Polls got an election wrong again? You don't say!

This time, in Australia.

People will not cop to their politically incorrect beliefs. They will tell you how much they love paying taxes and worry about the environment, but then they vote for the guys who promise jobs and do not seem like they will be doling out the dough for various groups. You can take that to the bank, but the press seems perpetually surprised by it every time…

Memo to the Wall Street Journal: There is no "miscalculation" with the US trade war with China. Learn to read the signs.

This article is a riot:

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.40.28 PM.png

The yahoos at the WSJ never went to a magician’s show, played poker, or fought a war.

Let’s review what the president has guided over the last couple of years — a burning hot economy that has more jobs than people to fill. Profits are soaring. Everything is gangbusters for the US. Trucks are clogging up the highways and trains are humming with goods and raw materials.

That gives the president huge leeway to take a series of calculated risks. He has weakened Canada who is heavily dependent on China and the US, and he has placed Canada in a precarious and unprecedented blind without a compass or roadmap. Justin Trudeau is an international laughing stock. Chrystia Freeland has no substance. Neither has managed to do a thing. They are easy prey and no matter what conniving bullshit gambit they can think up or crib, it doesn’t do a thing. This anchors Canada right where they need to be placed on the game board.

The US economy can take some serious hits and still be in a strong position. China cannot touch this even with their meanest sanctions. They can throw their weight at Canada, emboldening them because Canada is in ill-prepared nation that honestly believes the world sees them as cute and cuddly — and sees that delusion as a strategy for survival.

The US has carefully positioned itself since 2017. The Chaos Narrative has slowly built a spider’s web using Canada as a misdirection. Canada is begging the US to bail them out. They broke. Being that dependent on Trump who screwed them over with USMCA is a deliberate piece of theatre.

And it is no coincidence that Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on the orders of the US: that was the opening salvo and had Canada been run by competent players, they would have told Wanzhou that Canada’s weather wouldn’t be good for her phone reception. Pride and image are predictable bait and both nations ran head-first into the trap. Two birds, one stone.

The only thing China’s retaliatory tantrums are accomplishing is building suspense for the show. This is all part of the act, and reminds me a lot of how my grandad Anton gave free entertainment to my mom and grandma at no cost.

He would get them both to sit on the front porch,, ready for the live action theatre: he would tell one neighbour some made-up thing he said the other neighbour gossiped about them — and then go to the other neighbour and say the same thing to them. Hilarity ensued when the neighbours got into a serious brawl right in front my granddad’s house. Divide and conquer.

Canada has already been alienated, and with China throwing its weight at the table, they are now doing the same thing. Just as Canada has alienated China, China has alienated Canada. The more they thump their chests as payback, the less inviting they are to other potential trading partners.

In boxing, bulk gets you only so far — strategy is what separates champions from the also-rans. You have to constantly move and probe as you bob and weave: the US is doing all of those things, and China is merely reacting to the probes, giving away their thinking patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and secrets in the bargain.

Canada and China were dragged into a fight with each other so that China’s reactions and strategies could be studied and a plan of action could be constructed from it. This was the test and prototype. Toss a brick to get a jade and in this case, the brick was Canada who were duped into becoming lab rats. China obliged without stepping back for a second to think how wise it was to stomp all over a former ally. For both countries, the ramifications of their credulity will haunt them for decades, and there is no undoing the damage.

So no, there is no miscalculation. Journalists fucked up their profession because they have no understanding of vision or risk. We are in the midst of a high-stakes game with China playing right along to the script. The US will take a hit, but they can more than afford it — in fact, they absolutely must take this hit in order to win their win, and victory is much closer than it appears for them.

Democrats are all bluster — they have no vision, and don’t want people to see their obvious deficits — that’s the reason they despise Trump who thrives on big gambits. They are jealous of him.

Never underestimate the man — in this game of Go, he has won every round — and the next always comes with a bigger handicap. He is firmly in control, and while others miss the signs, they do so at their own peril…

In Ontario, there are two cultures...

The Private Sector made of people who have to hustle to survive, and the Public Sector who get paid a cushy salary and do not have to hustle.

There is no other culture here.

You can extend Public Sector to those who get welfare or government grants, too.

You either get paid by the government, or you have to survive on your wits.

And now that the Public Sector is getting the cuts they so richly earned, they are throwing fits because they lost face in public. Vote-shaming did not save their careers.

They were smug, insular, and ungrateful. No matter how much money they got, it was never enough. They always need more, and they can always find some other fringe group that needs to be put on the dole.

Now there is plenty of narratives of doom and gloom, but it’s bullshit.

Listening to people in the Public Sector was always amusing to me: they were the pampered house cats telling the feral alley cats how to live. They always spewed some philosophy how their manufactured ecosystem had what ought to be, such as how women were better leaders because they use consensus to achieve goals.

I worked for women in both the private and public sector. I do not ever recall consensus being an actual leadership style or having women get the job done through consensus.

I worked for both at the same time. I taught college, which is a public sector job. You cannot compare those worlds: if I didn’t get the job done in the private sector, I knew there would be a line up of other people who wanted my career. Public sector was dysfunctional. People were always complaining how hard their job was, and here I am, happy to be teaching because it was so easy compared to hustling for freelance work, and then having to research and get people to give me an interview. I could never understand what all that whining was about.

People would literally hold a mug of coffee and march up and down the halls complaining how busy they were. Sure, busy marching up and down the halls holding a mug of coffee telling people how busy you are.

But there were buffers the public sector had that the private sector never did. I know people who always looked for public sector work because they wanted a good job with great pay and benefits where they wouldn’t actually be busting their humps the same way they’d have to if they worked in the private sector.

The Liberal regime in Ontario always caved in to the public sector, and having unions had nothing to do with it. Public sector jobs are a two-way hack: the government can pretend the economy is healthier than it actually is as more and more people get on the Sunshine List, and people in those jobs can get things those in the private sector cannot. Everyone can pretend to be doing better than they actually are. The public sector’s mantra how they are essential for survival is pure bullshit, but it ensured they kept their jobs.

The province went into insane debt because of it. Kathleen Wynne’s press secretary made more money than US President Barak Obama’s press secretary, which is insane.

But those in the public sector got greedy and abandoned Wynne in the last election, defecting to the NDP because they thought now they’d get even more.

Except private sector workers had enough. Forty percent of people in Ontario have minimum wage jobs. And they work harder because minimum wage jobs are not easy jobs. They voted for Doug Ford who promptly halted the gravy train, and the predictable bitching is coming out in full force — and Ford has been prepared for their antics. He slashed Toronto City Council seats. He threatened to use the Notwithstanding clause. He is ensuring people can’t sue the Ontario government. He is slashing public sector jobs to be realistically aligned with current realities.

Because he is a private sector man, his culture is vastly different than the cushy one of the public sector. He knows, for instance, you don’t actually need 650,000 public sector workers. You can do just fine with one third of that. You have too many bullshit jobs there.

Public sector jobs were usually lower-paying than the private sector and it was the place where war vets were given employment after their tour of duty as a thank you for risking their lives in dangerous places of violence. It got co-opted as an easy way to look more financially healthy.

Except that kind of pyramid scheme can’t last forever, but there are consequences to its inevitable collapse: you have people who have been indoctrinated into that culture and honestly believe that to be reality. It is a socially-engineered environment that requires rote thinking, and no real transferrable skills that can mesh into the culture of private sector. You don’t have to produce widgets in the sense where you need to bring in a profit. You don’t have to hustle, innovate, compete or have some sort of edge. It’s a safe job with a Zero Risk Mindset.

So what you are having now is people who cannot get back into the realm of public sector — they may be educated, but they are worlds away from the private sector mindset where you are primed and groomed in a completely different way. They are not going to find the same pay, benefits, or protections they have become adjusted to, and think they are entitled to have. The more jobs losses in this sector, the bigger the problem because these were the people who had disposable income, particularly teachers.

When my mother taught jewelry-making, she had a diverse ratio of public and private sector students. She had factory workers, white collar types, and she also had public sector workers such as teachers, professors, nurses, people who worked for crown corporations, police officers, and even federal and provincial workers. There a lot of people who worked at casinos (public sector) who got paid to take courses as a perk and they kept signing up for her classes. She was a very popular teacher, and I was managing her career.

But I knew this wasn’t going to last forever, and warned her that having full and run-off classes wasn’t going to go on forever, and what she was doing was just a nice, albeit temporary thing. She got very angry at me and thought I was being a jerk. I wasn’t a jerk. I was working as business journalist at the time, and the one thing I could do extremely well was feel a change in the winds. It’s why I could easily predict the collapse of newspapers.

But then when the recession hit, almost all of her private sector students stopped signing up, and few new ones were joining. The casino workers lost their perk and also vanished. A computer virus hit mom’s account, and accidentally sent emails to her student email list — as many had used their work email as a contact, when all those bounced back as being no longer in use, I knew why. They all lost their jobs. The factory workers and the white collar types. None were close to retirement, either.

The only ones left standing were the public sector students. It never changed after that. Teachers had the most disposable income, followed by crown corporation workers — and when their company was sold to the private sector, most lost their jobs in the bargain.

It never recovered from that bloodbath a decade ago, and now that delayed culling has come to the public sector. When almost have of your workforce is earning minimum wage or is precariously employed, no one can possibly expect that the public sector is going to skirt paying their dues.

The temper tantrums and virtue-signalling isn’t going to change the reality, but there is something very dangerous here all the same: in this province, women in the private sector have an extremely tough road. Many private sector white collar types are on contract, and it is not easy being a business owner: banks discriminate against women in many underhanded ways.

Where women in this province skirted that problem was to work in the public sector. It was a hack for educated women to earn a decent wage and have a shot at upward mobility, but at the cost of losing that hunter’s instinct needed to not only thrive and survive, but to deal with obstacles such as losing a public sector career.

For many Ontario women, they are about to enter a nightmare world in which they are not fluent. The jobs available are going to most likely be minimum wage jobs or those with precarious security, no benefits, and have no chance for advancement. The previous job experience and university education won’t alter that reality. Make no mistake: this is a serious blow for white collar women in this province.

The cultures are polar opposites. The edge is given to driven hunters who have a sense of the winds around them. There is no consensus: you either latch on to a demand and strike first to obtain a high market share, or you go out of business.

I see a lot of women who are small business owners, from restauranteurs to groomers to aestheticians to publishers to marketers to haute boutiques. The amount of work they have to put in day in and day is shocking. Their businesses are first-rate. They do things you cannot find in a corporate chain store or company.

And they are not just good at what they do, they are superb. I see the amount of work they do with no outside help or support — the kind the Big Boys like Elon Musk get at the drop of a hat, even if he will bleed it all out and have nothing to show for it.

They are getting no help. There are no supports or cushion. They have to hustle and take abuse on a daily basis. They were hit hard by the Liberal’s minimum wage hike. They received no “basic income” in terms of business grants. They had to do it all by themselves, and they are repeatedly ignored — they were ignored by the Liberals, they were ignored by the NDP, and they will be ignored by the Conservatives.

And that’s not acceptable.

So what we have is women on the brink of losing their public sector careers because there isn’t any gravy left on the train, and you have the ones in the private sector who are marching forward in the private sector who are hyper-competent, but have no structure that allows some sort of incubation of their business to breakout just enough where they can expand their business.

But those are two cultures and two languages. Women get divided in odd ways, and the private-public divide masks the truth about women in Ontario: women are being held back, either by getting lulled by working in the public sector where they are at the mercy of a government’s whims, or being so overwhelmed in the private sector that they often do not have a chance to stop for a moment and think about the big picture.

And getting out of the shackles of both cultures and finding a new set of clearer filters to see both the reality and the solution is crucial to strike the problem at its core would be the first step to creating a different kind of economic revolution…

Journalists do not have to be "used" to get a scoop: it's just the lazy way of doing things.

I find this commentary interesting:

Reporters are 'used' all the time. That's the way it works: Neil Macdonald

Hogwash. Reporters do not have to allow themselves to be “used.” It’s like saying wives get beaten all the time. That’s the way it works.

But this is also interesting:

Leaks a sign news media is doing its job

No, it’s not. It is a sign of the opposite: that they are passively working as stenographers parroting whatever they are being told, and usually it isn’t worth very much at all.

What leakers do is gossip, and not give facts, but narrative. There is a huge difference. With the “leak” in question: it was to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould with some bullshit about how she and the prime minister disagreed on one of her suggestions, and that he didn’t like it because he was more exacting than she was, and blah blah blah.

It was an attempt at misdirection, and it backfired. This is how divorcing couples trash talk each other in public, as if anyone cares. Trying to justify why you are a bottom feeder sounds as unconvincing as the prime minister trying to make Wilson-Raybould sound like a bad guy.

Not working…

How the federal Liberals are handing the Tories a campaign hook.




When Donald Trump ran for president, he had his mantra aside from Make America Great Again.

Lock her up.

And Clinton made that fairly easy for her rival to use that hook to radicalize his base.

But the federal Liberals are making that hook for their rivals.

This commentary has got it all wrong:

ANALYSIS: Biggest peril for Team Trudeau is that Liberals are at war with each other

No, the biggest peril is for a rival to campaign on a promise to open an investigation into SNC-Lavalin if he is elected. Lock him up.

The Tories or NDP can promise to open up what the Liberals keep shutting down. The Grits are leaking everything else but won’t be open about their SNC-Lavalin fuckery.

This election can get very nasty very fast, the more the Grits try to contain it, the more people will want to open that vault of sins to see what’s so exciting in there, giving the Tories the perfect hook to set off their first grenade…

Federal Liberals banking on old patriarchal ruses: Put up or shut up? Nice try, but on a rigged board, go for another option.

When you have bootlickers and minions, you think you are always in the right and when you have a board rigged to reward your noncompoopity, your perceptions of reality can get in your way when some who does not fall for the rules and script decides to play a different game with you.

So here were have another Liberal MP, Judy Sgro, try a very transparent strategy based on the sink or swim logical fallacy: She is telling renegades Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott to “put up or shut up” by going on a booby-trapped rigged board of Parliament to divulge everything they know.

This is a equivalent of murder mysteries where someone is given an anonymous note and told to meet the killer at a certain spot without telling anyone of the meeting — and to bring or destroy the note. Duh.

They should not actually fall for this ruse for many reasons, mostly because the other Grits would have already formed a counter-plan and are ready to undermine them through optics and other political strategies because they know the rigs and the rules and have more political experience than either of the first-terms MPs.

And they should call it out as a poor-man’s ruse, and decline it. It is a set up, nothing more.

And Sgro’s pathetic and misogynistic narrative how this is somehow some sort of personal vendetta against the Jive Turkey is laughable. Do try not to waste taxpayers’ money being so primitive, Ms. Sgro.

The Grits are dysfunctional and are turning on each other, trying every old trick in the book to salvage their operations. And you know how bad it is when they have to drag the old guard out and try to clean up the mess. Maclean’s magazine misreads the signs, however:

Enlisting the longtime Liberal party loyalist as a ‘change-maker’ offers yet another example of a government losing its optics mojo

They never had the mojo: what they had was a press primed to follow the old scripts for them. They thought the Prime Minister would be an ally to them, forgetting that during his most impressionable age, both of his parents were torn to shreds in the press for different reasons. He played them, plain and simple, because they were playing him. He set up the narrative of equality for all races and genders, and then when it came to practicing what he preached, he choked while the press dutifully followed the script, and everything became misaligned.

He was never that clever. Neither was Gerald Butts. Everyone was merely following the script until two female MPs went against its structure. And then people’s true intellectual shrewdness was exposed. Nothing more.

The Grits are in trouble. They know it. If the opposition parties were in better shape, they would be wiped off the map on election day.

But it can still happen. All bets are off, except that the old narratives are backfiring, causing nuclear light shows in their wake…

It's not going away for the Federal Grits...

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is water torture, and there is more to come.

As I said before, I doubt this will be the only scandal to hit the federal Grits by October.

Or the only headache.

China used to buy billions in canola from Canada. Now it is zero.

This isn’t going to be one big war, but a thousand little ones.

And that sinks a government faster than anything else…

Federal Liberals try to stop the bleed, but this is an opponent who does not play by their rules.

The federal Liberal regime will us the budget tomorrow to bribe Canadian media into silence, which is silly because journalism here collapsed.

Because had it been strong, the Grits would have been in much bigger trouble with more resignations. Don’t kid yourself.

They will be bribing Millennials who always want more; so that will misfire.

Besides, the bribing comes too far away to make any impact. Kathleen Wynne tried that gambit and lost power.

They are trying to prevent Google from exposing their corruption. They have lawyered up.

Michael Wernick fell on his sword.

And the Grits are shutting down any inquiry.

Normally, this heavy clean-up detail would be enough to satisfy the cowardly sheeple into forgetting all the bad things, but this isn’t a normal or domestic assault.

This game is something beyond the Liberals’ ability to contain.

Because things have been getting progressively worse. It began with minor insults and now it is about corruption.

This isn’t a domestic attack because neither the Tories nor the NDP would have chosen the man-child leaders that they did had they had the capability.

And neither do the Grits. That they lost Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott isn’t strategically devastating in that they are both rookie MPs. The loss of Gerald Butts is a little more distressing, but he isn’t a genuine brilliant strategist: he is a hanger-on who knows the trick of latching on to someone in power and then failing upward. This can be embarrassing and a blow to morale, but it isn’t fatal.

What is more troublesome is Wernick’s departure. He has been in the game for almost four decades, regardless of regime. That he couldn’t handle it tells you just how serious this game happens to be.

You lose too many promoted pawns and you are set further back. People get jittery and they aren’t going to stick their necks out for you. The Grits have suffered far bigger losses than what their trying to do will repair.

And this game is far from over. No one is going to keep going after you and then just let go after they seriously weakened you. There are too many skeletons in this regime’s closet because they saw how weak the domestic opposition was and how fawning the press were and thought they could do anything with impunity and considering how many rookies are in this regime, you can imagine all the frat house antics that have been going on.

Except someone else has been keeping score and is slowing dripping problems one by one until there is enough to cause a flood. People are being primed and conditioned to go against the previous narrative about the Prime Minister, and so far, it is working perfectly. His credibility has been seriously damaged, and one or two more strategic airings of reality can make him seem as honest as Olivia Jade…

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Radicalizing the opposition: How players outsmart themselves.





Whenever we talk about an extreme collective, what we actually mean is an expensive or greedy collective. Extreme Right means rich people hoarding money, but an Extreme Left means middle class and poor people expecting free money to fund everything for them. Both want things they did not earn, trying to frame it in a moral issue of being their “right.”

And for both, it is never enough. They always have a new cause, grief, and shopping list. It never ends.

These bottomless pits of high-maintenance cabals are not worth the price tag. Rich people aren’t rich because they give money: they exploit, throw pennies, make threats, and then think they owe you as they make outrageous demands. I have seen that up close. They pay less than average, and often nothing at all.

But then you have those on the other extreme: they always want, want, want without making any suggestion about how they will actively obtain it. It is never enough — and how many of this ilk call themselves “activists” but the “active” part never seems to materialize. They will mug all sad-faced for the camera because there isn’t enough money in the world to fund everything they want.

I am not a skinflint. I believe in healthcare and pharmacare. I believe in accessible education. I believe in decent wages and functional working conditions.

But I do believe the entire whole has to contribute in order to keep things progressing. I believe in responsibilities that go along with the rights.

So you have two extremists within any given society and both have the identical mindset. They are always on, and they would demand the same money — and you would receive no goodwill for it. Neither would ever say, “Don’t worry; that’s more than enough. I can do the rest myself.” In modern Western society, it never happens, and there is no reasoning: both see themselves as superior and distrust anyone who makes a mere suggestion. How dare you? Who are you to meddle?

The one who you want to stiff with the bill whether you can pay for it yourself or not.

In a political landscape, a cagey strategist keeps a damper on both. These are hard layers of society, very much like a Dobos torte.


Both have a sense of entitlement: the rich think they are smarter and are the ones who are doing the hiring. They are not doing all of it, however. The poor, when they work, do the hard jobs and live in the bad parts of town, unless they know how to use a social safety net, and then they do better than it first appears.

But often, both the rich and the poor use the same social safety nets but for different reasons. Many independently wealthy people know that certain kinds of public transportations can be free and they use it daily, for instance, and they use the same service as the poorest. There are free home care service that both extreme groups use. If you know your way around a system, you can literally save yourself thousands a dollars a year.

These safety nets are meant for the poor, but people in mansions use them, too.

So we have a peculiar system in the West where money is thrown around with noway of knowing anything save for the fact that there is never enough.

And there is no end to demands with a passive entitlement.

Look at this propaganda poster, for instance.


Imagine if parents and students actively went exploring their own strengths and weaknesses, experimented with trial and error, let go of the Zero-Risk Mindset and were willing to fail and learn to find this for themselves.

Imagine having to own up to shortcomings, practicing, failing, and then going back into the ring again.

This propaganda poster literally wants learning by osmosis. Why don’t we just set up an IV and let it drip in your brain as you stare like a dummy on your godphone.

Let some They do all the work for us. This is the reason AI and androids are all the rage: maybe we can just lie on the sofa all day as we get high, sink low, and let someone else live our lives for us.

No one wants to invest. No one wants to take a risk.

But everybody wants something.

And the more, the better.

The political landscape has been stymied because election campaigns are the time where politicians actively bribe people to vote for them. People want those expensive trinkets, and the government promises sunny ways, if only you will give them your vote.

The problem when you bribe for votes, people imagine a Happily Ever After once your are in power.

Traditionally, the class to court was the Middle Class — the soft layer of the Dobos Torte because the hard layers protected them: the poor did the hardest jobs and took the hits, while the rich gave the jobs and took the risks.

So this is the most naive and sheltered class we have — and the easiest to manipulate.

They are the ones who usually do not know about all the social safety nets, let alone exploit them. It is not as if they don’t use them, such as libraries as they are cheaper entertainment, particularly for children, but it is not the same.

Ideally, you want a society with as many Middle Class people as you can muster. They are the most trusting, the least demanding, willing to earn their keep without question, and they are the tax base you have to placate the hard layers as much as you can.

You also want as many rich and poor people to identify as Middle Class as well: it is an obedient mindset that makes people feel good. They make less demands. When you give certain poor graft, you give them just enough to squeeze a reasonable facsimile of the Middle Class lifestyle. It is comfortable enough, and the mindset keeps the peace.

But when politicians are in a tight race, they often get desperate, and they do something strategically off to set off one of the two extremes. For all the talk about Left and Right-wing politics, both sides are the most successful when they place themselves in a centrist position. A Centrist, Middle Class comfort zone ensures the most votes, and the smoothest sailing for any regime. Let people delude themselves into thinking their Left/Right-wing Light means they are informed and out there. Bless their heads.

A panicked politician may often press the wrong button, and then they awaken and mobilize the wrong faction. Kathleen Wynne did this to her own detriment.

The Ontario Liberals were centrist for years, but then slowly drifted increasingly to the Left, where there is already a party in place: the NDP. They are on the edge, and save for one freak term, can never muster enough seats to govern.

Wynne started cribbing from Andrea Horwath’s playbook during the last election, doing very dicey things, such as Basic Income. She did it in NDP territory of Hamilton, and if she hoped to sway votes, it gloriously backfired.

All she managed to do was radicalize the Left in the province, and then they got greedy.

Once emboldened because they got something from the centrist Grits, they weren’t grateful, and they certainly didn’t show respect to the party who gave it to them and suddenly switched their vote: they figured a more leftist party would up the ante and give them even more.

In this case, “free” (taxpayer-funded) dental care.

The Liberals were wiped out, and the NDP surged to become the official opposition. To steer too far into strange territory was a de facto admission that they were wrong all this time, and were swallowed up by the radicalized element.

The problem was that there was not enough votes to sustain a NDP victory: those in the centre who did not become infected with radicalization voted in the opposite direction, and it was the Conservatives who won the majority, and then took away all those gains the left had from the Liberal regime, making them even more radicalized in the bargain, figuring the louder and angrier they are, the better chance they have of forcing people to give them things. So far, it has been a recipe for marginalization. Basic Income was taken away, and the hotbed for cultivating leftist politicians — Toronto City Hall was slashed to almost half.

Had Wynne kept in the middle, she had a better chance to retain power, by trying to woo the hard left, she lost her centrist votes and did free campaigning for her rival as her other rival sailed to an easy victory.

The Federal Liberals are in a very similar bind these days, and this was not the time to have the problem brought on by SNC-Lavalin, a company that cut its Canadian workforce by over half in less than a decade, but threatened to march itself in the UK, even though Brexit is looming over Britain.

The scandal was exploited by the press, which was an odd thing to do: with an election year this year, the federal Liberals promised newspaper owners free money to bail their incompetent asses out of a jam.

But they harped and harped on it, and then the scandal took a life of its own out of their hands.

And with much backtracking, justifying, and misreading the signs, many stories right now are trying to tie things up — the Prime Minister pretended to be sorry as he blubbered another sorry to something unrelated to his own actions, so let’s all calm down.

Too late.

What the scandal has now done is radicalize the right. It is not quite the same as the Wynne case, but a group has been radicalized nonetheless. It doesn’t matter if the press reports on it or not. The Grits let this wound bleed for a month. It doesn’t matter what happens with SNC-Lavalin anymore. It doesn’t matter what the PM says anymore. It doesn’t matter what deceptive propaganda the government tries to spew to pretend there is job growth instead of retraction because housing is tumbling, the bank of mom and dad has run dry, and Alberta is having meltdown. The damage is done.

The right have now been radicalized, but so have those the fiscal far-right — those with money and clout. The Grits did the unspeakable and lifted a curtain just enough for the Middle Class to see that the laws in this country apply to everyone but the rich who write the laws and take the graft.

And they will do all that they can replace that clumsy regime with one that knows how to do things behind an iron curtain will reassuring the jittery middle class that those things will never happen again. They will be greedy about it, too because for the rich, it is never enough. SNC-Lavalin keeps getting in all kinds of trouble with the world because of it, but it never stops them from asking for more than before, and the government happily obliges.

Whoever wins the election, the first order of business being dealing with those who put it out the scandal in the first place.

While the Grits are getting more distracted by other things, the dynamics of this election have altered.

A extremist fringe has been awakened. It will cost them, because contrary to first appearances, Justin Trudeau did not take the Grits to the Left or keep them Centrist: he shifted them to the Right.

He legalized pot, and that is, in theory, supposed to make entrepreneurs rich. Extremely rich. It is the reason why so many politicians invested heavily in those businesses in the first place.

And why we are seeing a push to open the gates to legalized heroin and to lower the age to 16.

Notice how it is never enough.

By demoting a minister to appease corporate interests, Trudeau didn’t help empower a female: he humiliated her on a global scale to let the rich white boys skirt some consequences, even though they have been pulling out of these country and never seem to learn their lesson, no many how many times they get nabbed.

That means the wealthy will push harder, not retreat. The NDP don’t get the nuances and their core is to the left. The Grits are trying to go Right, and while they are willing to play the game, they suck at it, causing scandal in their wake.

It is a hot mess, and one a centrist regime often finds itself in. They are not a radical centre where the point is to foster and grow a core with ways other than electoral bribery. A radical centrist, unlike the garden variety centrist, pushes toward a Complete Risk Strategy. No gambles. No sure things. No status quo. No predictability. Just risk.

This creates an active arena where rigs to keep things static cannot work. There are no hard and soft layers. There are no rights without responsibilities. Rules are turned over until they break, and then they fragments are studied. There is no complacency. While the Fourth Medium — the Internet — is sedentary and encourages in-groups and staying in place, a radical centre seeks media that encourage movement, connection, and exploration.

And no They to beg or Them to blame. It Us. It is Matriarchal. It is not about narratives. It is about finding the deepest truths of the university, getting to know and cherish them with our every revelation, right before we unleash that truth to pave new paths ourselves.

Without fear or anger.

It is a balance, and we need that balance for all people to prosper…

Jody Wilson-Raybould won the war. There are no do-overs in a political joust.

Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick wasted their words today.

Because whatever bullshit story they puke, Jody Wilson-Raybould has more to say.

And, as she made public, that devastating testimony she gave before was merely a “detailed summery.”

A preface.

Wernick played the same game the last time, and Wilson-Raybould tore it to shreds. She can do it worse again.

The Prime Minister can call off his press conference tomorrow. He waited too long. It is done.

The Toronto Star can go fuck themselves, too: Yes, Ms. Wilson-Raybould is the hero of this entire sordid affair: she took control of the narrative first, she has given details, and she wasn’t the one dawdling for weeks. Anyone who says anything else is trying to spin propaganda.

What we heard today was pathetic excuses, and gaslighting the way abusive men try to pin their crimes on the women they abuse. It is textbook.

The entire world watched this episode and they have chosen sides: Wilson-Raybould’s. It is done. Both Butts and Wernick keep tweaking her nose, and she has said full force that she has far more to offer. Wernick is a patronizing asshole and his condescending bullshit is just prolonging the Grits’ well-earned agony. Not only are they corrupt, they are liars and pretenders who proclaim to be progressive, but when a single woman speaks out, they talk down to her.

Wernick, no one gives one flying fuck that you are “profoundly disappointed.” Get over yourself.

Because whatever feint or ruse you puke, the heroine of this story can trump you. She whipped your skinny ass last time, and she has the proof to do it even worse now. It is over.

The end.

As in, the end.

It is done.

Two of your own ministers have turned against the party.

That is all it takes.

The problem is the Grits are arrogant and are used to scamming and manipulating themselves out of a jam. They have made things even worse by blocking her from speaking again because they have cower in private and fill their diapers. This just makes them look guilty of treason at this point.

The problem is two-fold: Trudeau had pissed off several other nations, and this isn’t the worst thing they are trying to keep clamped down.

All it takes is one more scandal or revelation, and the Liberal brand will no longer be viable. The provincial counterparts lost the Ontario election and could not even muster enough seats to be official opposition.

They are hanging by a thread and Wilson-Raybould has all but said she can drop the nuclear bomb on them.

The bad guys lost.

The problem is that Trudeau and Butts thought they could fool all of the people all of the time, and always be seen as the heroes with smarmy little smirks on their lounge lizard faces.

But those jive turkeys weren’t the heroes. They never were…

Jane Philpott resigns from cabinet...

Speaking of changes, Liberal cabinet minister Jane Philpott does something you do not see everyday: someone who walks away from a coveted position when she disagrees with her boss, the Prime Minister.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.38.47 PM.png

The game within the party ranks breaks from every script imaginable. This is serious business.

And it hasn’t even started yet…

The Federal Liberals are obviously not "people persons"...

Bad political strategy is forgetting that people relate to topics about people.

And the federal Liberals, being in hot water over their treatment of one of their own cabinet ministers who is the face of standing up to a bad regime, are trying to move away from their scandal and go to the faceless topic of environmentalism.

A “climate plan” is a wonk’s deflection. It is nebulous, and has no “face” to it. There are no people involved. Climate involves inanimate objects and jargon.

That will make their situation worse.

No one can relate to “climate.” They can relate to doing their job and getting demoted because the boss is a goober who only got there because daddy pulled some strings.

But politicians here in Canada don’t get people skills — Jack Layton did and that’s why he got his NDP’s impossible surge to opposition status.

Chretien understood it as well, but over time, the connect has been lost, and now thinking that “climate thingies” will distract people from a scandal involving well-known people in conflict proves how out of touch the regime is to human nature…

The Bandwagon's in town. Get on, get off, it doesn't matter. The prime minister lost his goodwill from those who created him.





Once upon a time Maclean’s openly pushed Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister.

My, my how times have changed.

The Prime Minister, contrary to the columns, didn’t change. He is what he is, and what he has always been.

It is the press coverage that has made a radical shift. They all got on the same bandwagon after falling off the turnip truck and now are out for blood as they throw their once lovey-boy under a bus.

They deified this very unremarkable man who, if it weren’t for nepotism, wouldn’t be allowed to operate a sock puppet from behind a piece of cardboard. And now they are vilifying the same unremarkable man. He had no business being in politics, but had delusions enabled.

And then thought he was invincible and that the press would always drool all over him because they always did until now. The howling from the press is precious. They reinforced his every bad habit, and now are punishing for learning the rote script.

He lost goodwill and now is getting kicked from all sides. I am sure he has no idea what truck hit him.

It is the reason I never understood why anyone would bother running for politics. No matter what you give, it is never good enough, and people expect you to be their ATM machine and Santa Claus to solve all of their problems for them.

I remember reading the Rod Stewart was a cheap date, always showing the contents of his wallets complaining he didn’t bring enough money to buy any expensive meal. I think that’s the best kind of world leader. Just whip out the wallet, look inside, and warn everyone that’s money for the entire country for the year, so sorry, no graft for you.

And stick a huge red maple leaf on it to look official. Show it to SNC-Lavalin first. Sorry, assholes, put it on your list and maybe the real Santa Claus will get it for you for Christmas.

Or maybe not. There is something called reality. The end.

Trudeau was enabled the way everyone else has been: sold a bill a goods by those who have no intention of keeping promises and will turn on you in a heartbeat.

Had Trudeau been smacked around by the press earlier in his political career, he would not be in his quagmire now.

So let that be a lesson: when some group praise you and beg you to run for office, run the other way as fast as your legs can carry you….

The Political Movement Scams in an Age of Propaganda.

The pseudo-rise of socialism in the US is a scam.

We can have polls to show it isn’t much of a movement, but the numbers are even lower than that.

Socialism is the same mafia under a different label. Do not be naive.

Think about it: how did it start? In a sea of social media users drowned out by billions of cat pictures, why did that get any attention?

Simple, because you have pr forms and political operatives who pushed it, and paid for attention, and someone has to have millions of dollars to burn for it. There is no other way.

Why would conservatism be shadow-banned by social media — accounting for a princely chunk of its revenue stream — but not socialism that goes against their business model?

These games are nothing new, just updated versions that only the culturally and historically illiterate do not see.

When Communism came into the now former Yugoslavia, the people who were rich before Communism stayed rich. The people who were poor before Communism stayed poor. Only university-educated public servants lost out — the Middle Class. People in power play the system because that is their strength, and no matter what is the label, they know how to manipulate it and rig it to their advantage. They change the mask and the script’s content, but the structure stays the same.

For the Middle Class never had to struggle before then and became too soft. They took the rigged system for granted as their parents pushed them into jobs through who they knew. Once the old system became tainted, they lost out the most.

But the rich grew richer.

My grandfather was a case in point of someone who was wealthy before and after Communism.

He ran a blackmarket. He could get you anything. During the Communist regime, he had his own private zoo with a monkey. He had a circus camped out on his front lawn. He had a fleet of boats. He used the Danube during the war to transport goods from multiple countries.

Right after the First World War, when he came to Belgrade, he was homeless, literally living under a bridge. It didn’t take him long to make his obscene wealth. He went hunting with royalty, getting a jewel-encrusted rifle from Serbian Prince George.

During the War, his business boomed.

But it flourished under Communism.

The government gave him his labour for his fishing business — soldiers (in a time where every male of a certain age had to serve) and prisoners. All he had to do was feed them and supply water to the army, which cost him nothing as it was on his property. The fish they ate was the ones they caught. No worker’s rights. He had a captive workforce and didn’t have to share his profits from his legitimate business — or his underground one.

He lived like a king, partying in nightclubs, buying rounds for the entire bar. He had no trouble bribing officials to get his way — and they were highly bribable.

Workers of the world unite? Yeah, on granddad’s property to work like a horse for fish.

So here is a system that pretended to be equitable, but wasn’t equitable. The rich stayed rich. The poor stayed poor. The Middle Class couldn’t find stable work and had to live with their parents. The only people whose lives change are those who have university degrees who had public sector jobs who are now “tainted” with the “wrong kind” of education, and must be discarded for those who will work for less with less benefits, but have the “correct” indoctrinated mindset.

So when I hear about people spewing about socialism, I know there is serious money behind it. It is the perfect misdirection. Get youth alienated from their more experienced parents, tell them lies how they are “owed”, and have a face-saving way of getting that champagne socialist lifestyle so people don’t know they are “failed” social media stars and don’t have to work.

Tearing generations apart in order for one rich tycoon to have fresh, young, and gullible minions and workers toil at his whim is as old as the human race.

It would be nice is one generation broke the trend, started asking critical and skeptical questions as they were political atheists, learn from the past, and then forge new paths without being disrespectful to the old.

But vanity, envy, and greed gets in the way, and then someone offers another face-saving out — pretending there is a moral reason when there is none. It is the same old tricks that can be played on those raised in a patriarchal mindset where there can only be The One — but it is a lie to tell the masses whose fears blind them to happier places by looking within before embracing the world around them…

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Why Helicopter Journalism was always a bad idea: The Case of Justin Trudeau.

Helicopter parents create conniving and manipulative children who confuse special with special needs, and sheltered environments with personal cunning.

So too does helicopter journalists. Shielding newsmakers by ignoring the warning signs is a guarantee that they will go on to do some very bad things, thinking they are geniuses.

Now that the international press has discovered that Justin Trudeau is scuzzy, it is time to take a step back to assess how it came this far.

He reminds a lot of a certain breed of spoiled brat that I have had the misfortune of intermingling over the years. They think a smile, and a “yes, sir” “no, ma’am”, and the occasional sucking up will hide what they are really thinking and feeling.

You can feel the vibrations of disdain from them. You know, for example, the phrases “sunny ways” and “rule of law” are used facetiously in public by this regime. Some veteran politician warned the Grits Frat Club about the “rule of law”, and then it became an inside joke, the same way “sunny ways” has a secret and contemptuous meaning to its utterer.

The breed has three acts in life. The first is by having busy parents who have deep respect from outsiders. The parents do not have time to call their brats on the carpet for lying to them or trying to pull fast ones. They know about the pot smoking and the vandalism, let alone the fibbing and dumb ass excuses, but as they have responsibilities that cannot be ignored, a brat’s amateur con jobs seem trivial by comparison and let it go. What happens is the child mistakes this positive reinforcement as proof they are cunning — and more so than the parent who is thought to be brilliant by others.

The second phase comes during the teenage years and early adulthood when the same breed have their parents’ name, money, connections, and their own jeunesse to shield them from consequences. Golddiggers swoon over them and will take a lot of abuse in order to get a piece of that family dynasty. The brat can mistake their jeunesse and nepotistic advantage as further proof of their brilliance. They gain an entourage of hangers’ on to exploit them, always appeasing their whims. They get away with bigger things because the folks clean up the messes, and the leeches know putting up with guff is the price of doing business.

If this breed choose a public life, the press will continuing the indulgence. This is a luxury brand name, after all, and there will be fawning coverage, and all of the dirty and dark secrets hidden from the public. Journalists are reduced to maids and butlers, serving the interest of someone they should be actively exposing at every turn.

This is a recipe for scandal. What we have is a person who vastly overestimates his or her own cunning. They take obscene gambles because they honestly think their duplicitous mindset will save the day.

The parents aren’t around anymore to bail them out. The name loses cache, the hangers’ on have dirt and when they see their conniving ways aren’t bringing them what they want, they bail, but not before sabotaging things in their wake. The jeunesse mistaken for good looks vanishes. Other, younger brats want to be crowned royalty and have fresher minions with a modern mindset to take down the old guard.

The third act usually has the reigning champ try to use the pity card to retain whatever is left of the tin foil empire. If the brat is in Hollywood, it works like a charm. There is no competition or fight for power.

When all the past sins start coming out, the brand is never the same.

We go through this cycle repeatedly because journalists shield the fresh meat. The excuse that this is so-and-so’s kid justifies the coverage to them.

Journalists hang around the corridors, they know who is doing what, when, and where. The SNC-Lavalin scandal didn’t happen in a day. This was years in the making — so why are we hearing about it just now?

If we had a diligence press, SNC-Lavalin would have never gotten to rewrite the law. They would have been cut off at the pass, and the prime minister would have had his ears boxed for it.

And if he tried to invoke the old “I am better than Stephen Harper” gambit, the press would have corrected him out in public the first time he tired it.

No, you’re not. There is no pecking order.

What I find hilarious is that Donald Trump — who has been scrutinized since Day One, and Trudeau — who has gotten a free ride until now — are both in the dog house, with the US media conceding that our guy is way ickier than their guy.

And they really hate their guy!

Jody Wilson-Raybould didn't disclose everything...

She warned people before her testimony.

And yet, she made reference to Watergate.

That is ominous. There is more she has to make her case, very likely a smoking gun.

The Prime Minister has made veiled threats in his disingenuous denial speech last night. He all but called her a liar…but never flat out denied her facts, just like Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick. There is a huge difference between denying and disagreeing, and that is the sign that what she said is the truth. He is a word parser, like Bill Clinton. Being smug and slippery is how he thinks he got out of scrapes in the past, but he has one too many global enemies for it to work anymore, and his entourage have no script to get him out. He no longer can use his little trick of smugness to upset people — Wilson-Raybould’s calm demeanour yesterday proved it. She was a lawyer — a Crown Prosecutor — she ate smug players for breakfast.

When the other shoe drops, it may literally kick his backside out the door. His perpetual bungling has brought shame to Canada, and in a Zero-Risk country, that is an unforgivable act….

Statistics are for shut-ins who never leave the house. You don't need figures when you can walk among the Spinning Laboratory called Earth.




Someone at the National Post thinks poverty is in decline in Canada.

Yeah, that’s why we have homeless people in Middle Class suburbs, people no longer able to borrow from payday companies, Uber drivers, people no longer having gold to sell, or a sudden decline in home sales and home equity loans.

We see a lot of businesses closing. The people in Alberta aren’t upset because they have too much money. SNC-Lavalin isn’t calling the shots and changing laws because if they go under there are a dime a dozens replacements — or even one.

This is a classic bullshit story.

Do not try to snow me with statistics. Those are bullshit figures used to tell the jittery shut-ins that everything is okay! Really!

It is like crime statistics: if people don’t report it and police refuse to file them, the numbers look lower than the actual reality.

The numbers tell you nothing. If numbers were reliable, polls would predict election outcomes, which they never do.

If you want to know what is happening, stop staring at your godphone, get off your worthless ass, and walk.

Not drive. Not stare at your phone or go window-shopping, but walk.

You walk up and down the street. You have a look. You people-watch.

You want accurate “statistics”, you hit the pavement and you walk.

I walked in the blasted cold at a university campus yesterday, you want to see disconnected and unhappy people dragging their carcasses like revenants, go to a campus. I felt as if I was a kid forced to visit an auntie in a nursing home.

I walk in all sorts of places day and night. I walked in downtown Chicago at two in the morning, being called Cagey and Lacey. I could within a short time tell you all about the regular panhandlers there, and I was an outsider.

Walk in a hospital and watch all the interns stare at their phone in desperation as certain medical staff duck out by riding up and down an elevator for hours. They go up, and then go down, never actually leaving the elevator.

You want to know the health of a region, get a pair of walking shoes and walk.

That’s it. You don’t need stats. You don’t need a government to tell you what’s what. Move around yourself and you have a more accurate picture of reality.

That was journalism in another life. Those were the people who hung around corridors and talked to secretaries and janitors, getting the real story — not those press releases.

Statistics is canned food. Walking in that spinning lab we call the world is the fresh food of facts.

You don’t need Big Data. You don’t need a census.

You need to be willing to see the world, not avoiding the places the scare you or make you jealous.

We lost that ability. People think there is a magic app that will give them the memo.

Don’t count on it. Count on yourself and move…

The first message is the one the counts: the Grits in Ottawa dawdled too long. The narrative has already been set.

When war broke out in the former Yugoslavia, I was a teenager who stumbled upon a publication geared toward those in the intelligence community called Intelligence Digest, which is still around today.

There had been a book by a French journalist named Jacques Merlino who had interviewed a PR flak who had crowed how his firm set the narrative of that war, and said something I would test and confirm myself: that the first narrative is the one that counts. Retractions have no effect.

And the latest slap fight between the Prime Minister and his former Justice Minister is an interesting proof of it.

Even though journalists covering it and their quoted “experts” aren’t savvy enough to see it.

Take this silly article from the Hill Times:

Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould appears to be holding the “fate” of the government in her hands, which gives her leverage over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, says a former top government official, while others say the primes minister needs to offer an “alternative narrative,” backed up by clear facts and details; otherwise, Canadians will draw their own conclusions which won’t be helpful for the Liberals.

Sorry, kids, that ship has sailed. The proxies on Team Wilson-Raybould have already set the narrative weeks ago. She didn’t have to say a word. The PR machine did it for her. The Prime Minister should have gotten ahead, and anticipated it. That’s what cunning strategists do. What he did was take a gamble, and lost the “narrative.”

Because if the Grits had one, they would have put it out immediately. They dawdled, and kept trying to parse their words, and in the meantime, countless meme posters flooded the Internet, enforcing that first narrative. It’s done.

Add that the Grits now want to move the goalposts for misbehaving companies, has confirmed that original narrative. The end.

And considering what an attention addict the PM is — the fact that he did not jump in front of the cameras with a power seflie to prove his innocence is the clincher. He would have been strutting and voguing on the cover of Maclean’s and on The National, flexing his Angelic, But Still Manly Arms of Innocence, and telling the little people Everything Is Just Fine!

He’s been dawdling and dithering for the entire length of this scandal. His dad would have told the press to go fuck themselves, give them the finger, and said something cutting, but brilliant, to put the haters in their place.

But Canada was still not a Zero-Risk nation back in those days, and that’s why everything is unravelling as fast as it is…

Watching the political jousting in Ottawa...

Those who get their positions through being luxury brand items do behave as if they are two feuding lords dispatch their knights to fight their battles for them. It is very predictable. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are engaging in a media match that is a very interesting narrative slap-fight.

Proxies are employed to “leak” narratives and drop little bombs to smack around any rebuttals.

The WIlson-Rabould/Justin Trudeau match is interesting in that Trudeau until this point, was Canada’s Golden Boy who could do no wrong, but now, he can do no right no matter how much his minions at the Toronto Star try to salvage his narrative that was contingent on not doing naughty things.

The National Post has dithering ditzes questioning the woman per usual, but they aren’t important players in the propaganda war here. Why didn’t she resign? Why didn’t Raj Grewal? Why didn’t the countless male politicians who did something wrong and stayed put? Wilson-Raybould didn’t do anything wrong — so why should she be expected to step down?

Maclean’s isn’t playing into that narrative, but they, too, aren’t really important here.

What we have is two outlets who are maintaining narratives — the Globe and Mail on Team Wilson-Raybould, and the Star on Team Trudeau.

The Globe painted a portrait of a real heroine here, which was overplayed just enough to hint where they are getting their dirt.

The Star, on the other hand, is trying to spin things to pretend there is nothing to the scandal and things should go back to the way their sugar daddy wants it; so you know who is leaking things to them.

Once upon a time, this would be so transparent. The articles have breadcrumbs as big as loaves. No finessing, no trying to balance that coverage. This is a serious inter-regime brawl.

Because this story is so narrative driven — and one that has a patriarchal structure, there is no wiggle room for balance — one has to be the Good Guy and one has to be the Bad Guy. Hero and villain and the rage is very obvious.

Top that off with the arrogant sots of SNC-Lavalin who are throwing temper tantrums because they are being questioned and challenged as they are not getting their own way, and what you have is a showdown.

Add that to the external threats Canada has been facing lately, this country is in uncharted territory, and politicians too busy micromanaging their image than to notice there are bigger problems afoot and a press too eager to run with whatever PR narrative they hear…

Now Katie Telford is under the gun...Canada, just what kind of crosshairs do you find yourself in?



What is going on with Katie Telford so soon after Manservant General Gerald Butts fell on his sword?

A lawsuit? Another liability to steer the federal Grits’ focus away from their cushy jobs?

Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick was fear-mongering, babbling about assassinations, but there is no actual reason for such a chicken little bullshit story.

Unless he knows something that he is not sharing.

Has Canada been naughty and tried to play guess in a global game of Go, and now got itself in a serious scrape?

Or are we seeing someone trying to set up a narrative for some civil liberties destroying?

Something serious is going on and the Grits are at the root of their own crisis. The number of blunders coming back to haunt the federal Liberals is staggering — meaning they must have pulled some doozies within days of their reign.

This latest development should put this country on notice that someone is not letting this country get away with squat. This is serious business. The house of cards is teetering and it will not take much for it to topple — the only issue how bad will the fallout be…