Anti-Choice Propaganda is a scam, and it is time to call it for what it is.

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It shouldn’t be voluntary, however, according to his own logic. He is not up to genetic snuff. The vasectomy should be mandatory.

Not his choice.

Because for him to spread his defective seeds is highly immoral.

We have fascist state regimes in the US trying to take away abortion rights, and they will ultimately fail.

Laws only work if people believe in them and legitimize authority.

Project Syndicate, as usual, is garbage. They are entrenching the legitimacy of fascist arguments by indulging their rigs.

And if feminists want to truly break barriers, they have to stop using old arguments and start exposing the true reasons why people are against abortion.

Getting knocked up to chain your man who will support you is a fine old tradition. Religion has nothing to do with it. I have heard far too many women tell me how they got their man that way so they can be Stay-At-Mall moms, aimlessly pushing a shopping cart up and down the aisles at Wal-Mart all day long.

And men who are anti-abortion are losers who cannot keep a woman any other way but knock her up enough times so she can’t get away.

This is how morally repulsive people function. The narrative spin they puke is a sham.

If there is an option of abortion — and it is seen as the moral alternative to exploiting babies as a means to an end — then their gambit can no longer work.

So let’s stop pretending and indulging grifters like Ooosterhoff.

Anti-abortion laws are a form of propaganda to instil fear in women, so they always go on the defensive.

This creates an artificial structure of thought that is always rigged against independent women, and that game has got to stop once and for all.

We have a primitivism in Western culture where we have immoral parents refuse to vaccinate their children because of some tiny risk of a reaction — but will gamble with their children’s lives, exposing them to illnesses that will sterilize them, cripple them, disfigure them, disable them, and even kill them.

But once we indulged one immoral set of irresponsible and immoral assholes in some idea of being “open-minded”, abortion was next on the table.

It is a foot-in-the-door technique that the Right use all the time. That’s why they oppose sex education — they know parents will be on side and then once they get into school boards, they want to teach creationism.

If independent women want to break the shackles of this tiresome game, this is the time to take an inventory of all the places where this sick game festers.

And number one on the list is battered women’s shelters. These are immoral. This is a concentration camp for victimized females and children.

Number one: do away with the idea of a woman having to be inconvenienced because of an uncivilized and defective male.

Number two: start targeting the rights of men — capital punishment for rape, incest and human trafficking. The end.

And if a woman should be party to any of it, she gets the equal punishment. The end.

Then we go after wife-beaters. Women automatically get the house and chattles. The wife beater gets sent to some forsaken place to scrub toilets for the rest of his life. Fuck him.

Then we go after men’s reproductive rights. They have no say in anything — from who they can fuck and who their sperm will impregnate.

Men have all sorts of militias when they don’t get things their own way. Women should try those army boots for size.

Women are always being accused of all sorts of things — if given the name, why not play the game?

Be unpredictable and be feral.

This all reminds me of a self-defence expert who made a very good observation: in many cases of date rape, the woman hit the man first.

He was behaving badly, and she whacked him, hoping that he would smarten up.

But then the woman stuck around, hoping the man would change his behaviour, but he merely got worse.

Don’t wait for feedback was the message. You strike and you get the hell out.

And that’s what independent women need to do: strike to shatter the rigged game board so that no one will ever forget that day for eternity — and then get the hell out of the old structures and start from scratch.

The new rules are simple: you either behave like a normal human being or we treat you like a beast who cannot be trusted. You impose your will on one gender, well then, that comes at a steep price.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If we do not allow abortion for rape or incest, then rapists must be exterminated so that they do not pollute the gene pool.

No stalking. No threats. No hitting. No killing. No acting like a worthless coward.

Women have not even started. There are no cities, countries, or political systems founded for women with women’s needs and wants in mind. None. Women are always reacting to patriarchal structures instead of rejecting those systems. and creating their own

The abortion campaign is on a state level — and as I said way back in 2016, the Left was asleep at the wheel in far too many places.

Hillary Clinton was feminism’s greatest misdirection: women were essentially duped into focussing all of their energies on her instead of keeping an eye on state races — the ones that actually had the real and significant impact on their daily lives.

Clinton’s campaign was a scam campaign. It was like the con game of Find the Lady — because women were so focussed on Clinton, they ignored state campaigns and their would-be oppressors took full advantage of it.

Feminists in the US have no one to blame for their state of affairs but themselves.

You build strength from the ground up: you begin with the municipal races, and then state or provincial, and then federal.

Doug Ford cut off the NDP and Liberals at the knees because he saw what far too many feminists still don’t see. He mowed down Toronto City Hall so that they couldn’t plant seeds on a local level.

Women do not have their own war manuals, and now that oversight has become a serious problem.

But with every problem, there are multiple solutions. There is no reason to be afraid, and every reason to be brave.

And right now, ceasing to indulge old con games would be a very good idea…

In an Age of Propaganda, the beggar's banquet is a sleight of hand.





If there is one journalistic propaganda trope that ought to be made illegal, it is their manipulative tendency to use the picture of people asking for something staring off far away all sad-like because the government won’t give in to their demands and hope to play the pity card.

It all started when Princess Diana gave an interview with Martin Bashir and she laid it on thick.


It’s so hard to be a princess in a real world!

You mean life isn’t perfect and has its ups and downs where you can’t always get what you want?

You don’t say!

While she did very edgy things with her charity work that I respected, that horrid interview was not her finest moment.

Because she got away with that nonsense, all the commoners wanted to do it, too!

And they get enabled by a brain-dead press who never actually challenges them and serves as propagandists, advertising their fake plight as if it were real, but in an Age of Propaganda, beggars always try to get away with things with pity.

In Canada, particularly the CBC and the Toronto Star, this kind of propaganda is out of control. Having people look sad doesn’t make them right, and some of the junk they are throwing a fit over is dangerous, expensive, but usually both at the same time.

You can’t always get what you want. Sad people want the government to give them a big, fat pay check as they sit on their backsides and not contribute to society. Sad people want all drugs legalized. Sad people who have no control of their wasteful and ignorant children who rack up thousands of dollars on the smartphone and now are on the hook to pay for services rendered.

Really? If the government was loopy enough to enable these delusions, these people would automatically demand something else on someone else’s dime. You have conditioned them by rewarding them.

There are people in genuine need, and then there are those grifters who put on a big show of waterworks to get things that they did not earn.

And journalists enable these grifters because these people go to journalists and give them no brainer copy.

Reporters don’t actually go digging for real atrocities. They are willing pigeons who will play along with the con to get a cheap story written for them.

What’s next? Sad-looking rapists who worry that they might be one of the unlucky two percent who actually get convicted of their crime? The government should just make that legal, too!

Or sad-looking murderers who are bummed out because jail is hard and crimping on their lifestyle? Do they get to doe eye the front page of the web site as well?

Here’s a hint: people who are truly in peril don’t usually go to the press. They suffer in silence because it is too painful to go out in the world and log it, and then it is in your face and you can’t get away from it — and you are too overwhelmed to go out from media outlet to media outlet to play this game. These are the people the press either ignores or slags as they look down on them. They have absolutely no sense what is suffering and what is a grifter’s game.

But that kind of research to find real people in peril takes work. And people who are in peril don’t make pouty faces for the camera. You don’t have that luxury and self-pity isn’t something they indulge in.

So enough of this narrative propaganda. Stick with the facts, not with someone who practiced making that bullshit face in the mirror for days to get the pity factor up a few more notches…

In an Age of Propaganda, simplistic narratives are never true.

This propaganda poster is making the rounds.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 8.01.24 PM.png

Such a nice, simplistic narrative.

Except it is not true.

Socialism is the government borrowing money it does not have to fund itself and its cronies.

And it doesn’t withhold any money for “corporate subsidies.”

It is just another bullshit story from people drooling at the prospect of getting a big chunk of borrowed money all to themselves…

Throwing leaders under buses: Why a Zero-Risk Society commoditize the political.




I find very interesting that is happening on the Left, but also on the Right.

If you don’t like a leader, turn him into a bowl of soup with a fly in it, and then bellow at the waiter to take it back.

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown had it happened to him. So did Alberta premier Allison Redford.

But then so did NDP leader Thomas Mulcair when there wasn’t an actual need at that particular point to do so.

Then Donald Trump was elected and the press and the US Democrats have gone into irrational overdrive to get rid of him to no avail, however.

And now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being thrown under a bus by the Left.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 9.45.22 AM.png

He has been reduced to a fly-infested soup in a restaurant.

In a Zero-Risk Society, flaw people demand flawless leaders. Make a wrong move, and they want you out, out, out.

We no longer stand by anyone. People cannot get breakfast ready for their children on time and call 911 to selfishly whine how the Amber Alert interrupted their TV show, but they throw royal fits when a leader has a bad streak or slump.

I am not a fan of most of the leaders on the list, for the exception of Mulcair who does his research and has proven to go against comfort when it counts, but we do have a democratic process, and no leader is going to go through a term without stepping in some cow flaps.

And there is a downside to this kind of diva tirades.

You will never get an honest leader or one of quality if you throw them under a bus at the first sign of trouble.

And you won’t deserve one, either.

You do not have to follow one blindly, but the opposite is no better.

People fawn all over people when they elect them, and then want to stomp them into the ground as they make impossible demands and have unrealistic expectations.

You don’t like a leader, do not vote for them again.

But you own your decisions. Be careful next time you drool over your elected maid or butler. They do not have a magic want to make your problems vanish, and even if they did, you aren’t owed a Bibbity Bobbity Boo.

They are not genies or fairy godmothers.

Most of your problems can be solved by you, Zero-Risk Middle Class Person.

Remember that the next time you are voting someone in — or out…

Russiagate did not destroy journalism. It was destroyed before then. What it did was show that partisan propaganda ain't what it used to be.

This was an interesting take on Russiagate:

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

No, journalism was destroyed before that. Trump won the 2106 presidential election even though the press all marched lockstep against him.

He had Twitter, and he won.

And then social media and Big Tech became censors of the worst sort, but now that Robert Mueller, after months and months of having free rein to investigate — and he is a very, very good and thorough professional — found nothing.

The press and Big Tech rigged and stacked and manipulated to extremist and disturbing degrees.

And nothing.

giphy (1).gif

This was the industry’s last stand.

And they incited a populace and could not make an outcome happen.

They desperately wanted Trump to be led away in handcuffs as they cheered, and said, See! See! We were right! We are the heroes!

Why was this so important to the press?

Because they cannot come to grips that they collapsed.

It had to be the Evil Russians who rigged and stuffed ballots, not that they could not tell the little people how to vote and they would dutifully listen to them.

Hubris blinds the profession who refuses to admit it’s fubar.

I wrote about journalism’s collapse for Zer0 Books in 2018 in a book called When Journalism was a Thing.

Despite the publicity I should have gotten — and my publisher was supportive of my book and pushed it, knowing that I had ovarian cancer and was seriously out of commission, but did everything a good publisher should do without skipping a beat — managed to get me two interviews, and I managed to procure one on my own.

I was shut out.

I was ignored. Blacklisted.

All for speaking the truth and reality of the situation.


With 61 pages of references.

But all but two journalists were in denial. To those who interviewed me, and gave me a platform to express myself, thank you.

The rest are absolute hypocrites. They wrote about every bout of presidential flatulence, but when it came to examining and exposing their own shortcomings, they conveniently ignored me.

And now they can’t touch Trump.

But I am not going to stop. I have a laser-beam focus and a nuclear-level energy to keep going.

I have spent my entire adult life working on an alternative system, and I had to put up my proposal on Amazon in Kindle format — something no author should ever be forced to do — so if it comes to intellectual theft, I have a lattice of proof, and it was made clear to me that it was going to happen via email.

If journalists were all about truth and informing, they would have not just read the book — they would not run and hide from me like a bunch of conniving cowards — they would take my words to heart.

But they aren’t. They want to strut and vogue in superhero capes and mask pretending to save humanity.

No, you’re not. A big, fat super story you were all banking on to save you just went up in smoke.

You’re all Zero Risk, and your big, fat gamble just wiped you out.


And not only am I still standing, teaching, and writing books, motherfuckers, I am still an ambitious visionary who is merrily living my life to the fullest as I never bank or leech on anyone’s demise to fill my belly or validate my existence…


Memo to the U of T students: Homework is not a cause of suicidal depression. Shame on you, too.

If you read this website regularly, you know that in 2018, I had ovarian cancer at the same time my mother had colorectal cancer. You also know that prior to that, my grandmother Stanka was dropped by Hamilton paramedics and they caused her amputated leg to burst open, broke her teeth, broke her arm in two places that never healed, and gave her a brain bleed.

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Governments are manipulating social media? You don't say! They are manipulating regular media, too. Grow up, middle class people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am the last grown up on the planet.

Longreads has a well, golly! piece that is so naive that it truly stuns me.

Some government is manipulating social media!

Motherfucker, here is the memo: every motherfucking government on this motherfucking planet is manipulating motherfucking social media and the motherfucking traditional media, too.

Just how motherfucking stupid are you?

Do you honestly believe any government wouldn’t take advantage of the mental laziness of the jittery middle class who buy into any self-aggrandizing patriarchal bullshit story?

Do you children know anything about reality?

No, of course not. You live in a bubble like the other journalists; so don’t pretend you know reality. You don’t.

Like the pauper journalists in Canada wanting to be sugardaddied and manipulated by their government because of their gross incompetency.

We have propagandists in the press who shame people who do not buy into their government’s lies.

And never question the lies the spread on behest of other governments.

And Al Jazeera should be ashamed of itself. The Christchurch gunman wasn’t influenced by Serbs or the Serbian government — and in comparison, is irrelevant.

On the other hand, did Al Jazeera ever condemn how their own nation’s citizens up and went to slaughter Serbs — strangers from a foreign country who never did them a thing to harm them?


Did you ever mention that Osama bin Laden cut his teeth murdering Serbs?

Did you ever mention how the Mujahideen videotaped the torture and slaughter of Serbs — videos that I have personally seen?

In the whole scheme of things, a song is nothing. Taking a plane to a foreign country to roast people on a spit is vile. Shame on you for your own propagandistic temper tantrum and anti-Serb bigotry.

Because that hatred killed a lot more people in New York City than it ever did in Christchurch.


There are no good guys. There is no hack or TORTEE that gives you any wiggle room. You have corrupt regimes instil fear and hatred in their own people and in people in other countries, and then that triggers wars.

And journalists, who were always narcissistic thieves and cribbers, nod their fat heads as they spew that hate without question, and then are shocked, shocked, shocked when some mentally unstable person buys the bullshit story and explodes with a weapon.

People, grow up.

Grow up.

And to answer the Guardian’s stupid question:

What do we know about the Christchurch attack suspect?

The answer is fuck all.

You are too busy morally masturbating in public to know what some jittery middle class loser with a gun was all about.

We live in an Age of Propaganda. Period. Lying and prejudice is glorified for money. Cowards get manipulated by their loser regimes, and never question why they believe fairytales without question.

Enough. Grow up. Find some courage and stop looking for other assholes to do your thinking for you…

I have a particular loathing for cowardice...

And when you go kill 50 innocent people while praying, you are a coward.

Countries that preen how tolerant they are need a reality check, too. No, you’re not. If your country has people in it, your people are just like any other people. No better, no worse.

It’s made up of people.

The livestreaming on social media, however, merely forced people to be forced to look at the reality of hate.

This is a coward’s attack, and should be properly labelled. A terrorist tries to create the same fear in his targets in order to justify his own.

Watch the middle class demand for gun control so they do not have to confront the bigger issue of vile hate embedded in their own societies.

There has been some very vile propagandistic anti-Serb ramblings about this killing, however, because the killer misapplied Serbian history. Serbs were abused in the Ottoman Empire. The equivalent is of the same ilk as slavery in the US. That’s true. If you are going to condemn Serbs for that, then you have to do the same to African-Americans who are upset at the ancestors being slaves to whites.


That above photo is evidence of a hate crime committed against the Serbs by the Turks. Go to Niš and have an up-close look at Skull Tower yourself if you need to see evidence of the kind of hate crimes going on in 1809.

And there is no expiration date on hate crimes.

There is a big misconception that one group or religion is immune to hate crimes. No, they aren’t. Hate crimes can be committed against Christians by Muslims, and then have them committed against Muslims by Christians.

There is no label you can stick upon yourself that makes you immune to committing them. Nice try.

If you are not a Serb, do not use the history of the torture against the Serbian people as an excuse to go out and kill people. Don’t do it even if you are a Serb. We were abused in the Ottoman Empire. We were decimated by a third in the First World War. We were abused by the fascist Nazis and Ustashe in the Second World War. We were maligned and villainized by US public relations firms during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia with a corrupt president who called for our bombing to deflect attention away from his own low-class philandering/sexual harassment scandals. Enough is enough.

You need a villain to blame? Go look in the mirror.

This man was not raised in Serbian culture. He was raised in a Western culture, and it is that culture that has committed its share of sins and enable hate with their narratives, and always in denial that they do. Do not try to deflect your internal sickness on some old propagandistic tropes that were manufactured by Washington, DC-based PR firms. Go look on because they keep registration records for public perusal.

But don’t take too long. You have citizens going about killing each other every day, and then some go out and kill 49 people in one shot. That’s on your society.

When the world stops hiding behind their own "identity” labels and start realizing that those labels are made-up excuses to create false pecking orders to pretend to be superior to other groups, then maybe then we can finally get to the root of the cowardice of masks that help infect the seeds of hate that compel people to murder others for no reason at all…

The Sham of the so-called Beautiful People: Yeah, they are as dysfunctional as you are...just with a more convincing ability to fib.



Never be married to your job because it is until scandal do you part, and you don’t even get any alimony out of it.

Lori Loughlin is learning that lesson the hard way as Hallmark dropped her really, really fast.

But they really clinically saddened by it.

Sephora dropped her kid really, really fast, too. So did TRESemmé. This is a made-up pseudo celebrity with followers, but most likely the imaginary friend kind. Just like her academic creds.

Seriously, that it is 2019 and people still buy into these bullshit stories is pathetic. These people are not as rich or successful as they are made out to be. Middle class gullibility is alive and well, and it takes really absolutely no brains to fool bunches of them at once.

And it is getting tiresome.

The fantasyland delusions have no place in modern discourse. I thought we were pretending to be woke or something, and here we have educated people with white collar careers behaving like bored trophy housewives. Fuck that shit, grow up once already.

People get offended over stupid trivial stuff, and never question that things that actually matter: as in, are there people bribing people in universities to get their intellectually garbage brats in there?

And then we are shocked, shocked, shocked that the worthless motherfuckers are building airplanes that crash.

Fuck you and your fairy princess bullshit filters.

Enough with the dawdling…let us get back to reality, please…

1980s this is not: Passivity in an Age of Propaganda.



I grew up in the 1980s. It was an odd decade, but there are many elements that I am still happy to have inspired me. It was a breakthrough for a lot of things. It was upbeat. It was about confidence and flamboyance. It was eccentric, active, snarky, cocky, but also epic.

It was a decade that was an actual odyssey.

It was also whacked. Tele-evangelists were bullshitting the masses as they were becoming insanely rich on the backs of the poor. Greed was good. Excesses were seen as a wonderful thing. Extravagance was part of the culture.

Pop culture was crucial. You had monster acts, big movies, iconic television shows, and epic news stories. There was gravitas, and sometimes far too much of it. Everything seemed larger-than-life. We had Titans — even Teen Titans. It was all about breaking records and becoming a god on Earth.

There was more connect then than there is now, but it was a shallow kind that revolved around pop culture — artificial constructs.

You had social issues everywhere, from your denim jacket (I still have my old Hard Rock Cafe “Save the Planet” jacket I got in Florida) to comic books to soap operas (As the World Turns was on the vanguard of everything from feminism to interracial romance), and yet you had shows that strutted over the concept of excess, such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Magazines were important, particularly Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair. People magazine’s reviews were must-reads.

You had the Middle Class always mindful of the less fortunate, as they strived to be rich.

It was an optimistic decade. Donald Trump was envied and emulated. Michael Jackson was seen as a role model. Madonna was considered a feminist icon.

Rich singers warbled about helping the homeless in North America and the suffering in Africa.

For all of its insufferable faults, the 1980s was about being active. Physical activity, such as exercise, was dominant. Mental activity was, too. Self-help books were a real genre that was profitable.

That was then.

The 2010 decade is an entirely different ball of wax.

For one, it is whiny with its brand puritanical nagging that comes from the Left. In the 1980s, it was preachy puritanical nagging from the Right.

For another, it is very passive. The 1980s saw the world in terms of helping others directly or even better, helping yourself pull out.

The slacktivism in the decades are different. In the 1980s, it was buying music records or Hands Across America. That was seen as a legitimate way to permanently solve all of society’s ills.

Now, it is bitching like a jackass on Twitter or donating on GoFundMe, but with the same idea.

1980s were not defeatist. 2019 is nothing but defeatism with perfectly healthy, educated, and capable people in their 20s want a pension, which what Basic Income happens to be.

There is a decided sense of passive angry entitlement. Life is hard. Life is profoundly unfair.


Not the best picture of me, but who could say that inside my body at the time was ovarian cancer and I had not a single symptom or warning sign?

I was playing around with my new phone, taking that picture, resentful that the new filter erased my beauty mark, and made my already white skin look too white. I didn’t need the filtering, either, but I was griping about the limitation of my phone, not knowing that I had a time nuclear bomb inside my left ovary.

That’s life, where you have thoughts about trivial matters as bigger problems loom.

And yet I didn’t sit back and passively expect things. I looked after my mother at the same time as she had her own cancer to deal with, all while I had a huge gash on my stomach.

There was no They. There was no Them.

For all the problems of the 1980s, entitlement from a They wasn’t one of them. What can I do? What can we do?

Not, who is going to do things for me?

Much of it comes from having a passive Fourth Medium that is strictly me-centred by design.

The medium is more than just the message: its structure shapes the people who use it, as it shapes its propaganda to indoctrinate them.

When we are not aware of how rigs shape our thoughts, he begin to think those lies are divine truth.

And in an Age of Propaganda, when there is no effort, passivity shapes expectations.

It is unsustainable, but the lies the medium tells seems alluring all the same…

An Age of Propaganda is also an Age of Cowardice.

If this study is true, we have absolutely failed as a society:

Trump-Clinton election battle left students with PTSD symptoms, study finds

Then we have a generation with absolutely no morals, logic, or worth.

How can that give you any trauma? I went through motherfucking cancer while looking after my mother who had cancer at the same time, and that was far worse in comparison, and life is too short to be whining.

You have to be a psychopath with no moral compass if that gives you trauma.

But I don’t believe a word of it.

It’s bullshit.

Because in another study, when the gender roles were reversed. there was not only no trauma, but subjects preferred the female Trump to the male Clinton.

So there is actually nothing inherently “scary” about Trump’s personality. People fail to see it if someone else takes on the persona.

What we have are people lying to themselves. They don’t actually have trauma. They have talked themselves into an artificial frenzy, and then become paralyzed with fake fear.

Because in order for propaganda to work, it requires cowardice. Lies feast on fear.

When you are fearful, you invite lies to infect your thoughts.

It is one thing to be vigilant and cautious, but another to give in to cowardice.

And the only way to conquer fear is by pushing the boundaries and getting to know the world around you — all the things that confirm your theories, but also the things that refute them…

Attacking the Dead: How to separate children from their roots in an Age of Propaganda.

New York magazine has a bullshit piece about champagne socialism — the fake trend that culturally, historically, and politically ignorant wannabes are babbling about now that they are too old and used up to be rich and famous and want someone to support their worthless butts because mommy and daddy never had the courage to tell them that they are average and have to work hard to earn things.

Self-sufficiency please.

And it is not as big of trend and the press pretends it is.

But people with money love to manipulate the little people.

Truly, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Middle class young adults are gullible and conniving — the perfect patsies.

And the Left keep playing them for fools.

The Left never understood math, and with no math, no foundation in logic. They gravitate toward narratives, meaning they gravitate toward propaganda.

So with no understand of numbers, means no understanding of neither finance or measurement. They have missed a critical step in Piaget’s hierarchy of cognitive development.

So you do have the structural solidity to understand quantity. How much can you afford? How much can a government afford? How much debt can you afford? How much debt can your country afford?

This is the exact point where the Left and Right have their chasm. The Right lack a certain piece of emotional intelligence, but the Left as a collective don’t have the logic. There are two black holes — one on the Left and one on the Right — that prevent unity and consensus, but let’s focus on the Left’s black hole this time. I will leave the Right one for another entry.

So when you have a collective with no logic, but a predilection for propaganda not understand that there is no bottomless well of monies to spend on everyone without anyone putting any effort, they want to be proven Forever Right. The problem is that they are hopelessly wrong.

There is no fairy godmother, Prince Charming, or magic beans. You have to work hard actively, and be a realist.

And you have to know the past. That is your reference.

Someone wants the United States to be weakened. That much is plain. They want it weak enough in order to find a pool of minions to exploit and distract so they don’t get challenged. This isn’t personal; this is strictly a lazy form of pragmatism. You cannot actually compete directly because until now you keep getting your ass whumped: so divide and conquer.

War is deception, after all. Psyche out your rivals.

As someone who has had inferior rivals try to psyche me out since I was a kid, I know the drill. Plant seeds of discontent in united groups in order to divide them and have them so busy with their petty and vindictive bullshit garbage fights to see someone is reaping the benefits of the propaganda campaign.

It is a sucker circus.

But instead of the news media asking, How did this fake trend come from, they are hyping it up, meaning they are, as usual, cribbing from PR firm press releases. Let’s stop WikiLeaks from sounding any alarms by discrediting them, and let’s try to manipulate the gullible youth.

But for the gambit to work, we need to create another divide that goes beyond Left and Right: young and old. Propaganda works devastatingly well at isolating and alienating youth from the support of their families, particularly their parents.

And we are seeing it now with this sudden interest in demonizing the icons of previous generations, such as John Wayne and Michael Jackson.

Were these men flawed? Yes, and so are you, princess. I have yet to hear someone not say something stupid and offensive. If we were to punish people on the basis of their insensitivity, then let’s just throw a nuclear bomb on this planet and get it over with once already.

Except that would be a dumbass thing to do.

Tolerance is critical to social evolution, and that means putting up with other people’s bullshit just as they put up with yours. Each generation improves, but that doesn’t mean you have no respect for your ancestors because they had less refinement than you do now, because you will seem as vulgar and barbaric to the next generation as the last generation seems to you.

You wouldn’t be as high up the ladder as you are unless the previous generation didn’t pave a path for you in the first place.

But disrespect is the hallmark of the current ideological mindset. People behave like entitled divas, snapping their fingers and expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting as they bark orders, and burn through the hired help for not jumping high enough on cue.

Fuck you.

For all the whining about the previous icons, what have the complainers done in comparison?

Not much, if anything. Kvetching on Twitter isn’t doing anything at all.

“Socialism” is a passing fancy because when you have a disrespectful generation, you also have an ungrateful one: it will never be enough. They have gotten into the habit of always finding fault and expecting other people to do their work and live their lives for them.

It is time to change the programming once and for all.

What we have is a me-centred mindset in an Age of Propaganda.

And it is not just on youth. The adults who should have been the guides didn’t understand the nuances of connection, nor did they explain that humans are flawed by nature. It is not an excuse to not do your best, but you still have to stop pretend you are without flaw or have no social burdens to carry. We all do.

But an Age of Propaganda keeps people living in the Now with no sense of connect to the Past, nor consideration how their panic will impact the Future.

When you attack the dead, you are so planting seeds of destruction for those yet to arrive, and none of us have the right to do that…

Why are icons suddenly being attacked when they aren't alive to defend themselves?

An obscure John Wayne interview in Playboy from 1971 is enough for people to want to rename an airport.

Michael Jackson — who was acquitted of child molestation — is being attacked once again, with the BBC yanking his songs from their playlist.

So, what gives? Are people woke?

No, they are merely following someone else’s self-serving decrees uncritically. No questions, no skepticism.

And that’s not acceptable.

Especially as people who cannot speak for themselves are not alive to defend themselves. It is as if we have people who are trying to erase history and expect their decrees to be the final word on the matter.

I believe in facing reality. I am also someone who doesn’t get impressed by statues or buildings named after people. People will suck up to you when you are alive, but as soon as you’re dead and no one can get anything out of you anymore, will run and worship the living who has money.

Hero worship is a big, fat delusion.

People can’’t wait to destroy you…those who can accept people warts and all are in short supply these days…

The Political Movement Scams in an Age of Propaganda.

The pseudo-rise of socialism in the US is a scam.

We can have polls to show it isn’t much of a movement, but the numbers are even lower than that.

Socialism is the same mafia under a different label. Do not be naive.

Think about it: how did it start? In a sea of social media users drowned out by billions of cat pictures, why did that get any attention?

Simple, because you have pr forms and political operatives who pushed it, and paid for attention, and someone has to have millions of dollars to burn for it. There is no other way.

Why would conservatism be shadow-banned by social media — accounting for a princely chunk of its revenue stream — but not socialism that goes against their business model?

These games are nothing new, just updated versions that only the culturally and historically illiterate do not see.

When Communism came into the now former Yugoslavia, the people who were rich before Communism stayed rich. The people who were poor before Communism stayed poor. Only university-educated public servants lost out — the Middle Class. People in power play the system because that is their strength, and no matter what is the label, they know how to manipulate it and rig it to their advantage. They change the mask and the script’s content, but the structure stays the same.

For the Middle Class never had to struggle before then and became too soft. They took the rigged system for granted as their parents pushed them into jobs through who they knew. Once the old system became tainted, they lost out the most.

But the rich grew richer.

My grandfather was a case in point of someone who was wealthy before and after Communism.

He ran a blackmarket. He could get you anything. During the Communist regime, he had his own private zoo with a monkey. He had a circus camped out on his front lawn. He had a fleet of boats. He used the Danube during the war to transport goods from multiple countries.

Right after the First World War, when he came to Belgrade, he was homeless, literally living under a bridge. It didn’t take him long to make his obscene wealth. He went hunting with royalty, getting a jewel-encrusted rifle from Serbian Prince George.

During the War, his business boomed.

But it flourished under Communism.

The government gave him his labour for his fishing business — soldiers (in a time where every male of a certain age had to serve) and prisoners. All he had to do was feed them and supply water to the army, which cost him nothing as it was on his property. The fish they ate was the ones they caught. No worker’s rights. He had a captive workforce and didn’t have to share his profits from his legitimate business — or his underground one.

He lived like a king, partying in nightclubs, buying rounds for the entire bar. He had no trouble bribing officials to get his way — and they were highly bribable.

Workers of the world unite? Yeah, on granddad’s property to work like a horse for fish.

So here is a system that pretended to be equitable, but wasn’t equitable. The rich stayed rich. The poor stayed poor. The Middle Class couldn’t find stable work and had to live with their parents. The only people whose lives change are those who have university degrees who had public sector jobs who are now “tainted” with the “wrong kind” of education, and must be discarded for those who will work for less with less benefits, but have the “correct” indoctrinated mindset.

So when I hear about people spewing about socialism, I know there is serious money behind it. It is the perfect misdirection. Get youth alienated from their more experienced parents, tell them lies how they are “owed”, and have a face-saving way of getting that champagne socialist lifestyle so people don’t know they are “failed” social media stars and don’t have to work.

Tearing generations apart in order for one rich tycoon to have fresh, young, and gullible minions and workers toil at his whim is as old as the human race.

It would be nice is one generation broke the trend, started asking critical and skeptical questions as they were political atheists, learn from the past, and then forge new paths without being disrespectful to the old.

But vanity, envy, and greed gets in the way, and then someone offers another face-saving out — pretending there is a moral reason when there is none. It is the same old tricks that can be played on those raised in a patriarchal mindset where there can only be The One — but it is a lie to tell the masses whose fears blind them to happier places by looking within before embracing the world around them…

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Man is born free...

And everywhere youth have willingly become yet another Auntie Grizelda…

Never has the saying Youth is wasted on the young been more appropriate than now. I am much younger than people more than half my age these days, and I am in a great place with that, even if they aren’t.


RIP, Peter Tork

I guess we are running out of living people to offend us. Let's go after the dead people now.



I always find it strange what people find offensive.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.39.16 PM.png

Johny Cage ripping up a man and then smiling as he says something snarky is just dandy.

He can even do this to his own daughter Cassie Cage.


Arcade mode can be a real psychopath.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.10.36 PM.png

Mind you, it can run in the family, too!

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.20.47 PM.png

And how many of us are looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 this year?

Yay! I can’t wait to plaster my children’s faces on my murderous fantasies!

Let’s just pretend this is just good, clean fun.

But the rage needs an outlet because dealing with problems head-on may require an admission of flaw, and we can’t have that because they may require some effort and work.

So let’s go out and shame someone else!

Hmm, but so many living people might tell us off…

Why don’t we go after dead people!

Like John Wayne.

This old Playboy interview is getting the neo-Victorian blowhards all in a tizzy on the Twitter.

He’s dead; so he can’t tell people to go fuck themselves. A safe choice to nag.

I don’t care what a dead actor spewed in 1971. Not only did I not even exist back then (poor, poor world back then not being blessed with my presence), I do not live in 1971.

I don’t remember what people said to me this morning.

There is human trafficking going on right now. There are homeless children who need a lifeline. People can’t afford to pay their bills or can’t escape an abusive spouse. We have corruption at all levels of government. We have people in power who are neglecting their duties. We have people dropping dead of drug overdoses and the best solution people cling on to is enabling them with injection sites, which is like telling a battered wife or husband to stay with their mate under supervision for stretches of time as they are beaten under someone else’s watch. Oh, gee, what a great solution! Supervised psychic enslavement!

And why dig up your dad’s old Playboys? The entire magazine objectified women as its mandate.

Wayne spewed what was typical at that time the way people spew what is acceptable now, but will be seen as bigoted hate puke fifty years from now.

Societies shift and change. They evolve and grow, or decline and fall.

We tolerate one set of offensive rigged garbage as we choose to look at someone else’s offensive rigged garbage with contempt.

Oh, please.

I never cared for John Wayne as a person. I knew about the interview decades ago, and it is old news. Move on.

Next up, I hear someone on the Twitter will be outraged because of the sexism on the cave walls scribbled by Neanderthals while ignoring their children who tell them their coaches are molesting them.

This is how societies crumble and become inert. It’s the kiss of death.

Or should I say, Fatality?

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.01.10 PM.png

They really need to issue blue checkmarks for genuine and unpaid outrage...

That people still believe that Twitter rage is some homegrown and organic response is interesting.

But when the press still falls for it and doesn’t try to expose the political propaganda that runs there amok, you really have to wonder.

There is an article from the New York Post how Twitter attacks “protect” people.

No, it merely exposes the paid political skulduggery going on unchallenged.

Why aren’t you questioning who is attacking or what is their real incentive?

We already know how much fraudulent activity and fake accounts there are on Twitter. There is no way to stop it unless people stopped using Twitter and then there would be no benefit to wasting resources of dispatching mass propagandists.

Don’t bother with trying to take on a paid mob.

Find out who is footing the bill, and cut off that source.

Dangle a piece of meat, get the paid hordes to react on cue, and then work from behind the curtain and expose that.

We know paid fans exist at events and it a part of the manufactured celebrity machine. We know there are fake followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

So why are we still not critically looking at fake outrage on Twitter?

What? You don’t think politicians build up a fake base or deflect criticism using Twitter?

Don’t buy into the fairytale. As there are absolutely no checks and balances, anyone can create any fake mass response they want.

There are no laws or regulations. You don’t know what is on the other side. Underlings, cyber goons, political operatives, bots, the politician’s mommy or daddy, anyone.

That is the way you incite emptyheads and fool the press into thinking something is genuine.

It is why I don’t stare at Twitter: other people ghost write the tweets with blue checkmarks and foot the bill for fake responses.

Let’s as a few real questions before we buy into some fake narrative…

You don't really matter, but at least try to seem heroic: How false heroes are made.



Oddly enough, I am not a fan of The Big Bang Theory. I always found it too sexist for my liking. My mother liked the show until this last season, and she is the one who watches it. A lot. I know more episodes than I care to admit.

It is, like Monk and Seinfeld, one of the few shows that I absolutely cannot binge watch because it annoys me. I do not like self-centred characters, and Sheldon annoys me. I can stand Leonard and Raj and I pretty much owned all of the comic books and many of the superhero statues displayed, but if I see more than two episodes in a row, I have to leave.

But there is one episode that I really like.

The one posted above when Amy informs Sheldon that Indiana Jones in no way made any difference in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A lot of fans of the movie were devastated by a very obvious observation. I knew it as a kid when I first saw it, too. I just didn’t get it. I liked the movie. It was fun, but Indy didn’t save the day.

And as a kid, I devoured the hero genre like nobody’s business. When I was really little, I wanted to be a superhero when I grew up with a trusty pet gorilla sidekick — I didn’t know about Angel and the Ape at the time.


I wanted to have my own crimefighting costume, which I designed myself after taking a drawing course for kids at the Dundas Valley School of Art, and have my own car to drive around, looking for bad guys to stop in their tracks.

I was four.

My mother and I used to get into very surreal fights because I did not believe her that I wasn’t allowed to drive. I pointed to mini-cars — Fiats and Datsun Cherry’s as proof that they made cars for small kids; ergo, I want my driver’s license right now so I can go out and find myself a gorilla and get my crimefighting act on the road, and I had even talked my grandmother into making me my crimefighting outfit — no cape, but a mask.

And mom said no! No costume, no car, no gorilla.

In fact, I was expressly forbidden from trying to get a pet gorilla. With me, she did need to do that. I was stubborn, focussed, determined, confident, and very, very creative. I did know how to use the phone and ask the operator for assistance. I was strangely resourceful for a four-year-old and had often randomly dialled and talked to people from all over for conversations, which people usually indulged, and what I couldn’t do myself, I often could talk grandma into mischief because she thought I should have a happy and exciting life filled with bravery and meaning, and she could always veto any potential scolding. In this particular saga, mom cut that off at the pass. I was not happy with the decrees.

But then I noticed that on the news, there weren’t any caped crimefighters, let alone four-year-old ones with pet gorillas and a Fiat-mobile.

So, that was a bust. I was devastated. No other career grooved me after aside from stage magic, but my hands were too small…until I discovered writing and then teaching.

But I had comic books! Lots of DC comic books. Batman and Wonder Woman were faves, but I didn’t care for the dialogue; so I used Liquid Paper and a Bic Pen to wipe out the old dialogue, and put my own instead.

And I studied my comics. And episodes of Wonder Woman and Batman. The Spider-Man cartoons was pretty much my only foray into Marvel as a kid.

I wanted to understand what it meant to be a hero.

I was going to learn and then sublimate what I learned in whatever boring old career I had to choose because being a superhero wasn’t a thing back then.

But not that there isn’t any in the real world.


But I understood the genre extremely well.

And heroes made a difference.

A positive difference.

So that’s how come Indiana Jones was a fun movie, but he wasn’t an actual hero.

He was an adventurer, not a hero.

But how come people see adventurers as heroes?

They seem to do a lot of the same things, and people fail to catch the nuances, but it isn’t just in fiction.

Many people make careers out of pretending to be heroes, but when you look at their role in any given event, they get accolades, publicity, and money, but things are the same or worse.

They do not transform anything.

The status quo remains, or things begin to decay.

We forget to look at the bottom line: the bombast and spotlight hogging are misdirections.

And a hero doesn’t just help other people. He helps people learn how to help themselves — and then others.

It is supposed to be a communal space.

And we often look to a They, when an Us would more than suffice…

Kristoff St. John passes. Why this tragedy should spark public outrage -- but won't.




I was very sorry to hear about the passing of actor Kristoff St. John. He did not have an easy life. He was a child actor, and as a teenager, he and his family got ensnared in a very bad cult. His son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and then took his own life in a mental health facility meant to prevent that horrific outcome. He and his son’s mother sued, settled out of court, but the heartbreak of outliving a child makes those awards, fame, and public goodwill seem meaningless.

I liked him as a child actor, but not as much as my grandmother, who adored him on the Young and the Restless. By all accounts, he was a very nice man, but in life, nice people don’t usually get to have happy lives.

His death bothers me. I understand the pain of having someone you love in the hands of “professional” others, and then they destroy your family’s life in a heartbeat, and on a permanent basis. People should feel outraged that this is another casualty of institutional neglect, but they won’t.

And St. John is a man who survived and thrived after being forced into a cult in a foreign country as a teenager. He was resilient, but there is so much someone with a heart can withstand.

But people who are emotionally turned-off don’t see the nuances of the tragedies that befall other people around them. They don’t think it will hit them or is rigging the reality to their detriment. You try to point things out, and then it’s a dismissive version of that everything will work itself out in the end and/or I have a good aura so nothing bad will ever hit me.

I remember I got into a spat with one cancer survivor who was convinced that she got cured because she wanted to get cured and had the right positive thoughts. I said to her that I had recently lost a very dear friend to cancer — and she, too, wanted to live more than anything else and had been very positive in her outlook, which was true. My friend had plans after her chemo, and a lot of it involved the two of us going back to our old routine of going out to different restaurants for lunch as we shamelessly exchanged snarky gossip about the powerful people who thought they could keep their rather pathetic lives hidden, but forgot that they were doing things in front of other people. She was a hoot, a sweetheart, and I still miss her.

People love to blame victims for their problems, and that is a surefire way of finding yourself in the same muck with no allies to help you, but plenty of enemies dancing at your sorrows.

The death of St. John’s son never sparked public outrage — and it should have. This is every parent’s worst nightmare. Every parent should have demanded to know what went wrong. The parents did everything right. This was out of their control.

And yet a nightmare still became their reality, and aside from a few gossip sites, people shrugged it off.

This isn’t just about depression or about loss of a child: this is about a series of events that brought that kind of level of pain to a parent, and was avoidable.

How society deals with its most vulnerable reveals just how compassionate and strong they actually are: face it head on with active solutions, and you have a strong and moral core. Shrug it off — or worse, blame or dismiss those caught in social apathy and lethargy, and you have an uncivilized society.

And if someone with that kind of high-profile is just as vulnerable as the poorest who are dispossessed and discarded, all those theories about how the rich and famous have it made proves to be a lie. If you don’t care about the poor, you don’t care about anyone.

And what’s all this struggling and fighting for? To what end? To enable a heartless and selfish society?

You had a gem, and you discarded it. That’s the bottom line. I hope both St. Johns found peace and reunion, but it is a horrible way to find either. Rest in peace, Mr. St. John, and sorry life didn’t appreciate you the way it should have…