Epic Matriarchy

What I write is stories. I have written books, novellas, and short fiction. They are all pieces in a puzzle, but the treat is that every piece of the puzzle is a complete picture in itself. Reading Danni's Wall: The Chaser Enigma is a single satisfying story. Read the series Danni's Wall gives you a bigger piece to savour. You never have to go beyond those boundaries, just as you can live a perfectly happy and satisfying life never moving or travelling outside your corner of the world.

Be a little adventurous, you suddenly learn new things.

Matriarchal storytelling may be all about grains, but it lends itself to epic adventure. It is a different kind of adventure than the patriarchal style where there can only be One: one group of good guys or just a single hero on a single quest.

Matriarchal storytelling allows the writer to have sweeping quests with multiple heroes and heroines over time and space. They can pass the torch to the next generation without being considered "failures" for not "ending" a goal. We don't, for instance, consider any nation a failure because they keep having presidents and prime ministers. Each one has a set of goals and different problems cropping over time: what one leader faces now may have not even existed before.

The matriarchal style gives me enormous freedom: I can explore concepts in full. For example, there is an organization in some of my stories known as The Mutus: a secret global organization/religion that began in the 1400's. The thrill is I can cover members over the *centuries*: The Detective series is the place where various female sleuths from around the world go up against cunning killers at any time: from the French Revolution to the Stock Market Crash of 1929 to the present day. We can see women from different nationalities and races beat the clock to protect the innocent as they stop the wicked from causing any more harm. It is a short story series, but it is an epic adventure showing the bravery and benevolence of women from every walk of life.

I can also follow generations of characters. In my work, I have a small city-state called Queen's Heights as the centrepiece of my tales. It began in the 1800's when seventeen teenaged girls took a forest in Niagara-on-the-Lake and declared it their own town, building it from the ground up. We can follow their early days in the Miss Alena Love and the Mothers of the Mosaic series, but we can watch Alena's progeny continue the tradition: Holly and Verity Lake are Alena's granddaughters and though they solve mystery cases of the heart, we see a now elderly Alena interact with them as the town has begun to blossom. Yet in the present day, Holly's great-granddaughter Anne Susse serve as mayor of the Heights while she is on hiatus from her music career. We know every generation of a single family -- it is an epic adventure that spans through stories.

But while it is epic, it is not *sweeping*: characters do not get swept away in telling the story. It unfolds slowly: because the matriarchal style is about savouring, not devouring. It is about reflection, not reaction. We can stand back, and process the stories at our own leisurely pace; bringing calm with the thrills of each story that has many surprises, twists, turns, and revelations.

Because the matriarchal style is about nurturing the soul and showing the ways of patience. We don't build worlds overnight. Our work is never done, yet just because there is always more to do, we can never lose sight of appreciating everyone's place and contributions to the world as we sit back and learn to relax as we inspire ourselves and others. Every new generation will have its own problems, but they can rely on the generations of the past for guidance. We all weave together through time and space to keep the world spinning on air in the darkness.

Because all we have in this big, cold, empty solar system is each other. We are always living in epic times, even when we are at rest.