Seeing the World with Matriarchal Storytelling 

There is a time for focus. As a journalist, I understood how people tried to distract me in order to deflect my attention away from the truth. They would throw in irrelevant details so I would get confused by the choreographed barrage and not see what was important.It didn't work because the hunter in me saw the prize and stayed on course.

But that key to finding the truth is not a universal key.

There are times when that key turns into a lock.

If someone understands your hunting tendencies, don't think your focus can't be used against you. Someone can easily create something seemingly important to grab your attention and your blinders create the tunnel vision where you go down the wrong trail. Misdirection is a powerful tool: pickpockets, scam artists, and magicians alike all heavily rely on the sleight of hand to fool the hunter within.

In that case, it is important to be the gatherer: getting everything you can get your hands on to see what you are missing. Is there a pattern? Are there things missing or out of place?

As a journalist, whenever I gathered, I found important clues that put me on the right trail, even when the source had more resources and experience than I did.

Storytelling is innate within all of us, but if you want to unlock that potential to its fullest, journalism is the Rosetta Stone to understanding the feral ways of the storyteller.

Because a storyteller must see the truth to find it and map it, but each eye is different.

A hunter has the Eye of One. The gatherer has the Eye of Infinity. Both are crucial for survival.

But relying just on a patriarchal storytelling style makes the matriarchal style seem unnatural. Stories can seem scatter-brained, but what they really are is gather-brained.

By just allowing the patriarchal style to overtake storytelling, we deliberately blind ourselves from the equally crucial thinking style of seeing the world around us. Too much focus on the One means we don't pay attention to the subtle clues warning us that's the wrong One we are pursuing. Nuances are crucial. We learn how to harmonize and weave seemingly contradictory concepts and competing interests together without assuming that consensus, compromise, defeat, or sacrifice are the only options available.

Because the reigning style is a patriarchal one, any deviation is met with a suspicion and the inherent assumption that bringing something new suggests deficiency with the reigning style. It is absolute rubbish. It is like only using your left eye and then panicking when someone tells you to open the other eye, too.

In a single natural action, you double your vision and intake of information. You stop suppressing what is natural and you begin to see the truth.

That's the gift that comes with using the Eye of Infinity to see the world: people and things you never knew existed suddenly appear before you with stories to share.

We can make new maps of tomorrow by removing those blinding confines we mistake as protection and learn to embrace all those lost grains as we build new worlds with them.