is this sexist rigged game considered functional or normal? All I have to do is look at the demographics of every American president and square it with the demographic of the country, and all opposition is proven wrong. No wriggle room for debate here. Canada is in no better shape, even if one woman was appointed for a short spell as the scapegoat to a government that screwed things up badly twenty-odd years ago. Neither country can claim to be even a little civilized when one half their population has yet to be represented in the position that counts the most.

You would think the US would be enthusiastically throwing their support behind a female presidential candidate to atone for their primitive past and present. You would think both parties would be pushing hard for it to have an ounce of credibility with the rest of the planet as more and more countries do have female leaders.

But Clinton's support dithers for ridiculous reasons.

She is too corporate, some say. So what? Why is this a bad trait when Trump is proudly corporate and he isn't flagging in the polls despite having ZERO political experience? He has a base who are not only not holding it against him, but see it as an advantage. Clinton's marriage is thrown in her face as if that was relevant or anyone's business, and is used as an excuse to dismiss her, but Trump's two failed marriages to eye candy don't even register with his critics -- nor was Bill Clinton ultimately impeded by his appalling martial actions for his eight years in his nation's highest office. Others are holding Clinton to an impossible standard of perfection that they don't hold men. They will suddenly eat up Trump's Fifty Shades of Red, White, and Blue, and Sanders' Champagne Socialism, but under any other circumstance, they would have been laughed off the stage long ago.

Men in American politics always could have a sketchy, hypocritical, and openly misogynistic past and still be seen as a trailblazing visionary with gravitas even when he is just another flawed Everyman doing the same old stupid and uninspiring thing everyone else before him did. If Clinton sported Trump hair and Bernie-babbled, there would be no end to the vicious howling that she was a menace and a loon. People are looking for any reason to dismiss the woman who has the most experience and intelligence of any candidate currently running -- period.

This woman has discipline, persistence, guts, grit, and an essence that can withstand mean-spirited global pressure that would broken and destroyed every single one of her detractors, yet the woman who can withstand both a nuclear holocaust and zombie apocalypse at the same time gets attacked for the very things men in her position get plaudits, while Sanders and Trump are openly spewing childish and unworkable nonsensical rubbish they absolutely know they cannot deliver even if they had superpowers and no one bats an eye or is getting alarmed.


Because it doesn't matter what obvious whoppers the men of privilege say with a smirking face, so long as they win and we can all get back to pretending to be open-minded sophisticates, putting off having to deal with the serious problem yet again, hoping the realists who point at the dysfunction just go away if we bully and insult them long enough. Yet the bar gets raised so ridiculously high for women, that she would have to be a god just to compete, and even then, she would be dismissed for being too full of herself and not relatable to the common man. Shame on the Democrats for this injustice. Shame on them for pretending to be something better and more enlightened than the Republicans. It is all the same cabal of pampered good old boys forming a human chain to keep a woman out of the Oval Office.

Really, (North) America, where is all this great progressive and feminist ways you keep prattling about? Where is even the basic equality? Looking at the bottom line, so much patronizing babble and empty phrases and hashtags, but absolutely no action. Zero. Usually it is the politicians who are the ones with broken promises, but now it is the electorate's word that is worthless.

We have some serious sanctioned insanity and delusions to tackle in a Post-Progressive era.

And until women are not expected to be flawless to be taken seriously or believed, we can only regress and stagnate. Any election whose candidates all look like they belong in an all-boy's country club is a farce and that people aren't marching in the street because of this real oppression mystifies me. If the United States was a company and it was unrepentantly playing those games, they'd be sued for workplace discrimination. It is 2016 and the most important election should actually reflect the nation and the reality it faces.