Relearning Creativity with Matriarchal Storytelling 

Your worth as an author and artist strictly depends on your level of creativity. You may be inspired by others as others should be inspired by you, but as an educator in the arts, I often see people confusing mastering a technique as their sole criterion as to what it takes to become an artist or author. They think remembering a bunch of steps is all that counts. Mimic, modelling, and memorization is what many people do and then they go around calling themselves artists and writers.No, you do art and you write. You are not developed where it counts the most. You are relying on rote memorization. Both artists and authors make their hearts and souls naked for the world to see and then use that essence to describe the deepest truths of the universe.

I have learned that nothing stifles creativity more than praising someone learning either craft. It is far worse than criticism. Praise an aspiring artist or writer and he will forever stay with his one brilliant answer, never thinking of upping the ante, while those students who heard the praise will suddenly shamelessly copy the one triumph, thinking that is the only right answer.

I have ceased using prototypes -- mine or anyone else's for that reason.

There are no crutches in my classes. I explain the technique and guide each student one on one, but imagination must be used as the primary guide. Your creativity takes practice and you will never know your worth unless you have the courage of a creator.

It is a primal way of doing things, but my teaching philosophy is very simple: an expert did not discover fire or invent the wheel.

You have to be unleashed and gutsy enough to go against the grain to master any art.

But I see many people shamelessly copy others and then claim to be artists and authors. They get inspired by listening to music when they write or draw, yet that should not be how they get inspired.

There is a world out there filled with sights, sounds, feels, tastes, and smells. You want to feel the shock of someone's sudden rage? Pour ice water on your head as you stick a wad of Wasabi in your mouth. Record your feelings and then express them in your art or story. How does it feel to be lost? Write you story on the dirty ground in a pitch black room.

Write what you feel.

The Matriarchal style of storytelling is all about the exploration of emotions. It is the expression of emotional intelligence. Some feelings or overpowering and can be difficult to understand, yet the Matriarchal style is about exploring and riding those emotional tsunamis to understand them and turn them into gardens of tranquility. Emotions are nuanced weaves and as Matriarchal style is all about gathering grains, we build a story understanding those subtle details to connect with readers on a different level.

It is about releasing feelings, not suppressing them or denying they exist. It is about opening the heart with the mind to stimulate every grain of the reader as their own emotions become unlocked. The author is the key to understanding those realms within us by using their creativity to express all those emotions that exist, but many have been to afraid to explore for so very long. There are infinite emotions and they are all part of Athens creator's palette: we can find endless new stories to tell with them as we allow our feelings and senses to express themselves as loudly or quietly as they wish. Emotions are not to be feared, but cherished and embraced as we explore truth emotionally to connect with it fully to tell a more powerful story.