How Journalistic OCD helped the Anti-Abortionists: All Trump, all the time was the perfect misdirection.

When the 2016 US presidential race was in full-swing, a lot of people on the Left lost their goodwill with me with their arrogant and patronizing tone they took with me. I repeatedly said Trump would win because Hillary Clinton did not understand the nuances of political battle. She thought she was smarter than Bill Clinton who does have the gut instinct for it, and she was dead wrong. Her hubris cost her an easy victory.

Just to make clear how important instinct is, let’s review her advantages: all but two newspapers endorsed her. The press was overwhelmingly on her side. She had political experience, hijacked the DNC, had name recognition, had a husband win two presidential races, had scads of money, and had the endorsement of the previous president how made her Secretary of State.

And she blew it.

This is gross incompetency. Neither one of her pathetic excuses are legitimate. Do not blame the head of the FBI, James Comey. You are not going to inherit perfect employees if you are president.

Do not blame the Russians. Your job as president is to outwit almost 200 meddling nations as your day job.

There was no way in Hell Clinton was going to win, given all of her advantages. You cannot prop up a turkey.

Trump has gut instinct. She doesn’t. There is no contest. The end.

And it was obvious. The press, who are just as oblivious as Clinton, saw the advantages, but did not have the gut instinct themselves to see how worthless those “advantages” are. They were too stupid to see their own collapse. Trump saw their collapse, and took to Twitter to win, bypassing them completely — and make no mistake — he used the press for decades and if he wanted to do it again, he could have.

He chose not to expend unnecessary energy.

If journalists had a shred of competency, his win should have triggered a major internal overhaul and awakening of all of the things they were doing wrong.

Instead, they developed a collective case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ignored 7.5 billion people on this planet and strictly focussed on dissing Trump. They are still losing money and audiences. They have not risen from the ashes; so obviously that is a loser strategy.

But for women on the Left, they became equally stupid — and there is no other word to describe it. Stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.

They all, like mindless geese, obsessed over Trump, turning their Facebook feeds into one ling rambling anti-Trump grumpfest. Society isn’t your kids or spouse where nagging and shaming will work. Your oppressors have no respect for your opinions, you do not have a good aura or vibes, and no, things do not magically work out for the best at the end. You have to fight a real fight with a real strategy for that to happen.

The whining accomplishes nothing because women’s fortunes never resided in federal policies so much as they do on state policies and law.

When Trump won, I repeatedly point this out to people on the Left, particularly women: two thirds of state governors are on the RIght. This is where the real problem is going to be for you. Forget Trump, he is not your enemy. The press are mad at him for proving the truth about their reality, and you have no horse in that race.

I was insulted, and rudely so. Repeatedly. I didn’t know what I was talking about, with a few hints that my Slavic inferiority was no match for their Western European superiority, and maybe I was some sort of Russian agent trying to trick them. Stop smoking pot, you paranoid trolls. I replied that governors in those states were going to go after abortion laws, and those were the races that should have mattered most to women in 2016 because states have a greater impact on daily life than federal policies. Know your levels of government and stop being a follower.

Now we have Leftist conniptions because states are all going at once full-force on abortion rights. It is coordinated, and it got this far for the simple reason while dumb fucks were kvetching about Trump, political operatives on the Right — who are far more politically-savvy than the pseudo-sophisticated and university educated Middle Class lefties — remembered their high school Civics lessons and went after states, not the federal regime.

This fuckery would have never seen the light of day if women on the Left had a clue about their governments. I am a Canadian, and I know it well.

But Western thinking is very rigid and rote. Instinct is beaten out of women at an early age with Disney Princesses and fairy tales. It is about gawking at Kardashians and Real Housewives, and not knowing about women who fight a thousand wars everyday just so that every other woman can fulfill her dreams and live the happiest life in the world.

To all those women who fight those battles, thank you.

To all those women who drool and watch Real Housewives as you corrupt your daughters on Disney shit, fuck you, you destructive asshole.

And to all those women who were sleepwalking for the last two years: wake up, fairy princess, thanks to your hamster wheel running, you let the oppressors score some major victories. That’s on you.

Don’t follow the press. They fucked up their own profession. Be teachable. Be humble. Be proactive. Listen to advice.

And stop being like a parrot, mimicking what other people with vested interests tell you to say. No one can afford to be a follower anymore…

New York Times spews garbage and is not the feminist paper of record: How journalism failed women and still do in 2019.

The New York Times is pure garbage, and this bullshit article can be classified under Too Little, Too Late, Assholes.

Why do we have psychopaths get elected? We absolutely know these hypocrites lie to the public, have affairs, take bribes, and do all of the things that they proclaim they find morally reprehensible.

I know this because I worked as a journalist and hung around the halls of various public offices and saw the floozies get passed around various politicians who then gave them patronage appointments — and journalists saw this up close every day and said nothing.

Journalists also play those games as the Times’s own Ali Watkins did…and faced no consequences for it.

So to all of you women who are upset about the oppressive and illegal anti-abortion laws, here is the memo:

Journalists could have exposed these con artists before they ever got elected. They could have told you about their mistresses, lies, hypocrisy, and every other immoral, illegal, and shady thing they do out in the open. They could snap pictures of their drug use, casting couch antics, and everything else, but they keep quiet.

In other words, it is the sin of omission.

So let us not pretend the press is a friend to women. It never was, and it never will be.

They could also expose the lies and cons of far Right activists by exposing their affairs and how they snag their man by getting knocked up before marriage. They could expose these charlatans with ease.

So if you want to know how to break the iron grip of a lunatic fringe, start by demanding that newspapers such as the Times reveal all the dirty little secrets they are keeping from the public.

It will sicken you. It will shock and appal you — but by now, it should never surprise you…

Why feminism keeps getting it wrong: Stop putting all your eggs in one political basket.







Republican State Sen. Kim LaSata is channelling Dr. Josef Mengele. The worthless motherfucker had this to say about abortion:

“Of course it should be hard!” the senator from St. Joseph exclaimed. “And the procedure should be painful! And you should allow God to take over!! And you should deliver that baby!”

That’s not godly, you worthless cocksucker. That is devil-worshipping. That is how psychopaths think. They always find a way to blame victims for torturing them. Why is this bimbo bitch allowed to be in power in the first place? If this shit is such a good Christian, then please, LaSata, tell me where in the bible does it say to do this to women? You’re the kind Jesus stood up to, not for. Fuck you. You are weak and trying to prey upon the strong.

I am certain Hell is making a special padded room just for her when it is her time for eternal damnation, but for the rest of us moral and sane women who cherish our freedoms from torture-lovers and other scum, why aren’t women free in 2019?

Where did feminism go wrong?

For starters, it’s allowing this kind of propaganda to corrupt our thinking.


What the fuck are you trying to prove? That you are helpless and weak? Don’t listen to Margaret Atwood. She’s an oblivious tool.

So, uh, no.

Wrong mindset.

Try this instead.


And then this.


Feminism has two major problems now.

The first, it doesn’t go for the jugular. It is always reactive and always defensive.

Try the Chicago Way.

But instead of sending people to morgues, you should be sending bad policies and ideas to the morgue.

Such as anti-abortion.

If you do not believe in abortion, then don’t have one. Your right ends where my body begins.

Feminists have to learn to send misogynistic concepts to the morgue.

One way is to start pushing to have men’s reproductive rights on the table — and as anti-abortion laws are illegal because they target sex, which is against the law, start making legal arguments that if women are confined, then men must be confined as well.

If anti-abortionists realize the grave they are burying feminists in will be their final resting place for their own freedom, power, and control, they will not know where to turn.

If they insist on being devil-worshippers, they made a deal with the devil and it is high-time they start paying up. They alllow incest, rape, and child molestation to go unpunished; ergo they have no moral compass and cannot be trusted.

That breaks down one fortress. That’s the eye of the storm — and it allows feminism to start fighting — and then learning the methods of their oppressors. Stop fighting to prevent losses and start fighting to win.

Take spoils and then learn.

But that’s just half a battle.

The second one is more important.

Feminists stick with Left-wing parties which is an incredibly stupid method.

Realistically, there is no fucking in way in Hell that you are going to have one party rule forever. Sooner or later, they fuck up and the other side will take over.

Are you going to have to lose sleep after every election? What’s wrong with you?

Rich white men never have to worry: they always give the same amount of money to both parties, and no matter what, the regime will jive with their intentions.

Feminists have to start going after Right-wing parties — and breaking into those parties and keep doing it until their rights and freedoms are always off the table.

When you storm and flood, dumb fucks like LaSata cannot function: she just memorizes a little rule and thinks she is a cunning strategist who has a fortress where she cannot be challenged. Wipe the floor with her — not just through a Democratic ticket — but also a Republican one.

And should the sexists form a new party — do the same thing.

Instead of moping and being useless in red cosplay, start becoming a living nightmare to oppressors.

Break their rigs. Do not validate their structures of thought.

Suffragists broke into politics by fighting for the right to vote.

You prevent regression if you fight to break into sexist parties and make them bend to your demands.

May every single party be civilized and not try to gain and elevate themselves by oppressing and stomping on others. Fuck that shit. Enough is enough.

If you do not believe in abortion, don’t have an abortion. The end. That’s your sanctioned insanity.

But you do not have the right to tell other adults what to do with their bodies. That’s plain evil.

So don’t morally masturbate and pretend you believe in a god if your ideas involve inflicting pain and torture like a Nazi because no one is buying your toxic garbage…

You will never be in the driver's seat unless you are willing to grab the wheel and steer it yourself.






When I was a kid, I loved that ride, but only on one condition.

I got to sit up in front steering the bus.


The bigger and older boys all hogged that seat until I strutted up, grabbed them, and threw them out, and got in there myself.

Boys more than twice my age and size would literally go flying out, while I daintily got in, grabbed the wheel, and giggled.

My mother was mortified, but my grandfather cheered me on, telling all the offended moms of flung out boys that it was his granddaughter who owned those boys’ backsides.

And he didn’t exactly speak English. He knew enough to tell them that — and negotiate and barter at any store, driving down the price.

My grandfather taught me many valuable lessons, and one of them was that if you want to be in the driver’s seat, you better be willing for some rough and tumble, but be sure to grab the steering wheel.

That involves strategy and risk.

But also a plan.

If you are not focussed on your goal, and if you do not believe in yourself, you will always choke and never grab the wheel.

Forget the brass ring.

Get the wheel and drive to your goal.

And when you control the wheel, you have full say in the direction that you are going.

You keep your promise to yourself and you travel up news paths, and straight into the eye of the storm.

No guts, no glory.

You do not nag other people who have control of the wheel of your ride.

You have a lot of women who don’t grasp this Truth.


Here is an idea: put down the sign.

It will not get you anywhere.

And if you have held placards for decades, you are doing something wrong.

That is not a steering wheel.

You are nagging the driver.

Stop nagging the driver.

The one who has the wheel drives. The end.

When I was a kid, I did not ask for permission. I did not ask for approval. I did not seek validation for my choice. Mom would have said no, that’s rude.

And I would have never gotten to be the seat that made me the happiest as everyone else did.

All the boys who had age and height and girth over me.

She was not happy with my choice. I was tickled pink.

But she didn’t punish me. She took me there repeatedly and she took pictures.

Because she knew who I was as a human being.


I had every right to that place because I fought for it based on my own instincts.

I didn’t hold a placard whining that the big boys were hogging that seat for themselves.

That’s what feminism has fallen to in 2019.

Because middle class women lost their instincts and thought a woman who ran for president was feminist.

Hillary Clinton was never a feminist.

Opportunist, yes. Ambitious, yes.

But not feminist.

She never corrected her past errors. She snatched defeat from the jaws of victory — in essence, her campaign made it amply clear that she had to focus of destination, and hence, could not actually grab the steering wheel when it counted the most because she build her house of cards on a lie.

She hesitated.

And then, made up the worst excuses in the history of presidential races: she blamed Russia (external) and James Comey (internal).

As if those two things would not be daily problems for any president.

If you cannot manage the external and internal, you don’t deserve the steering wheel at all.

But what she did was set back feminism and greatly discredited the US left version of it because women bought into her propaganda about the Russians being responsible for her defeat.

Okay, if the Russians could take her out that easily, then what do you imagine her abilities to be if she were president and twenty countries go after the country?

She can’t handle one, according to her convoluted bullshit narrative.

It wasn’t just journalists who banked on Robert Mueller finding collusion. It wasn’t just Democrats who have no actual original ideas or policy except for spending borrowed money.

It was US feminists who bought the lie.

And now they are left with a stunning defeat.

You wasted all of this time and resources nagging and holding placards instead of steering wheels, and you have scribbled paper to show for your efforts.

No amount of offended posturing and chest-thumping is going to alter that reality.

Because nobody with a brain is going to give one flying fuck to your excuses and denials.

You backed a turkey. Her bullshit story cost you goodwill and credibility. The end.

Donald Trump won because he flung out Clinton from that front seat.

He earned it. He jumped into the eye of the storm and he won fair and square.

The moment he announced his candidacy, I knew he would win and Clinton would lose.

I know determination when I see it.

If women want change, they have to change themselves.

They have to change.

They have to confront truths and reality that do not involved any self-serving patriarchal Mary Sue bullshit narrative.

Don’t tell me how you hold paper with scribbles on it. Show me how you handle your ride.

If any American understands the Hero’s Journey and its every nuance, it is Donald J. Trump. I would never begrudge him that. He is not crazy. He is not evil. He is self-indulgent. He is a brilliant strategist. He lives life to the fullest.

I do not ascribe to his politics.

He never asks permission to live his life. Women should study him and learn what it means to drive.

You could also ask me.

I have been doing that since I was a kid.

It was child’s play.

It is still child’s play to me.

And unless your hands are holding a steering wheel, you have zero say in where you are going or when…

Famous Bullshit Stories, Part One: Marrying a Billionaire is a really good idea!


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—George Carlin, from A Place for My Stuff


Patriarchal Fiction Narratives must be one of the “Famous Bullshit Stories” form George Carlin’s Book of the Month Club.

I was a teen when I got the cassette, and my family and I listened to comedy tapes on long car trips. I remember this sketch well because mom had to stop on the side of the road because she — grandma, and I were laughing out loud with tears in our eyes. We couldn’t stop or catch our breath.

But “Famous Bullshit Stories”, got the biggest howling from us all.

While we laughed at other sketches and tapes, nothing beat Book of the Month for us. We were uncontrollable.

But back to Famous Bullshit Stories.

That is a classic.

I actually wanted to call my first book, Don’t Believe It!” How lies become news, Famous Bullshit Stories, but didn’t. That’s Carlin’s gem.

But fiction is nothing but famous bullshit stories.

Like indoctrinating women into thinking that marrying a rich guy is a good idea. He is a hoarder and a bully by default. He has to be on top of a pecking order.

I know this to be true in too many instances. I have known women who married rich men, and they are not allowed to have money on them. They cannot do chores when they want. Their husbands determined every aspect of their lives, and are abusive.

But I also knew it from other places — such as high-end boutiques where husbands doled out money for both the wife — and his slew of mistresses. Many women hid what they bought and owed money to those boutiques, terrified that their husbands would find out she spent more than he decreed. She would buy it on store credit, then tremble in her boots.

I knew as a journalist just how horrific a wealthy husband could be.

Lately, it seems that more women are speaking out about that kind of abuse, from being forced into degrading sex acts with their mates for basic food money, to being starved while the husband buys himself whatever toy he wants.

And let’s not pretend these women didn’t earn that money. Often, the men need the woman to sell all her assets for seed money. She often came up with the idea. She did work in the business. She often financially supported him and his dreams.

And then he repays her by imprisoning her.

I have always said do not waste your time and money playing king-maker. Don’t mom your husband. That takes away from your focus, and while you are too busy making him a Great Man, he has free time to procure mistresses to prove to his business buddies that he is capable of getting women into making bad personal deals where he gets more out of them than they get out from him.

And then the wife and the mistresses must make appointments to clothing stores so they don’t run into each other and have a catfight in the evening gown section.

I am not making this up.

A lot of gender inequality comes from women spending more time on their husband’s careers than their own. I used to make mental notes to myself: Memo to Alexandra Kitty: It’s all about you. Adult male can look after his own ass, and can rely on his Mommy should he be deficient.

I am not married. Footloose and fancy-free. I have had men try to control me, and the odd part was some of them I wasn’t even dating. I have had my own labour of loves and eccentric endeavours, and had men bring me to task that I wasn’t making money, I should do this instead, why I am spending money, literally priming me and grooming me to curb my indulgences and experiments.

I wasn’t hitting them up for cash. They didn’t pay my bills. It was none of their business. Yet they saw nothing wrong with their indulgences and experiments, even if they were losing more money in the bargain.

Correction: losing their wife’s money.

When I started A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, I made certain none of those famous bullshit stories were in there. Sometimes a man was unequal to the female, but she never supported him or used her connections to help him — dude was capable and he equalized himself without his wife having to appease an ego. She had her career and freedom just as he did. If I am writing about a rich man falling in love with a woman, you better believe that she’s a tycoon in her own right. I like ultimate sexy power-couples, but they will be running their own empires, thank you very much.

And I skewer the they billionaire-is-a-good-husband trope every chance I get — always using real-life cases in my stories. The World’s Most Dangerous Woman stories have a lot of billionaires who are wicked husbands. The Detective stories also have bad husbands who think money will control everyone. Those who have power didn’t get it by being nice or generous.

And then there is the Doyenne Assassin.

Not only does she whack the Dreadful who often are rich and powerful, she is also the author of ridiculous books of women sleazing it up the sex ladder to marry billionaires who rescue them — except these trashy books are coded reports of her success hits.

After all, she is the best hitwoman who ever lived. The steamy novelist is just a cover for her.

You don’t mess with the Doyenne Assassin.

Wealth is a nice thing to have. Morals are even better. Our world is one where we reward the tyrants and willingly so. We teach young boys how to be competitive and win at any cost. That’s on society.

If you want a better world, then the story you tell children has to radically change.

Don’t teach little girls to invest in their husbands. Don’t teach little boys to see their families as their means to an end.

Teach both to be self-reliant and confident. Show them how not to get on a hamster wheel. Don’t compete with your neighbours because when you die, no one will bother remembering the big mansion you had.

People have lives and better things to do than be impressed by you or your mate.

If they are like me, they have their indulgences and experiments, and prefer their own eccentric creativities over your gaudy trinkets any day...

Personal freedom in an Age of Propaganda: The shackles do not exist. The magic is just aligning your perceptions with reality.





People who think they have me figured out would be very surprised to know that I have a soft spot for Bettie Page. I have a very cute vest with her pin-up photograph on it. I always found her career interesting: a very cute and perky woman as a fetish model, looking as if she had no idea she was in bondage skivvies. There was always an element of Candid Camera to it all (or, the raunchier Candid Candid Camera that I discovered existed when I was a kid and video rental place had the VHS tapes mixed up. No naked men, just women. Of course). She is the original perky goth, and good on her for it.

I stumbled on Bettie Page as a teenager. I was doing research for something in school, and came across a reference to her, and was very surprised when I found out what she did for a living. This was pre-Internet days; so it wasn’t that easy for me to find, and when I asked who she was, the males either smirked and wouldn’t tell me, or went all Victorian on me, and wouldn’t tell me because it was a “bad” thing to know.

I could pretty much figure out things just by the refusal to tell me that she was a pin-up girl. You have Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler in the same variety store that sold kids candies, but I am going to fall apart knowing that are such things as fetish models?

I think David Lee Roth gave an interview of his affinity for her years prior to his album.


And then, when I finally knew who she was and her place in popular culture, whenever I mentioned her, guys my age flipped their lids. How could I know about Bettie Page?

I also knew about G.G. Allin, which I would then bring up, creating a bigger flip out as if no young woman could possibly know about both Bettie Page and G.G. Allin.

I also knew about obscure comic book characters, the ribald version of Chuck Berry’s Reeling and Rocking, which I owned, and I knew lots of very dirty jokes, too. I may be prim and proper, but I am still a punk.

I found it strange that there was some sort of expectation that my knowledge bank should just include My Little Pony and Revlon.

My reach is global and goes back to ancient times because I am inquisitive by nature, and always up to learning and embracing different things.

I am not petty or jealous. I will learn from all sorts of people past, present, and future, nor do I hoard knowledge or draw artificial lines in the sand.

And if you think you are going to draw a line in the sand and think I won’t cross it, think again. I will not be shamed in some bid to hold me back or frustrate my journey of finding all the deepest truths of the universe.

But it isn’t just Bettie Page I like. My co-favourite queens are Queen Victoria, and the mighty Queen Nzinga, who happens to be Person #32 on the List of People Everyone Should Know. Queen Ana Nzinga was as liberated and badass warrior queen as you can get.


You did not screw around with her.

And that’s an inspirational mindset to live by and I do.

I may get inspired by all sorts of people — notorious, obscure, or even reclusive, but I am not a follower.

Your life must be your own. No one is you nor has the right to set the terms of what you are or are going to be. They will never be you, and drawing lines in the sand is just a game because people think they can shut down any competition because if they don’t, they will “lose” to others.

I am not of that ilk. I never have been, and never will be.

I always respected people who did not heed to authorities or mobs, and could stand alone because they knew what they were doing or saying was the truth.

People will praise you one day, and want to burn you into the ground the next.

So be it.

Their decrees are not mine, nor should they be because people are governed by fear — and do you really want that to be what defines your life?

It doesn’t define mine. It is a wasted emotion.

And I have better things to do than that.

Because in an Age of Propaganda, there is an attempt to shackle people with invisible chains.

They don’t exist. It is a ruse and a scam, just like the line in the sand.

The visionaries see the game and perform a simple, but powerful form of magic.

They align their perceptions with reality, and then see the shackles do not exist, and when you defy the fake shackles, there is no stopping you.

And that’s how new worlds are created…

Pseudo-Progressive Bullshit Stories: Fauxminists belittling feminists of the past.

Here is some social media bullshit.


“Boomer feminism”?

Fuck you, you asshole. Please give a detailed list of all the tangible things you have done for feminism.

Boomer feminists got abortion rights, broke glass ceilings, and pushed for reforms such as birth control, and what did your generation do?

Cosplay at passive protests and accomplish nothing.


Fuck you all. You might as well have been carrying placards saying, “Mommy, make the mean man stop!”

But having no respect for their foremothers is something pseudo-feminists do because they don’t care about feminism or woman’s rights.

They care to stroke their egos by creating false pecking orders where they are the superior to the women who actually struggled and did tangible things that produces results.

It reminds me of an obnoxious 1971 Art Journal article from Jan Thompson about women in Art Nouveau where she treats every woman born before her to be some sort of pathetic weakling while missing all of the feminist seeds found in those art forms.

What pseudo-feminists are doing is propagandistic and revisionist: it is a form of a Strawman fallacy where the past is distorted to make the slacktivists of the present seem more enlightened than those who did all the heavy lifting.

It is ungrateful and disrespectful, let alone manipulative: trying to erase the history of women in the past, which is what misogynists have been doing for centuries.

These are the women who made the castles with their own blood, sweat, and tears., and we now have do-nothings bitch because the wallpaper is dated.

Fuck you.

And heaven forbid if that “Boomer feminist” expresses a controversial opinion. Let’s silence her, eh, fake feminists?

Or fauxminists?

But people who do nothing are always conniving to make genuine hard-workers seem inferior to them.

Feminists do not spend time on Moo getting business cards declaring themselves to be feminists because no one would know by their lethargy.

Strong women do not babble and spew garbage.

They do.

They do for others, such as Irena Sendler, Person #18 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

She was a Polish social worker in the Second World War who saved Jewish children, exposing herself to grave danger, and she paid a terrible price.

And, of course, her efforts were so gloriously ignored for decades.

So the fauxminists of the present are just misogynists putting a enlightenment spin on their old ways.

All of a sudden with absolutely no experience, knowledge, or credentials, they are decreeing who is a feminist or who isn’t.

As if you would know.

Take off those stupid red capes and learn from your foremothers as you compare their accomplishments to yours.

Marching up and down like a bunch of dummies is not feminism.

Once upon a time, when women had no options, they took it as a last resort.

You fairy princesses should have evolved by now.

You have created no laws.

You have founded no new political parties.

You have started no original school of thought.

You are a whining and judgemental void who have yet to make a single contribution to feminism or the world in general...

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Three: Chaser was the Feminist Intercept before the Intercept. Remember that.

Open Democracy once whined that there was no feminist Intercept, which I called out as bullshit because there was Chaser Investigative News Services, that was a feminist-based hard news site that was geared for people under 30 and I ran it a decade ago. It was to bring investigative methods that were superior to the standard of the profession to people through social media. I had a hellacious time with it. I did all sorts of stories that had a common touch of things were relevant to everyday people, from how unsafe schools were to a missing woman who turned up at a Take Back the Night Rally and was accidentally photographed by a newspaper photographer to women who were doing hard time for first offences that were minor, and I even was working on cult recruitment on university campuses.


It got some attention. Not enough, but considering how little resources I had at the time, it did get talked about.


I had even gone as far as to have talks with former 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt, but as I recounted elsewhere, we did not part on good terms.

But it was not its time or place. The ideas of a hard news outlet founded by a woman wasn’t going to fly.

You either give in to male tropes of what women are — or what females idealize themselves to be. Going hard after women in power a certain way is still taboo.

But it is necessary as women do not have any playbooks or war manuals designed with their realities and rhythms in mind. That’s why women are always having to claw and on foreign territory, never ones of their making. It is why qualified women get pushed aside and the ones who appeal to sexist sensibilities often usurp those positions, and then make things worse because they are in over their heads because while their shallow windrow-dressing seems right, they have no deep core to actually see the job through.

And that is why so much of what happens in the world is an enigma. Rex Murphy mused in the National Post wondering why the Brett Kavanaugh hate just vanished.

Simple: because those women were pawns exploited by the Democrats in a game of chess, and they lost; ergo, do not draw attention to that failure, drop what isn’t working, and use another set of pigeons to do your dirty work.

I have wondered for a long time why feminists still bother with the Left when it is more than obvious that alliance is garbage that isn’t doing what could be done in days, let alone decades.

We have professional blunderer Chrystia Freeland make a big, old mess out of NAFTA that — had she had what it took do to the job — would have done it months ago without fuss or muss, all while having it fly under the radar. Instead, she is actually trying to spin this debacle as not a big deal, when it was a disaster of the worst sort. When you turn a nation into a vassal state, you fucked up.

The detractors are not “wrong”, they were wronged. There is a big difference. When you are a child, you always spin and deny responsibility, trying to pull one over mommy’s eyes because you have little respect for her or understanding of your own cunning. Adults own up, and are brave enough to be blunt.

If you can never admit you are wrong, then you are never right.

Just look at Hillary Clinton, who wanted to be president, but never learned to own up to her failings, always behaving like a child who has no control, so she can blame others for her missteps.

Not only did she lose a race where she was the odds-on favourite to win, she is learning now, that the Left see her as a problem.

So, to be clear, the Left were never behind her.

And here she goes, blaming Russia for not winning.

And if you spin a narrative that you weren’t making mistakes, then you never change, and keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

When I stopped Chaser Investigative News Services, I did so because I wasn’t gaining traction. I pulled back, and then explored and modified, coming up with A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, which I still do as well as publish books with traditional publishers.

But when I decided to resurrect Chaser, I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes.

I did a lot right, but not everything. A lot of external factors not of my own making caused problems, but some worked in my favour, and others had no impact, either.

I like when things are my fault: it means I have the control to right and modify things.

If it is out of my hands, then there isn’t much I can do.

But it didn’t stop me from trying again.

And I can do traditional publishing ADWSS, and Chaser News.

I am not the same woman I was when I started.

I am a far better woman now than I was back then.

And that is reason to celebrate. It will not be the same old story, or the same old escapade and adventure.

Women who have some sort of attitude problem are fairy princesses who always need some man to install them in their position.

Women who don’t have that problem, can create their own worlds on their own. They aren’t fairy princesses, but warrior and philosopher queens who become eccentric and enigmatic empresses who live life on their own terms.

And we need a new generation of women to strive to be empresses who grow and change as they learn and evolve.

Women have no yet unleashed themselves, and this has become some putrid Victorian Age of prudes and judgemental ninnies who never create something new.

I am not playing into that rigged con, and it is the reason I am eager to start something new that pays homage to the old — but always with the future in mind and at heart…

When governments try to wear a mask of feminism...

It's still not feminism. It is pandering and co-opting, and of course, a form of inoculation. Nothing actually changes, but the government can parade papers they write, and pretend they did something for real with taxpayer money.

The Swedish government is such an entity, shilling its so-called "Feminist foreign policy" manual that I have read, and honestly can say it is patriarchal, patronizing, arrogant, and every bit as Western Euro-centric privileged and sheltered as one can expect from a federal regime.

In other words, a waste of time and energy as it is complete infuriating rubbish.

This manual is the way to control people. It is manipulative in its scope as this is not something up to governments in the first place. This is sheep herding, plain and simple, and written by people who have had mere pseudo-struggles and haven't truly faced what women in the general population or fringes face every day. 

This is the sneaky way of trying to gain control of a narrative by putting on a "feminist" spin. Governments are not matriarchal in any way, shape, or form, and their structure prevents any sort of feminist structure in the first place. You may reward a few women willing to play the game, but they will dutifully follow the Davos Script written and rigged by and for rich white men, and make no real or deep changes.

For example, take Canada, a highly patriarchal country no matter if it happens to swing Left or Right. It should be no wonder that this country's first female prime minister wasn't elected, served a couple of disastrous months as the previous leader made a mess she couldn't fix while also campaigning during an election, and lost...and then fast forward a couple of decades, and the first prime minister self-labeled a "feminist" is wealthy, white, privileged, and male.

Not an ovary to be found on that one.

And Canadian women haven't seen a single improvement in their lives. Yes, he has a cabinet with some women, none of whom are deep thinkers or trailblazing original innovators with vision or gravitas. They all walk lockstep behind their man as they parrot scripts filled with sophistry.

There is no feminism on Parliament Hill. The label lies.

Women keep getting thrown back to the Stone Age. It is yet permissible again for a man to premeditate rape by getting drugged with a powdered or liquid alibi, and then attacking before claiming he can't be held responsible because he was stoned and bladdered...yet if a woman happens to be drunk when it happens, she is held responsible for her actions and the man is acquitted.

That is basic law in Canada. That is the reality.

So any government who pretends to be feminist is a government that deceives as it exploits women.

The mask of feminism used today tries to manipulate women and take the biggest threats to their power base -- the radical feminist and try to lull them by pandering to them.

It is no different than grifters selling investment promises in their Ponzi schemes: they make big promises, but never deliver, always having an excuse why the money has been delayed yet again.

It is the reason I don't invest my time or resources with con men or con women, especially when they seem to say exactly what I want to hear...

On the ropes: how journalism -- and feminism -- got themselves into a corner and got pummelled.


In boxing, it is safest to fight in the centre of the ring.


That happens to be the alchemic symbol for gold.


Or, in nature, the eye of the storm.

Because if your opponent gets you on the ropes, you have no room to manoeuvre, and you get pummelled.

Victory comes from the centre, not from the fringe.

Because when you move toward the ropes, you are retreating and fleeing.

And the fall of journalism is actually a very simple case of an entire profession on the ropes because it retreated to the fringe.

What makes this more fascinating is that the profession's strategy was to run toward the fringe instead of fighting in the centre.

And then they get their underpants in knots when people are shouting for them to move away from those ropes that turned into their shackles...and then noose.

 It should have remained a centrist entity. While you often feel surrounded if you stay in the centre as you seem to have enemies coming at you at all sides, the truth is you can keep your freedom and your space if you get yourself off the rigged board.

That means not playing any ideological games.

You do not want to lose your liberties or be checkmated?

Don't get tricked into walking on the board to become a pawn in the first place.

Keep in the centre -- the radical centre.

That means finding a balance to rebel against getting sucked into to dogma used to incite you to become a pawn to fight a player's games. He wins the bounty, never the pawn.

But journalism got suckered and the legacy media thought sticking with the Left was a wise way to pander to the illusion of a Middle Class majority. It looked like a safe hack: here is a class of people who like to fly under the radar, follow authority, consume products to look successful, and do not have the expertise or knowledge to actually understand the various systems used to control their behaviour as they can be easily shamed into retreating if they stray off the sanctioned script with their own ideas that will always be off because they do not have access to the information they actually need to make an informed decision and do not want to be exposed as being ignorant -- and the best part is they will all howl at you if you dare point this out to them, meaning they can be perpetually scammed as they dismiss the critical warnings they need, and then heed to the advice of the grifters playing them.

Diane Sawyer once made is very biting and comedic video short that hit upon it way back in 1986 on David Letterman.

Of course, it was a gag about how Letterman's audiences always seemed to laugh at whatever he spewed and she was "investigating" it, but audiences are those everyday Middle Class mundane people, and you can take it from there.

Play it safe by pandering to the group in the centre.

It is the middle class, after all.

And on first appearances, it seemed as if journalism was sticking in the centre.

But that is looking at the audiences -- not the people in power.

It was to the Left that mainstream journalism were taking their talking points from.

But the Left found themselves on the ropes in November 2016, get pummelled and defeated in every race that mattered.

And journalists got pummelled to death in the bargain.


The Left in North America have been in a hot mess for years, but the kicker is it is a party in perpetual denial about their own flaws and moral lapses.

Point it out, and you are accused of being some Right-wing partisan.

Except I am not a Ring-winger. Never have been. Never will.

But I am not a Left-winger, either.

Western politics reminds me of cable companies: if you want to buy a package, you have to accept all the lousy channels you do not want along with the couple that you want, meaning you are over-paying and are stuck with junk you didn't ask for in the first place in order to get the few that you do.

No, thank you. That's why I don't have cable. I don't even like Netflix. I liked DVDs because I had the exact say of what I wanted, how much of it I wanted, and when I would use it.

Politics runs the same way: it is all or none, just like cults. You have to accept garbage and more garbage than anything of actual value. 

It's how you had women who thought they were feminists defending Bill Clinton as they threw fellow woman Monica Lewinsky under a bus.

Or how you can have a feminist-free federal government in Canada, while they have slap fights over who gets to call themselves a "feminist."


The answer: none of you are feminists. If you are creating a Mean Girls pecking order, you are not feminists. Just because you are ambitious women in positions of power, it doesn't make any of you feminists.

Feminism is about taking your position of power seriously, and not girlishly argue over shallow trivialities. There are women in shelters, on the streets being pimped, getting abused at work -- and you are having a petty spat over semantics?

When you have a Prime Minister who ideologically appropriated the term and then does whatever sexist before him did when faced with a nasty accusation...and you ladies all stand by your man?

Are you serious? There is no federal feminist in government. Not one.

A feminist would be preparing the country for the fallout of a trade war. When -- not if -- tariffs hit the car industry, that's it. We are in for a rough ride, and how well will women against the ropes fare when that happens?

Feminism isn't a label -- it is actions and original thinking that rebels against a script.

Remember the Famous 5?

Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy are Persons #7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 who everyone should know.

Because they fought so women could be considered a Person.


They fought for women to have opportunities -- not who was part of a clique of superiors.

Shame on you all for being petty little wasters of time, resources, and taxpayers's money.

Women who want a better life are in danger if they follow the lead of journalisms because those who have arrived, but yet to deliver are suddenly running toward the ropes, where they are in for a pummelling of their sheltered lives.


Journalism had feminism are having far too much in common for comfort these days. Their labels have been watered down. They lost their focus. Feminism got a huge boost from #MeToo and broke barriers, but there is a difference between arriving and delivering.

Feminism finally arrived.

The problem is it is not delivering.

That's a serious problem, because if you build up an audience with your arrival, and you fail to deliver, they will not give you a second chance, and your failure is entirely on you.

Arriving is hard because if you do not arrive, the failure is on outsiders sabotaging you at every turn to prevent you from gaining access to a wide audience. If you fail to arrive, it is not your own doing. You have no control over getting on the stage.

But failing to deliver is something else entirely.

You have a crowd. You own the stage. You have complete control over both the content and structure of what you will deliver.

And what you have to deliver must absolutely be completely different than what the audience can give to themselves and others -- they are not going to waste their time on you mimicking what they are already doing -- or what they have already seen before. 

You then are a thought thief and a rip-off artist who wants attention, but not by putting actual effort -- and if the audience can do what you can do -- they'll be resentful that they aren't on the stage on you are.

Journalism found itself on the ropes because they failed to clue in that the audience has for the last twenty-five years been able to do the same things journalists were doing on the stage. 

Journalists failed to change their act, and the crowds grew resentful, and rightfully asked why should reporters deliver the same old garbage when anyone in the audience can do that from their smartphone. The audience rebelled, and rushed the stage, turning it into a boxing ring.

The professions was on the ropes and then in November 2016, Donald Trump waltzed in and pummelled them as he won the championship bout and the keys to the White House.

His timing was perfect. Journalism's comprehension of their defeat is nil.

They still believe they are without flaw, and then came to the dysfunctional conclusion that being on the ropes was a viable strategy that was both noble and would eventually give them a victory.

This is, of course, pure lunacy.

And the more they talked themselves into their own demented logic, the less of reality they could see. Not just their present reality in the West, but the reality of the past from different places.

We see nonsense propaganda articles from the Business Insider that hypothesize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez non-functional ideas will work.

She is advocating the same flawed trash that was used in the former Yugoslavia -- you know, non-existent country that slaughtered each other when that strategy screwed them royally. If she is historically illiterate, the press should not enable those delusions. 

Anyone who relies on a parasitic economic and political system needs a stronger host country to feed it, and the US doesn't have a stronger host willing to allow them to do it.

Journalism has now come to the conclusion that socialism will save them, and if people do not want to willingly use their trash, they should be forced to pay for it, even if they will never use it.

But, since journalists think they are perfect, they refuse to change a thing. They can be blind, deaf, numb, and unaware of their environment, too arrogant and lazy to change their ways...but somehow, they are right and everyone else is wrong. There is no need to reflect with humility, try new things, and reinvent themselves because they are on the ropes, and what a glorious thing it is to be on the ropes getting your backside whumped.

So they now need a sugar-daddy to prove they were right all along, and everyone has to change and accommodate to prove they are right and don't need to alter a thing.

Leftist feminism is now doing the exact the same thing, and expecting a victory, and they can explain away and blame others when they fail to deliver, and in Canada, feminists have failed to deliver.

We saw the fast fall of Patrick Brown, and he is suing CTV, who seem confident they will win.

Perhaps, but when you have a prime minister's excuses imply that the woman's perceptions were not aligned with reality -- and his was -- it is doubtful.

I find it interesting that Justin Trudeau is incapable of admitting flaw or wrongdoing. His behaviour obviously caused someone whose job it was to work with different strangers in a public forum to be distressed enough to report it to her bosses -- and her superiors could trust her enough to believe her. They went public with the story eighteen years ago, and not in a sensationalist way.

And yet we have a prime minister who himself has dragged on this scandal because he cannot let go or come to grips with the idea that he has a character defect and caused someone on the job enough distress to pursue it then.

And considering she is not trying to milk this for all it is worth, merely adds to her credibility.

He is now on the ropes -- and he has no one to blame for it but himself.

When you arrive, you better make sure you can deliver before you step foot on the stage.

Because that stage can transmute into a boxing ring the second you fail to deliver -- and it is a different game you play.

Journalism never got that. Feminism is rapidly following that same loser's strategy.

The problem is that society needs both information and social equality to thrive. You cannot have one half the population getting pummelled on the ropes and not have dire consequences from violence to fraud.

Western society has now entered the Age of Propaganda, which is always dangerous as propaganda doesn't just blind us to society's true problems with trivialities; it also prevents us from seeing our own internal failings and improving on ourselves in a significant way.

Ways that take hard work. Ways that are emotionally and intellectually trying and taxing. Ways that take multiples tries and failures. Ways where we have no They do to it for us. Ways that make us feel uncertain and uncomfortable. Ways that force us to go into the eye of the storm to confront our greatest fears. Ways where there are no shortcuts, scripts, tricks, or hacks where we can preserve our cultivated and choreographed image and make people jealous.

The Left has been trying to avoid paying their dues for a long time now. Hillary Clinton thought enabling indignities was the equivalent, and when she lost, she threw fits, inciting others to make them think it was all a vast Right-wing conspiracy, and not a case of someone scheming to arrive, and then becoming indignant that she was expected to deliver.

Clinton is a huge reason why both journalism and feminism have been stuck in a vortex. They latched on to her ride, but then were too scared to cut the ropes and find their own ways.

There is a void of information right now. Journalism decided it was a good thing to be on the ropes, and feminism is getting the same ideas. Feminism at least is not there yet and can get itself to the centre again instead of alienating any person whose ideas deviate from a script.

But journalism lost it all. They can't go back because they got beaten to death -- and if by some miracle, got a reprieve, they would just march back willingly back on the ropes rather than admit they were ever wrong in any way.

It's the reason we need an alternative. F.R.E.E.D. was created knowing about stages and rings as well as the radical centre. Journalism was always groping in the dark or getting blinded by the light.

One of the most important Truths we must know is that we are all fallible. We can be wrong and someone we dislike can be right. Our opinions of other people do not turn wrongs into rights or vice versa.

Once we understand those Truths, we can adjust our attitudes, and begin to find new paths that we create on our own, working on not just arriving, but on how we plan to deliver once we get there...

The Myth of Liberal Feminism: No, New York Times. The Left do not own feminism. It is an attempt to confine women and use fear to keep them in place.

The New York Times is heavy on the propaganda these days to the point of see-through obnoxiousness.

Jessica Valenti's piece of pseudo-feminist propaganda is a brazen attempt to frighten feminists by ghettoizing them and confining them into a single category: Democrat. The headline is pure fear-mongering sophistry:

The Myth of Conservative Feminism

There is also a bigger myth of Liberal Feminism, and, as a radical feminist, I can tell you that Liberal feminism has become full of it.

The structure of North American thought is pure patriarchal. It is a structure of using chaos to manipulate people who feel vulnerable by invoking primal fear, and then "offering" a solution that is cult-like: run to the guardian protector who will save you from the bad guys.

Yeah, sure.

Women have been seriously lagging and it starts by placing all of their ovaries in one basket.

The political system works against women who always have work within a framework that is rigged to distract them with manipulative arguments they feel obligated to engage in all while having to remove rigs that drain resources and muddies their focus.

This deliberate deflection takes up all sorts of resources, financial to emotional to intellectual -- and is meant to provide enough of a buffer for those in power to retain it. It is a game, after all, and one where inferior people trick superior ones into "solving" endless fake puzzles and "winning" fake battles to feel happy and relieved to win tiny and hollow victories.

As a political atheist, you are not going to play those self-serving games with me. You can insult me, argue with me, try to pretend you are superior to me, whatever. I don't care. There isn't anything in it for me. It is none of my business what other people's narratives about me are. They are irrelevant and unimportant to me -- and the universe.

Really, people, get over yourselves.

But we have women who honestly believe they are "feminist" just because they believe in abortion and vote for liberal parties.

No, you're not. You're someone who has willingly gone on a hamster wheel and run on it like a gullible rube because someone told you to do it.

You believe in lines drawn in the sand. You believe in memorizing someone else's scripts without questioning who wrote them and what do they have to gain from having empty-heads parrot them, thinking they found the winning hack for life.

Because if you are feminist, you are not going to be fooled by fake titles such as liberal and conservative. Those are hypothetical constructs. The bottom line is to ensure that it doesn't matter who comes into power, they are not going to inconvenience you.

The rich are rich for a reason: when it is an election, they give equal campaign contributions to both major parties. This ensures that it doesn't matter who wins -- they will stay rich. People who win will pay back the favour by creating laws that favour their benefactors, while the losing party doesn't try to gain by going after those same benefactors.

Heads the rich win; tails the rich win.

Women who proclaim to be "feminist" are privy to this reality -- so why aren't they ensuring that it doesn't matter who will win -- their interests are never threatened?

So far from there being liberal feminists -- there should be conservative feminists as well. Why should women shake in their boots during every election? What does that accomplish?

And if you are confined to a single party -- then you are at that party's mercy -- not the other way around. This monomania ensures that the party can make threats and drag their feet because all they have to do is point at the other party to frighten the little ladies to go and vote for a party who cannot have any respect for them.

And in the US, the Democrats have no respect for feminists. None. It is a sham.

Who ran as the first female contender for the White House? The little woman of a philandering president who had "feminists" defend him when he was caught sexually exploiting a young female employee who he could crush with his legal team alone. Those pseudo-feminists defended him -- even in the same Op-Ed pages of the New York Times -- those women trounced on the young woman while defending the man who was old enough to be her father.

Those feminists were nothing more than Man Mommies who had to clean up the mess of the guy in power.

And that's who gets to run for president? That's the best American liberal feminism could muster? Shame on them. (Just as no woman on the top list of the wealthiest females created her own wealth without either inheriting or marrying that money -- it is obscene).

Why is abortion still a issue? Do we, for instance, forbid men from getting vasectomies or have the state force them to produce children against their will?

No? Really, why not?

Oh, that's right: because there is no party that puts that outrage on the table. That would be considered to be insane.

The only reason it is still on the table for women is simple: feminists never learned how to diversify their brand.

That's Liberal feminism's failure. That is their shame.

Liberal feminism has been reduced to a single issue: protecting abortion rights at all costs.

That tunnel vision is eroding women's rights, not expanding them.

If Western feminism ever hopes to achieve true equality -- something that we are nowhere near obtaining -- it has to change its mindset, and stop thinking in terms of the artificial binary.

Feminism isn't negotiable; therefore, it cannot be political. It is not about snobbery and petty linear divides: it is about human beings exercising their absolute right to think and not to follow anyone's unnatural beliefs.

That means understanding that feminism must break down walls: not just ceilings.

And that means understanding that conservative women can be feminists just like liberal ones.

And most of all, understanding radical centrists are also feminists.

Because some of us will not be confined by the misdirection of debate, narrative, and opinion.

The New York Times has never been a publication that understood reality, and that is the reason journalism collapsed: it allowed manipulative sophistry to go unchallenged, setting women back further and further in the bargain...