The circus is in Kosovo...

And professional clowns Bill and Hillary Clinton are there to celebrate their psychopathic choices in bombing Serbs.

Kosovo, the place where doctors were involved in illegal trafficking of organs.

Or didn’t the Clintons tell you that?

The Clintons have seen their fortunes fall as incompetent nerd Hillary couldn’t win an easy and fixed presidential election. She blamed the Russians because she thought it was payback for all the sick and twisted things her and her husband did over there in order to secure their power, including pretending their fake news was real.

Speaking of which, Le Monde Diplomatique has an interesting article (English version here) about all those lies during that civil war waged against the Serbs during the West’s propaganda campaign, with this piece of war propaganda that is too stupid for words:

[Serbs] play football with severed heads, depose corpses, tear off fetuses of pregnant women killed and grill them,” said the German defense minister, the Social Democrat Rudolf Scharping, whose words were repeated by the media…

And yet the deceptive press ran with that canard.

Yes, the press and politicians are worthless scum who try to tell you what to think without facts, logic, or perspective.

They are nothing but clowns, and yet they decree that they deserve respect.

Not happening…

90% of Canadians fell for fake news? Try 100% -- including journalists. I could write a book about that...wait, I already did.

Another bad survey pretending to be fact. Ho hum.

90% of Canadians fell for fake news? Try 100%.

Including journalists who fall for it every single day.

This is a deceptive survey — as if there was real news and fake news as two separate and distinct entities.

Nice try. Journalism isn’t empirical and cribs from PR, so we can discount that theory.

I wrote the book on reporters falling for — and creating — fake news way back in 2005.

And trying to pin this on Facebook is also deceptive as Facebook is not a content creator. They cannot police news just as they cannot police airbrushed selfies or people lying where they are checking in.

“Fake news” is not the problem: because journalism is so sloppy and narrative-driven, it makes it easy to also just make stuff up and speculate wildly as they act self-important.

That doesn’t take effort and is not an actual accomplishment.

If journalism was empirical and narrative-free, then propaganda and lies would really blare out, and it would be easy to see the difference.

But they still do the same thing over and over and over again.

We don’t have real news — just varying degrees of fake — and if you haven’t noticed, then you are still falling for it, sucker…

AFP is at it again...they don't actually understand what this whole "fake news" thing is all about.

It is interesting when one form of propaganda calls out a rival form of propaganda.

AFP is one of those informationally-devoid services disguised as news, but it all comes off like an ABC Afterschool Special.

Their latest attempt at framing “fake news” is fake news itself.

The first hint is their use of the word “weaponize”: this is a trigger-word and a propaganda word:

Since US President Donald Trump weaponised the term "fake news" during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the phrase has gone viral.

Increasingly it is used by politicians around the world to denounce or dismiss news reports that do not fit their version of the truth.

But as news outlets defend their work, false information is saturating the political debate worldwide and undermining an already weak level of trust in the media and institutions.

Outlets cannot defend their bad journalism. They misuse their pages to beg for money, tell people how brave guardians they are writing about the skits they watched on Saturday Night Live, and bash Donald Trump, as they use manipulative narratives to rig collective thought.

That isn’t news. That is propaganda.

In fact, this is exactly what AFP is trying to do: frame an issue in order to deflect attention away from journalism’s countless shortcomings, which I have been chronicling since 2005 in my first book, and continue to do so.

In my first book, I picked cases where the outlets admitted to reporting fake news. I could have posted ones where they insisted it was true and I had them dead to rights on their willful deceptions, but I went for the confirmed and admitted fake news so there would be no wiggle room.

And the fact that the press continues to pretend that this doesn’t happen or that they are sloppy and not empirical in their approach tells you that the US President knows who they really are.

It is the reason we need an alternative: we cannot rely on people who manipulate and lie to make decrees about other people’s truthfulness and trustworthiness. You can have two bands of thugs making ultimatums: you do not have to pick either side. You can tell them both to fuck off, and not follow any thugs.

Which is the wisest course of action. Politics is broken, but so is journalism. They both should be held accountable for their sins.

But more importantly, it is time to replace the old systems for something much smarter — and kinder…

AFP's Reality Problem: It still sees Fake News as something unrelated to its profession. It's wrong.

Agence France-Presse has been busy will spewing out a series of silly articles all about the Big Bad known as Fake News. These have been told in the old fashion ABC After School Special-style that is supposed to sound patriarchal and authoritative, but like the uncle who has easy and fast advice that has no real world application, these articles come off as childish.

I have mentioned one of the previous articles, but there are more, such as this one, looking at how various regimes are trying to combat fake news, without ever mentioning how these governments came up with the solutions -- was it through empirical methods, or just by pandering or targeting their enemies and then using the noble cause of "fighting fake news" to do it.

It doesn't, of course, nor does it factor in whether media outlets who report propaganda would be subject to those laws as well.

The more comical is this one with the very PSA-sounding headline:

Fake news: the media industry strikes back

I love the propagandistic beginning of the piece:

The viral spread of hoaxes and misinformation ahead of the US election and Brexit referendum two years ago was a wake-up call for many established news media, who have gone on the offensive to shore up their credibility and help filter out fake news.

"Wake-up call"? To a profession that keeps reporting lies as news? To the point of destroying itself? Nice try.

Then there is this little throwaway bit worth noting:

Major media organizations, often in partnership with big technology and social media firms, have stepped up fact-checking and other steps to support fact-based journalism.

By doing the same things that made them lose their credibility? And teaming up with those same news-clueless "social media firms" that spread misinformation, invades privacy, and sells big data to the highest bidder? Those groups?

Yes, that instills confidence to the gullible. Then the usual sad attempt at deflection:

But these efforts have been complicated by unrelenting attacks on the media by US President Donald Trump and others who tend to label any unfavorable coverage "fake news."

And we go right back to Donald Trump. The news media got emasculated by him in public, and this article is just another hit piece on the man who bested them.

The propaganda and the Journalism Is Perfect delusion comes shortly after:

Social media "has made things much worse," because it "offers an easy route for non-journalists to bypass journalism's gatekeepers, so that anyone can 'publish' anything, however biased, inaccurate or fabricated," says John Huxford, an Illinois State University journalism professor.

"Journalism's role as the 'gatekeeper' of what is and isn't news has always been controversial, of course. But we're now seeing just how bad things can get when that function breaks down."

See, those social media firms were the saviours, but now the reporter labels them as villains. Make up your brain cell. And the world would have been perfect if journalists had all the controls and were still the gate-keepers cribbing press releases and telling how important it is to follow celebrity gossip.

There is lots of fear-mongering in the story -- how Trump will destroy a press that already destroyed itself, and how all this fake news will Take Over the World:

Journalists may face new dangers in the current environment, in some cases subject to attacks by political leaders even when trying to debunk false information.

And the poor, valiant without flaw journalists are being placed in danger!


You were sloppy. You were lazy. You were arrogant. You were careless. You did not keep up with the times. You weren't disciplined.

You lost your clout because technology made your profession obsolete.

Get over it.

People with no experience in information verification want to advise what is "Fake News."

Another case of brazen meta-propaganda coming from the fantasy-manufacturing state of California.

People who have no clue about truth making decrees. It reminds me of those lurid puritanical tyrants who used to demand to censor and rate both movies, music, games, and comic books.


Hysteria is a sign of a collective meltdown.


But this is the first time it is being done for a dead profession. People who do not see the collapse of a profession barging in to make nonsensical and non-empirical decrees.

Meaning those who want to create ratings are just as oblivious to reality as the zombies they want to micromanage.

Too little, too late.

F.R.E.E.D. breaks away from those games and gambits, and exposes those who think they can manipulate their way and pretend they have the credentials to watch the watchmen...

Memo to GeekWire: Why would we "certify" online journalists when they have no specialized training, governing body, or any method to their work? A little blue checkmark is meaningless.

Journalists are scheming these days, trying to reclaim the power the people took away from them, and GeekWire is on the bandwagon with this silly babble:

Certifying online journalists: A bad idea whose time has come?

Why would be bother to pretend to give online hacks legitimacy? What specialized standardized training do you have that separates you from others?


What governing body regulates you?


What methods or techniques do you have that is unique to your profession?


What do you have?

A bland logo, like all the other self-labeled "online journalists" who couldn't resurrect the dead profession of journalism.


So let us not validate your egos by pretending you are superior to anyone else or worthy of anything to make you seem legitimate, because that little symbol or designation would be a fraud, and confirm the fact that you are fake news along with the rest.

Nice touch pretending you don't want to get a paper crown, though, but I am not buying what you are selling, you manipulative grifters...

Propaganda runs wild: Turning AI and social media into android Bogeymen because we can't villainize people anymore.

If it comes from the CIA, then it must be true. Or something like that.

The fear-mongering continues with this piece, scaring people with the idea that fake news will be even eviler with not just social media, but also artificial intelligence. 

It will be "harder to spot", and you will be helpless to spot the difference, you empty-headed moron, you.

As if human beings such as journalists haven't been spewing propaganda for decades.

And it wasn't hard to figure it out.

I wrote the book on how to do it. All propaganda works because it appeals to base, instinctual drives, making it "optimized" and "personalized" to almost everyone.

This fear-mongering is very deliberate -- to shatter the love affair people have with social media. Turn them afraid, and then they will defer to some authority to do their thinking for them so they can build up those gates and relinquish that power.

Facts are facts. Truth is truth. You verify information, and not even AI can override reality. People moved away from traditional media because it was no longer credible. The public ran toward an alternative at the first opportunity.

Now that freedom threatens the old guard, and they are pulling out all the stops.

I doubt that this medium has legs to survive because it is an unstable and transitory medium, but I do believe we'll see a fifth medium in the not-too-distant future.

We can handle AI just as we handle manipulators with multiple degrees who worked with CIA. Critical thinking can be taught. It is not a rote script that you memorize and then never upgrade your thinking.

People need to get over their fear -- and institutions should really get over themselves. These threats are meant to make people freeze in fear, and then run to a saviour to think for them as they hold everyone's hand.

There is no They out there. There is Us. We need to stop being paranoid, and start learning how to break down narratives, and then find the facts.

It is not hard to be an active thinker who isn't credulous or mentally lazy, looking for shortcuts. When you are that kind of thinker, even the most advanced AI cannot impose lies on reality...

Meta-Propaganda: How the word Weaponize is actual propaganda itself. Learning the tricks of grifters in an Internet Age.

An interesting word is now cropping up that reminds me of the dynamics of the grifter's game of Find the Lady. 62596103e4b1b7fa423cb7095705719c

And that weasel word is Weaponize.

It is referring to propaganda and "fake news", but the word weaponize, is a form of meta-propaganda.

That is, someone who is seemingly pointing out an enemy's propaganda so that you do not notice they are playing the same con on you.

It is double-speak, of course, and is a very deceptive tactic used to frighten people, and then offer them a solution.

Cults do this: they scare people, warning them about a group of people, and then the solution is to submit to the cult, allow them to dictate your thoughts as they confine your actions -- all while ensuring that you do not believe anyone who speaks against the cult because they are not to be trusted.

Perhaps that other side isn't trustworthy, but that doesn't make the cult trustworthy by default.

If you have ever been in the middle of grifter's card game, such as Find the Peanut or Find the Lady, you may know that there will usually be a confederate who warns you that the game is rigged.

You are supposed to trust this person because, in fact, they are telling you a truth.

But then they will offer to "team up" with you to have your back so that you two can beat the game.

He is a confederate of the dealer, and will make certain you lose as well. You have a false sense of feeling as if you are smarter than the dealer, and have someone you think you recruited to have your back.

And you don't.

The confederate is telling you the Internet is becoming "weaponized". You think you are being given a head's up, but it isn't that way at all. You are supposed to go along with the false protector -- and usually will be shaking you down for donations to keep his website up and running for his Very Important Work for Truth and Democracy.

And don't listen to any alternative points of view because those are Weapons.

Just like those Weapons of Mass Destruction that dragged a lot of people into a needless war all those years ago.

It is a scam -- but also a meta-scam.

It is a fight to reclaim a patriarchal narrative of a single right person who is The One.

It is rubbish, of course. It is feint in itself.

Now that we have people realize that the Internet can allow all sorts of points of view to be viewed to everyone, it is scaring a lot of people who are control freaks, and just want their point of view to be taken as the gospel truth.

It is the reason we need facts. We need to be exposed to all sorts of perspectives, even the ones that we do not like. Life is not about being comfortable.

It is about facing reality, and dealing with it.

Not everyone will applaud your stupidity. Not everyone will accept your untested life theories.

And they shouldn't. Their life requirements are not the same as yours.

The term weaponize is just a sneaky way of trying to shame and frighten people into believing a single perspective.

There are lies out there and plenty of them. There is misinformation and propaganda.

But we always had it. Propaganda has always been with us.

And it only works if we blindly follow a patriarchal script that is polluted with logical fallacies.

Look for facts, and there is no weapon to worry about. Seek truth in reality, and you have nothing to fear.

Bravery finds answers, but fear never does.

You do not resist. You do not accept. You look for facts, and then start to think.

Not fall for meta-propaganda as you think you found the life hack that will save you from the monsters in your own head.