There is no more expendable person than one in power...

Ciao, babies!

Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara is kicked to the curb. Privy Council clerk Michael Wernick must ensure he doesn’t hit the door on his way out, too.

Don’t kid yourself. The wealthier and more famous and/or powerful the person, the more expendable they are. There are no shortage of replacements out there…

The Middle Class Waw-Waw: How to give away your socioeconomic standing the obvious way.




People ask me what fictional character I relate the most. This is a fairly easy answer.

Arthur Dietrich from Barney Miller.

He was also my favourite character on the show when I was a kid because this was a character with whom I could deeply relate.

He was low-key, scary smart, and had surreal untold adventures off work, but that’s not something people are going ever expect from a police officer.

A kindred spirit in that regard, but a little more flamboyant was another favourite of mine, Jennifer Marlowe from WKRP in Cincinnati.


Because the attractive receptionist isn’t supposed to rule the roost with the biggest salary.

But Arthur is more aligned with my experiences and personality.

His life is not supposed to trump one of a white collar worker in middle management.

And the white collar work in reality is not going to like feeling displaced in a pecking order.

If you have ever tried to talk about your accomplishments in certain circles, you will notice people will literally try to drown you out by talking loudly over you, and it even has a specific sound.

The Middle Class Waw-Waw.

It is the equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears and singing “la la la.”

Kids to the former, but the adults modify it slightly and do that latter.

If you want to know what social caste a group comes from, mention your accomplishments or the accomplishments of someone they just dissed.

It never fails.

Especially if the person isn’t someone you’d expect to be accomplished.

This is how people try to hide from the reality they don’t like.

It is childish, of course, but a dead giveaway to insecurities and petty jealousies…