Emotionality is not Irrationality

Ignoring feelings is akin to driving car with no dashboard: you have no idea if the car is overheating, going too fast, or is about to run out of gas, let alone if your engine needs to be checked. No indicators or lights going off: we assume we know what is going on until something stops us dead in our tracks.Those who live on rationality alone are blind drivers: they assume feelings taint the judgements, not enhance them. Emotions are powerful, and hence we need to practice emotions to understand their role in our lives.

I have been told in an uppity tone that I am emotional. I always retort that emotionality does not mean irrationality, but those without any emotional affect suffer from Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and I would rather have feelings than be a psychopath. The uppity attitude suddenly vanishes because the person in question realizes on some level that being cold and unfeeling is not going to win every battle for them magically.

Yes, I have feelings and plenty of them. Feelings let me know what is going on with me, others, and my time and place. When I feel sad, there is reason to be sad. When I am happy, there is reason to be happy. Feelings enhance perception and give us clues to our environment.

The Matriarchal is all about the nature and purpose of emotions. It is about exploring our feelings in order to hone them to make us keener and observant thinkers, strategists, and detectives. It is not about forensic clues; it is about emotional clues that get us to the truth.

We don't shy away from feelings in the Matriarchal, let alone look down on them: we explore overwhelming emotions as well as the muted ones. We learn about instincts and reactions. We learn how to reflect using logic in conjunction with emotions equally. It is about balancing feelings and thoughts to find an enduring and solid solution. Emotions are not inferior to logic and rational thought, and the Matriarchal gives us the map to see their importance in our daily lives, from becoming in love for the first time to running an empire.

Feelings are often not appreciated, but it is fear that drives those to use logic as a crutch and a substitute, making their choices fall off the mark. They drive without the dashboard, thinking that making their way through life merely requires seeing the road up ahead, not paying attention whether they are in a vehicle that can actually get them there, or will cause them to just miss their mark, or worse, bring them their doom.

With the Matriarchal, feelings are the heart of the story: it is not just the facts, but the feelings that help us make sense of those facts to turn them into solutions that bring us happiness and confidence as we explore new adventures.