Journalism's continued job implosion. All the old tricks and new stunts aren't working. It is time to face reality.




I wrote the book on this collapse last year called When Journalism was a Thing, but since I am female, I get ignored. If you want a thorough, well-researched, honest, accurate, reliable, valid, useful, passionate, objective, and definitive answer to what is happening now, read my book.

The Washington Post is an outlet in perpetual denial. Journalism is dead. The end. If the Post cannot grasp or face the reality of their dead profession, they cannot see anything in front of them.

Let’s look at the headlines Drudge drudged up today:

McClatchy Follows BuzzFeed, Vice, and Others in Cutting Staff

Vice Media to Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff in Company Restructuring

And the partisan New York Times whining:

Digital Media: What Went Wrong

For years, BuzzFeed seemed to be leading the journalism industry toward a brave new future. Now that it has stumbled, the way ahead looks more old-school than ever.

Do not believe the New York Times for one millisecond: there was no promise of a “brave new future” with BuzzFeed. It was always garbage with filler, propaganda, and ignorance that never did journalism differently. It just has garbage quizzes and tacky propaganda with snark.

That’s not an actual thing to be proud of, even if you are completely stupid and without morals or common sense.

Notice that the only trick has been Trump-bashing and begging for money, and neither lazy hack is working — it is, actually, having the opposite effect.

No, nerds pretending to be hip and edgy isn’t going to save a dead profession.

And the ridiculous mantra that “the future is digital” has been dealt a deathblow.


When you use old tricks and stunts and never admit that what you are doing is not working, that’s what happens.

The medium is not the content. The medium is not the structure. The medium is not the mandate.

The medium is not the saviour.

The lazy ways of journalism have not saved them, and the fact that the new generation of outlets have collapsed the same way proves once and for all that the model is broken beyond repair.

Get the memo, children…


The Old Narrative was that Legacy Media's Business Model was broken. Now Digital Media has collapsed.








CJR has a funny article about how digital journalism has imploded. Duh:

The digital winter turns apocalyptic

Yeah, no kidding.

Journalism collapsed.

Did you really think online versions of the archaic model would save that profession?


A web site writing about 8-tracks is not going to take Internet by storm.

It does not matter which direction we look — Print, Radio, Television, Internet — journalism has collapsed.


Because it is not about a faulty business model, Donald Trump, Russia, Facebook, white supremacists, being called “fake news”, or the other hundred and one things reporters always blame.

I outlined the reasons in my latest book, but whenever it’s mentioned, those who want to be in denial merely resort to gurning rather than thinking.

The delusions of grandeur do not play in a world where everyone else can indulge in delusions. They prefer their own delusions to yours.

The collapse of digital media is disturbing for the press because of their incessant mantra that “digital is the future.”

No, that was the case over twenty years ago.

If you cannot see your own reality, you cannot cover the reality of others.

That’s the heart of the problem and why the profession is no longer a thing no matter what medium it uses…