When liars figure: how well is your economy doing? Depends if your media outlets politically align with your fearless leader or not.

When Donald Trump got elected, he knew the way to win was to promise jobs. It’s the economy, stupid. It is not the environment. It is not foreign policy. It is the Benjamins. He won on that platform. The end.

Now the Left are forever trying to unseat him with various narratives about a recession and how it’s here — but every time they cry wolf, something ruins their attempts. You have a press wishing ill on their own country, and that’s pretty sick.

When the press and power are misaligned, it is always doom and gloom.

But when they are aligned, the opposite happens: no matter how obviously bad things are, they paint a rosy picture that there is no recession. In Canada, we are in one, and when you have record debt, what you have is poor people masking their poverty.

When you have no empirical methods, but an agenda and a narrative, you can spin a depression into economic health.

In other words, you cannot trust any media sources when it comes to a nation’s true health or sickness.

There are always ups and downs, and when you have narrative, but cherry-pick one and hide the other.

That means if the press likes the leader, everything has to be dismissed if it is rosy. If they don’t, it has to be dismissed because it is gloomy. If we stuck to a few salient facts without the meddlesome manipulations, it would be one thing, but as it doesn’t, the news is trash that doesn’t inform, but play games…

How Journalistic OCD helped the Anti-Abortionists: All Trump, all the time was the perfect misdirection.

When the 2016 US presidential race was in full-swing, a lot of people on the Left lost their goodwill with me with their arrogant and patronizing tone they took with me. I repeatedly said Trump would win because Hillary Clinton did not understand the nuances of political battle. She thought she was smarter than Bill Clinton who does have the gut instinct for it, and she was dead wrong. Her hubris cost her an easy victory.

Just to make clear how important instinct is, let’s review her advantages: all but two newspapers endorsed her. The press was overwhelmingly on her side. She had political experience, hijacked the DNC, had name recognition, had a husband win two presidential races, had scads of money, and had the endorsement of the previous president how made her Secretary of State.

And she blew it.

This is gross incompetency. Neither one of her pathetic excuses are legitimate. Do not blame the head of the FBI, James Comey. You are not going to inherit perfect employees if you are president.

Do not blame the Russians. Your job as president is to outwit almost 200 meddling nations as your day job.

There was no way in Hell Clinton was going to win, given all of her advantages. You cannot prop up a turkey.

Trump has gut instinct. She doesn’t. There is no contest. The end.

And it was obvious. The press, who are just as oblivious as Clinton, saw the advantages, but did not have the gut instinct themselves to see how worthless those “advantages” are. They were too stupid to see their own collapse. Trump saw their collapse, and took to Twitter to win, bypassing them completely — and make no mistake — he used the press for decades and if he wanted to do it again, he could have.

He chose not to expend unnecessary energy.

If journalists had a shred of competency, his win should have triggered a major internal overhaul and awakening of all of the things they were doing wrong.

Instead, they developed a collective case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ignored 7.5 billion people on this planet and strictly focussed on dissing Trump. They are still losing money and audiences. They have not risen from the ashes; so obviously that is a loser strategy.

But for women on the Left, they became equally stupid — and there is no other word to describe it. Stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.

They all, like mindless geese, obsessed over Trump, turning their Facebook feeds into one ling rambling anti-Trump grumpfest. Society isn’t your kids or spouse where nagging and shaming will work. Your oppressors have no respect for your opinions, you do not have a good aura or vibes, and no, things do not magically work out for the best at the end. You have to fight a real fight with a real strategy for that to happen.

The whining accomplishes nothing because women’s fortunes never resided in federal policies so much as they do on state policies and law.

When Trump won, I repeatedly point this out to people on the Left, particularly women: two thirds of state governors are on the RIght. This is where the real problem is going to be for you. Forget Trump, he is not your enemy. The press are mad at him for proving the truth about their reality, and you have no horse in that race.

I was insulted, and rudely so. Repeatedly. I didn’t know what I was talking about, with a few hints that my Slavic inferiority was no match for their Western European superiority, and maybe I was some sort of Russian agent trying to trick them. Stop smoking pot, you paranoid trolls. I replied that governors in those states were going to go after abortion laws, and those were the races that should have mattered most to women in 2016 because states have a greater impact on daily life than federal policies. Know your levels of government and stop being a follower.

Now we have Leftist conniptions because states are all going at once full-force on abortion rights. It is coordinated, and it got this far for the simple reason while dumb fucks were kvetching about Trump, political operatives on the Right — who are far more politically-savvy than the pseudo-sophisticated and university educated Middle Class lefties — remembered their high school Civics lessons and went after states, not the federal regime.

This fuckery would have never seen the light of day if women on the Left had a clue about their governments. I am a Canadian, and I know it well.

But Western thinking is very rigid and rote. Instinct is beaten out of women at an early age with Disney Princesses and fairy tales. It is about gawking at Kardashians and Real Housewives, and not knowing about women who fight a thousand wars everyday just so that every other woman can fulfill her dreams and live the happiest life in the world.

To all those women who fight those battles, thank you.

To all those women who drool and watch Real Housewives as you corrupt your daughters on Disney shit, fuck you, you destructive asshole.

And to all those women who were sleepwalking for the last two years: wake up, fairy princess, thanks to your hamster wheel running, you let the oppressors score some major victories. That’s on you.

Don’t follow the press. They fucked up their own profession. Be teachable. Be humble. Be proactive. Listen to advice.

And stop being like a parrot, mimicking what other people with vested interests tell you to say. No one can afford to be a follower anymore…

Why feminism keeps getting it wrong: Stop putting all your eggs in one political basket.







Republican State Sen. Kim LaSata is channelling Dr. Josef Mengele. The worthless motherfucker had this to say about abortion:

“Of course it should be hard!” the senator from St. Joseph exclaimed. “And the procedure should be painful! And you should allow God to take over!! And you should deliver that baby!”

That’s not godly, you worthless cocksucker. That is devil-worshipping. That is how psychopaths think. They always find a way to blame victims for torturing them. Why is this bimbo bitch allowed to be in power in the first place? If this shit is such a good Christian, then please, LaSata, tell me where in the bible does it say to do this to women? You’re the kind Jesus stood up to, not for. Fuck you. You are weak and trying to prey upon the strong.

I am certain Hell is making a special padded room just for her when it is her time for eternal damnation, but for the rest of us moral and sane women who cherish our freedoms from torture-lovers and other scum, why aren’t women free in 2019?

Where did feminism go wrong?

For starters, it’s allowing this kind of propaganda to corrupt our thinking.


What the fuck are you trying to prove? That you are helpless and weak? Don’t listen to Margaret Atwood. She’s an oblivious tool.

So, uh, no.

Wrong mindset.

Try this instead.


And then this.


Feminism has two major problems now.

The first, it doesn’t go for the jugular. It is always reactive and always defensive.

Try the Chicago Way.

But instead of sending people to morgues, you should be sending bad policies and ideas to the morgue.

Such as anti-abortion.

If you do not believe in abortion, then don’t have one. Your right ends where my body begins.

Feminists have to learn to send misogynistic concepts to the morgue.

One way is to start pushing to have men’s reproductive rights on the table — and as anti-abortion laws are illegal because they target sex, which is against the law, start making legal arguments that if women are confined, then men must be confined as well.

If anti-abortionists realize the grave they are burying feminists in will be their final resting place for their own freedom, power, and control, they will not know where to turn.

If they insist on being devil-worshippers, they made a deal with the devil and it is high-time they start paying up. They alllow incest, rape, and child molestation to go unpunished; ergo they have no moral compass and cannot be trusted.

That breaks down one fortress. That’s the eye of the storm — and it allows feminism to start fighting — and then learning the methods of their oppressors. Stop fighting to prevent losses and start fighting to win.

Take spoils and then learn.

But that’s just half a battle.

The second one is more important.

Feminists stick with Left-wing parties which is an incredibly stupid method.

Realistically, there is no fucking in way in Hell that you are going to have one party rule forever. Sooner or later, they fuck up and the other side will take over.

Are you going to have to lose sleep after every election? What’s wrong with you?

Rich white men never have to worry: they always give the same amount of money to both parties, and no matter what, the regime will jive with their intentions.

Feminists have to start going after Right-wing parties — and breaking into those parties and keep doing it until their rights and freedoms are always off the table.

When you storm and flood, dumb fucks like LaSata cannot function: she just memorizes a little rule and thinks she is a cunning strategist who has a fortress where she cannot be challenged. Wipe the floor with her — not just through a Democratic ticket — but also a Republican one.

And should the sexists form a new party — do the same thing.

Instead of moping and being useless in red cosplay, start becoming a living nightmare to oppressors.

Break their rigs. Do not validate their structures of thought.

Suffragists broke into politics by fighting for the right to vote.

You prevent regression if you fight to break into sexist parties and make them bend to your demands.

May every single party be civilized and not try to gain and elevate themselves by oppressing and stomping on others. Fuck that shit. Enough is enough.

If you do not believe in abortion, don’t have an abortion. The end. That’s your sanctioned insanity.

But you do not have the right to tell other adults what to do with their bodies. That’s plain evil.

So don’t morally masturbate and pretend you believe in a god if your ideas involve inflicting pain and torture like a Nazi because no one is buying your toxic garbage…

Throwing leaders under buses: Why a Zero-Risk Society commoditize the political.




I find very interesting that is happening on the Left, but also on the Right.

If you don’t like a leader, turn him into a bowl of soup with a fly in it, and then bellow at the waiter to take it back.

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown had it happened to him. So did Alberta premier Allison Redford.

But then so did NDP leader Thomas Mulcair when there wasn’t an actual need at that particular point to do so.

Then Donald Trump was elected and the press and the US Democrats have gone into irrational overdrive to get rid of him to no avail, however.

And now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being thrown under a bus by the Left.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 9.45.22 AM.png

He has been reduced to a fly-infested soup in a restaurant.

In a Zero-Risk Society, flaw people demand flawless leaders. Make a wrong move, and they want you out, out, out.

We no longer stand by anyone. People cannot get breakfast ready for their children on time and call 911 to selfishly whine how the Amber Alert interrupted their TV show, but they throw royal fits when a leader has a bad streak or slump.

I am not a fan of most of the leaders on the list, for the exception of Mulcair who does his research and has proven to go against comfort when it counts, but we do have a democratic process, and no leader is going to go through a term without stepping in some cow flaps.

And there is a downside to this kind of diva tirades.

You will never get an honest leader or one of quality if you throw them under a bus at the first sign of trouble.

And you won’t deserve one, either.

You do not have to follow one blindly, but the opposite is no better.

People fawn all over people when they elect them, and then want to stomp them into the ground as they make impossible demands and have unrealistic expectations.

You don’t like a leader, do not vote for them again.

But you own your decisions. Be careful next time you drool over your elected maid or butler. They do not have a magic want to make your problems vanish, and even if they did, you aren’t owed a Bibbity Bobbity Boo.

They are not genies or fairy godmothers.

Most of your problems can be solved by you, Zero-Risk Middle Class Person.

Remember that the next time you are voting someone in — or out…

Journalists were deluded that Trump colluded...

And all of the real things that were happening that not only the press ignored hoping to “get” Trump who merely proved the press was inert, but of all of the money Democrats gleefully wasted that could have gone to social programs.

The Democrats and journalists proved to be frauds and exploiters of marginalized groups, preying on their fears for the sake of a handful of votes.

This is the reason that I am a political atheist.

But not surprising, the deluded are trying to twist logic and parse words to keep their lies believed…

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 8.25.46 PM.png

An Age of Propaganda is also an Age of Cowardice.

If this study is true, we have absolutely failed as a society:

Trump-Clinton election battle left students with PTSD symptoms, study finds

Then we have a generation with absolutely no morals, logic, or worth.

How can that give you any trauma? I went through motherfucking cancer while looking after my mother who had cancer at the same time, and that was far worse in comparison, and life is too short to be whining.

You have to be a psychopath with no moral compass if that gives you trauma.

But I don’t believe a word of it.

It’s bullshit.

Because in another study, when the gender roles were reversed. there was not only no trauma, but subjects preferred the female Trump to the male Clinton.

So there is actually nothing inherently “scary” about Trump’s personality. People fail to see it if someone else takes on the persona.

What we have are people lying to themselves. They don’t actually have trauma. They have talked themselves into an artificial frenzy, and then become paralyzed with fake fear.

Because in order for propaganda to work, it requires cowardice. Lies feast on fear.

When you are fearful, you invite lies to infect your thoughts.

It is one thing to be vigilant and cautious, but another to give in to cowardice.

And the only way to conquer fear is by pushing the boundaries and getting to know the world around you — all the things that confirm your theories, but also the things that refute them…

Political Appropriation: Does any loudmouth schnook have an original idea in 2019? No.

Rightist ideology never sat well with me because it is very rigid, but it encourages intellectual innovation. Leftist ideology never sat well with me because even though it preaches equality, there is something very symbiotic about it: it is always about wanting access to certain things, but not much about bypassing those things to build original things.

Breaking a glass ceiling is good. Making your own castle is even better.

However, nothing beats building your own castle based on your own resources, ingenuity, grit, smarts, visions, materials, and ideas.

If the Left were original creatives, it would be one thing, but they aren’t, and why I don’t align that way.

The US Democrats aren’t very original and what they say is rich. Elizabeth Warren is such a case:

Today, millions and millions and millions of American families are also struggling to survive in a system that has been rigged by the wealthy and the well-connected…

Yes, Ms. Warren, the system is rigged for people such as you to directly benefit from it. You are a politician; so can it. You are the Establishment. You are the Man; so shut the fuck up.

You are co-opting someone else’s message to grab power to take for yourself. Shove off.

And this champagne socialist kick is really a classic case of political plagiarism.

It is 2019. Stop this naked attempt at political appropriation. It is even more offensive than cultural appropriation. You are stealing other people’s ideas. Worse, you are stealing ideas that were proven not to work.

The second you politically appropriate a system, you have signalled that you have no original ideas. You follow a script. You are not capable of originality. You are a leech who takes other people’s work so that you can ride on their coattails.

That is not a visionary. That is a thief who wants all the power, control, and glory, but not have to earn it.

The Left are political appropriators. In 2019, you do not have a single person who has one single original idea? One that comes from seeing the current environment and takes moderns factors in consideration?

You are stealing ideas from Western white men, and then think you’re equal?

You are only equal if you have the gravitas and guts to come up with your own new ideas.

And what are you really saying? That people aren’t equal because they all have to steal from the other side?

I do not steal other people’s ideas. I have my own vision and my own way of seeing the world, and doing things. You can be inspired, but you can also think of new ways to do it. If capitalism is antiquated; so is socialism. They both come from an oppressive era from the same oppressive continent.

When you have parents who shield their children from experiencing the consequences of their failure while allowing corporate interests to bombard them with propaganda about how they are special and don’t need to do anything else but pout fishy faces on Instagram, they will fail, and want a face-saving easy solution that does not involve admitting flaw or having to work.

But the humbling is coming. When you try to avoid paying the piper, the piper merely adds interest to the payment. Pay now and move on, or pay later as you are buried under a mountain of rubble.

It will be interesting to see the implosion that was completely unnecessary. Why we don’t have new schools of thought in this regard is mystifying. For all the talk about being woke and diversity, we have yet to see any evidence for it.

Instead, people keep going to the same poisoned well, and then expect a healthy outcome in the bargain…

Famous Bullshit Stories, Part One: Marrying a Billionaire is a really good idea!


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—George Carlin, from A Place for My Stuff


Patriarchal Fiction Narratives must be one of the “Famous Bullshit Stories” form George Carlin’s Book of the Month Club.

I was a teen when I got the cassette, and my family and I listened to comedy tapes on long car trips. I remember this sketch well because mom had to stop on the side of the road because she — grandma, and I were laughing out loud with tears in our eyes. We couldn’t stop or catch our breath.

But “Famous Bullshit Stories”, got the biggest howling from us all.

While we laughed at other sketches and tapes, nothing beat Book of the Month for us. We were uncontrollable.

But back to Famous Bullshit Stories.

That is a classic.

I actually wanted to call my first book, Don’t Believe It!” How lies become news, Famous Bullshit Stories, but didn’t. That’s Carlin’s gem.

But fiction is nothing but famous bullshit stories.

Like indoctrinating women into thinking that marrying a rich guy is a good idea. He is a hoarder and a bully by default. He has to be on top of a pecking order.

I know this to be true in too many instances. I have known women who married rich men, and they are not allowed to have money on them. They cannot do chores when they want. Their husbands determined every aspect of their lives, and are abusive.

But I also knew it from other places — such as high-end boutiques where husbands doled out money for both the wife — and his slew of mistresses. Many women hid what they bought and owed money to those boutiques, terrified that their husbands would find out she spent more than he decreed. She would buy it on store credit, then tremble in her boots.

I knew as a journalist just how horrific a wealthy husband could be.

Lately, it seems that more women are speaking out about that kind of abuse, from being forced into degrading sex acts with their mates for basic food money, to being starved while the husband buys himself whatever toy he wants.

And let’s not pretend these women didn’t earn that money. Often, the men need the woman to sell all her assets for seed money. She often came up with the idea. She did work in the business. She often financially supported him and his dreams.

And then he repays her by imprisoning her.

I have always said do not waste your time and money playing king-maker. Don’t mom your husband. That takes away from your focus, and while you are too busy making him a Great Man, he has free time to procure mistresses to prove to his business buddies that he is capable of getting women into making bad personal deals where he gets more out of them than they get out from him.

And then the wife and the mistresses must make appointments to clothing stores so they don’t run into each other and have a catfight in the evening gown section.

I am not making this up.

A lot of gender inequality comes from women spending more time on their husband’s careers than their own. I used to make mental notes to myself: Memo to Alexandra Kitty: It’s all about you. Adult male can look after his own ass, and can rely on his Mommy should he be deficient.

I am not married. Footloose and fancy-free. I have had men try to control me, and the odd part was some of them I wasn’t even dating. I have had my own labour of loves and eccentric endeavours, and had men bring me to task that I wasn’t making money, I should do this instead, why I am spending money, literally priming me and grooming me to curb my indulgences and experiments.

I wasn’t hitting them up for cash. They didn’t pay my bills. It was none of their business. Yet they saw nothing wrong with their indulgences and experiments, even if they were losing more money in the bargain.

Correction: losing their wife’s money.

When I started A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, I made certain none of those famous bullshit stories were in there. Sometimes a man was unequal to the female, but she never supported him or used her connections to help him — dude was capable and he equalized himself without his wife having to appease an ego. She had her career and freedom just as he did. If I am writing about a rich man falling in love with a woman, you better believe that she’s a tycoon in her own right. I like ultimate sexy power-couples, but they will be running their own empires, thank you very much.

And I skewer the they billionaire-is-a-good-husband trope every chance I get — always using real-life cases in my stories. The World’s Most Dangerous Woman stories have a lot of billionaires who are wicked husbands. The Detective stories also have bad husbands who think money will control everyone. Those who have power didn’t get it by being nice or generous.

And then there is the Doyenne Assassin.

Not only does she whack the Dreadful who often are rich and powerful, she is also the author of ridiculous books of women sleazing it up the sex ladder to marry billionaires who rescue them — except these trashy books are coded reports of her success hits.

After all, she is the best hitwoman who ever lived. The steamy novelist is just a cover for her.

You don’t mess with the Doyenne Assassin.

Wealth is a nice thing to have. Morals are even better. Our world is one where we reward the tyrants and willingly so. We teach young boys how to be competitive and win at any cost. That’s on society.

If you want a better world, then the story you tell children has to radically change.

Don’t teach little girls to invest in their husbands. Don’t teach little boys to see their families as their means to an end.

Teach both to be self-reliant and confident. Show them how not to get on a hamster wheel. Don’t compete with your neighbours because when you die, no one will bother remembering the big mansion you had.

People have lives and better things to do than be impressed by you or your mate.

If they are like me, they have their indulgences and experiments, and prefer their own eccentric creativities over your gaudy trinkets any day...

Building antidotes to war games, Part Five.




Propaganda works best when it hits people with one punch.

People rise up and bitch, but then you wallop them with something that overrides their whining and they are primed to be obedient to you.

That’s chess.

But there is also Go, and we can see how the Internet manipulates people from both the Left and the Right.


The agitation surrounds people.


And uses their own thinking against them.

Saul Alinsky’s rule dictates that you make people live up to their rules, thereby placing them in a corner.

And it is a funny thing: people can admit they are wrong in private, but when they broadcast their bullshit on the social media, they won’t back down.

Social media has, in essence, created a new propaganda playbook that incorporates both Alinsky and Go.

The good news there is a cure for it.

It is called sensibility.

I have been studying propaganda for decades now. I never tire of building antidotes for it. It gives me superpowers.

And I will continue to build them because the world doesn’t need another lie or another propaganda campaign…

Rigs, Rules, Roles, and Rotes: The Mechanics of the Sucker Circus.




How do you get idiots running on a hamster wheel?

There is one way to do it with a stick and a paper crown.

Find a group of people. It doesn’t matter if the group is a family, friends, coworkers, or random strangers. Draw an arbitrary dividing line separating one person from the rest of the group, stick a paper crown on their head, then use the stick to point at the pigeon, and say, “I decree it so!”

You have torn the group apart for life. The pigeon with the meaningless paper crown thinks they are special as they spend the rest of their life trying to climb up running on one hamster wheel, and the jealous rejects will scheme and plot on another hamster wheel.

What you have done is pathetically simple: you placed a rig in the dynamic. No one could alter the outcome. You brought the props, used them the way you wanted, divided the group by your desires, and made up the rule that whoever wears a paper crown is separated by a line in the sand, wears a crown, and has your seal of approval.

Your rig comes with rules to follow, and once those rules are followed, people become chained to them, and the group will turn on those who defy the rules, as nonsensical, illogical, and abnormal as they are.

Your rules have confined and fixed roles: the Chosen One and the other ones. People will now forever try to scheme for a paper crown and waste their lives fantasizing about it.

With the roles, come the rote behaviours that people will dutifully follow, without question and become upset should someone question the stick and the paper crown.

These are the four mechanics of a Sucker Circus. If you want to destroy the hamster wheel, you have to identify the rotes (i.e. unbending routines you are supposed to cultishly follow), then challenge the roles, turn over the rules, and then expose and destroy the rigs.

Indoctrinating education that confines thought stresses the 3Rs and their memorization. Liberating education expands the mind and heart teaches the 4Rs.

If you want to be a follower, just keep doing what you are doing. You can pretend to be a rebel, but Spy magazine had your number and called it out in March of 1992.

If you truly want to be an individual who practices freedom, you need to rebel against the aimless spinning of the Sucker Circus.

A genuine rebel doesn’t take sides on the Left or Right or even Centre. To be a genuine radical means to keep turning over rigs, rules, roles, and rotes.

Journalism never had the ovaries to do it. They are shallow and never dig (thirty miles wide, one inch deep, kids — they actually admit it), meaning they keep falling for the old stick and paper crown trick.

It is no different than the game of Find the Lady.


She is never on the table. It is but a mere feint and ruse. Once the cards are down, she vanishes.

But you’d swear you could find her and pick her up.

This is how misaligned your perceptions are with reality.

Rebel, radical, reality, research — they other 4Rs true education instills.

Utopian scholarship isn’t something you hear about, it is what I have been conducting experiments on for a very long while.

That’s why the lady isn’t lying on a table not facing you.

Once you understand that Truth, you can start perceiving your surroundings in a better, kinder way.

But not if you keep yourself back because a grifter hoodwinked you into thinking the stick and paper crown meant anything at all…

Memo to USA Today: the only ones unhinged are you. Half the country approves of the president. Most don't approve of you.

Hot off the heels of Time magazine declaring journalists Person of the Year, USA Today is upping the propaganda machine with this piece of obnoxious bullshit.

The fact remains that Trump is, in fact, a president whose approval ratings are on par with other US presidents. That means that people are not following journalist decrees and are making up their own minds.

But journalists are not very clever. They want a predictable president: one who follows rules so their pundits can look smart reading off a script. They hate mavericks and eccentrics because those people have something they always lacked: courage.

Barak Obama was a safe president. He obliged the script. He wore the mask and dutifully did what reporters thought he should do.

Trump doesn’t play. As I have said repeatedly, he is playing a far more complex game than journalists can compute. They aren’t just mad that he bypassed them to win the election; he is not marching like a dutiful little soldier to their specifications, and they are in a prolonged meltdown mode.

It is reporters who have become unhinged.

I have had no problem deciphering Donald Trump, for example from the day he announced his candidacy. If you understand the Game of Go, you can understand Donald Trump. If you understand the science of risk-taking, there is no murkiness here. None.

You would think that by now, journalists would calm down, stop being hysterical temper tantrum throwing lunatics, and observe and learn.

But they are very conniving. They do not want to admit any defect. They want the bygone days where they had all the power and control.

Assholes, the ship has sailed.

Journalists do not get that they are the villains, not the heroes in this farce, no matter how hard they try to sell a lie to the little people.

But how psychopathic is this self-serving bullshit story?

Try this for size:

Fixing our politics requires draining the office of both its formal powers and out-sized importance in American life.

In other words, we should ignore the Constitution, and the will of the electorate and take away the president’s powers because he isn’t playing by the rules sanctioned by the news media.

That is beyond sick. That is trying to overthrow a president by inciting a public, and it is treasonous.

Fuck you, USA Today. You scumbuckets never knew fuck all about journalism, and now you have decided to try to manipulate the public into regaining the power that you were never given in the first place.

No wonder the president calls you fake news: if you were real news, you would be reporting, not conning people into fucking up their country just because you couldn’t stop democracy or rig an election to suit your own vile purposes…

The Cult of the Enterprising Chicken Littles: It's the end of the world...unless you do what we tell you.

The Guardian has been brazen in begging for money, and it shouldn’t be surprising that to force people to use their product, they are now stooping to doomsday propaganda to give an impression that the world cannot survive with the Guardian.

Take a look at this column for instance:

The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

And let me guess: we have to do what a wealthy Leftist cabal decrees is right.

Big Brother, you are relentless in trying to scare us into compliance.

And this is brazen.

We know how the “iGen” cohort are fragile and dependent on their godphones, and we have shameless news outlets trying to frighten them into being dependent on them and the masters they serve.

Humans cannot help their manipulative little selves: if it isn’t gods and devils who are going to destroy the Earth, it is foreigners, and if it is’t foreigners, it’s Mother Nature.

Just stop.

Stop trying to manipulate people with fear-mongering. No wonder this generation have become timid, dysfunctional, and defeated. They think there is no tomorrow.

And journalists should remember if there is a generation who think there is no tomorrow, they are not going to buy your product because there is no point.

And stop being exploiters, Guardian. Your stealth paranoia isn’t going to save your tomorrow, either…

100+ newspapers openly become propaganda outlets marching lockstep like a zombie attack.

Bullies on the playground. That is what journalism does.

They are too cowardly to admit why their industry died; so they blame one man.

And they are deciding to all gang up and write garbage propaganda to prove why they do not know what news is anymore.

They made a mess of things. Their failures are on them

They do not know what news is anymore. They either drool over celebrities, attack Trump, or inflate customer service complaints into some sort of social breakdown.

That is the reason journalism is no longer relevant.

And when those coordinated attacks bring them nothing, then what?

Will they then admit they no longer are rational human beings, but dead zombies outraged at nothing in particular?

That is the reason we need F.R.E.E.D.

We need it to replace the propaganda and the garbage being paraded as news.

Journalists remembered how their bullying destroyed the Serbs, and now they want to relive those bloody glory days.

Yes, they are pathetic.

Yes, they are losers.

No, that is not opinion. Just look at their fortunes and face reality.

They lost the game.

They lost the battle.

They lost the war.

Memo to the press: Yes, we know you hate Trump because he defeated you all with a single elegant victory. That is not news.

Get over it before.

And move on...