There are companies paying people to scrub Wikipedia? You don't say!

No shit, Sherlock:

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages

And it almost always works.

Wikipedia has no standards. They are horrid, and they have no trouble giving slanderous labels to people citing evidence that supports what they say. They have labelled people genocide deniers when multiple official reports have stated there were war crimes, but no genocide (something I will discuss in another post when I am ready).

So on the one hand, they make certain people look like evil loons, and you have others who pay to manage their Wiki page, which they have made a big stink that they don’t allow that to happen. Bullshit.

Of course it happens. Most of the entries read like press releases, meaning it is rife with all sort of propaganda, from celebrity propaganda to war propaganda. It is a vile website, and yet people read that and Snopes, and then think they know something.

No, you don’t. You know fuck all.

And as there are no standards whatsoever, and a million loopholes, you have a false sense of security, nothing more…

Memo to CJR: Yes, investigative journalism was dead years ago. And journalism is dead. Still want to play make pretend and enable a dead profession?

Columbia Journalism Review is the enabler to the dead profession of narcissists. novemberdecember2013cover_300x400

They are zombie cheerleaders who are trying to tell the other zombies that they aren't rotten corpses running around trying to everyone's brains.

The latest propaganda piece tries to assure the zombies that investigative journalism isn't dead.

Yes, it's dead, but so is the rest of journalism.

And we have nothing to replace it.

Wikipedia -- the scourge of information that dumbed down research to the point where you cannot walk into a doctor's office without your attending physician staring at the computer screen instead of relying on their own knowledge and experience -- wants to put out WikiTribune -- and then make pretend this is journalism.

It already admits it is exploiting people and bringing over the same old rot, hoping to repackage it:

"I was just like 'You know what? The 100 days is up'. This is not acceptable behaviour, facts do matter ... it wasn't just that, but that was the last straw. That was the thing that made me say "I'm going to do this now".

WikiTribune combines the work of journalists with volunteers, who contribute by proofreading, fact-checking and adding sources to the journalists' articles.

Journalists screwed up their own profession, and you are bringing a corrupt segment into a new venture? And volunteers? As in, you stay wealthy, you robber baron, and exploit free labour?

Mr. Wales, you are the people journalists were supposed to expose in the first place.

It's your behaviour that is not acceptable. At all. And obviously, this will be a partisan propaganda machine if you are exploiting the Left's unnatural fear of Donald Trump who proved once and for all that journalism was no longer a thing. Shame on you.

But people like Wales have no shame:

"The idea is to say let's replicate and let's build a healthy, strong community, much like the community that creates Wikipedia. It's not wide open to everyone, we want people who are thoughtful and kind, interested in contributing in a positive way and I want that community to work side by side with the paid, professional journalists as equals."

Wales' babble proves that he obviously has no idea what true fact-gathering is, or what true journalism is supposed to be about. Exploiting the void is a serious problem. This is pure PR-drivel that does a very poor job at hiding that this is not actually empirically-driven, or a true replacement of a broken-down model.

We have no true alternative to journalism. You have legacy media pretending everything is perfectly fine, and new media pretending they can fix the problem with some authoritative perky chirping.

They both do the identical ego-stroking, but their hubris blinds them to the real problem.

WikiTribune already has the same arrogant mindset and unworkable structure as old school media -- unpaid interns, volunteers -- there is no difference.

There is no Great Man coming to rescue the dead damsel, kids. He is too busy pontificating and indulging in a vanity project just like all the previous ones before him.

It won't work, of course. You cannot build on rot -- and both media are doing just that hoping the rot won't spread when it already has overtaken the information stream...