Whoppers from the field: J-Talks are self-serving narratives, nothing more.

Fallout from the Field? Nice try.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 4.27.54 PM.png

Another bullshit J-Talk which is nothing more than journalistic propaganda spewed to try to save a dead profession. It is as honest as a US reporter’s “scoop” on Russiagate, though I doubt the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale is keeping a list of all the lies his fellow journalists told about that.

No chance of that happening.

Or of this talk being anything else but a self-aggrandizing farce.

This is not to say that journalists who covered wars before were more thespian than scribe. Daniel Pearl was a real war correspondent who died on the job. So did my favourite war photographer Dickey Chapelle.


That’s her receiving last rites as she was fatally wounded on the job.

But slowly over time, that changed.

And the poseurs took over.

The PR firms hired to manage the optics in the civil was in the former Yugoslavia set up white tents and handed out press releases.

I seriously doubt that caused any PTSD.

And during the upheavals in Syria, one CBC journalist had the nerve to pretend her and her crew were under siege, all whispering “shh!” in the dark all while they had huge lights on them.

Yeah, the snipers are blind, but have super-hearing. Fuck you, you shitty fibbers. What’s up with that?

And you know this is a big bullshit story.

How so?

Have you noticed that none of these motherfuckers cover gang violence or human trafficking or the South American drug cartels.

So, you will cover the superlative dangerous wars, but not drugs, traffickers, or gangs?


It is a real knee-slapper because you know there are no public relations firms setting up white tents to hand out canned advertising disguised as news; so you know it’s a big, fat lie.

If you fall for any of it, you are a so naive...

Russiagate did not destroy journalism. It was destroyed before then. What it did was show that partisan propaganda ain't what it used to be.

This was an interesting take on Russiagate:

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

No, journalism was destroyed before that. Trump won the 2106 presidential election even though the press all marched lockstep against him.

He had Twitter, and he won.

And then social media and Big Tech became censors of the worst sort, but now that Robert Mueller, after months and months of having free rein to investigate — and he is a very, very good and thorough professional — found nothing.

The press and Big Tech rigged and stacked and manipulated to extremist and disturbing degrees.

And nothing.

giphy (1).gif

This was the industry’s last stand.

And they incited a populace and could not make an outcome happen.

They desperately wanted Trump to be led away in handcuffs as they cheered, and said, See! See! We were right! We are the heroes!

Why was this so important to the press?

Because they cannot come to grips that they collapsed.

It had to be the Evil Russians who rigged and stuffed ballots, not that they could not tell the little people how to vote and they would dutifully listen to them.

Hubris blinds the profession who refuses to admit it’s fubar.

I wrote about journalism’s collapse for Zer0 Books in 2018 in a book called When Journalism was a Thing.

Despite the publicity I should have gotten — and my publisher was supportive of my book and pushed it, knowing that I had ovarian cancer and was seriously out of commission, but did everything a good publisher should do without skipping a beat — managed to get me two interviews, and I managed to procure one on my own.

I was shut out.

I was ignored. Blacklisted.

All for speaking the truth and reality of the situation.


With 61 pages of references.

But all but two journalists were in denial. To those who interviewed me, and gave me a platform to express myself, thank you.

The rest are absolute hypocrites. They wrote about every bout of presidential flatulence, but when it came to examining and exposing their own shortcomings, they conveniently ignored me.

And now they can’t touch Trump.

But I am not going to stop. I have a laser-beam focus and a nuclear-level energy to keep going.

I have spent my entire adult life working on an alternative system, and I had to put up my proposal on Amazon in Kindle format — something no author should ever be forced to do — so if it comes to intellectual theft, I have a lattice of proof, and it was made clear to me that it was going to happen via email.

If journalists were all about truth and informing, they would have not just read the book — they would not run and hide from me like a bunch of conniving cowards — they would take my words to heart.

But they aren’t. They want to strut and vogue in superhero capes and mask pretending to save humanity.

No, you’re not. A big, fat super story you were all banking on to save you just went up in smoke.

You’re all Zero Risk, and your big, fat gamble just wiped you out.


And not only am I still standing, teaching, and writing books, motherfuckers, I am still an ambitious visionary who is merrily living my life to the fullest as I never bank or leech on anyone’s demise to fill my belly or validate my existence…


Journalists were deluded that Trump colluded...

And all of the real things that were happening that not only the press ignored hoping to “get” Trump who merely proved the press was inert, but of all of the money Democrats gleefully wasted that could have gone to social programs.

The Democrats and journalists proved to be frauds and exploiters of marginalized groups, preying on their fears for the sake of a handful of votes.

This is the reason that I am a political atheist.

But not surprising, the deluded are trying to twist logic and parse words to keep their lies believed…

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 8.25.46 PM.png

Why journalism's patriarchal narrative structures keep distorting our perceptions of realty.

The Economist has a very distorted chart worth noting here:

White nationalism after Christchurch

The new face of terror, much like the old

Violent white nationalists increasingly resemble the jihadists they hate

This is a very stupid chart and a stupider hypothesis, but not for the reasons that you think.

In my 2005 book, Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news, I go over a very important method of dealing with hate crime stories, terror stories, and war stories: erase the ethnicity or race of the players. Just forget them entirely.

Look at the facts. Look at the logic. See if Group or Person A could possibly do this to Group or Person B.

Many times, just by removing ethnic or racial designations, the story completely falls apart.

Because the distorting lens is removed, and the emotional triggers are gone.

Why is this method effective?

Because our own personal biases and prejudices are gone, and we have no idea who is suppose to be the hero or villain. We are looking at actions because we don’t have the hacks of ethnicity to cloud our judgement.

But it goes one step deeper: it kicks away our props and supports and we are forced to judge people as people.

But journalism cannot do this because its entirely existence is based in a Patriarchal Narrative where there can be only one good guy, and anyone else is a bad guy.

It cannot deal with Matriarchal realities of intersecting lives. It does not compute. If journalism was a calculator, it would be one that could not do math. It would have just two numbers: 1 and 0.

It would know that 1≠0, and that’s about it.

And 0=bad and 1=good.

That’s a pretty shitty calculator.

So what the Economist is trying to do is present an inaccurate truth of 0 and 1, and that’s not true.

White supremacists were always terrorists. They lynched people who were not like them. There is no “increasing” here. We just cherry-pick certain events and then try to paint a narrative how we should now see these people are bigger bad guys than the ones who are bad guys of a different in-group.

No, they are the same. These are both racist cabals who are violent. The end.

The world is full of violent people. The press wants to somehow knock Trump by proclaiming one violent group is worse than another violent.

No, you have two violent groups. They aren’t just racist, but misogynistic.

So your chart is garbage and so is your hypothesis.

The world was always violent. It always had cabals who terrorize people and cause harm to innocents. There is no narrative. I don’t want to deal with any of them. The Ustashi slaughtered my grandmother’s family just because they were Serbs. The Nazis slaughtered Jews. They both were violent, and both got away with far too much.

And any other group that wants to kill people is a bad group. No worse, no better. If your mandate includes extermination, you suck. The end.

And if journalists were truly “progressive” as all the cool kids try to convince me, they wouldn’t be making racist charts or bringing up race: they would say that there are various clusters of violent people targeting innocent people for slaughter. They would not indulge the excuses. They would name names and put faces to the names. You wouldn’t be employing the faceless techniques of war propaganda.

Because in the end, race doesn’t make you a murderer. It’s your lack of character, ability to see truths, emotional illiteracy, and cowardice.

If we held individuals accountable and didn’t indulge their excuses, they would not be able to hide in numbers. They could not pretend they had a cause, because they don’t.

But that takes breaking away from patriarchal narratives and stop distorting reality just to make silly charts and nonexistent points…

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Governments are manipulating social media? You don't say! They are manipulating regular media, too. Grow up, middle class people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am the last grown up on the planet.

Longreads has a well, golly! piece that is so naive that it truly stuns me.

Some government is manipulating social media!

Motherfucker, here is the memo: every motherfucking government on this motherfucking planet is manipulating motherfucking social media and the motherfucking traditional media, too.

Just how motherfucking stupid are you?

Do you honestly believe any government wouldn’t take advantage of the mental laziness of the jittery middle class who buy into any self-aggrandizing patriarchal bullshit story?

Do you children know anything about reality?

No, of course not. You live in a bubble like the other journalists; so don’t pretend you know reality. You don’t.

Like the pauper journalists in Canada wanting to be sugardaddied and manipulated by their government because of their gross incompetency.

We have propagandists in the press who shame people who do not buy into their government’s lies.

And never question the lies the spread on behest of other governments.

And Al Jazeera should be ashamed of itself. The Christchurch gunman wasn’t influenced by Serbs or the Serbian government — and in comparison, is irrelevant.

On the other hand, did Al Jazeera ever condemn how their own nation’s citizens up and went to slaughter Serbs — strangers from a foreign country who never did them a thing to harm them?


Did you ever mention that Osama bin Laden cut his teeth murdering Serbs?

Did you ever mention how the Mujahideen videotaped the torture and slaughter of Serbs — videos that I have personally seen?

In the whole scheme of things, a song is nothing. Taking a plane to a foreign country to roast people on a spit is vile. Shame on you for your own propagandistic temper tantrum and anti-Serb bigotry.

Because that hatred killed a lot more people in New York City than it ever did in Christchurch.


There are no good guys. There is no hack or TORTEE that gives you any wiggle room. You have corrupt regimes instil fear and hatred in their own people and in people in other countries, and then that triggers wars.

And journalists, who were always narcissistic thieves and cribbers, nod their fat heads as they spew that hate without question, and then are shocked, shocked, shocked when some mentally unstable person buys the bullshit story and explodes with a weapon.

People, grow up.

Grow up.

And to answer the Guardian’s stupid question:

What do we know about the Christchurch attack suspect?

The answer is fuck all.

You are too busy morally masturbating in public to know what some jittery middle class loser with a gun was all about.

We live in an Age of Propaganda. Period. Lying and prejudice is glorified for money. Cowards get manipulated by their loser regimes, and never question why they believe fairytales without question.

Enough. Grow up. Find some courage and stop looking for other assholes to do your thinking for you…

Attacking the Dead: How to separate children from their roots in an Age of Propaganda.

New York magazine has a bullshit piece about champagne socialism — the fake trend that culturally, historically, and politically ignorant wannabes are babbling about now that they are too old and used up to be rich and famous and want someone to support their worthless butts because mommy and daddy never had the courage to tell them that they are average and have to work hard to earn things.

Self-sufficiency please.

And it is not as big of trend and the press pretends it is.

But people with money love to manipulate the little people.

Truly, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Middle class young adults are gullible and conniving — the perfect patsies.

And the Left keep playing them for fools.

The Left never understood math, and with no math, no foundation in logic. They gravitate toward narratives, meaning they gravitate toward propaganda.

So with no understand of numbers, means no understanding of neither finance or measurement. They have missed a critical step in Piaget’s hierarchy of cognitive development.

So you do have the structural solidity to understand quantity. How much can you afford? How much can a government afford? How much debt can you afford? How much debt can your country afford?

This is the exact point where the Left and Right have their chasm. The Right lack a certain piece of emotional intelligence, but the Left as a collective don’t have the logic. There are two black holes — one on the Left and one on the Right — that prevent unity and consensus, but let’s focus on the Left’s black hole this time. I will leave the Right one for another entry.

So when you have a collective with no logic, but a predilection for propaganda not understand that there is no bottomless well of monies to spend on everyone without anyone putting any effort, they want to be proven Forever Right. The problem is that they are hopelessly wrong.

There is no fairy godmother, Prince Charming, or magic beans. You have to work hard actively, and be a realist.

And you have to know the past. That is your reference.

Someone wants the United States to be weakened. That much is plain. They want it weak enough in order to find a pool of minions to exploit and distract so they don’t get challenged. This isn’t personal; this is strictly a lazy form of pragmatism. You cannot actually compete directly because until now you keep getting your ass whumped: so divide and conquer.

War is deception, after all. Psyche out your rivals.

As someone who has had inferior rivals try to psyche me out since I was a kid, I know the drill. Plant seeds of discontent in united groups in order to divide them and have them so busy with their petty and vindictive bullshit garbage fights to see someone is reaping the benefits of the propaganda campaign.

It is a sucker circus.

But instead of the news media asking, How did this fake trend come from, they are hyping it up, meaning they are, as usual, cribbing from PR firm press releases. Let’s stop WikiLeaks from sounding any alarms by discrediting them, and let’s try to manipulate the gullible youth.

But for the gambit to work, we need to create another divide that goes beyond Left and Right: young and old. Propaganda works devastatingly well at isolating and alienating youth from the support of their families, particularly their parents.

And we are seeing it now with this sudden interest in demonizing the icons of previous generations, such as John Wayne and Michael Jackson.

Were these men flawed? Yes, and so are you, princess. I have yet to hear someone not say something stupid and offensive. If we were to punish people on the basis of their insensitivity, then let’s just throw a nuclear bomb on this planet and get it over with once already.

Except that would be a dumbass thing to do.

Tolerance is critical to social evolution, and that means putting up with other people’s bullshit just as they put up with yours. Each generation improves, but that doesn’t mean you have no respect for your ancestors because they had less refinement than you do now, because you will seem as vulgar and barbaric to the next generation as the last generation seems to you.

You wouldn’t be as high up the ladder as you are unless the previous generation didn’t pave a path for you in the first place.

But disrespect is the hallmark of the current ideological mindset. People behave like entitled divas, snapping their fingers and expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting as they bark orders, and burn through the hired help for not jumping high enough on cue.

Fuck you.

For all the whining about the previous icons, what have the complainers done in comparison?

Not much, if anything. Kvetching on Twitter isn’t doing anything at all.

“Socialism” is a passing fancy because when you have a disrespectful generation, you also have an ungrateful one: it will never be enough. They have gotten into the habit of always finding fault and expecting other people to do their work and live their lives for them.

It is time to change the programming once and for all.

What we have is a me-centred mindset in an Age of Propaganda.

And it is not just on youth. The adults who should have been the guides didn’t understand the nuances of connection, nor did they explain that humans are flawed by nature. It is not an excuse to not do your best, but you still have to stop pretend you are without flaw or have no social burdens to carry. We all do.

But an Age of Propaganda keeps people living in the Now with no sense of connect to the Past, nor consideration how their panic will impact the Future.

When you attack the dead, you are so planting seeds of destruction for those yet to arrive, and none of us have the right to do that…

Is The New York Times treasonous propaganda? Or just tantrum-throwing brats?

How silly is the New York Times? Do they think that they are smart enough to fool all of the people all of the time?

The New York Times is propaganda. It has an on-going spat with the US President, and truth be told, they got the Trump Machine going way back in 1976.

Trump wisely dumped the news media when he saw they collapsed and Twittered his way to the White House and the Times were in shock.

Denials that Twitter got him into power. One article accuses Trump of “hacking” the media. No, he bypassed you losers.

Just like millions of other people who flocked to Twitter and Facebook.

And ever since then, the Times has had a personal vendetta against the man who proved they are no longer relevant.

We can look at countless articles and columns that can only be described as wicked:

Trump the Anti-American

Trump Is Cracking Up

Trump: King of Chaos with this passage:

Rather, I believe that this chaos is the perpetual result of the absolute incompetence and idiocy of a preening philistine who has faked his way through life pretending that he knows more than he does and is tougher than he is.

Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?

The 25th Amendment Solution for Removing Trump

The People vs. Donald J. Trump

He is demonstrably unfit for office. What are we waiting for?

Who Decides Whether Trump Is Unfit to Govern?

Is Mr. Trump Nuts?

The Times even published a fictional story about his assassination.

This is abnormal behaviour. Ted Bundy is getting better press these days.

I cannot imagine too many national leaders who would tolerate this kind of relentless and unsubstantiated abuse from their press. Some would go so far as to call it treasonous as it openly encourages some loon to cause extreme harm to that leader.

If anyone disagrees, then let them put their comfort where their mouth is: for the next four years, they must allow their name to be placed in New York Times’ pieces with the same wording, implications, and intensities — and not say one word of complaint.

And if you think you are above reproach, we will let every bully, ex-lover or spouse, and enemy you ever had do the articles on you, day in and day out.

You will have a smile on your face as the world gets to read what other people think of you. No objecting, no explaining, no anger, no calling a single accusation a lie.

I could have plastered more, but the point has been made. The Times has gone beyond overkill. It is not a news product. It is a propagandistic one.

They can dish the obscene vitriol, but when the President pushes back, they lose their brain cell:

Trump Attacks The Times, in a Week of Unease for the American Press

You call the man evil and insane on a regular basis, and then you get in a tizzy because he calls you out for it? Why the unease? You employ extremist propagandistic measures and then you are shocked that your ways are coming back to you? Are you narcissists deluded? Are you nuts? Stupid?


Or just spoiled brats?

The article is nothing more than a hypocritical tirade:

Even by his standards, President Trump’s biting attacks on the press this week stand out.

He has praised a libel lawsuit against The Washington Post, called for “retribution” against NBC for satirizing him on “Saturday Night Live” and, on Wednesday, issued his sharpest words yet against The New York Times, calling the newspaper “a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

So what? You called him a lot worse than that. The Washington Post deserved to be sued. For all the talk about poor teenagers getting shot and killed — they distorted an event and could have easily incited some unbalanced loon to harm Nick Sandmann. He will carry this scar for life.

And you are an enemy to the truth. You are an enemy to rationality. You are an enemy to face and demand to know why you have allowed such sickness to corrupt the information stream.

You are behaving like a cabal of vindictive psychopaths.

One upon a time you would have gone on a berserker rage on someone and they would have been seen as pariahs for life. Now, you do this extreme hate puking nonstop and you cannot make a dent.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? That’s the very definition of lunacy.

One day, sensibility will come back to fashion and people will read your propaganda, and shake their heads, wondering how a single person could have an ounce of respect for the New York Times.

I will tell them the truth: that you are predators and propagandists who lost you superpowers, and then became unhinged trying to grab it back.

But democracy had better ideas.

So did reality and the truth.

And then people will begin to chuckle, and laugh at the lies you spewed oh so very seriously.

And then they will wonder if you just were attacking the president or was this your modus operandi, and I will point them to all of your other sins, such as your famous bullshit story about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, how often you crib from press releases, how you let Harvey Weinstein get a free pass and drooled over him, how you allowed con men to present themselves as business tycoons, fucking up countless lives in the process, and how you skewed coverage of other wars…

And I can already do that with a single red book.


I am still keeping tabs on your games and propaganda. It’s not hard: you keep using the same primitive feints.

You are just not the potent minions who could deliver the way you used to be.

And it must eat you alive…

The New York Times is no ally of the people, but antiquated crib note makers never are, either.

The US President has declared the New York Times an “enemy of the people.” He is not wrong, but there more to it than that.

In my latest book, I chronicle just how worthless the New York Times is as a journalistic property. It is crib notes for the shoddily-educated Middle Class in order to let them know what to think about and how to think about them so they do not cause waves at cocktail parties.

The Times is not a friend to the people. It is not an ally, either.

They are but a pawn in a political war between the Left and the Right. Ideologically tolerant they are not. Helpful they are not.

And their business coverage is beyond pathetic with multiple con men being portrayed as Titans of Industry. The worst of the Times’ manipulations came when they uncovered the president’s tax returns — they could have done that decades ago as they were reporting on him, lavishing positive press. That’s not what “friends” do.

Their list of sins is long and severe. I have discussed them at length here and in my first and fourth books. The president may have self-serving reasons for pointing out the obvious, but make no mistake, you are a gullible idiot if you believe you are informed or intelligent for reading it.

I take no sides in a war between the Left and Right. Don’t make up self-serving rules and think I will fall for it, giving away my power and my voice to some poseurs who want things without earning them. That’s not my thing, and don’t expect me to fall for those ruses in the first place…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


Journalism's Propagandistic Self-Love Out of Control: Time magazine names its kind Person of the Year.

Journalism’s narcissism and self-adoring propaganda is out of control again.

Time magazine’s Person of the Year? Journalists. I guess this is their last push for legitimacy.

Their full frontal propaganda campaign call themselves Guardians on the War on Truth.

Yes, they are a bunch of egotistical liars.


Is this unethical? Yes.

Is this advertising for the profession? You betcha.

Is it propaganda? Boy, is it ever.

Is this a conflict of interest? Absolutely.

My books and this web site have chronicled the countless lies, distortions, and out and out propaganda the profession spews.

And this is nothing different.

Time’s circulation has been going downhill for years. They lost their relevancy and clout, and now they are conniving enough to try to shore up their fortunes as they try once again to stick it to the object of their hateful obsession.

All because a single man won a presidency without their blessing.

I will not be surprised to see Time magazine fold in a couple of years. This truly is a desperate last push to go back in time, so to speak to the days where they dictated the thoughts of the masses.

These covers are obnoxious, but as I said, it is the final push of a decaying industry that would have been strong had they been not-so-full of themselves, and made the simple and logical necessary tweaks and modifications to their models to stay relevant.

They will do absolutely everything but the actual things they needed to do to be of true value to democracy.

Go fuck yourselves, Time.

You flat-out lied about Serbs during the Civil War, and when I wrote a four-page letter to you as a teen, outlining them, you not only refused to make any corrections, admitted you were lying, and then lied again by violating my moral rights, printing some unrecognizable version of my letter without my permission.

You wouldn’t know truth if you woke up in bed next to her…

The Confirmation Bias and the Death of George 41: why aren't we looking at Bill Clinton's War?

Many Left-wing partisan outlets are having a field day slagging the corpse of dead president George Bush. It is cheap and easy filler.

But Democracy Now is indulging in some serious confirmation bias with a piece about how Bush’s Gulf War had been sparked by real war propaganda generated by Hill & Knowlton with the pseudo-testimony of a teenaged girl named Nayirah who claimed Iraqi soldiers killed Kuwaiti babies by taking them out of incubators and leaving them on the floor to die.

It is recounted in detail in my first book, and it is a stand-out example of you don’t have to be a good or logical liar to fool journalists. As far as bullshit stories go, it is one of the worst.

But having reporters placing the blame on a dead president is even bigger bullshit.

John R. MacArthur, who was the one who broke the origin scam, was on the panel, and he goes on at length about how journalists back then were doing good work.

No, they weren’t. They were lazy assholes who parroted press releases. Don’t try to be a revisionist. The reportage back then was absolutely horrid on every level, and Western journalist have a lot to answer for in their bullshittery.

George Bush got the war because the press demanded the war. They were the ones who kept going on about dead babies.

And yes, I have the original articles, transcripts, and broadcasts to back up my claims because I am doing exhaustive research for my next project.

And every reporter MacArthur cites in that interview put out bullshit. So let us not play a game of make pretend.

But the Democracy Now segment is interesting in that they are trying to manipulative and frame a narrative that somehow George Bush was a bad man because he was a Republican…

Yeah, except Bill Clinton did a whole lot worse and he was a Democrat. Not only did his policies allow vested interests to shape it, it is under his watch that modern Middle East terrorism flourished.

And he had been directly warned about it.

If we had an honest press, there would be different conversation going on: why does the media spew war propaganda?

And how come political ideology has never served as any antidote to bloodshed?

George Bush did what every US president before and after him have done. He is not a special president.

So when this kind of partisan propaganda gets spewed, you have to be very careful not to fall for the spin, and realize it is a game of misdirection, and a highly manipulative one at that…

Tweaking the noses of the puritanical neo-Victorians: Misdirecting the middle class locksteppers has never been easier.

Rubbing the noses of American neo-Victorians has never been simpler.


CNN is shitting its pants.

American presidents have been responsible for untold deaths over the decades, but a high-five between world leaders is just too horrid for words.

And journalists keep lying to the public because they are assholes.


No, assholes: they goad presidents into sending armies to kill people; so they use guns by proxy.

Fuck you, propagandists.

But that is a propaganda poster, and a very bad one to boot.

Journalism should never have been neo-Victorian chicken shit.

It was supposed to be about facts. Give information, not go into a helmet-haired tizzy.

No wonder world leaders have found cheap and easy ways to tell the press to go fuck themselves.

They have become the rebels who know how to play the gullible press who have been reduced to being old biddies gasping because people do not abide by their ridiculous fake rules.

The self-oppression of the middle class is the purest form of sanctioned insanity.

People make fun of those delicate flowers of the Victorian Era and of those bored housewives of the 1950s, but they are far, far more repressed than any other time in modern history.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

Yes, but who would have thought that people would willingly shackle themselves, throw away the key, then judge others who think that is just plain nuts?

If the morons at CNN expected Trump to say anything, they are truly losers. You cannot slag him for everything he does, and then expect him to be your concierge.

The press has no idea what a leader is supposed to do, and neither does the public.

The ignorance of the neo-Victorians is blaring. They move the goalposts because the truth is they want to confine leaders to being Santa Claus the Butler who is doomed to fail. Bribe us or we’ll bully and blackmail you.

When we get AI instead of humans running our countries, that ought to take care of things.

A computer doesn’t give a flying fuck that you’re offended. It will just be given data and spit out who gets to live and die based on an algorithm.

If you demand too much, then the software can cut its losses by cutting you out, and save on resources.

And that’s the ultimate tweaking of an offended public…and it’s coming.

But cloning world leaders? I don’t think so…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty: Bullshit Babblers and Reality Deniers litter a propagandistic landscape. Fuck that.


Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

Neoliberalism transforms freedom for the many into freedom for the few. Its logical result is neofascism.

That’s fear-mongering propaganda, kids.

This is how we try to rig and manipulate outcomes the way they used to do in previous eras of history, with all sorts of “scares.”

We no longer have journalism. We have propaganda so ridiculous and unfounded in reality that people are becoming numb to real dangers or warning signs because of it.

The Right did this so often that they lost clout, and the Left are doing it right into oblivion, too.

Now, we literally have people arguing that freedom is oppression.

These are the reality deniers. They are the meddlesome little control freaks who keep increasing the dire warnings because they have no control over people’s brains anymore.

So the babble bullshit.

The Internet has become a giant garbage dump of shrill propaganda — or a clogged toilet full of bullshit.

We have brutes in suits who want to control the collective narrative. They should go fuck themselves instead of being allowed to have their incompetence fuck up strangers.

Chaser may begin here, but the Internet is a madhouse for control freaks and propagandists, and quite frankly, bore the fuck out of me.


The moral masturbators are trying to position themselves as all-knowing messiahs who know who are “correct” in thinking — and the rest who follow their own instincts are fascists.

Fuck you.

I am not buying the bullshit that you are selling.

People are behaving impossibly, and that is the reason we need sensibility.

To make our own paradises.


Without getting distracted by reality deniers and bullshit babblers along the way…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Seven: When NATO bombed Serbs every night, they threw concerts on a bridge. The West needs to learn a few lessons from that. I did.







When the thugs of NATO bombed Serbs in the late 1990s, the Serbs didn’t whine and botch like the American loser youth who are demanding pensions and wasting their fucking pathetic existence on social media rehashing propaganda memes all in the name of getting their own way, never having to admit they are wrong, and trying to get everyone to agree with their selfish assessments and demands.

You know, if you get perpetually offended because you want to rig a conversation to get pity and validation as you micromanage and find fault with the words you measure, then the best course of action is not stop talking to people. Just shut up, and deal with your own problems, and break the cycle.

Or just learn a few lessons from Serbs.

Serbs, when they were being murdered by your various governments as you and your parents cheered them on, held concerts out on the bridge where they could be bombed.

You have snowflakes of the West write articles how people should talk to them because heaven forbid someone call them on the carpet for their manipulative woe is me bullshit.

Fuck you.

The Greeks protested the bombings at their own concerts, and called it out for what it was.

But the Leftist West could bomb people without batting an eye, but when their candidate lost an election journalists did their best to rig, the howling, screaming, and tantrum-throwing just turned people in North America into spiteful little trolls who no longer use a single brain cell nor moral, but will just opposite to whatever someone who didn’t vote for Clinton just to prove some nonexistent point.

Fuck you and your bad lying.

If a person who voted Republican likes ice cream, you will see endless trolling on social media about how bad and immoral it is to like ice cream because by the default delusion, the opposite has to be the right answer.

If Republicans want to permanently fuck up Democrats — you should all praise sex as beautiful, having children as glorious, being happy as wonderful, and having a life in a nice house as something to cherish.

Just do it. Watch what happens.

Watch as journalists declare having sex as demented, ensuring the next generation as fascist, being happy as immoral, and living in a home as treasonous and most likely some nefarious Russian-backed propaganda campaign.

They are miserable, and want the whole world to be as bitter and worthless trash as they are.

I sit here and have a very good laugh. I went to a place worse than hell in 2018, and my life was hell for two years when I had to basically give up everything to look after my grandmother when the paramedics dropped her in her own home on a hard floor in front of my mother who developed Post Traumatic Stress.

People who know me and my family can attest to what we went through. Nurses and social workers who came to our house to look after her were so impressed, that my mother won an award from CCAC two years in a row.

And the second time she received two different nominators independently of one another.

That was hell.

2018 was below hell.

And I fought back.

And happily so, grateful, smarter, wiser, and better than I was before.

And here are people in their twenties, staring at their godphone like a bunch of cowardly dummies, who have no idea what life is about, making royal decrees as if they were authorities in the matter and not a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers who didn’t get enough love as children.

They are collectively depressed, but too gullible and conniving to know why.

They should all be placed on a bridge and told that bridge is going to be bombed, and they aren’t escaping or going home as their godphones are cut off.

Okay, we are giving you an hour. Tell me of all the things you did on social media that will bring you comfort.

Tell me about the trolling on Twitter that will make you feel like you didn’t waste your life.

Explain how posting your ugly pouty mug with an animal face on Instagram will influence future generations.

Who is going to give a flying fuck a year from now about the propaganda memes you puked out on Facebook?

No one, that’s who.

And then, with a loudspeaker, make bitchin’ explosive noises with your mouth as you then shout, “Punked!”

Watch the trauma those little brats will have, and the lawsuits, and the sad, doe eyed Instagram pictures they’ll post with doggie nose and ears.

An empty shell.

Serbs threw a fucking party.

People in the West should be ashamed of themselves.

I clawed out of the place below hell. I was thrown in even though I never did a thing to warrant that kind of cosmic abuse.

And yet, when my grandmother needed constant care, I spent time with her and began an epic venture A Dangerous Woman as I became an art teacher. I have no regrets. My grandmother was loved until her final breath, and she knew it.

And even though 2018 was even worse — I came out with a published book, one new one, and a new lease on life. I am still transmuting, but I have new ideas and I am ready to take on the world with a big smile on my face.

No mid-life crisis for Alexandr Kitty. No wallowing or cowering for me. I am eccentric and I don’t have a single flying fuck to give to my haters.

You’re miserable. I am not.

I call them as I see them. I am not your cheerleader or ass-kisser, If you are fucking up or fucked up, I am going to tell you it to your face.

I am not wallowing or pining for socialism. I am not a bigot who is blaming Russia for random shit.

Life tried to bomb Alexandra Kitty back to the Stone Age, and I took those stones and built a brand new castle, fusing it with gold, and made it out of Kintsugi.

And there is a saying among us Kintsugi artists: broken is better than new.

I am still an upbeat, perky person who is enigmatic, eccentric, and filled with silliosity. I write outrageous stories, and live a Bohemian life as I have grand and futuristic visionary ideas about what the world can do with idealism and happiness.

Those stones I built my castle are precious ones. They weren’t just rocks.

Each one had a history, and I got to know and love them all.

And some of those stones were known as Chaser.

And I looked at them, smiled fondly, and said, Alexandra, try it again.

Chaser is going to be a party.

Shitty and petty losers can sit in their soiled underpants and stew in their stink.

Not me.

I am excited and happy that I could land on my feet, and when I couldn’t, I learned how to soar.

I am a tough little Serbian punk.

The West was always envious of Serbs. They always hated our spirit, reverence for our families, and stubborn nature that compelled us not to be ass kissers.

So to all you moral masturbators: get over yourselves. I am not buying your bullshit. I didn’t buy it when the Catholic Church pulled that shit, and you’re no church.

Chaser is going to be a wild ride.

The smearing of WikiLeaks is pathetic, but WikiLeaks went about it with too much seriosity, and they played it wrong.

Chaser is not WikiLeaks.

I get the joke.

I understand the psychological and propagandistic bombing the overlords has done with impunity.

You don’t fight bombs with bombs.

You become bomb-proof.

And then you gain strength by getting bombed.

If 2018 left me with one amazing gift, it was to teach me how to gain knowledge and power with every kind of bomb people in power throw at you — as well as the ones life throws at you.

I am a very good learner.

You now have a generation of Reality Deniers and Life Wasters who think they are playing it safe, when they have done nothing but gamble their blessings and opportunities away living in their self-imposed bubbles and prisons.

Fuck that.

Chaser is coming…

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 2.53.44 AM.png

Get the party started because the world’s most dangerous woman is ready to arrive and deliver…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Three: Corruption is everywhere, especially among those who proclaim to be authorities.

The federal PC party is rightly accusing the Liberal regime of bribing media outlets with tax credits.

Of course they are. This is one of the dirtiest governments Canada has ever had.

But the Tories should rest easy: as Canadian journalism has collapsed, no one trusts them, anyway.

And they no longer trust social media; so neither battleground will be where that war will be fought.


Ah, far from the good old days, kids.


The private sector media outlets are garbage, and everyone knows it is garbage.

The public sector ones are equal garbage as they get their panties in knots when someone criticizes them on their own outlet, and then they censor it (although you can find it here).

That both governments and media outlets are corrupt is not a theory. It is a fact.

Why isn’t either the governments nor the mainstream media talking about the vile human rights abuses refugees are suffering in Croatia?

These self-serving trolls are after Trump and his wall, but that refugees are having their limbs broken in a country that the mainstream press and Western governments painted as helpless victims during the Civil War is an inconvenient truth.

Corruption runs deep because journalists are no longer in the face of the real grifters and cons.

They play favourites, and the second you do, you become a propagandist with a serious case of a confirmation bias.

I will not be playing those ugly and corrupt games.

No one impresses me.

Façades are for ridiculous cowards, anyway.

And I’ve no use for it.

And if I happen to slag some decrepit fake hero of yours, and you are offended, I have one thing to say to you:

Go fuck yourself, sunshine…

Memo to French President Emmanuel Macron: Fuck you.

Politco’s propaganda may babble about Macron’s pathetic “containment” of Donald Trump, but the French government have shown their true immoral colours.

It was Armistice Day, and the swinish boors of Western European “leadership” did the same bigoted things they always do: walk all over Eastern Europeans because that’s what inferior people do to create false pecking orders, and it is a sham.

So what happened?

France placed Serbia in a no man’s land during its Armistice ceremony:

At the November 11 Armistice ceremony in Paris, which brought together leaders from numerous countries, Kosovar President Hashim Thaci was behind the leaders of France, Germany, Russia, and the United States, while Vucic was placed in a separate stand on the opposite side.

Serbian media quoted Vucic as saying , "You can imagine how I felt," and adding that he had "a lump in the throat."

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing before me, knowing the sacrifice that the Serbian people made in World War I," he said.

Historians say that Serbia suffered more losses as a proportion of its population in World War I than any other country embroiled in the conflict.

To put this in perspective to the culturally and historically illiterate, during the First World War, Serbs were slaughtered and had their population slashed by a third. They fought hard and won, and were allies who had been traumatized the most — and France repaid Serbs with a big fuck you, and it is not the only fuck you.

And this was not a minor oversight:

Dean of the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade Professor Dr. Dragan Simic told Prva TV on Monday that a truly big scandal had occurred in Paris when it comes to the seating of the invitees. 

As he added, this is in some way a revision of history, because in 1918 "some other victors were sitting in the front row." 

"When it comes to the First World War, Serbia deserves the first row, along with France, Great Britain, the countries who won the First World War. And maybe three, four countries in the first row, and then everyone else. Maybe there was no place for anybody there. Some really did not exist as a state at that time," Simic said. 

In other words, Serbia lost the most people and fought along Western European allies, and they are treated as nothing.

And just to be clear: the “excuse” is no excuse. You cannot try to find some sort of loophole and then pretend it wasn’t. This is Armistice Day where the seating counts — you do not have wedding parties where the bride’s family is placed in the back of the room because of some clinical categorizing arrangement. It is pure, cowardly and psychopathic bullshit.

This is bigoted, disgusting, disrespectful — and a sign that Serbs are being deliberately marginalized as a revisionist history is being spun by France. This act is a willful ruse of deceit, propaganda, and fascism.

And the nationalism Macron pretends to abhor. You are not fooling everyone, you arrogant asshole.

A French Ambassador tried to smooth this spit in the face with acknowledging just how horrific the gaffe was and why:

"We are very close to Serbia. Serbia lost almost a third of its population in the First World War, 62 percent of all men. I don't know what happened (in Paris.) I say it was a regrettable mistake and we plead with President Vucic and the Serb people to accept an apology," he said. 

And you did that to the Serbs on Armistice Day.

Fuck you, France.

Fuck you for treating Serbian life as unimportant.

It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. This was a cowardly act meant to demonize and degrade Serbs, and there are people like me who will neither forgive France nor ever forget what they did.

Trump mocked Macron for his empty words and virtue-signalling, and good.

That makes Trump the morally superior leader in this bout. 

And memo to the Guardian: fuck you, too. You get all huffy that Trump didn’t take the dog and pony show seriously — and yet where the fuck were you ignorant sleepwalkers when Serbs got bullied and degraded once again?

Trump did not have a meltdown: he just knows what dumb fuck incompetent leadership Western Europe has, and has no respect for Eurotrash.

All the Guardian does these days is fellate people in positions of power as they beg their readers for money and ignore real stories.

Scum defending scum, and completely missing the bigger story of a Western European country humiliating an Eastern European one for political gain: Serbs are being told in no uncertain terms that whatever valiant things they did in the past are not respected, and that they will be forced to abide by whatever political gang rape Western Europe decrees with regards to Kosovo.

France showed their true colours, and how worthless they are as allies. If one third of your family was wiped out saving another, and those others relegated you into the broom closet, you would not be happy, either.

This sin is unforgivable and shows just far down the gutter Europe has fallen… and no, Mr. Macron, nothing you say against Trump can hide your own lack of decency and moral compass…


Propagandists' minions are all alike, Left or Right. The Default Delusion is just another argument fallacy, not a loophole.

Politicians love to vogue in photo ops as they spew. and today was no different.

We had a false linear divide presented by President Emmanuel Macron who pretended he was somehow superior to Donald Trump and his patriotism was superior to Trump’s nationalism.

Nah, you didn’t make it up a corrupt food chain being a choir boy, so fuck you.

Remembrance Day is a token holiday where disposable pawns get a pat on the head from the grave.

It is politicians who create wars, and it is naive foot soldiers who have to die.

And then those politicians get to exploit it so they can tell the little people how moral they are so people would be willing to sacrifice their own children when a power-hungry war-monger needs fresh meat.

If you truly want to honour the fallen, stop lording over people.

Patriotism is no better than nationalism.

Both are sanctioned insanity used to exploit the naive middle class into telling them how to be moral in such a way that they will be primed, groomed, and lured into being pawns when the politicians and robber barons need to expand their territory and their chosen victims put up a fuss.

Left is Right and Right is Left. They are both binary. They are both Patriarchal. They both function on linear divides.

They both are beguiled by the Default Delusion.

In its simplest terms, a Default Delusion happens when you do not like someone, and you think you have found a loophole to make you superior to them by merely doing the opposite they are doing.

So if you hate your boss and he smokes, then you don’t smoke and then get all self-righteous about it.

Never mind that you are embezzling from him and fucking his daughter behind his back.

No, you are not superior to him.

He may be a scuzzball, but so are you, just another variety of it.

There is more than one type of cancer, kids.

So listening to the Victorian howling from the Left that Paypal is wisely calling Antifa and Proud Boys destructive motherfuckers by banning them is a riot.

Pardon the pun.

Both of them are tyrants using pseudo-moralistic argument to justify their thuggery. Both are ideological fanatics in tune with DAESH. Both are minions doing the dirt work for some rich asshole who uses them as proxies.

Both are worthless groups are pretend to be crusaders, but are just psychopathic hypocrites.

They are this era’s bible-thumpers and cultists who think they are so smart, that they can even pretend to be atheists and not be fanatics.

Uh, no.

If it walks like a bible-thumper, and talks like a bible-thumper, it is a bible-thumper.

That is a Default Delusion: you see religious freaks preach, and you think you found a loophole: if they believe in god, and you don’t; ergo, you are superior.

No, you’re just an asshole who is ideologically appropriating from script-following loons and then plagiarizing their lunacy into your unoriginal schtick.

Fuck you.

That’s the Age of Propaganda for you: without facts and logic, people have no idea how far they have fallen into the gutter.

They may feel superior to people on the other side of a line drawn in the sand, but they are not.

They fell into a pit, and then thought they stumbled upon a loophole.


You are as petty and jealous as the assholes on the other side of the fence.

So PayPal had a good idea of banning ideologues and control freaks who want everything their own way because they have to rig the board to win because they know they are not capable of doing it now.

Memo to the assholes: you can rig it 100% your own way, you will still fail.

The problem isn’t society.

It’s you.

Take a look inward to see where you went wrong and stop blaming people on the other side of the line for failing at life…

Memo to Intellectual Takeout: Stop trying to validate propaganda. News is not supposed to make you angry. It is supposed to make you literate.

Intellectual Takeout is a garbage publication with no validity or factual relevance. It has no insight. It is pure sophistry and a very poor kind to boot.

But this article takes the cake for psychopathic bulllshittery:

The News Media Needs to Keep You Angry

No, dumb fucks, that is making the case for propaganda.

If you believe that news is supposed to put you in the same frame of mind as rapists, murderers, wife beaters, serial killers, genocidal dictators, and terrorists, you do not have morals, common sense, or a basic understanding what is the function of information.

If you cannot differentiate between propaganda and information, you have no understanding for reality.

You cannot make a case for propaganda. You can slap of few graphs to pretend you know what you are talking about, but we can have a serial child molester or a serial killer do the same thing to justify their sickness.

And propaganda is sickness.

We are made of cells, but some cells grow too much and too fast, and then you have cancer.

The entire article makes the case for intellectual cancer.

No, the point of news is not to emotionally manipulate people so they cannot think straight and react instead of reflect. It is not about temper tantrums or tyranny, both which are driven by anger.

It is not about irrationality. It is not about loss of control.

It is about finding information to solve problems.

Religious zealots threw stones at people out of anger. Nazis gassed Jews out of anger. Lynch mobs happened out of group rage. 9-11 happened out of dangerous mass anger.

Discrimination happens out of anger. Misogyny happens out of anger.

Because anger is masked fear.

The West never understood emotional literacy. People never learn to deal with their emotions: so they either suppress them and use substances to be numb to them, or explode.

People get slaughtered and lives are forever ruined.

So the article is pure garbage.

Give facts. Not spin. Not propaganda. Propaganda is dependent on creating angry audiences who are easier to manipulate and control. The article is trying to justify intellectual evil by saying it is a good thing to do evil because evil is necessary.

No, it isn’t. That is how unproductive cowards roll.

So that everyone is too angry to see how they are being played by grifters.

So fuck that, stop pretending propaganda is news, and actually contribute to society with something real and beneficial…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Eighteen: Journalists are neither saints nor martyrs. They have hidden too many sins.

Journalists have no reasoning skills whatsoever. Overprecise and overconfident, their ability to see reality has always been nonexistent because they have no formal training in it and it shows.

But they sure as hell love to tell the little people how moral and superior they are.

We died for you! they shout as if they were Jesus.

Dear Globe and Mail: foreign journalists have gotten themselves killed. Fuck your moral masturbation, and worse, hitching your ride on someone else’s murder.

Which is the complete fault of the profession because like everything else, they have devised a sum total of zero strategies and zero standards.

You ride a motorcycle without a helmet and drive it off a cliff, and you then complain about the hazard?

And it is a drop in the bucket to the number of First Nations women in Canada who get slaughtered so again, fuck you.

No one at the Globe can ever claim to be of the moral ilk of Chauncey Bailey, Daniel Pearl, or Dickey Chapelle (Person #15, Person #16, and Person #17 of the List of People Everyone Should Know) who were going against the grain of their profession, and it was their employers who failed to give them the adequate protection they needed. Blame corporate incompetence and negligence for their deaths. They were all rare gems in a profession that would rather speculate about celebrity boobies than do real work.

This is a profession that has no common sense.

Take a look at this propaganda piece, filed under “Midterms”:

Restoring The Moral Compass

You mean, Make America Great Again?

Memo to News and Guts: you not only are cowards, you are plagiarists ripping off Donald Trump.

And here is another memo: there never was a moral compass; so you have nothing to restore.

The Hill Times wonders why the federal Tories don’t like journalism.

Answer: because you spew liberal propaganda because you always gravitate toward whatever political party at the time pretends to be holier than thou so that you can hide your sins and act indignant should anyone call you out for your lies.


That issue of Time was a turning point for me. Not only did that issue imply that mass Serbian graves were Muslim, they ran that cover without ever mentioning to their readers that a German reporter noticed that the wire was on the wrong side; and that those people in the picture weren’t fenced in, giving a completely different context. (I had interviewed that reporter for a story I tried to do, but was axed at the last second because the editor was frightened off when the worst offending PR firm thumped its chest and he caved).

I wrote to Time outlining every lie and contradiction in a four page letter; they violated my moral rights, publishing a one paragraph and highly-altered version without my permission.

The late Pearl was one of the few journalists covering the war who did not fall for the PR firm bullshit stories against Serbs. The others did, and it should be no surprise that the one who was rational and objective was killed in another war, and the other stenographers all got cushy jobs as talking babblers.

I had said from the beginning of the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia that journalists lied, and knew they were lying.

And now they are starting to admit to their deceptions in a very interesting way, and thank the mess Saudi Arabia has gotten itself into for the slip.

This BBC series on the House of Saud says it all: the war was not started by Serbs but by radicalized Sauds. They parachuted in, caused bloodshed, lived in Bosnia — the land they stole from the very Serbs they maligned, and then did damage on 9-11 in New York City.

And journalists knew this tidbit all along.

They are changing their tune because they are exploiting the dead and hacked up body of Jamal Khashoggi, a partisan and dubious “reporter” with questionable ties to various groups: but they are remaking him as a saintly crusading reporter who died as a journalistic crusader…

But to make this lie seem as if it were a truth, they are now having to demonize the Saudis as they are forced to admit to certain truths about the former Yugoslavia in the divine passive, trying to hide the fact the (a) they kept this crucial piece of information back as they were making glorious careers for themselves and selling newspapers, and (b) they were complicit in war crimes and war propaganda.

Most Western journalists covering that war should be rotting in The Hague.

The number of journalists getting killed pales in comparison to the number of people who were slaughtered thanks to their ignorant propaganda.

If you believe a word a reporter says, you are a fucking moron who settles for shit.

This is a profession without instinct or insight. They have no empiricism or innovation. They spew garbage as they virtue-signal and plagiarize the same playbook as the Catholic church.

You’re not gods, you miserable assholes.

Chaser News was created to create a humbler and saner vehicle for information.

Chaser is coming back, but it is going to be different in many ways.

It will provide news about propaganda. It will be news about reality. It is not going to tell you what to think or how to think, but it will make you question your own thinking.

Like Harry Houdini and James Randi, it will show precisely how journalists have scammed and continue to scam the public. It is not like Project Veritas, however. They have the wrong mindset in dealing with those narcissistic knuckle-draggers.

It will first build a scaffolding. It will be serious for a short time.

And then it will be unleashed as halos are revealed to be nothing more than a tin-foil hat…