National Post reprints bullshit narrative. What else is new?

Here is a piece of capitalistic propaganda trying to make itself sound as if it were academic and moral:

Why the legal age for consuming cannabis should be lowered to 16

Adults are able to purchase marijuana and other cannabis products, while adolescents end up suffering the consequences of a prohibitionist regime now targeted at them alone

Motherfuckers, are you serious?

This “essay” is an excerpt from a book, but it is so full of holes, it is worth nothing.

This isn’t being discriminatory or “prohibitionist.” The biological truth is that until your early 20s, your brain is not fully developed. We give children and teens all sorts of legal drugs without thinking about the consequences, and now the authors — who obviously have a vested interested — want us to ignore science in order to help out bank accounts?

Let’s throw the kids under the bus! I want another Mercedes in my driveway to make my siblings jealous! Yay!

I like this piece of bullshit sophistry:

Time and time again, Justin Trudeau, both as candidate and as Prime Minister, emphasized that otherwise law-abiding adolescents had to consort with criminals in order to buy marijuana. They risked ending up with criminal records that would follow them throughout their lives. And illegally purchased marijuana might very well be laced with toxic substances, or contain THC concentrations that vastly increase the mental-health risks associated with marijuana consumption, especially for adolescents, whose brains are still developing until roughly the age of 25.

Uh-huh. I was a teenager myself, and I can tell you, teens were not “otherwise law-abiding citizens.” They stole and frequently, vandalized, shoplifted, had joyrides, and physically assaulted each other, and some engaged in statutory rape. Lots of people have juvenile records, and drugs weren’t the only thing on their rap sheet. You are not supposed to have the smokes and booze at that age, either, and yet whoever wants to do either or both at that age always do.

So don’t feed people bullshit stories. Teen years is literally a rebirth as you are now being barraged by the onslaught of hormones that completely alter your thinking and perceptions. So spare me this precious patriarchal story-sell.

This an entire article is trying to make a case for lowering the age for every other reason but they do not mention: that teens buy drugs from illegal sources, meaning they get their suppliers from someone other than a government or a government-sanctioned business, meaning they are not paying taxes. That’s what this little tirade is all about, but pretends to use facts and reason that do not stand up against reality.

This is about trying to gain a marketshare with a coveted demographic, nothing more. This is a con job, nothing more. What you have is short-sighted people who thought that they’d become instant millionaires with no effort or business acumen and they were going to sell weed and live happily ever after.

Except they weren’t smart enough to see that underaged kids were going to bypass them, go to a tax-free source, and then continue to go there and not their local pot shop where they have to pay more, and be more likely monitored when they want to do things anonymously.

So how do you sell an odious concept you have for self-serving reasons?

You throw out every reason except the real one, hoping people don’t notice.

People tried being instant Internet millionaires, then instant App millionaires, and then instant YouTube and Instagram millionaires. None of that worked, so now off to being instant weed millionaires.

But those magic beans aren’t doing anything for them.

That’s why there are calls to make all illegal drugs legal.

And even if they did, you still won’t be a millionaire with a conniving nature and a Zero-Risk Mindset.

But, nice try!

SNC-Lavilin throws temper tantrum. Memo to you beggars: You got government largesse. You don't get a say when enough is enough.




I find the current model of journalistic propaganda to be both parts laughable and childish: every little group are behaving like diva beggars: demanding some They foot the bill and solve their problems. Nice try: how about stop looking for some powerful servant — or genie — to save you from life and create and solve on your own first.

Memo to the world: We all need money. We can never have enough. When a government promises to spend taxpayer’s money, it is never enough. The activists never say, “Thank you.” They never say, “This is generous and we are grateful as there isn’t that much to go around, but now we can do something.” Never.

Everyone has the waterworks and journalists morally masturbate in public, allowing the whining to go on unchallenged. They never ask these groups to open their books or prove that they are doing anything. It is a base assumption that they are, and while some do, some don’t.

Or they aren’t being realistic. Stop putting your hand out looking for money and then demand the government do all of the work.

There isn’t a bottomless pit of money to go around. We are in an Age of Propaganda where people make demands of others as they demand their rights, but ignore their own responsibilities. Adults wanting to be nannied — even those so-called Titans of Industry.

Here is a corrupt company — SNC-Lavalin who makes huge demands from the government — lobbying for special treatment (as an aside, if you wish to look at the lobbyists in Canada, you can search here) in the courts as they do all sorts of dirty deeds, and then turn around and say they had “enough” and want to spin a narrative that fellates them.

And they got billions of dollars from taxpayers in “support.”

Excuse me, you need billions from taxpayers, and you think you can say “enough”?

No, you cannot. It is one thing if you are completely independent, then you can say “enough”, but when you are being bankrolled this way, you cannot just throw a temper tantrum and act as if you are kings, because gentlemen, you are not.

Beggars are not kings, and even kings and queens must answer to the people.

That’s reality.

If you do not want to answer to others, then strike it on your own.

The more independent you are, the more control you can exert and the greater the individuality you can express. You can make demands when you are beholden to no one.

The misdirection of making demands on those we are dependent on have a flaw: if the benefactor has had enough — they can bail by choice or by natural consequence.

You can scream and shame them, they can walk away, and pull a Thidwick.

The less we demand for others to meddle in our affairs, the bigger say we have.

The fight is for independence, not dependence.

The point is freedom, not confinement.

The duty is to create our own path, not be at the mercy of others.

We are seeing a generation demanding to be beggars who are trying to shame people into not seeing the obvious ruse. They do not know the ways of the wild, as they willfully seek to live in a cage where their overlords hold their lives in their hands.

And that includes SNC-Lavalin who think their blustering can hide the ugly truth.

The trouble is, reality isn’t lifting a finger to help them hide their rot…

Big Tech's Bad Boy wants a double standard on privacy? You don't say, The Intercept!

Jeff Bezos bitches about his own privacy being invaded but maintains his superfabulous fortune by invading other people’s privacy?

Say it ain’t so, The Intercept!

I happen to respect Glenn Greenwald. The world must frustrate him no end for its never-ending slumbering nincompoopity.

But that a Titan of Industry is throwing an epic temper tantrum as he is pissed off that someone did to him what he has done to everyone else is par for the course for a tyrant. They know all about their rights as they trample over yours.

What happened to him wasn’t blackmail. It was doing business. It is negotiations, no different than when you are in a civil suit and the two sides play hardball, pulling out what they have to rattle the other side’s cage. Plea negotiations in criminals matters play the same game.

Someone pretends to wear a halo in the press. Someone else knows this is a bullshit story, and gathers dirt exposing that this halo is a lie. They push it for all it is worth. That it happened to Bezos isn’t a tragedy. In the old days, he would have just stoned him to death for adultery because those cootie carriers were bad for the gene pool. Today he can blubber on Medium how the big meanies had his dick pics and dance around the room with them laughing and calling him names. He and Tony Clement ought to start a support group for spoiled white men in power who are total dweebs who don’t get how this whole Internet thing works.

That anyone is entertaining Bezos’s narrative is a bigger dweeb. He cheated and got caught and exposed. He has no expectation of privacy in 2019, and he knows it. He is just trying to deflect attention away from his own stupidity that is going to cost him lots of billions.

Own it, Mr. Bezos, as small as it is.

And good on Mr. Greenwald for keeping sensible in these impossible times…

Memo to Washington Post: Is your coverage of the President just juicy gossip or a political hit job?

The propaganda arm of the Amazon Establishment Empire, also known as The Washington Post are obedient little minions with this laughable conflict-of-interest article:

Was tabloid exposé of Bezos affair just juicy gossip or a political hit job?

No, your overlord/man-whore fucked his own way into a scandal all by himself. He can’t keep it in his pants, let him man-up and face the consequences. Nice try spinning this mess to make it sound like he is some sort of victim.

But as the saying goes, when you point a finger of blame in one direction, three fingers — especially the middle one — point back at you.

Does that mean that all of your anti-Trump articles are a political hit job?

Because there has been something of a spat between your overlord and the President.

For how long now?

And what better way to influence public opinion than to use you little minions as his mouthpiece?

Propaganda isn’t journalism.

How cowardly of your overlord.

He is used to cheerleading in all those fabulously fawning advertising disguised as news stories.

And now his fucking a woman who wasn’t his wife is exposed for all the world to puke.

No hit job.

He took out his gun, loaded it, gave it to his enemies, and told them the pull the trigger at his crotch.

That’s not a “political hit job.”

That’s being a moron.

So let him put on his big boy pants, take out his big boy check book, and go halfsies with the brains of the family…

Microsoft contributes to propaganda with Newsguard: they have no qualifications to judge, but decree partisan propaganda is news.

Microsoft’s propaganda continues with making unqualified ratings with NewsGuard.

They have decreed that Left-wing and partisan legacy presses are “news”, even though they have no empirical standards nor qualifications to do so.

We also know nothing whether the “approved” outlets have lobbied or paid for the fake seal of approval.

News coverage regarding Microsoft is radioactive. It cannot be trusted.

This is corporate propaganda, no different than arbitrary “Comic Code Authority” — and it is mere advertising, nothing more…

Memo to the Conversation: The Gillette ad is not a sign of a "cultural shift". It is a sign that corporate pandering is as deceptive as ever.




Boy, are some people gullible rubes.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, but it is the ones who can fool all of the time who can babble and puke sophistry thinking they know something.

Look at this piece of propaganda from the Conversation:

Gillette’s #MeToo-inspired Super Bowl ad represents a cultural shift

No, it doesn’t. It represents patriarchal misogyny repackaged to appease pseudo-feminist followers of the Middle Class who want hasty solutions to inconveniences by having some They do all the work to sweep it under the rug, and that has been going on for decades.

The Middle Class love to fly under the radar. They detest work, independent though, or real change. Just give the crib notes of what is acceptable thinking and cocktail party chatter and they will take those marching orders and march straight off a cliff.

The Gillette ad is pure bullshit and typical corporate propaganda. It doesn’t actually do anything but co-opt palatable feminism. Their sales were declining, mostly thanks to lazy men ditching shaving or basic hygiene because that is too hard compared to app swiping. Those men aren’t thinking about the women; they are thinking about their own lethargic asses and then trying to spin a narrative of individuality and self-expression by doing what everyone else is doing.

So Gillette is trying to sweet talk women into buying their junk.

The end.

No cultural shift. The difference is before their ads were targeting men and now they are targeting women to buy a product by providing their dream men who puke what these women want to hear.

No cultural shift. This is how advertising rolls.

The core message hasn’t deviated. It reminds me of a Han Hoogerbrugge print I have hanging in my bedroom called Hey Boy Hey Girl.

I love that picture, but apparently, I am in the minority. My mother always cursed and made horrid comments when I had it in my office. People look at it and wonder what the hell do I see in it.

Simple: A satiric take on typical Western thinking.

The girl is just the guy wearing a girly wig. If you watch the animation on his old site NAILS, it is animation #12. Click the “girl”, then the “boy”, then click the boy again to get the girl’s giggling.

This is how Western thinking is built: everything is patriarchal and male-centred, even when it purports to be enlightened by more feminist thinking.

It is an epic bullshit story.

It is no different than when when a kid asks dad for money and he rejects the request, and then the kid remembers there is mom and then goes appeals to her, hoping she’ll oblige.

Acting like a kid is not a cultural shift. That is knocking on doors until someone lets you in.

Gillette’s problem isn’t that men have gotten more “sensitive”: they (a) have more artisan options so they can be snooty and express their specialness with the brand of razor they use, and (b) have a more rugged option that trumps Gillette’s schtick by chucking their razors in the first place.

Whoop di do.

This isn’t a watershed moment.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.26.14 PM.png

So don’t overthink the corporate press release…

Global Nincompoopity Explosion: Anarchy doesn't want to hide from the Middle Class anymore.


Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.18.21 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 11.26.05 AM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 11.25.54 AM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.20.31 PM.png


AeroMexico’s new ad is a lot of Left White Middle-Class simpleton thinking:

The “DNA Discount” is wishful thinking that flies in the face of reality and history: people have turned on their in-groups as they deny their in-group. We can go to a recent war — the civil war in the former Yugoslavia — do you actually think that all the Croats were 100% Croatian and all the Serbs were 100% Serbian?

There were over one million ethnic intermarriages, and people of mixed heritage is more common than not. I am one of those people. I would make a fine 23 and Me or spokesperson.

Do not pretend. That is a bedtime story for the Middle Class who want some They to solve all of their problems to their exact specifications. If only those icky, awful people would just march lockstep to what is acceptable at corporate cocktail parties, we’d all just live in paradise.

No, you wouldn’t.

Everything is unravelling for the globe elite — the incompetent nincompoops who had some grand plan that was based on brainwashing all 7.4 billion people who would all just be brainless minions agreeing to everything as they cheered everything rich bastards did.

Yeah, a completely realistic plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Reality, for one. Truth for another.

Journalists have been broken in a long time ago, and after parroting BuzzFeed like a bunch of empty-heads, only to be humiliated yet again when Robert Mueller called BuzzFeed out as bullshit, the Washington Post — home of numerous fake news stories, is all upset that BuzzFeed is giving journalism a bad name.


I could write a book or three about how that ship has already sailed.

Oh, I did already.

But I could have easily expanded my exploration to other areas of institutional motherfuckery.

All the business trolls are scurrying to Davos because they do not know how to silence the people they are maligning, sabotaging, and destroying as apparently they just cannot get rich enough.

Here’s an idea: stop stomping over people and stealing their lunch money, and maybe they’ll go back to living their lives and let you jerk off to your limos.

Emmanuel Macron is discovering that sophistry puking isn’t going to fool people: they see how their lives are not good, and they are rightfully angry. They are not going to appease you or be deferential to a goober who failed to deliver the goods.

And the US Democrats are proving to be just as slimy as the Right. When people’s bigotry compels them to spew propaganda about Russia, I merely tell them of course the Democrats would know all about it because they are just as corrupt and neck-deep in allowing foreign interests to do whatever they want.

And, for the record, they are not just in bed with Russia. If Robert Mueller decided to expand his investigation to look at Hillary Clinton or the Democrats in general, the Middle Class would all just shit their pants.

But this is the class who are too uneducated and unfit to defend their nation.

We have governments who have real problems, but then think giving more paper crowns to their well-paid civil servants is a great misdirection.

The Middle Class have all sorts of uninformed and simplistic opinions that they think will bring instant and permanent solutions. I just read one where someone thought “punching Nazis” was the solution.

Serbs protested and fought Nazis in the Second World War, got slaughtered on the battlefield, in concentration camps, and then their murderers were given refuge curtesy of the Vatican. Nice theory, doesn’t always work.

Because the script doesn’t play in the real world.

The world order is starting to become shaky, and it is the Middle Class — the soft layer — who have the most to lose.

And yet they are the ones who hide behind scripts and waste their lives on nonsense, condemning people who don’t want to follow scripts.

The narrative isn’t working, and no, socialism isn’t going to fix anything or go very far, and memo to the Middle Class: as soon as someone goes on a network talk show to babble and vogue, they are full of shit.

There are no simple or easy solutions where you reap the rewards of things that you have not invested in and out nothing on the line and dealt with ignorantly and at arm’s length.

It will be a very interesting year — the Year of the Pig.

How symbolically appropriate, darlings…

Basic Income: A leftist corporate idea with the longevity of Hands Across America. Or Band Aid.



Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Feed the world
Feed the world
Feed the world 
Let them know it's Christmastime again 


Considering the target of the song weren’t Christians, it wasn’t their Christmas.

But it felt so good that getting entertained could save the world!


The supergroup was appropriately named “Band Aid”: as in offering a bandaid solution to a serious problem.

This was one of the origins of slacktivism: do not get inconvenienced, but do the same thing, and expect a different outcome.

Throw some money at the problem without actually facing the reason why there is a problem in the first place.

It is classic limousine liberalism, and champagne socialism. It is feel-good and do-nothing, but people get awards and prestige on bullshit.

It is all in the packaging.

Basic Income is of the same ilk: Big Tech want to sell widgets and do away with having to pay humans. So they replace humans with machines, but those humans will end up on the street.

Well, they are on the streets, living in their cars, working full-time for Big Tech, anyway.

So how to sweep this harrowing problem under the rug and still bribe the public into not getting appropriately disturbed?

Feed them a bullshit story called Basic Income.

We will give you free money. You don’t have to work. We will pay you to go away…

On second thought, we will lobby the government to give you free money to shove off.

Here is MIT Technology Review getting shocked that this scam isn’t working:

Back in June we declared, “Basic income could work—if you do it Canada style.” We talked to the people on the ground getting the checks in Ontario’s 4,000-person test and saw how it was changing the community. Then, just two months later, it was announced that the program is ending in the new year rather than running for three years. The last checks will be delivered to participants in March 2019.

They banked on Canada — a country that is nothing like the US — being successful with the scam so the Leftist Big Tech could use us as part of their propaganda campaign.

You do not want to “do it” Canada-style. It didn’t work for numerous and obvious reasons: for one, the provincial government was in the red like no other non-sovereign entity in the world: there was no way this could last very long.

Second, it tore down the ruling Leftist party because it split the vote: Basic Income is too basic, and people are competitive, always wanting more money. The NDP made big promises, and so, the vote was split and the Conservatives won and did away with it, knowing full well that it wasn’t sustainable and they weren’t losing any votes cutting it off.

You cannot just throw money in a black hole and get no return. You invest, and you get something in return. Basic Income doesn’t require people to work, and that is its fatal flaw. There is no incentive for people to get a job.

It goes against human nature: we were made to work. You plant seeds, and the seeds bring plants the clean the air, and food that nourishes people and animals. Basic Income is like throwing seeds down the drain.

And Basic Income is not for the convenience of the poor. It is for the convenience of the rich: they cannot justify their billions when there is too much homelessness on their account: get the government to throw pennies, people will be grateful, and you can go on being a robber baron.

Band Aid didn’t stop starvation. Hands Across America didn’t make a dent.

Basic Income is a Leftist corporate invention used to ward off criticism of their super-rich.

The focus should be on education, and those robber barons being better monitored as we remind them that true capitalism is the system where labor is respected.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, we stop selling people a bill of goods that they can be rich and famous on doing nothing. We don’t have teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, or engineers who are revered as much as people who mug on social media or go on “reality shows.” So people don’t apply themselves, and when their prefab fantasies bring them nowhere, they want a pension at twenty.

Basic Income is a deflection strategy so people do not get angry too soon before the architects of their ruin can form an exit strategy and get themselves out of the hot seat before people clue in to their ruses…