You will never be in the driver's seat unless you are willing to grab the wheel and steer it yourself.






When I was a kid, I loved that ride, but only on one condition.

I got to sit up in front steering the bus.


The bigger and older boys all hogged that seat until I strutted up, grabbed them, and threw them out, and got in there myself.

Boys more than twice my age and size would literally go flying out, while I daintily got in, grabbed the wheel, and giggled.

My mother was mortified, but my grandfather cheered me on, telling all the offended moms of flung out boys that it was his granddaughter who owned those boys’ backsides.

And he didn’t exactly speak English. He knew enough to tell them that — and negotiate and barter at any store, driving down the price.

My grandfather taught me many valuable lessons, and one of them was that if you want to be in the driver’s seat, you better be willing for some rough and tumble, but be sure to grab the steering wheel.

That involves strategy and risk.

But also a plan.

If you are not focussed on your goal, and if you do not believe in yourself, you will always choke and never grab the wheel.

Forget the brass ring.

Get the wheel and drive to your goal.

And when you control the wheel, you have full say in the direction that you are going.

You keep your promise to yourself and you travel up news paths, and straight into the eye of the storm.

No guts, no glory.

You do not nag other people who have control of the wheel of your ride.

You have a lot of women who don’t grasp this Truth.


Here is an idea: put down the sign.

It will not get you anywhere.

And if you have held placards for decades, you are doing something wrong.

That is not a steering wheel.

You are nagging the driver.

Stop nagging the driver.

The one who has the wheel drives. The end.

When I was a kid, I did not ask for permission. I did not ask for approval. I did not seek validation for my choice. Mom would have said no, that’s rude.

And I would have never gotten to be the seat that made me the happiest as everyone else did.

All the boys who had age and height and girth over me.

She was not happy with my choice. I was tickled pink.

But she didn’t punish me. She took me there repeatedly and she took pictures.

Because she knew who I was as a human being.


I had every right to that place because I fought for it based on my own instincts.

I didn’t hold a placard whining that the big boys were hogging that seat for themselves.

That’s what feminism has fallen to in 2019.

Because middle class women lost their instincts and thought a woman who ran for president was feminist.

Hillary Clinton was never a feminist.

Opportunist, yes. Ambitious, yes.

But not feminist.

She never corrected her past errors. She snatched defeat from the jaws of victory — in essence, her campaign made it amply clear that she had to focus of destination, and hence, could not actually grab the steering wheel when it counted the most because she build her house of cards on a lie.

She hesitated.

And then, made up the worst excuses in the history of presidential races: she blamed Russia (external) and James Comey (internal).

As if those two things would not be daily problems for any president.

If you cannot manage the external and internal, you don’t deserve the steering wheel at all.

But what she did was set back feminism and greatly discredited the US left version of it because women bought into her propaganda about the Russians being responsible for her defeat.

Okay, if the Russians could take her out that easily, then what do you imagine her abilities to be if she were president and twenty countries go after the country?

She can’t handle one, according to her convoluted bullshit narrative.

It wasn’t just journalists who banked on Robert Mueller finding collusion. It wasn’t just Democrats who have no actual original ideas or policy except for spending borrowed money.

It was US feminists who bought the lie.

And now they are left with a stunning defeat.

You wasted all of this time and resources nagging and holding placards instead of steering wheels, and you have scribbled paper to show for your efforts.

No amount of offended posturing and chest-thumping is going to alter that reality.

Because nobody with a brain is going to give one flying fuck to your excuses and denials.

You backed a turkey. Her bullshit story cost you goodwill and credibility. The end.

Donald Trump won because he flung out Clinton from that front seat.

He earned it. He jumped into the eye of the storm and he won fair and square.

The moment he announced his candidacy, I knew he would win and Clinton would lose.

I know determination when I see it.

If women want change, they have to change themselves.

They have to change.

They have to confront truths and reality that do not involved any self-serving patriarchal Mary Sue bullshit narrative.

Don’t tell me how you hold paper with scribbles on it. Show me how you handle your ride.

If any American understands the Hero’s Journey and its every nuance, it is Donald J. Trump. I would never begrudge him that. He is not crazy. He is not evil. He is self-indulgent. He is a brilliant strategist. He lives life to the fullest.

I do not ascribe to his politics.

He never asks permission to live his life. Women should study him and learn what it means to drive.

You could also ask me.

I have been doing that since I was a kid.

It was child’s play.

It is still child’s play to me.

And unless your hands are holding a steering wheel, you have zero say in where you are going or when…

Why did US female politicians wear white to the State of the Union? Obviously, they were part of a polygamous sect as their Husband-in-Chief got the spotlight. Faux feminists strike again.




Don’t you just love a mindless cult where women all have to dress alike and rely on cheap and empty symbolism because they have no power or substance?

I know I sure don’t.

This is cosplay for people who don’t have an original idea, but want attention without having any accomplishments to earn it.

It looks like a polygamous cult of unoriginal dressers as they shrewishly stew that their big shot husband gets to talk and be in charge.

Hollywood actresses wore black to the Golden Globes during the beginning of #MeToo.


No better than the aimless protestors all wearing red cosplay.

All we need is some women to prance and vogue with stink face in a group wearing yellow outfits, and American women have summoned the Apocalypse upon themselves to be devoured by reality. Well played.

How about all going as a dancing banana?

Women choosing their outfits in reaction to a man is as un-feminist as one can get.

You are telling the world you are a follower, like a good little woman. You are interchangeable, faceless, and disposable. Individuality, independence, and originality, please.

And no feminist would go along with that farce. Ever. It is the reason why we needed feminism in the first play — to break away from shackles and prisons of uniformity.

You wear what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want, and why you want it. Not what the high school know-it-alls decree as they’re smoking pot in the girl’s room.

You are just confirming that you are nothing but surrounded stones in a game of Go.

And the Atlantic, that partisan rag that always justifies leftist delusions, think those minions upstaged Trump.

No, they didn’t.

They served as a contrast. He has power. Nancy Pelosi looked like she needed to change her underpants.

They actually did their rival’s propaganda for him. A sea of faceless enemies can band together, but the Hero can stand alone.

Do you not know what you all look like?

Villain minions.

The Force is not with you.

These dress-up games should be very concerning for any woman in the US right now.

Whenever there is a reliance on theatre, it is a misdirection used to hide the fact that the person doesn’t have a plan nor power and is relying on stunts.

There is no maturity among the female politicians and it explains a lot. It is petty high school mind games in a place where you are supposed to, you know, have tangible results for the people who elected you.

If the government had genuine feminists, firebrands, trailblazers, rebels, and visionaries, there would be actual results. You can’t dine on symbolism. You are just buying time, hoping some They will do away with your enemy, and then you can lie and say your garbage contributed to it.

And the grifters wore white.

My teenaged self would be devastated that women’s rights were being thrown away in this horrific and childish way, but at least my adult self doesn’t put up with tricks like that…