Globe and Mail's propaganda about the Ontario Premier's propaganda: It's all propaganda, all of the time.

The Globe and Mail is babbling propaganda against the Ontario Premier’s propaganda.

Ontario News Now would never have been a thing if journalism in Ontario had an ounce of competency.

When you look down on people and craft narratives to make your side seem superior, you will alienate those people who will look elsewhere.

And the Globe is not one to talk. People don’t refer to it as the Toronto Globe and Mail for no reason: it serves as Toronto-centric propaganda as the rest of the country are seen as lesser beings.

But the Ford Brothers had their own radio program on Newstalk 1010. They were given unfettered access to mainstream news outlets. When politicians are given those kind of platforms, don’t be surprised when they cut their teeth and then bypass the system the way millions of other people did with social media.

And people are not going to see any problem with it because this is the Age of Propaganda.

When you have news outlets blur lines, they shouldn’t get huffy when people they enabled take full advantage of it.

They sized up the sham of the press, and then build their own in the bargain…

Memo to the National Post: Movies aren't real. Stop confusing Hollywood with reality.



I have written about the nincompoopity of people in journalism romanticizing their profession by confusing movies for their industry.

The National Post has gotten into this stupid habit.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 10.10.30 PM.png

No, old movies show an idealized version of journalism, not a better age of it. That propaganda was never reality.

Snap out of it, and get a grip…

In an Age of Propaganda, the beggar's banquet is a sleight of hand.





If there is one journalistic propaganda trope that ought to be made illegal, it is their manipulative tendency to use the picture of people asking for something staring off far away all sad-like because the government won’t give in to their demands and hope to play the pity card.

It all started when Princess Diana gave an interview with Martin Bashir and she laid it on thick.


It’s so hard to be a princess in a real world!

You mean life isn’t perfect and has its ups and downs where you can’t always get what you want?

You don’t say!

While she did very edgy things with her charity work that I respected, that horrid interview was not her finest moment.

Because she got away with that nonsense, all the commoners wanted to do it, too!

And they get enabled by a brain-dead press who never actually challenges them and serves as propagandists, advertising their fake plight as if it were real, but in an Age of Propaganda, beggars always try to get away with things with pity.

In Canada, particularly the CBC and the Toronto Star, this kind of propaganda is out of control. Having people look sad doesn’t make them right, and some of the junk they are throwing a fit over is dangerous, expensive, but usually both at the same time.

You can’t always get what you want. Sad people want the government to give them a big, fat pay check as they sit on their backsides and not contribute to society. Sad people want all drugs legalized. Sad people who have no control of their wasteful and ignorant children who rack up thousands of dollars on the smartphone and now are on the hook to pay for services rendered.

Really? If the government was loopy enough to enable these delusions, these people would automatically demand something else on someone else’s dime. You have conditioned them by rewarding them.

There are people in genuine need, and then there are those grifters who put on a big show of waterworks to get things that they did not earn.

And journalists enable these grifters because these people go to journalists and give them no brainer copy.

Reporters don’t actually go digging for real atrocities. They are willing pigeons who will play along with the con to get a cheap story written for them.

What’s next? Sad-looking rapists who worry that they might be one of the unlucky two percent who actually get convicted of their crime? The government should just make that legal, too!

Or sad-looking murderers who are bummed out because jail is hard and crimping on their lifestyle? Do they get to doe eye the front page of the web site as well?

Here’s a hint: people who are truly in peril don’t usually go to the press. They suffer in silence because it is too painful to go out in the world and log it, and then it is in your face and you can’t get away from it — and you are too overwhelmed to go out from media outlet to media outlet to play this game. These are the people the press either ignores or slags as they look down on them. They have absolutely no sense what is suffering and what is a grifter’s game.

But that kind of research to find real people in peril takes work. And people who are in peril don’t make pouty faces for the camera. You don’t have that luxury and self-pity isn’t something they indulge in.

So enough of this narrative propaganda. Stick with the facts, not with someone who practiced making that bullshit face in the mirror for days to get the pity factor up a few more notches…

Journalists do not have to be "used" to get a scoop: it's just the lazy way of doing things.

I find this commentary interesting:

Reporters are 'used' all the time. That's the way it works: Neil Macdonald

Hogwash. Reporters do not have to allow themselves to be “used.” It’s like saying wives get beaten all the time. That’s the way it works.

But this is also interesting:

Leaks a sign news media is doing its job

No, it’s not. It is a sign of the opposite: that they are passively working as stenographers parroting whatever they are being told, and usually it isn’t worth very much at all.

What leakers do is gossip, and not give facts, but narrative. There is a huge difference. With the “leak” in question: it was to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould with some bullshit about how she and the prime minister disagreed on one of her suggestions, and that he didn’t like it because he was more exacting than she was, and blah blah blah.

It was an attempt at misdirection, and it backfired. This is how divorcing couples trash talk each other in public, as if anyone cares. Trying to justify why you are a bottom feeder sounds as unconvincing as the prime minister trying to make Wilson-Raybould sound like a bad guy.

Not working…

Whoppers from the field: J-Talks are self-serving narratives, nothing more.

Fallout from the Field? Nice try.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 4.27.54 PM.png

Another bullshit J-Talk which is nothing more than journalistic propaganda spewed to try to save a dead profession. It is as honest as a US reporter’s “scoop” on Russiagate, though I doubt the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale is keeping a list of all the lies his fellow journalists told about that.

No chance of that happening.

Or of this talk being anything else but a self-aggrandizing farce.

This is not to say that journalists who covered wars before were more thespian than scribe. Daniel Pearl was a real war correspondent who died on the job. So did my favourite war photographer Dickey Chapelle.


That’s her receiving last rites as she was fatally wounded on the job.

But slowly over time, that changed.

And the poseurs took over.

The PR firms hired to manage the optics in the civil was in the former Yugoslavia set up white tents and handed out press releases.

I seriously doubt that caused any PTSD.

And during the upheavals in Syria, one CBC journalist had the nerve to pretend her and her crew were under siege, all whispering “shh!” in the dark all while they had huge lights on them.

Yeah, the snipers are blind, but have super-hearing. Fuck you, you shitty fibbers. What’s up with that?

And you know this is a big bullshit story.

How so?

Have you noticed that none of these motherfuckers cover gang violence or human trafficking or the South American drug cartels.

So, you will cover the superlative dangerous wars, but not drugs, traffickers, or gangs?


It is a real knee-slapper because you know there are no public relations firms setting up white tents to hand out canned advertising disguised as news; so you know it’s a big, fat lie.

If you fall for any of it, you are a so naive...

Journalism needs an alternative.


Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 4.44.16 PM.png


Hillary Clinton’s excuse that The Evil Russians colluded with Trump turns out to be an obvious bullshit story.

I do hope all those who asked for taxpayers to foot the bill are billed instead.

Journalists were very petty and vindictive praying the man who showed their weaknesses hoping he would be destroyed.

No, it isn’t his fault. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Look in the mirror, kids.

And stop oppressing those of us who see the truth and speak it…

Why so cowardly?




If you want to see the blueprint for F.R.E.E.D., I placed it right here.

So that we have no confusion about who created what.

But that’s just the beginning of that work.

That’s because Alexandra Kitty has courage, and that’s not a common trait in Western culture. One gripe on social media, and companies throw everyone under a bus.

Which makes me boycott them because I do not like people who don’t stand behind free speech.

I also do not like big pretenders who have delusions of courage and then try to dine on it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.07.27 PM.png

The “fight for truth”? You?

Don’t make me laugh, motherfuckers.

Journalism isn’t about any fighting about truth. It is about cribbing from press releases, acting as stenographers, and then telling the little people what to think as they try to bully and intimidate them.

You don’t make people afraid. You make them brave. That’s what journalism never learned to do, and the reason it has made such a mess of its own profession.

It is a cowardly profession. It hides behind veils as it demands everyone else to take theirs off.

Yeah, lead by example by taking off your veils. Stop your chest-thumping. It’s just another lie you spew.

Because cowards use lies as shields and fortresses, thinking they rig the board to their advantage as they weaken opponents and strengthen their own position.

Except when you have an antagonistic relationship with the people you are supposed to be informing, your motives come into question.

People are attacked for speaking their minds and from the heart. Truth is all about facing the reality of that and not trying to kill free speech.

But that’s what journalism is trying to do: prevent other people from offering divergent points of view in alternative venues using alternative methods.

I am moving around some of the Chaser Arcs, and Arc II will be coming in a couple of weeks. It will be about war propaganda — and showing how outlets malign contrary voices even if the evidence from experts contradicts their labels. I will question and challenge assumptions using two different wars as a comparison.

Unlike the first one, I will have an interview or two. This Arc, however, will be a meta-article: I will show the construction of a news article with annotated notes. I may use a PDF file to do it because this web site doesn’t give me the freedom to do what I want.

So as I begin to merge Chaser and F.R.E.E.D., I will provide an alternative way of interpreting information — not using fear-mongering, but bravery-inspiring.

Because the industry has become pathetic with its self-aggrandizing psychopathy — worse, universities refuse to acknowledge the problem, enabling those delusions.

There can be no truth if you are afraid. Cowardice attracts lies.

That may be how the timid classes roll, but not all of us are of that ilk, and we won’t go away, no matter how afraid of the truth others become…

I have a particular loathing for cowardice...

And when you go kill 50 innocent people while praying, you are a coward.

Countries that preen how tolerant they are need a reality check, too. No, you’re not. If your country has people in it, your people are just like any other people. No better, no worse.

It’s made up of people.

The livestreaming on social media, however, merely forced people to be forced to look at the reality of hate.

This is a coward’s attack, and should be properly labelled. A terrorist tries to create the same fear in his targets in order to justify his own.

Watch the middle class demand for gun control so they do not have to confront the bigger issue of vile hate embedded in their own societies.

There has been some very vile propagandistic anti-Serb ramblings about this killing, however, because the killer misapplied Serbian history. Serbs were abused in the Ottoman Empire. The equivalent is of the same ilk as slavery in the US. That’s true. If you are going to condemn Serbs for that, then you have to do the same to African-Americans who are upset at the ancestors being slaves to whites.


That above photo is evidence of a hate crime committed against the Serbs by the Turks. Go to Niš and have an up-close look at Skull Tower yourself if you need to see evidence of the kind of hate crimes going on in 1809.

And there is no expiration date on hate crimes.

There is a big misconception that one group or religion is immune to hate crimes. No, they aren’t. Hate crimes can be committed against Christians by Muslims, and then have them committed against Muslims by Christians.

There is no label you can stick upon yourself that makes you immune to committing them. Nice try.

If you are not a Serb, do not use the history of the torture against the Serbian people as an excuse to go out and kill people. Don’t do it even if you are a Serb. We were abused in the Ottoman Empire. We were decimated by a third in the First World War. We were abused by the fascist Nazis and Ustashe in the Second World War. We were maligned and villainized by US public relations firms during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia with a corrupt president who called for our bombing to deflect attention away from his own low-class philandering/sexual harassment scandals. Enough is enough.

You need a villain to blame? Go look in the mirror.

This man was not raised in Serbian culture. He was raised in a Western culture, and it is that culture that has committed its share of sins and enable hate with their narratives, and always in denial that they do. Do not try to deflect your internal sickness on some old propagandistic tropes that were manufactured by Washington, DC-based PR firms. Go look on because they keep registration records for public perusal.

But don’t take too long. You have citizens going about killing each other every day, and then some go out and kill 49 people in one shot. That’s on your society.

When the world stops hiding behind their own "identity” labels and start realizing that those labels are made-up excuses to create false pecking orders to pretend to be superior to other groups, then maybe then we can finally get to the root of the cowardice of masks that help infect the seeds of hate that compel people to murder others for no reason at all…

Traumatized journalists? What about a traumatized teenaged girl who saw footage of what they denied was reality?

I have made no secret how I got involved in journalism. If there was no war in the former Yugoslavia, then Alexandra Kitty would have been a jury psychologist. She would be assessing potential jurors, and making recommendations who should sit on a case and who should be rejected.

But life had other ideas, and I became a journalist.

I was never given “dark stories” to write, even though I always pitched them. I saw raw footage of dead bodies when I shot listed, but actually, the opportunity to do those kinds of stories were not forthcoming. When you cover crime stories, a lot of it involves talking to police, getting press releases and going to press conferences. Even war reporting in the modern era has reporters riding along not close to the conflict as they were “embedded” with ally soldiers.

Some who ventured off into dangerous territory, such as Daniel Pearl, were kidnapped, tortured, and either held for ransom and/or murdered. It is not as if the profession never gets in danger, but that kind of reportage is rare. You are more likely going to get to cover TIFF than a war zone, and truth be told, sadly, more people will tune to you interviewing actors than soldiers.

But this ruling in Australia that “traumatized” journalists need compensation for it. Does the public have the right to demand the same compensation if the press regularly traumatizes them?

We have had falsely accused people be demonized in the press. I know I was traumatized by the propagandistic coverage of the Yugoslav — far more than watching the devastating footage that directly contradicted what the media proclaimed.

Because when the consensus is that your people are villains, and you know that is not the truth, but the label is permanently stuck on you as you are watching footage that shows atrocities being ignored by the press, you can never go back to your previous sense of trust — and you know that that same disreputable group will do everything to make that dishonest label stick on you if push came to shove, accusing you of everything of deception to insanity.

But that doesn’t count.

What this ruling will do is give media companies the freedom of never assigning anything that can be deemed “traumatic.” Go cover the starlets at TIFF. That’s safe and cheap.

Because that’s what they are doing when they are not gossiping about Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau…

Some unexpected major ass-covering thanks to the Wilson-Raybould testimony.

Jody Wilson-Raybould had let it be known that Katie Telford, one of the Trudeau 11, had promised her that journalists could be “lined-up” to spin her actions if she played nice.

The Toronto Star had a meltdown, and their public editor was trying to spin this revelation very, very hard:

The notion that the office of the prime minister of Canada — or any other politician or public official — could simply “lineup all kinds of people to write op-eds” and expect them to be automatically published in newspapers like the Toronto Star, is both disturbing and laughable.

It cynically suggests that our journalism is a passive process of publishing to appease powerful special interests.

Because it is.

The Toronto Star used its own newspaper to lobby the government for money. That comes with strings attached. They knew the kind of slimeball the prime minister was — and all this time lavished praise on his majesty without ever telling readers who he really was. They hang around him, and they hear the rumblings in the belly of the beast. Why didn’t the Star let people know what pressure Wilson-Raybould was under beforehand? Why did it take the former justice minister to drop that bombshell now?

Because the Star was too busy navel-gazing and throwing diva fits instead of doing their jobs. They will only go after a politician if he isn’t kissing up to them. Telford wouldn’t have been so confident unless she had it in the bag. The entire scheme hinged on having a positive and sunny image so people didn’t know what was going on — and a government allowing a corrupt corporation to write the law and slip it in an omnibus bill qualifies.

But then comes this knee-slapper:

Journalistic standards demand that journalists weigh any information offered for publication in any section of the Star with a strong measure of skepticism, the imperative for verification of facts and consideration of the public interest.


With no empirical standards? Do not make me laugh, but this is the funniest part of this ass-covering piece of dreck:

On the opinion pages, the Star makes strong efforts to disclose any relevant information about its outside contributors to indicate to readers any special interests involved. All those who submit op-eds to the Star for publication consideration receive a detailed email that makes clear, “If you have an involvement in or connection with an issue that is not apparent from your credentials or the content of the article, you must disclose that to the Star.”

Did you tell people how you got a six figure contract with the feds? No? I rest my case.

The revelation probably went over more heads than not, but it is a serious question — and problem that needs to be exposed. Of course journalism here refuses to change — they figure kissing up to a corrupt regime ready to give out other people’s money will save them instead…

Canadian journalists march lockstep with the government? You don't say, Blacklock's Reporter!

Canadian journalism is in the pockets of the federal Liberals? Knock me over with a feather.

No kidding.

One publication here points out the obvious:

Jody Wilson-Raybould in February 27 testimony at the Commons justice committee recounted the boast by the Prime Minister’s Office seeking to quash a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. The former attorney general cited a remark by Katie Telford, chief of staff to the Prime Minister, at a December 18, 2018 meeting: “If you are nervous, we would of course line up all kinds of people to write op-eds that what she is doing is proper.”

We will spew propaganda to the little people!

If only journalism in Canada didn’t collapse.

But it did.

That’s why the federal Grits made them beg and plea to get some free cash money to save their worthless asses so that they could call in every favour and the beggars would march to those orders.

That’s why SNC-Lavalin got so much goodies — so that they too can do this regime’s vile bidding.

So don’t ask why.

The Grits are using more than just taxpayer money to bribe people — they are borrowing money this country doesn’t have in order to prop up a corrupted regime.

And deliberately propping up money-losing conmen willing to do anything to keep the free ride going, taking civilian economic hostages as a bargaining chip.

Brutes in suits, indeed.

The charade could go on so long as the Middle Class didn’t feel threatened. They will go along with the shady narrative so long as they can keep things going.

But then Donald Trump threw tariffs. The Saudis pulled out of a lot of things. Then the Chinese became enraged.

And we are seeing a lot of factories and stores closing. Housing sales have hit a wall.

Things aren’t going according to the plan. No more goodwill. No more slack.

And all these third-term problem are happening in the first term. The rate of decay reflects the rate of decay in journalism.

But that’s what happens when you are not a visionary or an innovator who has to resort to feints and scripts. You don’t see that riding on the press is going to work against you. You can give them money all you want, they can’t get their act together for a reason. If Telford honestly thought “lining up” the media minions was going to be a good plan, she is a tool. Who told you that plan was going to work? Your grampy?

Now that Justin Trudeau’s other face has been revealed, he can be Canada’s next reviled villain. So much for the plan of getting op-ed people to applaud the prime minister when that same column ended in this way:

By sickening everyone, Mr. Trudeau might have just united the country – against him.

Good job, Katie Telford!

And you thought 2019 going to be boring.

I said a humbling was in the cards for the players this year, after all…


Naked Reality: Painting pictures of reality requires the cowards to be squeamish.

KTLA anchor Chris Burrous died very young. He was married with a child, but died in a motel room of a crystal meth overdose philandering with a paramour.

Variety kept out the gory details with the neo-Victoirans deciding Burrous was a “nice guy” even as he was holed up in motel rooms stoned as his child could have died a thousand deaths.

The Blaze, on the other hand, left out no detail. This is making the Middle Class people very squeamish.

Too bad for them.

It is tiresome how the phrase “nice guy” is overused with reckless abandon. What makes a “nice guy”?

According to the comments on variety, having a sunny smile.

Yeah, that’s a real sign of a nice guy.

I do believe in airing all of the details. People need to deal with reality. Families may want to hide those details, but they’ve no right to do it. People need to stop trying to be amateur publicists, and often, their motives are not all that noble. They may wish to bank on that pseudo-pristine image, or they are also doing sketchy things and it want it hidden. We cannot assume people are being protective of a loved one.

And it is time to break away from the shackles of the Patriarchal. If we stop thinking in terms of good guy and bad guy, and think in terms of facts, we get a more accurate picture of who we are as a society. We don’t get cocky or insecure: it is what it is, and that’s all there is to it.

Why is naked reality so important?

Because often we miss very serious things because of our tendency to sweep things under the rug.

Crystal meth is not a little harmless drug. it is highly addictive and causes psychological problems.

What we have is extreme self-indulgence that brought on a fatal consequence. We actually know nothing about this man — and a smile reveals not very much.

Journalism was supposed to make the world naked. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and the mysterious so that we would know where we stand. Spinning narratives, hiding uncomfortable facts, and making excuses it the way to tell lies, not see the truth.

There are severe consequences. A dead body, and a child who has one parent less.

A person can be troubled, but if they are not nice to themselves, that is a red flag that needs to be acknowledged and factored in. You can throw temper tantrums all you want, but a dead body is something we should try to avoid, and enabling troubled behaviour is the best way to keep a body count very high…

SNC-Lavilin throws temper tantrum. Memo to you beggars: You got government largesse. You don't get a say when enough is enough.




I find the current model of journalistic propaganda to be both parts laughable and childish: every little group are behaving like diva beggars: demanding some They foot the bill and solve their problems. Nice try: how about stop looking for some powerful servant — or genie — to save you from life and create and solve on your own first.

Memo to the world: We all need money. We can never have enough. When a government promises to spend taxpayer’s money, it is never enough. The activists never say, “Thank you.” They never say, “This is generous and we are grateful as there isn’t that much to go around, but now we can do something.” Never.

Everyone has the waterworks and journalists morally masturbate in public, allowing the whining to go on unchallenged. They never ask these groups to open their books or prove that they are doing anything. It is a base assumption that they are, and while some do, some don’t.

Or they aren’t being realistic. Stop putting your hand out looking for money and then demand the government do all of the work.

There isn’t a bottomless pit of money to go around. We are in an Age of Propaganda where people make demands of others as they demand their rights, but ignore their own responsibilities. Adults wanting to be nannied — even those so-called Titans of Industry.

Here is a corrupt company — SNC-Lavalin who makes huge demands from the government — lobbying for special treatment (as an aside, if you wish to look at the lobbyists in Canada, you can search here) in the courts as they do all sorts of dirty deeds, and then turn around and say they had “enough” and want to spin a narrative that fellates them.

And they got billions of dollars from taxpayers in “support.”

Excuse me, you need billions from taxpayers, and you think you can say “enough”?

No, you cannot. It is one thing if you are completely independent, then you can say “enough”, but when you are being bankrolled this way, you cannot just throw a temper tantrum and act as if you are kings, because gentlemen, you are not.

Beggars are not kings, and even kings and queens must answer to the people.

That’s reality.

If you do not want to answer to others, then strike it on your own.

The more independent you are, the more control you can exert and the greater the individuality you can express. You can make demands when you are beholden to no one.

The misdirection of making demands on those we are dependent on have a flaw: if the benefactor has had enough — they can bail by choice or by natural consequence.

You can scream and shame them, they can walk away, and pull a Thidwick.

The less we demand for others to meddle in our affairs, the bigger say we have.

The fight is for independence, not dependence.

The point is freedom, not confinement.

The duty is to create our own path, not be at the mercy of others.

We are seeing a generation demanding to be beggars who are trying to shame people into not seeing the obvious ruse. They do not know the ways of the wild, as they willfully seek to live in a cage where their overlords hold their lives in their hands.

And that includes SNC-Lavalin who think their blustering can hide the ugly truth.

The trouble is, reality isn’t lifting a finger to help them hide their rot…

Is The New York Times treasonous propaganda? Or just tantrum-throwing brats?

How silly is the New York Times? Do they think that they are smart enough to fool all of the people all of the time?

The New York Times is propaganda. It has an on-going spat with the US President, and truth be told, they got the Trump Machine going way back in 1976.

Trump wisely dumped the news media when he saw they collapsed and Twittered his way to the White House and the Times were in shock.

Denials that Twitter got him into power. One article accuses Trump of “hacking” the media. No, he bypassed you losers.

Just like millions of other people who flocked to Twitter and Facebook.

And ever since then, the Times has had a personal vendetta against the man who proved they are no longer relevant.

We can look at countless articles and columns that can only be described as wicked:

Trump the Anti-American

Trump Is Cracking Up

Trump: King of Chaos with this passage:

Rather, I believe that this chaos is the perpetual result of the absolute incompetence and idiocy of a preening philistine who has faked his way through life pretending that he knows more than he does and is tougher than he is.

Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?

The 25th Amendment Solution for Removing Trump

The People vs. Donald J. Trump

He is demonstrably unfit for office. What are we waiting for?

Who Decides Whether Trump Is Unfit to Govern?

Is Mr. Trump Nuts?

The Times even published a fictional story about his assassination.

This is abnormal behaviour. Ted Bundy is getting better press these days.

I cannot imagine too many national leaders who would tolerate this kind of relentless and unsubstantiated abuse from their press. Some would go so far as to call it treasonous as it openly encourages some loon to cause extreme harm to that leader.

If anyone disagrees, then let them put their comfort where their mouth is: for the next four years, they must allow their name to be placed in New York Times’ pieces with the same wording, implications, and intensities — and not say one word of complaint.

And if you think you are above reproach, we will let every bully, ex-lover or spouse, and enemy you ever had do the articles on you, day in and day out.

You will have a smile on your face as the world gets to read what other people think of you. No objecting, no explaining, no anger, no calling a single accusation a lie.

I could have plastered more, but the point has been made. The Times has gone beyond overkill. It is not a news product. It is a propagandistic one.

They can dish the obscene vitriol, but when the President pushes back, they lose their brain cell:

Trump Attacks The Times, in a Week of Unease for the American Press

You call the man evil and insane on a regular basis, and then you get in a tizzy because he calls you out for it? Why the unease? You employ extremist propagandistic measures and then you are shocked that your ways are coming back to you? Are you narcissists deluded? Are you nuts? Stupid?


Or just spoiled brats?

The article is nothing more than a hypocritical tirade:

Even by his standards, President Trump’s biting attacks on the press this week stand out.

He has praised a libel lawsuit against The Washington Post, called for “retribution” against NBC for satirizing him on “Saturday Night Live” and, on Wednesday, issued his sharpest words yet against The New York Times, calling the newspaper “a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

So what? You called him a lot worse than that. The Washington Post deserved to be sued. For all the talk about poor teenagers getting shot and killed — they distorted an event and could have easily incited some unbalanced loon to harm Nick Sandmann. He will carry this scar for life.

And you are an enemy to the truth. You are an enemy to rationality. You are an enemy to face and demand to know why you have allowed such sickness to corrupt the information stream.

You are behaving like a cabal of vindictive psychopaths.

One upon a time you would have gone on a berserker rage on someone and they would have been seen as pariahs for life. Now, you do this extreme hate puking nonstop and you cannot make a dent.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? That’s the very definition of lunacy.

One day, sensibility will come back to fashion and people will read your propaganda, and shake their heads, wondering how a single person could have an ounce of respect for the New York Times.

I will tell them the truth: that you are predators and propagandists who lost you superpowers, and then became unhinged trying to grab it back.

But democracy had better ideas.

So did reality and the truth.

And then people will begin to chuckle, and laugh at the lies you spewed oh so very seriously.

And then they will wonder if you just were attacking the president or was this your modus operandi, and I will point them to all of your other sins, such as your famous bullshit story about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, how often you crib from press releases, how you let Harvey Weinstein get a free pass and drooled over him, how you allowed con men to present themselves as business tycoons, fucking up countless lives in the process, and how you skewed coverage of other wars…

And I can already do that with a single red book.


I am still keeping tabs on your games and propaganda. It’s not hard: you keep using the same primitive feints.

You are just not the potent minions who could deliver the way you used to be.

And it must eat you alive…

Lara Logan says the things I have been saying for years. And writing books on.

I went into journalism to find out how and why it wasn’t doing what it was proclaiming it was doing.

In 2018, my book When Journalism was a Thing came out outlining it.


The book was ignored by the press. I did three interviews in total, and it isn’t as if my publisher or me didn’t put it out there to be discussed. I had similar problems with OutFoxed and Don’t Believe It! back in 2005, but I still had more interviews for those than I did for this one.

Because I back up what I say with facts. Just look at my reference section if you want to play mind games so that you can knock it off.

Jill Abramson went after her old profession, but then got pummelled immediately.

Lara Logan is the next one in line, and she too is getting thrashed for it. Even in Variety, they cannot just report on her comments, they have to bullshit, too:

Logan’s “Hannity” comments come on the same day anchors at MSNBC and CNN, as well as prominent Democratic politicians, were found to have been targeted by a Maryland Coast Guard lieutenant after he was arrested on a firearms charge. CNN’s Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Van Jones and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Chris Hayes and Ari Melber were among the media figures cited in a computer file that prosecutors believe was a list of public figures targeted for racially and politically motivated attacks. 

So do actors, politicians, police, teenagers, and regular citizens all the time. The US doesn’t have regular school shootings because you don’t have that kind of garbage going on. You have a loon who was caught. Get over yourselves and stop avoiding the criticisms.

How many people has the press made targets because of their reportage? I noticed the Variety article didn’t spew about the $250 million dollar lawsuit filed against the Washington Post or all of the outlets that treated the Smollett hoax as if it were real. Very convenient.

While I agree with Logan that Western mainstream media is overwhelmingly limousine liberal, the bigger problem is the umempirical methods the press uses. Your plumber could have radically different politics than yours, but the leftie and the rightie will still fix your plumbing problems in the same way.

If there was true discipline in the profession, it wouldn’t matter: it would not be able to creep in and taint the product.

But notice it is women who are standing up to the profession’s horrific and entrenched problems. This is the reason why we are seeing those kinds of attacks. The profession is a misogynistic one. France’s journalistic garbage is being exposed, but they aren’t in isolation by any means.

The profession is pure garbage. It shouldn’t be garbage. There is no logical or inevitable reason, but when you have undisciplined brats allowed to take control of the playroom, that’s what happens.

Change will not come from the profession. It will not come from universities. It will come, but not from the two places that should be doing it.

The Smollett Debacle is proof that the profession just spews propaganda and lies, not truths or reality. It is pure lunacy, and Logan’s critique truly doesn’t go far enough or deep enough…

The New York Times is no ally of the people, but antiquated crib note makers never are, either.

The US President has declared the New York Times an “enemy of the people.” He is not wrong, but there more to it than that.

In my latest book, I chronicle just how worthless the New York Times is as a journalistic property. It is crib notes for the shoddily-educated Middle Class in order to let them know what to think about and how to think about them so they do not cause waves at cocktail parties.

The Times is not a friend to the people. It is not an ally, either.

They are but a pawn in a political war between the Left and the Right. Ideologically tolerant they are not. Helpful they are not.

And their business coverage is beyond pathetic with multiple con men being portrayed as Titans of Industry. The worst of the Times’ manipulations came when they uncovered the president’s tax returns — they could have done that decades ago as they were reporting on him, lavishing positive press. That’s not what “friends” do.

Their list of sins is long and severe. I have discussed them at length here and in my first and fourth books. The president may have self-serving reasons for pointing out the obvious, but make no mistake, you are a gullible idiot if you believe you are informed or intelligent for reading it.

I take no sides in a war between the Left and Right. Don’t make up self-serving rules and think I will fall for it, giving away my power and my voice to some poseurs who want things without earning them. That’s not my thing, and don’t expect me to fall for those ruses in the first place…

Narrative hyperbole, Canadian-style: the Gerald Butts yarn doesn't hold water.

The columnists are marching lockstep, a huge sign that the story told isn’t the real story.

Both the National Post and the Globe and Mail seem to Gerald Butts — aka General Jeeves the Manservant General — was responsible for Trudeau being Prime Minister. Don’t kid yourselves.

As I have said long before this mess, Canadians love their luxury brand politicians. Mom and/or dad was a politician of note? You will be, too. You can mess up, and people will still vote you, at least in the beginning. Zero-Risk dictates that train of thought.

A Trudeau doesn’t need a Gerald Butts to become a Prime Minister. He has the name. That’s good enough.

Much has been made of Butts’ tenure under premier Dalton McGuinty. Big deal: McGuinty also has the name. That’s good enough.

The press has made it sound as if Butts was a visionary founder of a start-up he made from scratch when what he has is a talent for riding in already-established properties.

And what makes him indispensable or cunning? Bitch-slapping critics on Twitter? Sticking close to the ones in power, never giving them any space or chance to see how they function without him? Meddling and keeping people away? “Virtue-signalling” that hints at deliberate deflection because of the idea that offence is the best defence?

That sounds like a crap marriage to a control freak rather than a strategy guru. That doesn’t take any particular brains or skill.

And for all the gushing, McGuinty had to bail. Trudeau’s first lap around 22 Sussex has been plagued by scandals usually exposed during the second or third lap. This kind of bad publicity and in-fighting is unprecedented in a freshman regime here. What the hell?

Butts failed upwards until he couldn’t deliver the goods, which he never really had to do because his overlords had built-in votes.

This passage from the National Post made me laugh:

In 16 years, I have never had occasion to think he lied to me, so I am obliged to take at face value his statement that he has done nothing wrong, and that he quit as Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary on Monday because he doesn’t want to be a distraction for a government fighting to retain its credibility against the background of the SNC-Lavalin affair.

He didn’t do anything right, either. He knew how to name-coast. The end. Big whoop.

And the Globe headline is even funnier:

Where does Trudeau go without Butts?

Maybe if the little brat had to do his own original thinking for once and not listen to hangers on, perhaps he could actually do the job, but that takes guts, not an entourage, and not cheap props like ugly socks, a selfie stick, or culturally appropriated Bollywood costumes.

We tend to forget how much random factors play into our lives. The zeitgeist and ortgeist often make our good timing seem as if there is something more to it. Keep close to power and often people will think you are a cause for it.  Correlation does not imply causation.

A lot of people will be rattled, nonetheless. The Grits blinked, and that’s bad enough. The cracks have opened enough weak spots to strike, and it is interesting to see how easily people delude themselves — and then psyche themselves out as the rest of the world watches…

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.01.58 AM.png

Microsoft's Backdoor Big Brother Censorship Scheme: Newsguard as Meta-Propaganda.

Microsoft wants to get into the propaganda game.

Newsguard is meta-propaganda. That is the only apt term to describe it. What “approves” is based on non-empirical methods; so it is pure garbage.

And now they want to filter the news for you.

I don’t need Big Brother nannying me. It is far better to be media-savvy and see that none of the players left or right have a clue, than let a corporation meddle in your knowledge-base.

It won’t work, of course, because it has the same lockstep ideology as Facebook, and we can see how well they did playing the same propagandist’s game…

Memo to Wired: Journalism is dead, even if the corpse goes back to its partisan, patriarchal, and propagandistic roots.

The idiots at Wired are trying for a cinematic moment with this piece of bullshit wishful thinking:

Journalism Isn't Dying. It's Returning to Its Roots

No, garbage pukers: journalism is dead. Own it, you deluded losers.

Journalism is a zombie moseying about aimlessly, still hoping everyone will give up their social media accounts and come crawling back to them.

Not happening.

The zombie has gone back to its roots, but that means they are returning to:

  1. Partisan reporting

  2. Propaganda spewing

  3. Patriarchal structures.

Oh, like that’s a good thing.

Is this journalism’s MAGA?

Make journalism great again!

Journalism was never great. It always needed discipline, but it got away with it because it was the only communications game in town.

And if you need proof that journalism is dead — Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and they defended their overlord, and nothing took.

He took to Medium to defend himself — and then people paid attention.

Do you morons understand the reality of your situation?

The man owns The Washington Fucking Post and he went to a social media platform for pretentious nerds — and nobody reads Medium, and yet that took off more than what The Washington Post puked.

He could have written his response there.

He chose a wobbly social media platform.

So, Wired, go fuck yourselves, and stop pretending you matter anymore…