We have no journalists...only propagandists pretending to be journalists. And a global humbling is fast approaching...


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Remember when journalists were lying to you and told you how WikiLeaks were Russian agents?

If you have forgotten because you have Middle Class Selective Amnesia Syndrome, I have taken the liberty of giving you screenshots of the liars and what they puked in 2016.

And now all of a sudden, when journalists thought they could ride on Julian Assange’s coattails and lie once again how they are just like him, and how great WikiLeaks is, they are trying any and all propaganda to save their worthless selves because their incestuous narcissistic award-giving to themselves isn’t doing a thing, either.

Too late. Your word is garbage and so are you. You are now desperately trying to spin the Mueller report, flat-out making up stuff as you spin and distort, but you are nothing but propagandists for lazy Democrats who have absolutely no platform or plan to have one and are using that report as a misdirection so people do not see how they just want money and power by being leeches on the taxpayer’s dime as they try to convince those same taxpayers that they would be destitute without their meddling. They are grifters and scam artists who are threatening women with rape and forced baby-producing by proxy via the brutish Right if they don’t behave and vote for them.

Here is an idea: I don’t vote for either of you losers. You’re all scum. Don’t you dare threaten me with war propaganda.

Journalism keeps getting more shrill and pathetic, but I guess the stench of a rotten corpse is rancid to begin with. The martyrdom narrative is pure bullshit. They are still losing their jobs in droves. For a reason. When you lie, you don’t deserve to be employed. Fuck you.

We are risking our lives for you narrative is bullshit. Memo to journalists: reporting on Mortal Kombat 11 isn’t actually dangerous.

Trump was exonerated, and we still have people who see it and are exasperated by the press having a vendetta that is pathological and out of control, but I agree with Noam Chomsky of what is going to happen.

But I will take it further. The Left’s temper tantrums and hubris is costing them election after election. The Right surge is happening precisely because the Left are trying to shame the world into believing their opinions to be reality, and they are not. Limousine liberals don’t know reality; so their bullshit looks ridiculous and so far off the mark that they end up looking like nerds and loons. The Right’s opinions are not reality, either, but people want to stick it to the Left for their insistence on being at the top of their pecking order to humble them.

So what you have is two groups of people trying to impose their will to rig things so they always win.

You also have Big Tech who is trying to play Big Brother with their fascist censorship garbage, known as GIFCT. However, this is not a sign of their gaining power, but that they are rapidly losing clout. The Internet is a shadow of its former self.

I am now finessing my books, but that is not focus-intensive. The research takes much more than the actual writing, but the resources online are not one tenth they were when I wrote my last book When Journalism was a Thing in 2017and that was not one hundredth of what it was when I was writing Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news and OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism…back in 2004.

That is breath-taking. Here you have all of these little propaganda mills begging for donations, and they have shit to offer. They are erasing their archives of old articles, and even library databases are a shadow of their former selves. That is not evolving, but regressing.

Wired thinks the censorship leaning of Big Tech should scare us, but I don’t agree. Big Tech is FUBAR. The Internet is a warehouse of garbage. Traditional journalism is fucked, too. What no one else has the courage to admit is that we now have conditioned people to think their beliefs are divine truth and reality. They no longer seek any information at all because they think they have all the answers with their uninformed folksy bullshit. When you have people try to indoctrinate you by thinking an unverified meme poster proves that they are right over the person with front line experience, expertise and exhaustive research, you know it is game over. Big Tech pandered to the point of shooting themselves in the foot. They are outsmarting themselves into oblivion.

GIFCT is a desperate push to salvage the Left, and it will not work. The Left are getting crushed on all sides and deservedly so. You cannot bribe people into supporting you because it is never enough and they always want more. Kathleen Wynne found that out the hard way. Doug Ford is shrewdly taking away the Ontario Left’s three veins: he slashed municipal seats so the cheap way of NDP and Liberal candidates to get media attention and incubate a voter base has been hobbled. He is setting the bar to sue the Ontario government so high so that he is now cutting off the narrative publicity and propaganda vein of misusing the courts to shame the government. Teachers and activists used this gambit too many times because they know they give the press an easy story where they can look sad in front of the camera and whine no matter how much money gets thrown at them. He takes this vein out, and they lose a “newsworthy” stunt to moral-shame the Tories. He is drastically slashing the public sector, and healthcare and education — the two collectives who still have good jobs and a strong union to throw tantrums and get away with it, are going to be broken. I will not be surprised if education doesn’t get privatized in some significant way so that teachers no longer pose a threat.

But that’s not the Right’s doing. That’s the Left always using the same gambits thinking the other side won’t notice and crack the code. Worse, if your prosperity hinges on working in the public sector where you think you have no risks and complete security, your world will collapse because you got cocky and slagged people who are being paid less and have to toil more, and they will remember your snooty attitude and get their revenge on you at the ballot. No amount of shaming and tantrums is going to save you when it’s personal.

Journalists cannot be trusted with seeing reality because they have the same blinders. They have been indoctrinated and march lockstep brainlessly not seeing that the side they picked are not actual thinkers with a moral compass. They are short-sighted and socialism is not going to save them because you need money to burn through and when you have leeches who just take and refuse to give, the black hole will swallow you up. Trying to brainwash people through shaming, narrative, or censorship isn’t going to work because all of these leftist governments are getting kicked out in droves, too, meaning it has the opposite effect.

Politico has always been propaganda garbage and sophistry, for instance. They puke propaganda, and the jealous sots are trying to smear the Intercept — which actually has factual value in a pathetic attempt to destroy anything that goes against their narrative. They should call this trash can Pollutico.

Here is a memo to you losers: the “Democratic civil war” as you misnamed it, isn’t fuelled by the Intercept but by a bunch of spoiled and manipulative rich psychopaths who want to control people and use a ruse of morality to do it, but since they have no clue what is moral, they have to fake it, and then the low-class antics get exposed.

Speaking of garbage that has been spawned from Pollutico, Julia Angwin’s pathetic attempt at starting a propaganda machine called the Markup resulted in her getting turfed before it even debuted. She got canned because her bullshit ideas on “data journalism" about technology — snake oil for the modern ages, kids — was nixed for flat-out propaganda and lobbying disguised as “advocacy.”

When you have rich liberal meddlers give you $23 million dollars, they want propaganda that pushes their interests. Not news. This was to be liberal propaganda to try to control Big Tech, nothing more. “Advocacy” is doublespeak for “partisan propagandistic lobbying”, nothing more. The Left have been co-opted by hucksters with raging egos whose con games all hinge on feeding those cancerous egos as they shame people into doing stupid things that will bleed them dry. This entire episode is a sad joke as the little parasites have jumped shipped. This is why journalism got destroyed, and then you have clueless egomaniacs such as Andrew Yang try to suck up to journalists saying he wants to save a dead profession so they’ll keep writing about him. Sure, right, likely story. Warren Buffet sees newspapers as toast? Dude, that ship has sailed years ago. The ashes have already been blown away.

But the propaganda is all over the place. We have the Canadian Liberal regime planning to use propaganda to suggest that white supremacists — who all conveniently come from Alberta, are going to pose a threat to the jittery middle class…so the natural conclusion is to keep voting for the rancid Grits. Nice try, but when Hillary Clinton tried that with her smart-ass deplorables comment, it cost the idiot the presidency. No wonder other Western nations think Canada is bonkers with their shrill and dire fake warnings.

But the Left are getting pummelled with their games. Doug Ford has realized where they are getting their money and is cutting them off at the knees. The Ontario Liberals figured out the best way to hide how weak the province was finding itself in was to give just enough money to the borderline poor to think they were Middle Class and just enough graft to the upper end Middle Class to think that they were rich. Have a nice and fat public sector making well over a six figure salary doing bullshit and give in to their demands with some fake resistance to make them feel big and powerful. Doug Ford didn’t get a single one of their votes, and then just pulled the rug out from under them. He is actually showing just how weak and precarious they were all along.

He has nothing to worry about. You can’t bribe people using other people’s money — they will always scream for more, while the people you are using to fund your racket will not tolerate it. It’s what destroyed the former Yugoslavia and every other socialist and communist regime. The Left have painted themselves in a corner because they keep going to extremist ideologies trying to be completely different than the Right, backstabbing innocent people when they cannot control and exploit them — and then trying to claim the people they betrayed as one of their own when things spiral out of control.

I am certain poor Julian Assange had no idea how badly he’d be used, exploited, betrayed, maligned, and vilified. Journalists treated him like the devil as they broke him before trying to exploit that same broken man as their puppet by now pretending they think he is a saint. Too late, assholes, you already locked in your answers in 2016.

He was hopelessly naive, however. He honestly believed that if he told the middle class how they were being manipulated, they would rise up as they became enlightened. He had no idea it is the middle class who set these rigs up, exploiting both the rich and the poor so they don’t have to do any of the dirty work themselves or actual have to take a risk and then look foolish if they were gasp! wrong or failed. Then they can pretend they are smarter, wiser, and more moral and interesting than anyone else as they pretend they are keeping their hands clean. Assange rubbed their noses in their reality, and they turned on him for rocking the boat. He had no clue and no chance.

If he wanted to change the world, he should have filmed middle class people feeding their kids for free with shitty Costco food samples and then bragging about the smartphone they bought on their Facebook pages, and then called them nerds. That would have started a motherfucking revolution.

Big Tech pandered to that same class telling them how rich and famous they’d become, and then everything exploded and got out of control, and now they are trying to put the demon back into Hell. No dice, let alone a paradise.

Big changes are coming, and for the Left, the shocks are just beginning. They are decaying faster than they should be decaying, and that always hints at some internal crisis because someone who did all the work and thinking for them either left or was underestimated and kicked to the curb or died.

And the middle class are quietly hedging their bets on the Right, while the National Post’s solution is to drug everyone with microdoses of LSD so that people are too stoned to care about the world collapsing around them (memo to you losers: emotional apathy is not a good thing to have: it means you have no sensitivity to your surroundings. It is a coward’s lazy escape).

I see the games of the sucker circus, and I still chronicle them. I am not naive like Assange, however. I register my observations, but I have my own reasons for it that have nothing to do with changing the world for others or doing their thinking for them. I’m not your mother.

By the way, remember when journalism had the courage to admit their faults and not puke bullshit about how great they are?


Try this Atlantic article from 1996.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 3.34.58 AM.png

But that was when journalism still was a thing…

Memo to Wired: Journalism is dead, even if the corpse goes back to its partisan, patriarchal, and propagandistic roots.

The idiots at Wired are trying for a cinematic moment with this piece of bullshit wishful thinking:

Journalism Isn't Dying. It's Returning to Its Roots

No, garbage pukers: journalism is dead. Own it, you deluded losers.

Journalism is a zombie moseying about aimlessly, still hoping everyone will give up their social media accounts and come crawling back to them.

Not happening.

The zombie has gone back to its roots, but that means they are returning to:

  1. Partisan reporting

  2. Propaganda spewing

  3. Patriarchal structures.

Oh, like that’s a good thing.

Is this journalism’s MAGA?

Make journalism great again!

Journalism was never great. It always needed discipline, but it got away with it because it was the only communications game in town.

And if you need proof that journalism is dead — Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and they defended their overlord, and nothing took.

He took to Medium to defend himself — and then people paid attention.

Do you morons understand the reality of your situation?

The man owns The Washington Fucking Post and he went to a social media platform for pretentious nerds — and nobody reads Medium, and yet that took off more than what The Washington Post puked.

He could have written his response there.

He chose a wobbly social media platform.

So, Wired, go fuck yourselves, and stop pretending you matter anymore…

Mutus Praestrigio: finding the silent feints that manipulate narratives.

In my early days in journalism, I was listening to a group of reporters who were praising one young newsmaker excessively. As in, off camera and heaping on praise for this person, which isn’t something you would expect. It was truly uncritical, and me being me, a person without a filter, said, “I wonder who his parents are.”

The conversation ended right there. I know that no poor newsmaker is going to get that kind of praise. Somehow, this person had to have had some serious doors opened because not only would this individual — had it truly been some regular Joe — not get national players to heap on praise, getting any coverage, even local, would not happen. There are a lot of people who fell into that category, and to get attention of that magnitude would require some serious strings because it wasn’t actually newsworthy.

As my grandmother used to say, “Nothing special.”

Maybe it wasn’t the parents who were the ones with clout. Perhaps it was the grandparents or uncle and aunt, but behind every “accidental” newsmaker, there is a first-degree relative who has the money and the connections to choreograph the spectacle.

I was watching some bullshit story on television this evening that got me asking the same questions, but in a very different angle. The story was presented in a certain way, but key details of the newsmaker were left out: how did this person get such a lucrative position? When things went south, how come they received resources that average people in the same situation never do?

Who’s your daddy?

Sometimes the question isn’t that, but What did your wife really do to ensure that you became the Great Man?

Wired finally got around to asking that question — only after the façade of one alleged Great Man was exposed to be a gross exaggeration. Only when things are revealed does the press acknowledge it. Not one second before. It is always downplayed or completely ignored.

The subtext of that kind of article simple: Yeah, we were lying to you all along.

Journalism’s silent swindle always involves manipulating facts to support a false narrative. From the special ingenue with star quality to the Titan of Industry, every journalistic profile fudges the facts one way or another. Grifters such as Bernie Ebbers and Kenneth Lay were praised in national publications. It still happens.

Only when bad things get leaked out that we start hearing about all the facts not in evidence in the court of public opinion.

We often forget to ask about the things not mentioned in a news story, and often asking questions destroys the narrative just enough for the reality to show itself and go against the lies that make news…

Wired babbles; doesn't see big picture.

Journalists try to be deep, but they rely on a few hacks, such as quoting Neil Postman’s book, which I have showed to be deficient here.

Wired tries to be clever, and it isn’t:


This is to be read: with the right rigs, we can tell the little people how they should think about things again and they will start to behave.

The article goes on about the old complaint about television news, also quoting Daniel Boorstin’s book The Image, another hopelessly flawed misunderstanding of broadcasting that makes all the sense to university students whose life is experience is very limited.

The article discusses the concept of “pseudo-events” and how broadcasting “created” fake events and created celebrities, which is patent bullshit. PT Barnum had no such tools, and he made a living creating pseudo-events and celebrities; but so they did in ancient Rome with gladiators. Give the middle class their bread and their circuses, and that’s all you need to make them sheeple.

What we have is a very old and universal tradition of one-way communication where those who have power have the primary access to an information stream.

But it was a mere mask: people were quiet about what they were thinking because there would be shaming, blacklisting, and bullying by Authority, but they still thought it. They just didn’t have a voice.

The Internet was the first time where everyone could have access to the information stream. What we are now seeing is that Authority lost control of the ability to edit and censor, and they are in shock that they cannot fool all of the people all of the time or that there is kind of simmering rage that people used to hold back, but now spew everywhere.

Knowing the “pseudo-events” was more than a distraction or even misdirection: it was imposed on the masses because if they didn’t know about them or “got” the right interpretation on how to approve or disapprove of it, they would be ostracized and belittle by the masses and be shunned into the fringe.

And now this freedom has gone on for too long, and even though Big Tech is trying to shove that genie back into the bottle, it is not working because we have now made it a new habit of not engaging in those events or celebrities, but people are becoming bored of Big Tech.

And you don’t actually need Big Tech to express yourself or refuse to be indoctrinated: you can do it with any technology — or none at all.

This is now uncharted territory, and the Man doesn’t know what to do about it.

And Wired, as usual, has no idea what’s going on around them…

Why I am not deleting all of my old Tweets: because you are never actually deleting them.

Wired is a technology magazine that does not understand how this whole Internet thing works.

They have an article that borders on infantile moronic:

I'm Deleting All My Old Tweets Because Nothing Matters

So stupid is this nincompoopity that I seriously wonder if all white people should be legally required to take a common sense test before they get a license write or speak professionally in a public forum.

The article is pure fear-mongering and cowardice that is as short-sighted as it can get. If this is some sort of advertorial for a Tweet-deleting service, or just trying to sound in-the-know and aware, I don't actually care.

There is brainless meta-propaganda with the word "weaponize" which all of the hick reporters use to reveal their intellectual limitations. In this case, tweets can be weaponized.

Nagging mommy-speak, but one that makes no sense.

This is a writer who has obviously not reached Level Four of Jean Piaget's hierarchy of cognitive development.

Because if this person did reach it and understood how this whole Internet thing worked, the writer in question would know that you can delete your Tweet..and it is still out there.

People will download everything you write, for starters. If you think your ex-boyfriend or rival isn't downloading your garbage, rest assured that you are gullible.

Governments save everything you write, too. For example, Homeland Security paid little visits to both my LinkedIn page and Facebook page...and left a calling card each time. If you can buy anyone's Facebook information on the Dark Web for a couple of bucks, then you can buy their Twitter junk, too.

I don't care because I am not a coward, but I can delete and deactivate, and I know it is still there somewhere.

Big Data companies save that information. Monitoring services save it, too, let alone online archiving services where people put in links; so you delete it, and someone saves it before you hit delete.

Even companies that crow about deleting tweets could very well keep a copy as well.

Foreign governments and domestic governments keep records. Big Tech keep records, even when they deny it. They allow other to keep records. Hackers keep records.

So if you think deleting your tweets means you have done something other than a engage in a waste-of-life activity, you are not smart enough to be left unsupervised with social media.

This is a classic example of a Middle Class Whitebread Easy Answer To Life article.

Even if the Internet vanished tomorrow, many someone's out there will keep your tweets on the record.

If someone is going to throw your words in your face, they will do it, even if it means making junk up.

Do people actually stand their ground with what they say anymore?

As in, "Yes, I said it. Deal with it, and grow a pair of ovaries because I will keep doing it."

If you are expecting universal applause for your every thought, you have some serious reality, maturity, and ego issues.

But what is most telling of this narrative is how journalists are now seeing finding contradictory evidence through research as bad thing. Do not go back and look at who a person happens to be? Really?

I have had interviews recently because of my new book -- and each time, the interviewer took the words that I wrote from twenty years ago and brought them up during the interview. They also looked at my old posts here and read them.

That is what you are suppose to do, not go around deleting your tweets and then tell the little people to do the same. That is why I put links to everything I know is out there about me, and I am planning on scanning every print article in my collection and create repository here.

Wired does not get how this whole Internet thing works anymore...they got too old and too scared, and now shake in their boots as they shake their fingers at no one in particular...


Bots run Twitter? You don't say, Wired!

You have to fill up that bottomless pit somehow. Twitter is spammish by design, and the Wired article pretty much states the obvious. Fake followers and Twitter's penchant for shadow banning in that white noise makes it a very fleeting experience. Very few people can make Twitter actually work. It makes dents in waves, and requires mass reaction to align at the right time. #MeToo is a rare success. Donald Trump also knew how to game it, but it is harder than it first appears. Twitter is anarchy, and requires a lot of massive work. Bots are needed to bring mass attention. Fake followers is the puffing to look successful. Rigging is an essential ingredient. It is not personalized, and its terse word limit prevents true connection.

Facebook is more personal: it talks of friends. Twitter has an arrogance with having followers.

Twitter's impersoanl nature makes it ripe for bots and carny. It's the reason Twitter never really impressed me, though I do have an account, but rarely use it except for having my blog posts go up there...