Hate groups still use Facebook? You don't say, Toronto Star!

I am not certain if the people at the Toronto Star have any connection to reality, but if this article is any indiction, the answer is a definite no.

Facebook cannot stop millions of people from spewing. The end. If not overtly, then covertly. The end. If no country has ever managed to stop rape and murder, then no one will stop another group from speaking what they believe is the truth. It doesn’t happen.

Facebook cannot “ban” these groups: they will find a way. People are resourceful. I remember talking to someone who had an ace home security system, and they were robbed. The policeman told them that if they could get into their house, then anybody could get into that house, too.

And that’s the reality you are facing. It’s a lunatic idea just is “gun control.” You are not going to stop guns because if a company can manufacture a gun, then anybody can make one. There is no easy solution as those Middle Class people keep believing.

If you want true progress and change, stop pandering to that demographic and enabling their delusions of grandeur. Life is not a 30 minute sitcom of the 1980s. It is not an episode of CSI.

Once that Truth gets through enough thick skulls, then perhaps we can have more realistic and productive action…

Russiagate did not destroy journalism. It was destroyed before then. What it did was show that partisan propaganda ain't what it used to be.

This was an interesting take on Russiagate:

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

No, journalism was destroyed before that. Trump won the 2106 presidential election even though the press all marched lockstep against him.

He had Twitter, and he won.

And then social media and Big Tech became censors of the worst sort, but now that Robert Mueller, after months and months of having free rein to investigate — and he is a very, very good and thorough professional — found nothing.

The press and Big Tech rigged and stacked and manipulated to extremist and disturbing degrees.

And nothing.

giphy (1).gif

This was the industry’s last stand.

And they incited a populace and could not make an outcome happen.

They desperately wanted Trump to be led away in handcuffs as they cheered, and said, See! See! We were right! We are the heroes!

Why was this so important to the press?

Because they cannot come to grips that they collapsed.

It had to be the Evil Russians who rigged and stuffed ballots, not that they could not tell the little people how to vote and they would dutifully listen to them.

Hubris blinds the profession who refuses to admit it’s fubar.

I wrote about journalism’s collapse for Zer0 Books in 2018 in a book called When Journalism was a Thing.

Despite the publicity I should have gotten — and my publisher was supportive of my book and pushed it, knowing that I had ovarian cancer and was seriously out of commission, but did everything a good publisher should do without skipping a beat — managed to get me two interviews, and I managed to procure one on my own.

I was shut out.

I was ignored. Blacklisted.

All for speaking the truth and reality of the situation.


With 61 pages of references.

But all but two journalists were in denial. To those who interviewed me, and gave me a platform to express myself, thank you.

The rest are absolute hypocrites. They wrote about every bout of presidential flatulence, but when it came to examining and exposing their own shortcomings, they conveniently ignored me.

And now they can’t touch Trump.

But I am not going to stop. I have a laser-beam focus and a nuclear-level energy to keep going.

I have spent my entire adult life working on an alternative system, and I had to put up my proposal on Amazon in Kindle format — something no author should ever be forced to do — so if it comes to intellectual theft, I have a lattice of proof, and it was made clear to me that it was going to happen via email.

If journalists were all about truth and informing, they would have not just read the book — they would not run and hide from me like a bunch of conniving cowards — they would take my words to heart.

But they aren’t. They want to strut and vogue in superhero capes and mask pretending to save humanity.

No, you’re not. A big, fat super story you were all banking on to save you just went up in smoke.

You’re all Zero Risk, and your big, fat gamble just wiped you out.


And not only am I still standing, teaching, and writing books, motherfuckers, I am still an ambitious visionary who is merrily living my life to the fullest as I never bank or leech on anyone’s demise to fill my belly or validate my existence…


I guess we are running out of living people to offend us. Let's go after the dead people now.



I always find it strange what people find offensive.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.39.16 PM.png

Johny Cage ripping up a man and then smiling as he says something snarky is just dandy.

He can even do this to his own daughter Cassie Cage.


Arcade mode can be a real psychopath.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.10.36 PM.png

Mind you, it can run in the family, too!

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.20.47 PM.png

And how many of us are looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 this year?

Yay! I can’t wait to plaster my children’s faces on my murderous fantasies!

Let’s just pretend this is just good, clean fun.

But the rage needs an outlet because dealing with problems head-on may require an admission of flaw, and we can’t have that because they may require some effort and work.

So let’s go out and shame someone else!

Hmm, but so many living people might tell us off…

Why don’t we go after dead people!

Like John Wayne.

This old Playboy interview is getting the neo-Victorian blowhards all in a tizzy on the Twitter.

He’s dead; so he can’t tell people to go fuck themselves. A safe choice to nag.

I don’t care what a dead actor spewed in 1971. Not only did I not even exist back then (poor, poor world back then not being blessed with my presence), I do not live in 1971.

I don’t remember what people said to me this morning.

There is human trafficking going on right now. There are homeless children who need a lifeline. People can’t afford to pay their bills or can’t escape an abusive spouse. We have corruption at all levels of government. We have people in power who are neglecting their duties. We have people dropping dead of drug overdoses and the best solution people cling on to is enabling them with injection sites, which is like telling a battered wife or husband to stay with their mate under supervision for stretches of time as they are beaten under someone else’s watch. Oh, gee, what a great solution! Supervised psychic enslavement!

And why dig up your dad’s old Playboys? The entire magazine objectified women as its mandate.

Wayne spewed what was typical at that time the way people spew what is acceptable now, but will be seen as bigoted hate puke fifty years from now.

Societies shift and change. They evolve and grow, or decline and fall.

We tolerate one set of offensive rigged garbage as we choose to look at someone else’s offensive rigged garbage with contempt.

Oh, please.

I never cared for John Wayne as a person. I knew about the interview decades ago, and it is old news. Move on.

Next up, I hear someone on the Twitter will be outraged because of the sexism on the cave walls scribbled by Neanderthals while ignoring their children who tell them their coaches are molesting them.

This is how societies crumble and become inert. It’s the kiss of death.

Or should I say, Fatality?

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.01.10 PM.png

Of gravy trains and ouroboros: Watching the implosion of US politics.




I remember when Rob Ford ran for mayor of Toronto. I predicted that he would win, and that there was going to be a rude awakening from a subset of middle class voters who were truly oblivious to their own reality.

Ford ran on the platform that he would “stop the gravy train.” I knew people in Toronto who were all gung-ho for this platform. I had a very good chuckle because they were all snooty about it, too. They were middle class people who were very provincial and short-sighted in their thinking, probably at Stage Two of Piaget’s scale. They did not see that they were the freeloaders on the gravy train, using the city’s various services to babysit and entertain their children on the cheap, and if it weren’t for that blessed gravy train, they wouldn’t be middle class, but poor.

They were subsidized lower class people who got to pretend to be higher up the pay scale because of the gravy train.

They had their sights set on the city’s poorest people and thought those icky unwashed welfare moms shouldn’t get any ride on the gravy train. There was no pointing out anything because when you say certain things, people talk over you very loudly as if that was going to prevent the inevitable.

Ford won. They cheered.

Then the gravy train no longer made stops to their front door.

And then the requisite howling. The outrage! The tyranny!


Yeah, just because you were on this amazing “gravy train” and got your ass kicked off, doesn’t mean anything. You damn well know what city services you need to keep yourself at a certain economic level — what did you think the “gravy train” was made for?

People who are just out of reach of middle class status, and getting them on board secures their votes.

You forget that it is not your brilliant strategy that got you where you are: it is government graft that gives you just enough to squeak into a higher standard of living so you don’t have to count your pennies. That is the reason governments bribe people during elections because when it comes to those voters, a little goes a long way.

Even people who weren’t on the razor’s edge had to tighten their belts and the incessant whining about the Big Meany Rob Ford annoyed me, and I did not sit there in sympathy. No, he isn’t a monster. You were just a little too full of yourself and let it all go to your fat head. So you can brag a little less, get over it. That’s not on him; it’s on you and your grandiose sense of self.

The funny thing was when it was the election, I was the one warning people about the consequences of a Ford vote, but once he got his fabulous victory, I didn’t slag him, and kept challenging his naysayers.

Stop throwing a temper tantrum. Grow up. Get rid of that obnoxious chip on your shoulder. Learn to look at your situation using reality, not fantasy because if you think I am buying it, here is the memo: I’m not.

But the electorate in Toronto never learned. They abandoned the Liberals in the provincial election, and went with the NDP who couldn’t win, burning their bridges and losing their stranglehold of the cabinet and the ruling party.

You cannot afford to go more left when the tide is turning right, and your province is in serious debt. What you can do is size yourself up, feel the winds of change, vote strategically as you negotiate and lobby for your interests.

Hamilton never learns a thing, either. The city has a mayor who throws tantrums and doesn’t know his place. The city just has one MPP in the ruling party, and the mayor hasn’t spoken to her once. Even the city’s newspaper is howling at him to grow up, but he has wasted six months in not pushing the city’s interests, and now as the government’s agenda has been set for its reigning term as Doug Ford did not waste a minute of his own victory, Hamilton once again is shut out. It is not about your ego or holding childish personal vendettas. It is about doing your job.

But the city didn’t align its municipal rulers with the provincial one, and, as usual, the city is on the bottom rung just as Basic Income is coming to an end. You can pout for the CBC all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t actually know how to vote in your best interests.

Ideology is a feint and a ruse: it is just the misdirection used to gain votes. It is meaningless. What counts is momentum and the ability to negotiate with blocs to ensure your interests are met.

We can see the implosion on the federal level in Canada. Justin Trudeau made the worst series of tactical errors in the worst place. He was voted as a luxury brand name to show off on the world stage. He was supposed to impress the world leaders of Canadians’ various homelands and make the world green with envy. That, and legalize weed so wayward children of middle class parents wouldn’t shame the family with arrest records.

The cannabis is legalized. We don’t need Grits anymore, but when the Prime Minister made a fool of himself in India, he broke a spell with the electorate. Lots of luxury brand labels become passé and go belly up. And now that the list of foreign countries who detest Canada is growing, he is no longer a source of pride, but shame. Everyone seems to think the NDP won’t eat away at the left’s voting base, but there are always the Greens.

Or anyone else who isn’t going to humiliate the national interest.

Shallow voting nets you shallow leaders. The Globe and Mail see Trudeau as someone who injected life back into the federal Liberals, but that’s too generous. It was merely the name and the people thinking they will get the same kind of leader through familial osmosis, and then the left-leaning electorate plastering Pierre Trudeau's son’s face on their fantasies, making wild assumptions that had a snowball’s chance of coming true.

Because when you have an electorate that thinks image and ideology has a place in governance, they will never see the bottom line, and misdirection can be used time and again to manipulate the vote.

When you lobby for specific things, you get specific things and you know exactly how much there is, how much you are entitled to get, what you may need to trade off to get it, and competing interests that you may have to negotiate with to ensure your own interests are met. When you lobby on lofty self-romanticization, you get sweet nothings and empty promises, nothing more.

When the electorate is always posturing and looking for some They to do their bidding, they do not have the centre of gravity. They are the suckers to be played, and there are countless ways to play them.

The Silent Political Meltdown in Canada came when the trauma of the ill-fated India trip happened and the rest of the world caught wind of it. Journalists are desperately trying to spin it, knowing full well that if the Grits are voted out, there is no free money for them, but it is only getting more desperate. When the situation is this bitter and volatile, no one has control, or can use predictable tricks to get back on track.

You can’t unsee one narcissistic act of cultural appropriation.


You had a middle class electorate vote by using The One Rule That Explains Everything that is the key to Winning At Life, and it backfired spectacularly.

It is not as if people won’t make the same structural mistake, but the content of the rule changes, and when you were voted in as a Luxury Brand Candidate, and you proved to be defective, the updated rule will be rigged against your hack.

But that’s already underway in Canada. The Grits in Ontario tried to rejig things by taking a hard turn to the left, which meant bribing people, but all it did was radicalize the NDP vote and they cancelled out the Liberals.

And remember, Andrea Horwath wasn’t a contender prior to the election. She wasn’t much better off than Jagmeet Singh at the time. All it takes is one pleasing policy of “free” something, and the NDP are back n the game. For the provincial NDP, the magic phrase was “free dental”. The left cannibalized itself in Ontario, pandering to the shallow, and it cost them their power base that won’t be so easy to get back.

But the US left is having their own cannibalization, and like the Ontario NDP, it looks like it is a winning strategy.

Too bad for them that feasting on yourself feels like you’re getting somewhere.


The Left in the US have been having conniptions ever since they thought they figured Americans out. A Middle Class Mindset is a Zero-Risk one, always looking for (a) a simple, convenient, and easy solution that has TORTEE they can memorize, (b) a moralizing and patriarchal fantasy-based script to stick to in order to shut out any facts or logic that refutes TORTEE, (c) a They who will come up with all of the answers and do all of the work.

This Sophistry Triad will never deviate.

If you can sell these three lies, you are in business.

The only difference between the US version and the Canadian version is that in the US, the candidate who looks like he’d be the most fun at the cocktail party will win the White House.

That also is a given.

But the political left had the shock of their lives because they thought they had it covered with Hillary Clinton, who is (a) not fun at parties, (b) is not comfortable with facts that refute her theories, and her strategies always suffered from a fatal confirmation bias, and (c) she never gave goodies to the electorate: she wanted to be the first woman president, and that’s not the right answer.

I’m running for the people!, on the other hand, is the answer people want to hear. Don’t be a nerd.

This I’m-Doing-It-For-America angle doesn’t just apply to politics. Bill Cosby got away with truckloads of shit because he was “America’s Dad.”

I used to teach business communications, and one of the first rules is Know Your Audience.

The problem is that the audience never bother to Know The Messenger. This is why con artists keep getting away with anything and everything. The Sophistry Triad is the shackles that imprison collective thought.

And you can be educated and still shackled to this thinking. The Guardian doesn’t get it when they got all giddy with this headline:

'This is about saving capitalism': the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite

Rutger Bregman never intended to take billionaires to task over tax at World Economic Forum

You can tell off billionaires, but you better be schooled in their strategic thinking before you speak. They want globalization so they can have an entire planet rigged for their monolithic hamster wheel, and it is the left who are helping that happen.

The Democrats seem to think they can bribe voters with socialism, and spew nincompoopity every chance they get:

Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for sharp tax increases on the wealthy: 'We've had it as high as 90 percent'

As if the wealthy are just going to sit and take it. With a planet of 195 nations, they can negotiate with one open for business. They can just automate everything, and there will be nothing to tax. Tax avoidance isn’t hard.

You have a jealous generation who think they are going to get all sorts of free things. They don’t think what happens when the super-rich and the measly millionaires have the freedom to literally up and go: who will be defined as wealthy then?

The Middle Class.

The people cheering the loudest are the ones who will be footing this bill, and see nothing for it. The government will squander the money. There will be no goodies, because once you start taxing the super-rich, you are signalling to your country’s creditors that your source of income has just dried up — and those collectors are going to start demanding repayment of those trillions of dollars. The people who are being beguiled by the come-ons, ironically, have the most to lose.

We have a gross inequity of wealth because the rich thought ahead and the middle class, being the Zero-Risk people that they are, refused to be more political active because they thought they or their children would become one of the “super-rich.”

Don’t deny it. I don’t do drugs and my brain isn’t fried. I have a long-term memory and heard the bragging in the mid-1990s. I had acquaintances try to psyche me out, first saying they were going to make me eat their dust along with their parents, and then when that didn’t happen, their kids would vindicate them and I would eat their children’s dust.

Considering I wasn’t in any race with anyone, the trash talk wasn’t just rude; it was stupid.

Well, their kids didn’t give me dust to eat, either…so now, let’s all demand that super-rich people give us free money and we do nothing to earn it because we are special!

When I was pointing out income disparities, people were abusive and laughing at me, making sexist comments, but when it actually kicked their own backsides, it is a different story.

I think it was an episode of Matt Houston in the mid-1980s that had a one-off character who, with $75 million dollars, was America’s Richest Man.

Now, that’s laughable. In thirty-plus years, the Middle Class fantasied and let the sharks circle them because they imagined they, too, were sharks.

The ship has sailed. The rich aren’t rich because they follow a Middle Class mindset. They can walk out of any trap.

There is an interesting book on Internet trolls.

And they remind me a lot of the goons during Machiavelli’s day. They are seemingly unrelated and have no vested interest, but are organized — and an organized mob is a sign of a paid mob used to intimate critics and threats, make it seem as if there some sort of genuine and natural swelling of public opinion, and trick Zero-Risk followers into falling into line.

Who organizes them? How much do they get paid?

And who has the money to pay them?

Twitter gives a false impression of genuine public discourse. It has been co-opted years ago. Any PR firm can spew bots and pay people to post, bully, and gang up on the naive who still think that cesspool is real.

It is why I don’t buy the “socialism” narrative. It is also why I don’t buy much of what I read on Twitter. It’s a sham.

If you are taking your cues from Facebook memes and Twitter rants, you are deluding yourself. Tweets have ghostwriters and paid instigators.

It is also the reason why the Internet is not as powerful nor enduring as the hype leads us to believe.

What matters is facts.

People want free things, without asking how would this money get there, what about national debt repayment, what strings are attached, what alternatives are out there, or anything that would show the reality that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

People want a gravy train all to themselves as they want to kick off everyone else.

And they are fighting over fantasies as they cannibalize themselves.

There is no sensibility out there right now — aside from this space, that is.

It is quite the tintinnabulation.

Because Ouroboros is a symbol in alchemy — but alchemy isn’t about taking, but giving.

So we have a desperate party trying to bribe people with other people’s money.

And when they fail to deliver, because there is no other conclusion, things will get ugly because people would have been ungrateful and demanding even more if the promise was kept.

And it won’t be kept. No creditor would allow other people to get a dime at the creditor’s expense.

If that happens, there will no Middle Class America because they do not realize how dependent they already are on others for their lifestyle. All it would take is one pissed-off creditor, and the house of cards crumbles, and then the Middle Class can bitch to their heart’s content in the gutter: no one will hear them nor want to, either.

The Middle Class still think some They will give them free things because they are special. You have to fight and steal your knowledge, and then go test it under various and rigorous conditions.

I have had Middle Class people turn up their noses in horror when I suggest that they take their children and grandchildren to city hall to meet their local representative.

You’ll take them to a movie or an amusement park where they get nothing, but think you’re too good to take them to see their elected official who has control over your life?

Are you serious?

And maybe if you didn’t post propaganda posters on your social media accounts, you’d find the free time to improve your part of the world.

Life is too short to expect other people to live your life for you…

"Tech monopolies" didn't kill journalism. It killed itself.




You have to be way of ignorant politicians who pander:

Tech monopolies are killing journalism, Ocasio-Cortez says

What evidence is there to support this garbage statement?

None. Journalism was already in decline prior to the mainstream introduction of the Internet.

But don’t let facts get in the way of political skulduggery.

Circulation was in decline as were ratings. A lot of things killed journalism, but Big Tech did not. If journalism survived radio and television, it could have survived the Internet.

What happened was (a) people were liberated by being allowed to bypass traditional journalism, and (b) journalism didn’t reinvent itself to be relevant in a modern age.

“Tech monopolies” is a myth. It is a big, scary monster conjured to try to frighten people into votes.

And it is a manipulative and tyrannical political hack used to try to woo journalists who lost their clout — it is as if some older person is writing this script — and most likely is.

Journalism should have explored the Internet and experimented with it. It chose to pretend it wasn’t important.

But it is a way for people to have an outlet, and not just with journalism.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to have a TV show, you had to have an agent, and then make it through the national broadcasting food chain where competition is fierce. Your career would not last too long, either.

Then came cable television, and with it, more shows, but still inaccessible to the majority of creative talent.

Then came Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and then more talent had a chance to break through.

Now we have something called Stareable.

If you want to have a show and access to an audience, there is a venue for you.

You have to keep changing. You have to progress, evolve, grow, learn, and accept that lines in the sand aren’t static.

Journalism died because it took the rigs that kept it in place as gospel truth and they weren’t.

The Internet could have transformed journalism into something far more useful and exciting for humanity.

But the profession opted to treat it as an enemy.

My book chronicles the downfall of journalism — and what an alternative needs to flourish.

Because you can either make excuses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez always does, or you can make things happen and work for you.

Alexandra Kitty does not believe in excuses. There are always obstacles, problems, and what have you.

I had a mother with cancer in 2018 I had to look after while I had cancer at the same time. Guess what?

That didn’t stop me. I got cured, and I pushed through despite everything that would have crushed the spirit and soul of other people.

I wrote everyday. I wrote on the day of my surgery, and if I had computer access from the hospital bed, I would have wrote there, too.

I got my teaching certification from Harvard. I got another book deal. I resolved a lot of things.

I didn’t blame Big Tech. That’s for people who are just looking for excuses for failure.

And failure is not an option.

When you have a defeatist mindset, you lose because you don’t really want to win. You want to wallow and then guilt and shame others into working for you. Nice try.

I am not going to be your personal servant.

Journalism is throwing fits because people realized they have no use for them, and they are right.

I believe in innovation, invention, and creating exciting new things that are future-focussed.

I respect the past, but I embrace the future.

If you are truly capable, you make obstacles work for you. There is never any excuse, only puzzles to solve and triumph.

That’s the beauty of life.

It truly is what you make it…

New York Times is afraid of Twitter: Op-Ed encourages reporters to run away.

If you can’t beat them, hide from them.

The New York Times seems to think so with this Op-Ed piece:

Never Tweet

The controversy over the Covington students shows why American journalism should disengage from Twitter.

The reasoning is quite instructive:

The Covington saga illustrates how every day the media’s favorite social network tugs journalists deeper into the rip currents of tribal melodrama, short-circuiting our better instincts in favor of mob- and bot-driven groupthink. In the process, it helps bolster the most damaging stereotypes of our profession. Instead of curious, intellectually honest chroniclers of human affairs, Twitter regularly turns many in the news — myself included — into knee-jerk outrage-bots reflexively set off by this or that hash-tagged cause, misspelled presidential missive or targeted-influence campaign.

But Twitter isn’t just ruining the media’s image. It’s also skewing our journalism. Everything about Twitter’s interface encourages a mind-set antithetical to journalistic inquiry: It prizes image over substance and cheap dunks over reasoned debate, all the while severely abridging the temporal scope of the press.

Memo to Farhad Manjoo: Twitter did not ruin the media’s image. They did that all by themselves with doing the same thing I chronicled in my first book.

The book that showed way back in 2005 exactly one year before Twitter debuted that this kind of behaviour was a problem that destroyed the profession’s credibility.

What Twitter does is expose the groupthink that was always there. You are merely telling colleagues to hide their ugly side, not confront things.

And no, Twitter isn’t “helping [to] bolster the most damaging stereotypes of our profession” — that is your profession.

Deal with it.

The Janus Generation: Why a two-faced mindset has an era say one thing, but do another.




2019 is coming in with a very inauthentic mindset.

It is a mindset cultivated by social media that has a subtextual delusion that it cultivates: that people are royalty who can issues decrees without fear of being refuted because you can ignore it.

When a system has a confirmation bias ingrained in it and empirically-based checks and balances, that’s what we can expect.

It is the reason why sketchy “safeguards” such as Snopes and Newsguard can promote partisan agendas without anyone asking for them to prove what they offer is what they offer.

These are inauthentic labels.

Paper crowns.

But we can go to the Troll Scroll to see how a Janus Generation rolls.

It calls for “diversity”, but that’s a Trojan horse.

When it is presented with diversity, people try to shout down and shame diverse thought. It demands homogenization and monolithic thought.

People try to censor unflattering facts and interpretations of their arrogance, ignorance, and tyranny.

People bully as they proclaim they are compassionate. They talk down to people and patronize them as they proclaim they believe in equality.

And the nature of social media doesn’t just reinforce intellectual hypocrisy. It blinds people to their duplicitous mindset that pushes them to think they are seeking one thing, but are, in fact, moving in the opposite direction.

The Internet has devalued information and flooded the marketplace of ideas to the point where all facts and opinions are disposable.

And we see a disrespect for ideas and innovations that go against the grain — except the only way you achieve progress is by offending the masses by destroying their routines and going against the grain.

Progress is offensive to stagnation and complacency.

But in a world where people treat facts and logic as toilet paper, people are still looking for immortality. They seek fame. They seek to control the terms of debate.

You want everyone else’s ideas to be discarded except your own.

What we are witnessing is a grab for illusionary power and control.

They are virtual.

Meaning not real.

Such as the term whataboutism.

People try to dismiss their own hypocrisy and confirmation bias by shooting down the holes in their own decrees.

What we have is a society misuse the concept of morality whenever the facts get in the way of their own self-serving narratives.

That’s why we don’t have any new ideas take root and grow. What we have is a constant rehashing of the old stuff — the patriarchal stuff — thought up by white Western European men in a pre-Internet era.

Because what we have is amateur ideological war that isn’t going anywhere.

The problem with a Janus Generation is that they never face themselves. The obsessive drive for ideological uniformity never works — nor should it.

Your life requirements are not my life requirements, and if you need to badger me into complying to your rulebook, that means you aren’t all that certain of your choices, either.

When we want to confine and constrict others, we also do it to ourselves.

Life is not predictable. It is terrifyingly random, chaotic, unfair, and maddening.

Yet it is beautiful, exciting, enigmatic, eccentric, and feral.

I believe in the arts as it is the emotional language the is the map of how to better navigate through it.

We need emotional literacy, and not buy into the propagandistic fear-mongering of it as legacy media try to spin.

We compete when we should negotiate. We need to observe and break down barriers as we expand thought, not try to control, manipulate, destroy, or confine it.

We waste so much of of our lives as if they were disposable commodities.

And it is a heart-breaking shame.

We waste and ruin innocent people lives as we waste our own in the bargain.

Facing our other face allows us to see just how much in common we have with people we don’t agree with and condemn.


I bet those two think they have nothing in common and are far superior to the other.

And I bet you’re picking a side without have ever meeting either of them.

You already have your smart-ass narrative put-down fortress ready to be built on a moment’s notice.

Because that’s how you’ve been trained and indoctrinated from the moment you were born.

We still know nothing about either. We just make up narratives.

There are so many things happening in the world that are horrendous, but we know nothing about those, either.

We can have two faces, but have all those eyes firmly shut.

That’s the barriers that we create ourselves.

When you refuse to listen or to see, you create a wall.

You have fewer facts and perspectives, and then no solution will ever work.

Because if it works only for you and no one else, it will not work for you, either.

There is no Us Versus Them, only Us Versus Us…

The Divine They: When people complain about the status quo, notice they never think of lifting a finger or looking at their own actions.

You have seen them on the Troll Scroll: endless tweets how some They, be it the government or corporations should do something — or should stop doing them. The decree that They ought to do something — or be harmed because what they are doing isn’t “right”, “moral”, whatever.

It is always some divine “They”: there is never anything the complainer does to try to change the course of things other than bitch and whine. No one thinks to get up off their ass and do something.

What this is an act of self-absolution: you’re not to blame, you have nothing to do with it, and let someone else be active.

Because it has nothing to do with you.

No, you too.

What are you doing about it, as it real action?

A poor citizen just tweets. A poor citizens marches in the streets or just goes and vote.

That’s lazy.

That’s passive.

What are you building? What are you creating? What are you fixing? What are you doing?

Making propaganda memes? Passing along some PR firms’s paid tweet?

Action counts.

The flaming out of the Mob Decrees is here.

The reason is simple: there is no Divine They.

There is only the mortal Us.

And life is too short for passivity…

Fake News: Everybody's doing it!

Yes, even private school children!

They are creating their own fake news. Of course they are.

But I do not think this is sparked by social media. It was always a problem at that age group, the difference is they used to lie among themselves and to their parents, but now there is a social record of those deceptions.

It begins when parents and teachers avoid confrontation and enable the lying by not calling kids on the carpet every time they do it. It is not an easy thing to do. It really drains energy. I have had students flat-out lie to me, and I just don’t let them get away with lying. You don’t reward it. You punish it by over-correction and restitution: when the deceiver doesn’t get anything, and also loses in the bargain, then the habits start to change.

Reward honesty, and you reinforce healthy psychological well-being.

People who lie are arrogant because they think they are smarter than anyone else; so they lie to themselves first, and then spread the lies around.

I have chronicled lies that make news, and still do: people lie to get good things or avoid bad things: it is a simple cost analysis to them. They take gambles because they figure it easier than having to earn their way the honest way. You get to be envied and on top of a pecking order without actually being superior — and you get to make genuine superior people look worse in comparison.

That is not a product of social media. In fact, it leaves a trail to verify, and if a few of those deceivers were proven to be the big fibbers that they are, it would teach them a very valuable lesson in life…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Four: The Internet's dirty little secret is that it is in decline. But it is still surpassing print.

Pew has a study that says that social media surpasses newspapers as the more common source for people to get their news (with television still seen as dominant).

But Pew does not define what it means by “news” because we have had many news stories break on people’s Facebook or Twitter posts, which is a form of citizen journalism.

And what a journalist sees as “news”, and what a regular citizen sees as “news” are very often two different beasts; so this study is not a good one, and one not worth using to prove anything.

People have been using social media for their primary source for a long time, and it has supplanted traditional news because what people see as news often is looked down upon by professionals.

And that can’t be ignored.

But something else can’t be ignored: that Internet-only outfits, such as Vox and BuzzFeed are not doing well, with Variety predicting mergers.

So if social media is becoming a dominant force, but one that is in decline, it poses some very interesting questions.

For me, too.

Because if social media is not the future, then where does a new media outlet plan to go?

That’s my question right now. I can start here, but it is not going to be the place where I land.

And it is a very interesting quandary I think about…


Who is Canada's Journalist of the Year? Rodney Stafford.

Canada had no shortage of scandals, but one of the big ones was that child murderers can get transferred to healing lodges and medium security prisons in less than a decade of their sentences.

You have people who lure, kidnap, rape, torture, terrorize and murder little girls, and then play the system and get to go to easier jails.

Who was the persistent journalist who exposed this practice not once, but twice?

Rodney Stafford.

The father of the late Tori Stafford whose killers got breaks.

He used Facebook to the break his stories.

It wasn’t the CBC or the Globe and Mail or the National Post or the Toronto Star.

It was a grieved and wronged father using social media.

He had to be his own investigative journalist to get something resembling justice.

He should have been Time’s Person of the Year for his persistence and never-ending battles against a system that tried dodges and feints to hide that information from him, because they knew it was horrific.

Those who draw pay checks from the government through taxpayers’ money — including Mr. Stafford’s — ran interference on behalf of his child’s murderers.

Think about that.

And that all of those connivers were no match for her father who was looking for truth and justice.

So it is an easy call as to who is the most dogged and intrepid reporter in Canada in 2018…

Are Google and the Washington Post run by bratty five-year-olds?


Here is a memo: Just because someone does not applaud your rigs and does not believe in exactly everything that you do, does not give you the right to destroy, confine, or censor the other person. Not everyone’s life requirements are like yours.

Maybe your parents were too busy having affairs to bother with you during your formative years. Maybe “willful intellectual neglect of children” was on their bucket list. Maybe ideological OCD is a real thing. Maybe you were just born an asshole. I don’t actually care about the why.

Really, I don’t.

But why on Earth do people, still in 2018, resort to childish measure when it comes to trying to impose their thoughts on others?


That’s essentially what some knuckle-draggers at Google tried to do to Breitbart.

Yeah, it’s partisan and biased, just like you.

And inaccurate, just like you were with your little blurb about me for years that never got corrected even as I was sending feedback.

It’s much better now, but it took me getting it verified for that to happen.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.23.14 AM.png

Besides, kids, the Internet is big enough for everyone!


So share that space, Googlers!

But I am sad to say that the brats over at the Washington Post are petty and mean.

Read this bullshit bullying disguised as a piece of news:

Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again

You Posties have been known to tell fibs on many occasions, as in, over and over again.

You blame Trump for the demise of newspapers, even though the industry was in trouble long before that.

You had Janet Cooke, the whole Jessica Lynch is Rambo fiasco, the whole giving legitimacy to a dubious web site about fake news, and that thought thieving reporter you fired.

You guys have a very large nose you pick, too!

Memo to the motherfuckers at the Washington Post: We got the memo that you do not like the President of the United States because he said you were no longer the “cool” kids, but a bunch of nerds who tell fibs to make yourselves sound important.

Yes, it is very sad for you that you can no longer be kingmakers and tell the little people how to think.

That wasn’t a lie. He told an inconvenient truth that you cannot accept and that denial destroyed your profession. If you had the courage to face that reality years ago, you wouldn’t be throwing temper tantrums in the gutter.

You are so vindictive that you are trying to manipulate the public hoping they do not believe anything Trump says because he said you were fake and a bunch of scheming liars — so if you discredit him, then maybe people will be tricked into reading your bullshit again.

But life for 7.4 billion people have gone on without you long before the November 2016 US federal election, and they will go on without you no matter who is the president because you did not keep up to code.

That is on you, not the president.

So get over it, children. Adulting is a powerful technique you should try.

So your “fact-checking” ruse is a pile of garbage.

And fake news, too, because it is war propaganda disguised as information — and people with brains aren’t buying what you are selling…

No sex please, we're Facebook: how social media has turned into puritanical enemies of free speech.

Ladies, break out your sheeple cosplay!


You all want to be sheep, and march lockstep as you are made into bland and sexless subservient beings? Facebook is gearing up for the slaughter of free speech.

Tumblr is living up to its name by having its user base take a serious tumble after banning adult content because they see people as children who need sheltering.

Social media is committing the same slow dance of death that journalism did to itself.

Memo to social media: you will always have people complain about something. Always. You cannot please all of the people all of the time.

I doubt Facebook is going to be in for the long haul. I also doubt Tumblr will, too. Social media promised freedom, and now that it was spooked, it is retreating to another millennium.

One where there was no indoor plumbing, electricity, or human rights.

Facebook should not fool around. Look what is happening in France and Greece. People are ready to snap and revolt against governments. Collectives, as a general rule, do not like when the rich and powerful break the very promises that made the rich and powerful in the first place.

Facebook will not end well. They are trying to contain the damage by taking it out on the very people who gave them their power in the first place to placate various governments who are losing their own clout and authority. It is a recipe for disaster, and Facebook doesn’t seem to know what to do — or not to do — to survive…

Big Tech may be crumbling, but journalism was FUBAR long before that: revisionist bullshit stories are just bullshit.

Apple used to be about innovation.

Now it is about censorship, propaganda, and dictatorship — and the reason Big Tech is imploding.

Tim Cook has made a bullshit decree, about how “hate” has no place in Big Tech…and yet Big Tech has manipulated, controlled, censored, spied, and betrayed users at every turn.

Go fuck yourself, you miserable hypocrite.

Then the Washington Post’s clueless toady, Margaret Sullivan is actively trying revisionist propaganda, but she lacks the intelligence for it, and her transparent stupidity is something I chronicled repeatedly in my latest book, but this one takes the dummy cake:

The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.

Nice try, moron, but journalism fucked itself up way before that. Big Tech got away with shit because few people understood their con games, and journalists fellated those Big Tech Boys until they started to lose their jobs without reinventing themselves.

Don’t blame Big Tech for your decades-long professional incompetence, you asshole. Fuck you.

And the self-serving bitchfest doesn’t end. We have garbage being spewed how Big Tech is so bad, but nothing about how journalists kissed their asses with question for decades. The robber barons got away with it because journalism is a profession filled with nerds and cheerleading dummies who never question anything.

Big Tech is just another version of Donald Trump: they kiss their asses until they realize they were nothing more than discarded pawns, and then they remember to point out all the things they knew all along, but buried.

And never take any responsibility or have anything resembling a learning curve.

So fuck them all.

Big Tech is in a heap of big trouble, and journalism is already a dead profession.

I have been saying this for a long time — ignored and uncredited, of course, but I am on record for pointing all of this out long before it was posh.

2019 is going to be a very different year. The Limousine Liberals are going to be in serious trouble. Big Tech and journalism will both see very different, but unprecedented implosions. The Champagne Socialists are in for a rude awakening when their Limousine Liberal parents are forced to cut them off for survival once more — and without Big Tech enabling their delusions, the Indigo children are about to find out exactly why they are called that: because life if about to beat them black and blue.

But the implosions will not be outrages. They will not be violent, mass protests. There will be too much shock and unpredictable turns for that to happen. There won’t be civil wars or revolutions.

The social engineers miscalculated a lot of things, and they are trying to sweep things under the rug, as Apple is doing with their overt censorship. They learned nothing from the fall of journalism: you can censor and ignore things all you want, but once people had freedom that you take away, you become Public Enemy Number One, and then you’re fucked. You don’t have Steve Jobs to bail you out this time.

People don’t need apps, especially when things go south for them. Once people are stymied without their distractions, they will see how piss poor they were all along — and that having a godphone and tats doesn’t make them middle class.

When that reality sinks in, it will be a whole new ball game.

And then the Sucker Circus unveils a brand-new act to shock and amaze…

Why is Apple allowed to dictate global speech? Tumblr is the latest to cave in. Is it time for an alternative to the Internet?

Tumblr, the platform for big boys and girls, is caving in to Apple’s censorship and Big Brother dictatorship, and treating adults as little delicate children.


This is a very good time to bring in an alternative to the alternative. Big Tech are control freaks, and Tumblr was the one for adults, but no more.

They are trying to spin their cowardice into something positive, but it’s not. They retreated, and they owed their users and real challenge to Apple.

The Internet is crumbling with their incompatible push to control a planet, and there will be consequences. It’s a shame, but hardly surprising…

Bullies on the Virtual Playground: How search engines fancy themselves as thought police.

I never understood cowards. They are those who want to find out as much about you, but hide their lives — and then want to use your information against you, and then think they are so cunning and superior to you, that they are going to force you to think the way they want you to think…and muah ha ha, and all that jazz.

That’s Google in a nutshell. Evil.

In addition to quietly gathering intelligence to use against you, they wanted to rig search results to hide publications who are not in lockstep with that they fancy as being superior.

Worse, for a search engine that pretends to be “Left”, they certainly are acting like robber barons and capitalist swine.

So, they are bullshitters on top of everything else.


But burying people in their search engines is nothing new. Until I was verified, my own web site was ranked way down the line when you searched my name with quotation marks.

There was a lot of junk. My author profile was always embarrassingly wrong, and for a long time, I had zero traffic from Google search engines, which makes no sense. I am talking about current events, but only Yahoo, Duckduckgo, and Bing are directing traffic, but not #1 Google?

I have discussed these issues before on my site, but when you have overlords who can do whatever they please with no one to oppose them, you have a serious problem of how a collective’s flow of information is being actively impeded and manipulated — and with people looking at Facebook, they tend to overlook the bigger problem and Big Brother Bully on the virtual playground…

Jealous hyena clowns with vested interests feast on "frat-boy billionaire": Is anyone actually buying their calculated and choreographed bullshit story?

Boo hoo, the overlords don’t like competition, and they are kicking Mark Zuckerberg when he’s down.

Virtue-signalling with very hammy acting, fellas.

You are overdoing it, though, poseurs, because it’s as cheesy as it is hammy.

And very, very fake.

Oh, your bitchiness is making you sound like jealous and petty hypocrites.

Because governments play dirty tricks, scheme, conniving, lord over people, destroy lives, use propaganda, fuck up

You get the idea.

This is just a charade where governments are salivating at the thought of co-opting Facebook for their own opportunistic propaganda, and since they are so incompetent that they are incapable of running a successful business, and must stoop to being wonks, these wankers are trying to hijack Facebook, except they are fuck-ups, and they will fuck up Facebook the way they fucked up their own nations.

They know nothing about democracy and are just seething, trying to wrest control of an alternative that has weakened them.

In fact, this dog and pony melodrama is an actual conflict of interest, and no one should take these hyena clowns seriously.

They obviously have too much free time on their hands and as they have no idea what to do with themselves in a democracy, I say we put them under trial as every one of their dark deeds are brought to light and exposed as they are forced to justify their bullshit.

Canada is no position to have any virtuous airs. The scandals the federal regime alone is racking up as well as their fucking up USMCA is enough for them all to resign and be fined for being tools.

Zuckerberg was enabled by a fawning press who got jealous because he became more powerful giving people a selfie platform than they did with their fawning over garbage celebrities.

The grown ups are behaving like jealous little children.

It is another act in the Sucker Circus, kids: jealous hyena clowns puking faux outrage as they are voguing.

It’s an act with no class, and should be treated as such…

We are entering a "Post-Facebook Era?" You don't say, Forbes!

Forbes seems to be slow on the uptake:

We Are Now Entering The Post-Facebook Era

Memo to Forbes: that happened a long time ago. We are beyond the entering point. Facebook lost clout; that is the reason they had all the scandal. The rats jumped off the sinking ship because much of what was presented to the public was a strategic bullshit story.

And, of course, I saw this coming

Calling it in January.


But trust journalists to be oblivious to reality even after the mushroom cloud littered the sky…

Troll Scroll's dumb fuckery continues: Do not blame Beyonce for people not voting for your candidate. Blame democracy.

The New York Post had a ridiculous article:

Fans blame Beyoncé for Beto O’Rourke’s loss to Ted Cruz

This quote takes the cake:

“You have such a huge, influential voice and you wait until Election Day to post this?!” one flummoxed fan wrote. “Beto needed you sooner. Maybe you could’ve actually made a difference.”

“Lol these posts a week ago could have made the difference in young voters,” someone else noted.

Memo to the dumb fucks trolling social media: if someone needs a celebrity to nag them into voting, then please, let them stay home. You don’t need a dumber fuck voting because they Appeal to Celebrity and have no idea of what a Ted or Beto are.

And if your logic is to blame a celebrity for your candidate’s loss, you also are a worthless voter who has no idea how this whole reality thing works. Fuck you, asshole.

People have a right to vote for whichever candidate they want, and if they think both suck, they can refrain from voting. I am not going to vote for a garbage candidate or a garbage party.

And if I chose not to vote, do not assume I am lazy, stupid, or would have voted for your shitty candidate if I went out to vote.

People voted for Tony Clement, and he turned out to be a gullible perv. People who voted for him did not vote for him because they thought he had the best dick pics of the people running for the same job, and that was what they were looking for in a candidate.

You know squat about Beto O’Rourke. You know squat about Ted Cruz. You go into the polling stations and vote blind. None of you went to the candidates or asked questions. Some faded celebrity told you to vote for a Democrat and that was good enough for you.

That is a fucked up way to vote and guide your country.

And now you have the Troll Scroll where the moronic can nag the apathetic.

Oh, how we evolve so brilliantly in a democracy.

I would have a quiz at the polling station for every voter to give five reasons why they are picking one candidate over another, and anyone who cited their family tradition, nationality, or celebrity endorsement as the reason would be sentenced to wearing a dunce cap for an entire political term, and be forced to take a few brutal classes in Reality and Sensibility to get their voting privileges back…

Pseudo-Progressive Bullshit Stories: Fauxminists belittling feminists of the past.

Here is some social media bullshit.


“Boomer feminism”?

Fuck you, you asshole. Please give a detailed list of all the tangible things you have done for feminism.

Boomer feminists got abortion rights, broke glass ceilings, and pushed for reforms such as birth control, and what did your generation do?

Cosplay at passive protests and accomplish nothing.


Fuck you all. You might as well have been carrying placards saying, “Mommy, make the mean man stop!”

But having no respect for their foremothers is something pseudo-feminists do because they don’t care about feminism or woman’s rights.

They care to stroke their egos by creating false pecking orders where they are the superior to the women who actually struggled and did tangible things that produces results.

It reminds me of an obnoxious 1971 Art Journal article from Jan Thompson about women in Art Nouveau where she treats every woman born before her to be some sort of pathetic weakling while missing all of the feminist seeds found in those art forms.

What pseudo-feminists are doing is propagandistic and revisionist: it is a form of a Strawman fallacy where the past is distorted to make the slacktivists of the present seem more enlightened than those who did all the heavy lifting.

It is ungrateful and disrespectful, let alone manipulative: trying to erase the history of women in the past, which is what misogynists have been doing for centuries.

These are the women who made the castles with their own blood, sweat, and tears., and we now have do-nothings bitch because the wallpaper is dated.

Fuck you.

And heaven forbid if that “Boomer feminist” expresses a controversial opinion. Let’s silence her, eh, fake feminists?

Or fauxminists?

But people who do nothing are always conniving to make genuine hard-workers seem inferior to them.

Feminists do not spend time on Moo getting business cards declaring themselves to be feminists because no one would know by their lethargy.

Strong women do not babble and spew garbage.

They do.

They do for others, such as Irena Sendler, Person #18 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

She was a Polish social worker in the Second World War who saved Jewish children, exposing herself to grave danger, and she paid a terrible price.

And, of course, her efforts were so gloriously ignored for decades.

So the fauxminists of the present are just misogynists putting a enlightenment spin on their old ways.

All of a sudden with absolutely no experience, knowledge, or credentials, they are decreeing who is a feminist or who isn’t.

As if you would know.

Take off those stupid red capes and learn from your foremothers as you compare their accomplishments to yours.

Marching up and down like a bunch of dummies is not feminism.

Once upon a time, when women had no options, they took it as a last resort.

You fairy princesses should have evolved by now.

You have created no laws.

You have founded no new political parties.

You have started no original school of thought.

You are a whining and judgemental void who have yet to make a single contribution to feminism or the world in general...