Microsoft's Backdoor Big Brother Censorship Scheme: Newsguard as Meta-Propaganda.

Microsoft wants to get into the propaganda game.

Newsguard is meta-propaganda. That is the only apt term to describe it. What “approves” is based on non-empirical methods; so it is pure garbage.

And now they want to filter the news for you.

I don’t need Big Brother nannying me. It is far better to be media-savvy and see that none of the players left or right have a clue, than let a corporation meddle in your knowledge-base.

It won’t work, of course, because it has the same lockstep ideology as Facebook, and we can see how well they did playing the same propagandist’s game…

"Fact-check" is a bullshit term? You don't say!

The New York Post thinks it is revealing something by noting that “fact-check” is just a way for partisan operatives to pretend they are neutral.

Of course “fact-check” is meta-propaganda. It is a sham of epic proportions. Anyone who uses the term “fact-check” is not to be trusted.


Because there is no empirical methods to it. It is no different in methods than regular journalism, which itself has no empirical methods.

It is like using a sniff-test to determine if water is polluted. It is not an actual way of accurately determining if water is contaminated — and having two people sniffing the water is no better than one.

It’s bullshit.

“Fact-check” is a term of pure doublespeak. There are no standards, and has no value whatsoever…

Actrivism, Part Three: If you had actrivism, you wouldn't be looking for easy solutions because you would be the solution.


Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.34.18 PM.png


NewsGuard is snake oil?

You don’t say, Drudge Report!

Of course it snake oil. It is meta-propaganda.

That a partisan press outfit showed how easy NewsGuard is garbage goes to show you that the political propagandists are of the low-grade quality that brings to mind Mr. Haney, the snake oil huckster from Green Acres.

And just how much the public in the West have been infantilized.

When print ruled, you had a lot of sketchy publications, yet not a single one required a “label” or a “NewsGuard”, and, in fact, had there been a law to slap on such patronizing labels, people would have gone ballistic.

Comic books had labels because they were geared toward children.

And treating adults like they were five would have caused an uproar, and justifiably so.

What we are seeing is one side of the political equation placing badges on a side they find inconvenient, and that has fascist origins.

What we have are two partisan thugs trying to silence and shame people for having thoughts that are their own.

This puritanical temper tantrum is burning itself out. If just a couple of people stand their ground, the gig is up.

If you stand up to the bullies on the playground, they retreat because they don’t want effort, and they certainly don’t want everyone else to know how weak they really are.

NewsGuard is garbage. It is a scarlet letter used to shame publications so that people will not be exposed to different ideas, right or wrong.

I know NewsGuard is propaganda and garbage. I don’t need such a thing because I am an Actrivist.

I learned how news is actually constructed by actually having jobs that involved constructing it.

I experimented, and tweaked things to see the limits of it. NewsGuard is no match for me.

And best of all, I don’t spew propaganda.

I can recognize it from the Left, Right, Centre, Mainstream, Fringe, you name it.

Because I have spent my entire life scouring more articles, transcripts, books, and journals than most people. I can break down New York Times propaganda with ease. I can break down Fox News propaganda with equal ease.

Both a propagandistic and partisan outfits. One is not superior to the other: one merely panders to a different psychographic than the other. They prey on people’s manufactured “images” they present in public, and tell the pigeons what they want to hear.

It is the reason I don’t have respect for either.

The Default Delusion dictates if one side is wrong, then the opposite is has to be right by default, and that’s not true. More times than not, it is a false opposite, and equally wrong or deficient.

But when you study something by working in its core, you know how things work. There is no guesswork or trying to make that educated guess — you know every piece and how it all fits together.

But you also go in ready to break down the pieces. You take nothing for granted. You go in with the express goal of seeing the problems, and finding solutions.

And the solution isn’t to pretend one faction is superior to the other.

You also start to see how personal fear and selfishness creates the biggest problems to concepts and institutions.

Once you see the heart of the matter, you know you can find a solution because you finally know what you are confronting.

And there is no app that can solve that problem. There is no machine, AI, or software that can do it, either.

People created the problem, and that means it is people who must solve it.

Not a proxy.

Not a manipulative propagandistic app.

But human beings brave enough to understand they are dealing with human beings — not narrative monsters…

People want you to apologize for speaking the truth so they can dominate with lies. Welcome to the new Art of War.



John McCallum has nothing to apologize for in that he had no almost no wiggle room to do his job. The useless postmortems imply that he did something “wrong” when the truth was there was no right answer. When you superior is an arrogant bungler without true experience, savvy, or gravitas — and you’re not, it is hard to just sit there and watch the train wreck.

Worse, the propagandistic press are already priming people to blame McCallum for the federal regime’s failures. For all the posturing that McCallum should have not said what he said in public and the regime had to fire him, they would be hypocrites for doing so — they set the terms of engagement when they used Twitter to babble abut Saudi Arabia. If McCallum was fired for his China remarks, Chrystia Freeland must step down from her post for pulling the same stunt on Twitter. At least McCallum was meddling in his own country’s affairs; Freeland’s Ministry stuck their nose in something that had nothing to do with Canada. Do as I say, not as I do?

No consistency.

And what is this bullshit story about “rule of law”? Since when did Canada worry about the “rule of law”? What law? Child molesters, rapists, and killers go free all the time. Ask First Nations people how well the “rule of law” did for the fortunes of their people here. Embezzlers, money launderers, child porn makers, pedophile rings, slave owners, and human traffickers all thrive here. Gang violence flourishes. Grifters and mobsters have mansions in Canada in places such as Waterdown, Oakville, and Ancaster while honest people are homeless on the streets.

I ask again, what rule of law?

I was the victim of identity theft and I had to fight with the police officer to take my report because he just didn’t want to do it, and flat out said it. I had someone throw a huge rock on my windshield from a bridge as I was driving (luckily the windshield cracked, but didn’t shatter) , and the police officer tried to make every excuse not to take a report to the point of making veiled threats that perhaps I broke my own windshield — until I had to holler that there was no financial gain when I had to pay for the deductible. How many women try to report rapes and the police just won’t do it?

And then we have human garbage at the National Post take their she-trolls from the dumpsters to puke out bullshit that women are horrible people for saying they were harmed by men.

What rule of law does Canada actually abide? None.

And you then get on McCallum for what? Worrying about his citizens and his country and try to do something all by himself even though he has no cards to play?

He has nothing to apologize for. If he was a diplomat and he tried the diplomacy and it couldn’t work, then he threw his last grenades because he had nothing to lose.

He spoke the truth among liars, and got whacked for it.


When you speak the truth, mobs will go after you and demand you wave a white flag by apologizing, and then they see your weakness and then want to destroy you.

They don’t want an apology. They want blood. They want to take over your position of power.

Contrition is the emptiest of words. It is actions that prove it, not words.

People look for any excuse to install a lie over a truth.

The problem is that people offend with telling lies as well.

And in this quagmire, we have a dilemma.

I believe in free speech. I believe in truth.

And I will never apologize because I do not lie. I tell you what I think and what I feel. Deal with it.

People can get offended with me. That’s their loss. They have an agenda and I stand in the way by providing another perspective.

People want surrender. They think they can be greedy and take everything and then stomp you to the ground as they forever taint you and your perspectives. That’s how mobs work.

It is a form of meta-propaganda. They will misapply morality, turn into convenient snowflakes, and then keep up the siege.

The person who speaks with conviction cannot back down. Society needs controversy. It needs to be shaken, challenged, rattled, and offended.

You say what you say with truth and good motives, you tell the mob to go fuck themselves. They are offended? Good. They need to have their chips on their shoulders knocked to the ground so they can see all the horrible things they are doing to other people in the name of morality.

Like Catholic priests. They shamed people. They maligned them and destroyed them in public and then went and raped nuns and children and got rich on other people’s back-breaking labour as they ran concentration camps in the former Yugoslavia in the Second World War.

That was their method of combat and deflection.

So you are not going to use the same schoolyard ruses on me on Twitter.

You stand your ground.

If people wish to negotiate with you so that you both can what you want and need, that’s another story.

They can be adults you understand that they are not getting everything or everything on their own selfish terms.

You are not going to dismiss things by labelling criticism whataboutism.

No, it’s not. You are not going to pretend you are enlightened by tricking desperate displaced people to come to your country illegally and then scrub your toilets, but then get huffy when I call you a bigot because you asked about my “accent” because you see I have Eastern European features and you think you are smarter than me by ethnic default and are going to trick me and blind me from seeing your ugly truth.

Not happening.

And don’t think your will deflect my attention by throwing a neo-Victorian temper tantrum.

Or talk in a slow patronizing tone how there is no such thing as truth.

No, that’s a lie, too.

You just want things your own way without earning them or having to put in effort or investment. That fantasy world where people give you everything because you are innately special is pathetic and not aligned with reality.

The Internet’s inherent flaws enabled that kind of delusional thinking. People stopping working and thinking, and the humbling they needed to transmute into decent and compassionate human beings was deny to them, and then their ugliness spiralled out of control.

You can be wronged, but still be a creep. You can be a victim who turns into a villain. It doesn’t justify your cruelty, and it gives you less of an excuse to be cruel.

But the humbling is coming. The arrogance and the self-aggrandizing theories that festered as a result of the mass spoiling will compel people to think their theories are reality and then try to prove it.

It will all collapse at once.

There is no quick fixes. There is no fix where some They does it all for you.

There will be a lot of crash and burn casualties out there. We are already seeing the implosion of digital news outlets who thought they could wing it and fake it by being cocky and garish.


That’s not useful. That’s not reality.

And that’s the truth.

When you speak the truth, you have nothing to apologize for. If people do not like that truth, it is up to them to consider the reality of the situation and then put in thought sensitivity, and effort to improve the situation.

Not holler at the messenger who should never back down or apologize for exposing a reality that makes cowards uncomfortable…

Toronto Star's patronization campaign: We're not wrong. You're just stupid. Journalistic negging as a propaganda strategy.

One of the worst newspapers in terms of spreading meta-propaganda is the Toronto Star.

They are absolutely relentless, like bible thumpers.

While many journalist vehicles settle for a war strategy, the Star uses fanatical religious strategy, with dash of pick-up artistry.

I worked as a journalist. I wrote about journalism. I wrote about the Toronto Star. I have recounted before how their one-time managing editor Jim Travers lied to my editors at Presstime, accusing me of making up quotes, forgetting that I tape recorded the entire interview with his express permission. They got my tape, took my side, and told him they confirmed that what I quoted was what he said and in context. I did nothing wrong, he told them he would call to apologize to me — and never did.

But the Star is very image-conscious. They have cultivated a fortress that hides the true rot inside. Sometimes the rot comes out, but they preach so loudly that they hope to drown things out.

People like me do not fall for it.

Toronto Star tries to use every cosmetic tool under the sun to hide the fact they are not what they preach to be, and try to cut off criticism off at the pass, but their arrogance keeps getting in the way.

Let’s take a look this propagandistic column:

What readers should know about journalism

So, right off the bat, they have, like other cults and religions, created a pecking order. You don’t “know” journalism, and now the preacher will sing the gospel to you:

Study after study on trust in journalism points to an “understanding gap” between journalists and their readers.

They are manipulating readers from the first sentence: we have nebulous and un-empirical “studies” to show that readers are just too stupid to understand journalism.

This is more than just a pecking order: this is a brazen act of negging.

Pick-up artists use it to aim for a woman who is out of their league, and then knock them down a few pegs by making her question herself.

No genuine information provider would produce something so manipulative — the headline and first sentence alone betrays something far more malicious than what is presented.

This is no different than cult literature.

People understand journalism. It is not a complicated product.

People have no use for a gate-keeper anymore. They left because they found sound better.

But the Star hopes people turn back and come back.

The reason we have cultish publications such as the Star is that the structure of journalism actively fosters such Us Versus Them thinking. They are isolated in their little compounds called newsrooms. They have pecking orders. It is a very abusive and stagnate environment.

I understand journalism. I worked in it, wrote about it, studied it, and wrote books about it for two different publishers in two different countries on two different continents.

The cult of the Star is rapidly eroding, and not even a government bailout will change their fortunes, not in 2019, and not ever.

They will keep trying to position themselves as being intellectually and morally superior to their pigeons — but it is an old ruse, and one that no longer is working for them…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


Meta-Propaganda: When control freaks forget they are behaving like psychopaths and other people can see them.

I find it interesting how these days people have this drive to tell people what to think and what to do.

Seeing this manual from Shareblue, a blueprint how to manipulate the public is sickening on every single level. It is blatant war propaganda.

This is how psychopaths groom and prime an audience. It is classic war propaganda, and now that journalism is actually dead, meddlers with money have decided to hijack social media.

The funny thing it it won't work. The architects are too desperate and cocky -- and have no clue what has actually happened to thinking patterns. If they had been a little more forward thinking about 20 years ago, I would say they had an excellent chance of succeeding, but the old guard is going to be supplanted by a thinker who thinks in more complex -- and simpler -- strategies than Go.

But there is now an absolute desperation to control the masses. 

Here is a piece in MIT Technology Review about how you have professional manipulators who crow about being about to "hack" into people's minds and get them to predict and manipulate behaviour.

Yes, like the way you controlled voters in Brexit and US 2016 elections? Neither consultants nor pollsters had a clue. Every few years, we have articles such as this one, and I even have books on my shelves from decades ago that made the same decrees and the same predictions...that never came true.

What we are seeing is a global elite meltdown identity crisis. They honestly think they can control 7.4 billion people and did so. People delude themselves into believing that they have control and power, when what they have is a laidback population humouring them with their goodwill until those in power cross a line, and then they find out just how their cunning wasn't all that.

It is like the kid who lies to their parents and gets away with it because mom and dad don't want to be inconvenienced; so they let the lie slide knowing full well it is a lie, but the kid thinks he is more cunning than adults.

And so he keeps lying to his benignly neglectful parents who think weighed their options and decided turning a blind eye is less taxing than calling out the little brat for being a disrespectful fibber.

And then the kid tries his act to another adult who doesn't love him, and either calls him out and doesn't bite, or decides to manipulate the kid and enable his delusion as he takes advantage of his shady character.

Either way, the kid is in for the surprise of his life.

We are in an Age of Propaganda is rapidly becoming the Age of Meta-Propaganda where the cowardly and deluded try to suppress reality. Social media is at the mercy of a public that humours them, but should they start crashing in on their fun, they take their goodwill elsewhere.

The Left and the Right will cancel each other out. The divide may seem to get bigger, but only with regards to content. When the structure is revealed to be identical, people will not move to the fringe or seek resistance or rebellion.

They will be looking for something that gives them a clean break.

And that day is coming sooner rather than later...

Memo to The Nation: You cannot "save" journalism. It destroyed itself. How about you stop meddling and corrupting the information stream and an alternative replaces it.

The Nation is pretentious partisan dreck that is all about meddling. the-nation-logo

And they are utterly oblivious to the point of being unintentionally funny.

Because self-serving fantasy-based sophistry that doesn't align with reality in any way, shape, or form is a real hoot.

It isn't actually funny because that very unscientific and irrationally-based form of scribbling was the big reason why journalism died.

Now that journalism has been reduced to a stinky rotten corpse, the knuckleheads at the Nation have decided that they have the ability to "save" journalism.

Oh please.

It's too late, children.

They have made their decree that the rotten Denver Post needs journalists' meddling.

No, you cannot save the Denver Post. They have imploded, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

Nor do you have the ability or morality to save journalism. That ship has sailed.

It is time to scrap an unworkable and archaic industry that refused to keep up with the times.

It is now time to bring in a superior replacement.

Because the world deserves something far better than the dead profession of journalism...

Meta-Propaganda: How the word Weaponize is actual propaganda itself. Learning the tricks of grifters in an Internet Age.

An interesting word is now cropping up that reminds me of the dynamics of the grifter's game of Find the Lady. 62596103e4b1b7fa423cb7095705719c

And that weasel word is Weaponize.

It is referring to propaganda and "fake news", but the word weaponize, is a form of meta-propaganda.

That is, someone who is seemingly pointing out an enemy's propaganda so that you do not notice they are playing the same con on you.

It is double-speak, of course, and is a very deceptive tactic used to frighten people, and then offer them a solution.

Cults do this: they scare people, warning them about a group of people, and then the solution is to submit to the cult, allow them to dictate your thoughts as they confine your actions -- all while ensuring that you do not believe anyone who speaks against the cult because they are not to be trusted.

Perhaps that other side isn't trustworthy, but that doesn't make the cult trustworthy by default.

If you have ever been in the middle of grifter's card game, such as Find the Peanut or Find the Lady, you may know that there will usually be a confederate who warns you that the game is rigged.

You are supposed to trust this person because, in fact, they are telling you a truth.

But then they will offer to "team up" with you to have your back so that you two can beat the game.

He is a confederate of the dealer, and will make certain you lose as well. You have a false sense of feeling as if you are smarter than the dealer, and have someone you think you recruited to have your back.

And you don't.

The confederate is telling you the Internet is becoming "weaponized". You think you are being given a head's up, but it isn't that way at all. You are supposed to go along with the false protector -- and usually will be shaking you down for donations to keep his website up and running for his Very Important Work for Truth and Democracy.

And don't listen to any alternative points of view because those are Weapons.

Just like those Weapons of Mass Destruction that dragged a lot of people into a needless war all those years ago.

It is a scam -- but also a meta-scam.

It is a fight to reclaim a patriarchal narrative of a single right person who is The One.

It is rubbish, of course. It is feint in itself.

Now that we have people realize that the Internet can allow all sorts of points of view to be viewed to everyone, it is scaring a lot of people who are control freaks, and just want their point of view to be taken as the gospel truth.

It is the reason we need facts. We need to be exposed to all sorts of perspectives, even the ones that we do not like. Life is not about being comfortable.

It is about facing reality, and dealing with it.

Not everyone will applaud your stupidity. Not everyone will accept your untested life theories.

And they shouldn't. Their life requirements are not the same as yours.

The term weaponize is just a sneaky way of trying to shame and frighten people into believing a single perspective.

There are lies out there and plenty of them. There is misinformation and propaganda.

But we always had it. Propaganda has always been with us.

And it only works if we blindly follow a patriarchal script that is polluted with logical fallacies.

Look for facts, and there is no weapon to worry about. Seek truth in reality, and you have nothing to fear.

Bravery finds answers, but fear never does.

You do not resist. You do not accept. You look for facts, and then start to think.

Not fall for meta-propaganda as you think you found the life hack that will save you from the monsters in your own head.