The Journalistic Paranoia Narrative continues...

Ronan Farrow is playing a very interesting gambit.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.29.53 PM.png

What he thinks will happen, is anyone’s guess. It most likely will not work.

Lara Logan repositioned herself and got a downgrade after her own version of it, and the press merely dismissed her.

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Jill Abramson did it, too, but it didn’t work for her, either, and the last we heard of her, she was quoted in a very whiny and paranoid Washington Post column.

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Google News failed you?

No, it didn’t.

This is the same Journalistic Paranoia Narrative that the press is trying because telling people how brave they are for reporting on Kardashian ass isn’t working.

The fact that reporters are blaming everyone else for their deficiencies says all you need to know. They accept zero responsibility for the calamitous fortunes.

It is not Google’s fault. Media outlets shamelessly scrape and flat-out steal each other’s scoops and stories — and then have the nerve to accuse other people of playing those games.

There is no magic narrative that will alter reality. Journalism is flawed beyond belief, and the reason they got away with it for so long is that they had the monopoly on communications. When Big Tech opened up those lines and anybody and everybody could broadcast their thoughts, it was game over. They became archaic and unnecessary because the Internet took away their special status.

They didn’t reinvent themselves — not their methods or business model. They would have had to differentiate themselves from the rest of the white noise, and failed to do it.

Google News didn’t take anything away from journalism, but they took away people’s voices and reputations with impunity for decades. They shut out people as they made fun of others.

Now that this power is gone, the press has been hard at work trying to find that magical narrative that will turn back time. It’s not happening.

Yet we have those within the profession attacking elements of it. Logan, Abramson, and now Farrow. The first two did not actually gain much, and lost more in the bargain. Logan’s lofty 60 Minutes spot was as high as a journalist could go — so it is downhill from now on. Abramson didn’t get much out of it, either.

The jockeying for a position in a dead profession doesn’t make much sense. Creating an alternative would be more authentic, but when you play gambits instead of blazing your own path, you are always hoping to get back in — even if there nothing more to get…

Newspaper editors trying to exploit Julian Assange's woes as if this would impact their propaganda mills. Get over yourselves.




This article is a real riot.

Why on earth would the mainstream press be alarmed about WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange being indicted for espionage when they are perpetual mouthpieces for the state?

They may shill the Democratic Party and march lockstep with their propaganda, but that’s still the Establishment. Let us not pretend they do not crib from press releases and PR firms. They do it all the time.

And it is also in bed with corporate interests. Harvey Weinstein’s abusive behavior had been on the New York Times’ radar for more than a decade prior to Ronan Farrow snooping around, but they killed the story. The Times has killed many stories over the decades that did not jive with authorities’ narrative.

No media outlet needs to lose sleep over this indictment. WikiLeaks didn’t use narrative or PR firms. They put out raw and unfiltered information governments do not want the little people to know.

Assange made one big tactical error in judgement: he honestly thought middle class people would rise up once they discovered the truth. They don’t rise up. They may babble about socialism as if they knew a single thing about it on the Twitter, but that’s not real. They walk over homeless people and then look you straight in the eye and say homeless people want to be homeless.

I still vividly recall when Kesha bravely exposed the abuse she went through pre-#MeToo, and I expressed support to her in front of a group of university-educated women who promptly verbally attacked me and squawked like morons how Kesha “asked for it” and how “hard the music business is for men, too.” When children told their parents that the priests were molesting them, they were “disbelieved” because it involved less work. That’s the middle class for you, Mr. Assange: they are the worst enablers of cover-ups if it means leasing a Mercedes and making their neighbor jealous. Do not believe Hollywood’s or Norman Rockwell’s portrayal of them.

The middle class dutifully play with garbage and separate it in various blue boxes without ever once questioning where all of it is going. That is all you need to know.

Assange risked his life for the truth and was punished for it. Journalists gleefully accused him of being a Russian agent — and now they are upset that he got charged with espionage? Fuck you all.

Assholes, you were the trolls who put that narrative out there to begin with — so why are you upset?

If anything happens to Assange, it is journalists who have his blood on their hands. Do not believe their lies and self-serving propaganda.

I still have every article and news report that gleefully accused Assange of being in bed with an enemy state — so do not try to spin a thing. Shut you arrogant and conniving mouth up — you are not smarter than I am and I do not bully.

When I wrote When Journalism was a Thing, I singled out WikiLeaks as one of the few outlets that reported actual news. Glenn Greenwald was the other. That’s all you have in a world of 7.4 billion people.

And not one news media outlet more — save for this one.

The entire planet should hang their heads down in shame.

We still do have a handful of independent book publishers who put out books on facts that are crucial. That is the last bastion of information — not journalism.

And they are struggling because people puke made up garbage called Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory and don’t even know who is their representative in government.

Assange never had a chance. I genuinely feel for this poor man. He had no idea just how corrupt and rigged the game board really is. They will kill this man — and then his image will be exploited for profit by the manipulative cowards at the New York Times and Washington Post.

Puking garbage is what journalism has stoop downed to now — and they are so stupid, that they forgot how badly they maligned Assange to the little people — so if they are comparing themselves to Assange, people will not start buying their product because he was tainted thanks to those jealous trolls.

But the psychopathic and sick games journalists play always killed more people than the events they covered in the first place…

So, do the New York Times and the Washington Post have to give back their Pulitzers?


Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 9.29.16 PM.png


I was reminded today that the New York Times has more than just Trump issues: they, along with the Washington Post, won a Pulitzer in 2018 for their now proven bogus coverage of “Russiagate.”

Do they have to give it back like the Post had to for Jimmy’s World?

When the US President says it is "fake news”, we can now see there is a good and valid reason for it.

I wonder how many people who were dining and banking on Mueller enabling their vindictive tendencies could have survived that kind of pressure? I doubt any of them.

How many real stories have been ignored as a result of this stupid fixation?

How many hacks got awards for spewing propaganda?

When something horrific explodes, and we discover it began during this era, you know who to blame for the neglect…

When criticism becomes overreach.

I was reminded today of this criticism of the US President by William H. McRaven. and I have given my answer elsewhere, but let me go over it here.

McRaven took exception with Donald Trump calling the press an enemy of the people, and then went into knee-jerk mode of Is Not/Is Too.

As I have said before, journalism is no friend to democracy, either as its ways have always been anti-democratic. Gate-keeping and narrative, by their very structure, is very undemocratic. Sexism and racism are still big problems in the industry, too.

But McRaven over-reached his expertise. He is not in a position to know the workings of the press. He may have legitimate grievances with the president and have actual expertise to use as evidence, but he doesn’t have any grasp of how journalism works, its groupthink, or its deficiencies. Just because you don’t like the president, doesn’t mean your every disagreement is correct or that his every thought is wrong.

The press failed. The failed to update their structures, and that’s bad enough, but they are having a personal spat with the man who for decades got their doting attention, and their motives are rotten and self-serving to the core.

And people with that mindset have no idea what is democracy; and hence, can be no friend to it…

Washington Post covers its backside with their Covington Coverage.

An editor’s note that is terse and clinical “corrects” its coverage, but not as an article. This measure is a preemptive strike as they are being sued for their coverage.

The lawyers got involved and this is the drill. Keep it short, minimal, and just correct without discussing how those blaring errors got in there in the first place…

Washington Post sued: How a non-story became the story.




The Covington Debacle is troubling on many levels, and much of it came courtesy of the press who turned a non-event into national news, and were looking for some iconic image to fit a certain narrative.

And they picked a teenaged kid to serve as that image without thinking of the ramifications of doing so, who is now suing them.

And he has a point about that. What he is known for is set for life.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.59.58 PM.png

He is more than just the article of his clothes.

For the record, I don’t agree with this kid’s politics. I could not disagree more.

But I also do not agree with how the legacy media treated the entire non-news event.

There was no there there. We have a canned event. We have various factions of discontent people engaging in slacktivism. We do not know anything about the protestors — whether they are genuine and organic, or whether they are paid or this is how they build a resumé — and I am speaking as someone who went to many protests as a demonstrator — genuine, authentic, organic — until I realized this isn’t doing anything but expecting some They to do things when I could better use my own talents, skills, knowledge, and resources by being active and going into the eye of the storm myself.

So we have a canned event in a society obsessed with chronicling itself. There was ample to get enough footage to see what transpired, but in the end, narrative trumped reality, and Covington became a serious black eye for journalism — again.

Before social media, this would have played differently. The gate-keepers would not have aired the footage that went against their narrative. They would stick to their guns, and move on to the next news cycle. These days, we have a different system at play, and why Europe wants to crack down on the Internet — they also have their discontent and are trying a backdoor approach to take away citizen broadcasting liberties as they paint critics as liars.

When you cannot manipulate the narrative, you cannot control a populace one way or another.

The old guard are trying to reclaim the power they lost, and this lawsuit would not have been possible unless that critical footage made its way to the public.

And yet the press still behaves as if there would be no mechanism to challenge their narratives.

Remember, the Internet as a mass communication tool has been around for over two decades — and even longer than that in smaller circles in cruder forms.

So a suit like this does not surprise me.

Journalists love to cast themselves as valiant knights fighting for democracy, but it’s just an antiquated game, and the rest of the world doesn’t want to play it anymore…

Washington Post discovers asset-squeezer strategy. Regular readers here must be laughing themselves silly.

The Washington Post has a huge conflict-of-interest in this whole Jeff Bezos dick pic escapade, but let’s take a look at this laughable article they spewed:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 3.25.41 PM.png

Yes, children, this is something I have been talking about for a long time because this practice has been going on in journalism for a very long time.

I saw when I was a journalist covering the newspaper industry in the late 1990s, early Aughts.

Hedge Funds are doing it now, but this is nothing new. Hollinger did the same thing: buy up newspapers, squeeze the assets as jobs were slashed, but not professional asset-squeezers are doing it.


Because that is the only way you can make a newspaper profitable. You buy a newspaper. You let go of the staff who aren’t pulling in new sources of revenue. You sell the printing presses. You contract out the printing. You sell the real estate because developers are hungering from prime location. You squeeze the assets until there is nothing more to squeeze at your threshold level.

If there are B-list pickings, sell to another asset-squeezer. If not, you close down the property.

These are professional vultures, and vultures do not bother with living properties. They look for dead ones.

The Post isn’t very hip to the world, my friends, because it’s been mused here for ages…

Jill Abramson getting pummelled by corrupt hypocrites: Just another day in the trash can called journalism.

For a profession that criticizes people viciously, journalists certainly do not like when people criticize them.

Oh, what a shock.

They either suppress information or try to tear into someone if their profile is high enough.

So when former New York Times editor Jill Abramson dissed on the corrupt and dead profession of journalism, the book couldn’t be ignored; so journalists went to attack her credibility like a rapist attacks the victim, blaming her and saying she deserved it.


Make no mistake: the level of vitriol has more to do that a woman dared call them out for their sins than the actual content.

Also note, it was the white boys who instigated this very coordinated hit.

So before discussing the guts of the allegations, let me point out that Jill Abramson made it all the way to News York Times editor.

A very lofty position in the profession. That’s as prestigious as you can get. 60 Minutes correspondent or head of a network news outfit possibly trump it.

Back then, she was doing the basic same things she did for her entire journalistic career, and she was employed and got promoted.

And that was just dandy keen for years.

But then she was a cheerleader on Team Journalism.

Now she isn’t.

I wrote a book on journalism’s ethics last year and that book was exhaustively researched.


I had no assistant. I did the entire researching and writing all by myself up in a cottage in Selkirk right on Lake Erie in the winter in the middle of nowhere because it was always my dream to write a book that way.


For five months, that is what I woke up to seeing every morning while drinking Turkish coffee. I wanted absolute solitude, but The Fabulous Ladies drove up every Sunday for brunch and mischief, and I am grateful. I did take some time out to go to Chicago to get semi-precious stones for my jewelry-making. I stayed at the fun and posh Virgin Hotel and dined at Miss Ricky’s and The Gage, but still brought my laptop to work on my book. I still have my little shower lamb from the Virgin Hotel


My book was ignored by journalists in public, though people are still buying it, despite the shut out. So much for free speech. As usual, word of mouth can break through any blacklist.

I still did an interview here and a funky one here.

But journalists couldn’t do that with Abramson. They had to stomp on her and stone her to discredit her work.

You cannot discredit mine, however. I did not go into journalism with stars in my eyes, and then turned into a bitter and disgruntled failure. I went in knowing exactly who they were, and wanted to study the profession by being a journalist for real. I conducted unprecedented and exhaustive experiments. My beat was the business of journalism and my audience were people in the profession.

When I had enough information to write an informed and empirically-sound exposé, I walked away.


I also wrote one on Fox News, and then over a decade later came When Journalism was a Thing.

Abramson was in deep, and as much as she knows about the people in that sketchy profession, those in the profession know all about her.

So those trolls knew where to look and how to strike.

And then went batshit crazy on her in a frenzy tirade, hoping to nullify her revealing of their disgusting dirt.

They nitpicked on a few facts, but even that is under debate. Journalists fuck up on facts all the time. They do not use empirical methods.

But then came the “chargeofplagiarism! Oh, no! Run for your lives! Don’t listen to the scary woman with the book that exposes us!

giphy (2).gif

It is a pathetic ruse.

The poseur “journalists” at the garbage publication Paste really overplayed the melodramatics:

Jill Abramson Is a Disgrace to Journalism

Yeah, as if you grifters know what this “journalism” is. You are not fooling anybody, you twits. Stop using the movie Reefer Madness as a guide on how to behave. You come off as disingenuous nerds.

The only publication with any sense here is the National Review that has a more accurate take:

Jill Abramson Is a Hack, Not a Thief

I am currently reading the book. She knows who she is dealing with. It is kind of a stretch to call it “plagiarism” because the writing for both are so banal and unoriginal, that really, it is like writing, “Bob likes his new job” and then someone else writes “Robert has positive feelings toward his most recent career” and then make some over-the-top tirade because you both are writing about the same damn thing.

Seriously, no winners here. I would not classify it as a “sourcing error”, either. I would classify this as typical journalism nincompoopity, and it needs to be replaced with a more responsible alternative.

Vice is pure garbage. Sexist pretentious trolls with one who got nabbed for being a drug dealer, and Vice got Canadian government money to boot. What does Vice know about journalistic ethics?

I wrote about Vice in my latest book. They are to journalism what a soiled jock strap is to journalism.

And they’re ranting about Abramson?

And other outlets are parroting their meltdown?

I can tell you straight up my book is exhaustively researched, and I didn’t plagiarize. I don’t need to because my writing is superior to Vice hacks or anyone else in that dead profession. It would be a serious step down from my own abilities.

So yes, the pot is calling the kettle black, but who is the pot and who is the kettle is your choice.

If you want to read a book that tells it like it is that doesn’t pull any punches and fears no angry mob of hacks, read When Journalism was a Thing.

You can even read while enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee — because you haven’t lived until you had a cup…

Memo to Washington Post: Is your coverage of the President just juicy gossip or a political hit job?

The propaganda arm of the Amazon Establishment Empire, also known as The Washington Post are obedient little minions with this laughable conflict-of-interest article:

Was tabloid exposé of Bezos affair just juicy gossip or a political hit job?

No, your overlord/man-whore fucked his own way into a scandal all by himself. He can’t keep it in his pants, let him man-up and face the consequences. Nice try spinning this mess to make it sound like he is some sort of victim.

But as the saying goes, when you point a finger of blame in one direction, three fingers — especially the middle one — point back at you.

Does that mean that all of your anti-Trump articles are a political hit job?

Because there has been something of a spat between your overlord and the President.

For how long now?

And what better way to influence public opinion than to use you little minions as his mouthpiece?

Propaganda isn’t journalism.

How cowardly of your overlord.

He is used to cheerleading in all those fabulously fawning advertising disguised as news stories.

And now his fucking a woman who wasn’t his wife is exposed for all the world to puke.

No hit job.

He took out his gun, loaded it, gave it to his enemies, and told them the pull the trigger at his crotch.

That’s not a “political hit job.”

That’s being a moron.

So let him put on his big boy pants, take out his big boy check book, and go halfsies with the brains of the family…

On yearbooks and journalistic laziness. I used to find yearbooks of people I interviewed and covered. Why did reporters need a "tip" in the Northam Scandal?

Trust journalists to brag about their own laziness and try to spin it as some sort of piece of investigative journalism.

Take this Washington Post piece of propaganda:

A tip from a ‘concerned citizen’ helps a reporter land the scoop of a lifetime

Really? Someone had to call and do your job for you?

Why didn’t any journalist not track down the future governor’s yearbooks from high school and university when he first went into politics?

What kind of garbage are you trying to spin?

Because when I worked as a journalist, I always tracked down yearbooks.

You have no idea what a trick it was, but I always tracked them down. You go to the high schools and they have them. There are public libraries that have them. Municipal and school archives have them. Friends and former classmates have them.

There is zero excuse for it, and that journalists didn’t track this down from the get-go shows just how worthless and lazy they are.

I was in the yearbook committee in both junior high and high school, and I was the yearbook editor in my graduating year.

I also have my undergraduate yearbook from McMaster University.

I still have my yearbooks.

The first thing you should do when you are covering a story about someone is to track down their yearbooks.

When I had done Chaser Investigative News the first time, not only did I track down yearbooks, I talked about the process. There was one story about a missing woman who was accidentally photographed at a Take Back the Night Rally.

I tracked down the yearbooks, and discovered the she had switched schools at one point, and failed a grade. I found out she was not involved in any extracurricular activities, was never an honour student, but I found people who knew her who told me a lot about the clique she hung out with. This group even had a name.

I saw through her yearbook pictures that she blossomed quite dramatically, which confirmed information I was given about the family’s fortunes at the time.

And as I wrote about things, I had local people who read my blog who also looked at those corresponding yearbooks to see if they could glean anything I could have missed. People were engaged with the story, but I was the one who got the ball rolling.

Those yearbooks weren’t hidden. Neither was the one with Northam’s dubious blackface. No one ever commented publicly on Northam’s page before that — or if they went to the press before, their tips were ignored.

Remember, this is a yearbook picture from 1984.

Thirty-five years ago.

Right out in the open.

So there are a slew of other questions here, but the big one is why didn’t a single reporter see it until someone had to go to them and point it out?

So the reporter who allegedly “broke” the story, didn’t.

That itself is a gross misrepresentation of the actual event.

And the real story isn’t about a university yearbook with a blackface picture of a future politician.

It is that it was there for decades, and not a single journalist thought to look.

I always did — and anyone who has read any Magnus Lyme Mystery novella knows my stories always have Miss Lyme tracking down yearbooks of suspects. It is a running joke throughout them.

Because that’s what I did as a journalist, and that twist is a nod to my thoroughness as a researcher.

So shame on the Washington Post for being dishonest and deceitful — and trying to spin bad journalism into good journalism. The stench of their burning trousers reek all the way here…

Journalism's continued job implosion. All the old tricks and new stunts aren't working. It is time to face reality.




I wrote the book on this collapse last year called When Journalism was a Thing, but since I am female, I get ignored. If you want a thorough, well-researched, honest, accurate, reliable, valid, useful, passionate, objective, and definitive answer to what is happening now, read my book.

The Washington Post is an outlet in perpetual denial. Journalism is dead. The end. If the Post cannot grasp or face the reality of their dead profession, they cannot see anything in front of them.

Let’s look at the headlines Drudge drudged up today:

McClatchy Follows BuzzFeed, Vice, and Others in Cutting Staff

Vice Media to Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff in Company Restructuring

And the partisan New York Times whining:

Digital Media: What Went Wrong

For years, BuzzFeed seemed to be leading the journalism industry toward a brave new future. Now that it has stumbled, the way ahead looks more old-school than ever.

Do not believe the New York Times for one millisecond: there was no promise of a “brave new future” with BuzzFeed. It was always garbage with filler, propaganda, and ignorance that never did journalism differently. It just has garbage quizzes and tacky propaganda with snark.

That’s not an actual thing to be proud of, even if you are completely stupid and without morals or common sense.

Notice that the only trick has been Trump-bashing and begging for money, and neither lazy hack is working — it is, actually, having the opposite effect.

No, nerds pretending to be hip and edgy isn’t going to save a dead profession.

And the ridiculous mantra that “the future is digital” has been dealt a deathblow.


When you use old tricks and stunts and never admit that what you are doing is not working, that’s what happens.

The medium is not the content. The medium is not the structure. The medium is not the mandate.

The medium is not the saviour.

The lazy ways of journalism have not saved them, and the fact that the new generation of outlets have collapsed the same way proves once and for all that the model is broken beyond repair.

Get the memo, children…


Memo to the Washington Post: The Dunning-Kruger effect describes journalism perfectly. Especially you.

The Washington Post is the perfect example of someone pointing a finger of blame at someone else when three are pointing back at them.

Such is the case with their latest foray into journalistic propaganda with this article:

What’s behind the confidence of the incompetent? This suddenly popular psychological phenomenon.

The Dunning-Kruger effect explains why unskilled people think they know it all and tend to be overconfident.

Quoting something in social psychology isn’t always a bright idea as it often veers into pop psychology and their experiments more times than not have serious flaws. Or they make stuff up. And there is a the issue of an academic journal monopoly.

But journalists, who are not empirically trained, are not experts, yet are very confident of the junk they puke in their work.

Like this piece of garbage that is, in fact, propaganda, meant to sound authoritative — and try to make people question their opinions and go defer to an authority source.

There are some serious problems with the article — and the “theory”. It is not an actual “thing.” It is a hypothetical construct that is dependent on the current academic narrative, and there are many alternative explanations that are more elegant and make more sense, even though it seems to nail journalists.

But the Washington Post loves its intellectually-stunted nincompoopity as they play make-pretend in public…

Mitt Romney's same old story...treated as something new.

Mitt Romney has had a one-track mind for a very long time.

So what has he said about the US President in 2016 alone?

A phony and a fraud. He said Trump was not fit for office and was guaranteeing a Hillary Clinton win. He should never get the nomination. He said he is low energy. He does not like Trump, and said he is repulsed by him. He has thought of every excuse under the sun.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 8.46.00 PM.png

It’s not news.

And yet the Washington Post treats it as if it were:

Mitt Romney: The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short.

Trump had no problem reminding people that Romney is not spewing anything new.

And easily creating an interesting narrative:

"Would much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful. I won big, and he didn't. He should be happy for all Republicans. Be a TEAM player & WIN!"

It is a lull, and when that happens, we have a hamster wheel and a vortex where no one seems to have any new ideas, and hope one of the old ones that fell flat the last hundred times gains something resembling traction...

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


The Chaser Solution: Chapter Twelve: Months in a year, hours on a clock, it all comes up to a dozen. We mark time, but never make the most of it.


51 copy.JPG




52 copy.JPG


Petty shits.

Who was worse this week?

The New York Times for publishing family gossip that was unsubstantiated, or NBC for not correcting the record when they knew they were wrong?

Even the Washington Post is cautioning them to be careful of not spreading fake news.

Should anyone care about the Times’ story? I don’t recall too many modern presidents being soldiers or enlisting. They still got voted in. Canadian universities still have those Left-wing American draft dodgers as professors, and no one is getting upset about that.

The same people who were marching in anti-war protests are bitching about someone who didn’t fight a war? You assholes didn’t, either; so just shut the fuck up.

The middle class don’t care about much.

Not even if the news has no connect to reality.

Take CBC here in Canada. They puke bullshit how the Canadian economy was “resilient” in 2018, but for whom? We had a lot of stores closing. We had factories closing.

We have a homeless crisis, and in traditionally middle class safe havens such as the Golden Horseshoe. Real estate is rapidly cooling off, and household debt is at very bad levels. We have an opioid crisis, and that’s not a sign of prosperity.

Yet like a dubbed foreign film, the voice over doesn’t ever match up with the moving lips.


So what’s going on?

On the one hand, it is a confirmation bias: choose a self-serving narrative, and look for evidence that supports your narrative as you ignore evidence that refutes it. In the US, the press is anti-Trump all the time. It is pure insanity because they had power to be kingmakers until the day they weren’t. They are mad at him for showing them the reality of their situation.

They should have been grateful.

They should have seen what happened and how to re-invent their profession. Instead, they veered into rank propaganda and haven’t stopped as their fortunes go further down.

They hate Trump. They also hate Facebook for the same reason. They hate “populism” — again, for the same reason. They got mad at poor people for expressing themselves, using social media to do it, and voting for the only candidate that spoke to them during the election.

Once upon a time, journalists wouldn’t be hating those people: they would be writing about them and speaking to them, but then they got full of themselves and got lost in narcissistic fantasy.

You used to inform these same people. You used to publish their letters to the editor. You used to get outraged when they got hurt in life, and the Establishment tried to screw them over.

What happened to those people? Where did you go wrong?

In Canada, the press betrayed the people, but in a different way: they lied to them, but are lulling them into thinking things are better than they actually are. They mimic Soviet-style propaganda where the news told citizens how great the economy was, and it was in the toilet. People laughed at the news because it was bullshit and they knew it.

They believed it for a while, until they imploded. Regions broke away, and the fragmentation spelled the end of that system of governance.

It happened to the Soviet Union. It happened to Yugoslavia.

Would it happen to Canada? It depends how badly things go. Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta would leave. Toronto would, too. The US would greatly benefit because they could gain access to natural resources easily and quietly. It is not as if Canada would be a match for the US, but why do it loudly, when you can do the same thing silently without fuss?

But Canada was always an impossible country: it is too big with too few people spread out too far apart.

What holds them together? Fairy tales.

The kicker is that if this country could face reality, it would leave other countries in the dust.


The US is in the same position. There is nothing wrong with their president. He is no worse than his predecessor. You cannot fault Donald Trump for seeing reality that you can win a presidency by stumping and going directly to the people in person — and by using Twitter. Kudos to him.

He exposed that the media has no teeth. They have been gumming at him for so long that you’d think they’d get tired of their own temper tantrum.

The press should have just stood back and saw their own arrogant and oblivious childishness.

I remember talking to one US reporter about Trump before November 2016. He thought Clinton would win it. I said no way. He was absolutely certain, citing polls. I said look at the polls for Brexit, and even for Toronto’s mayoralty race where Rob Ford handily won. He said it was an apples to oranges comparison. I said it was apples to apples.

Trump won.

I could see what Trump saw: a dead media. The model was no longer aligned with reality. If the strongest of the media — the US — couldn’t do it, then neither could anyone else. People can get offended all they want, but no other country had the journalistic muscle saved for the UK. They are having the same problems, and there is no relief in sight.

And what you have is a hamster wheel that marks nothing.

What you don’t have is news anymore. North, East, West, South.

No one minding the times. No one minding the place.

For example, child exploitation is a serious problem in Canada. So is human trafficking. We have a serious problem with First Nations women vanishing and being murdered. Lots of child pornography and prostitution going on here.

And the laws here are a joke.

With a press that aids and abets these people.

And in the US, the hate on Trump is so out of control that the US will pay for it for decades to come because no one is paying attention at the things that are actually important.

How many people can live well? How many people die needlessly?

What are the dangers?

That’s news.

It is not a fairytale. It is not campfire story.

It is a clock. It is a compass.

You know where you are right now and where things are going?

When you know, you are F.R.E.E.D.

What should you be going after?

That’s Chaser.

The strength isn’t in the One.

It is in the Infinite.


And, darlings, that is your message to ponder very carefully, courtesy of…


If not Russia, then China: When an industry hates the whole world.

First, those Russians were bad, but I guess not bad enough, because now it is China’s turn to be the Super Evil Bad Guys, according to journalists.

They want to take over The World!

If that is true, then those motherfuckers are dumbass morons.

Hey, China! Yoo hoo! Have you ever seen People of Wal-mart on Pinterest? You really want to take over that? Really? Social media has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that global domination is the stupidest goal a person could possibly have.

And they are out to rule the press!

If that is your goal, then the world has nothing to worry about. That profession is dead.

So with this dumb fuck strategy, the People of Wal-Mart have nothing to worry about. They are safe to wave their freak flags sky high.

It seems in every journalistic narrative these days, there is a Super Bad nation that are like those sci-fi planetary villains where everyone on the planet is evil.

Looking for anything to provoke a public into believing them again, we are now seeing a regression in coverage where xenophobia is the bait. The Washington Post has a real knee-slapper of a quote:

As with all authoritarian regimes, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is organized around manipulation and control of information and ideas.

This from the newspaper that has been spewing organized and manipulative propaganda for a very long time.

It seems that giving facts and not stooping to fear-mongering isn’t happening anywhere on the planet these days…

Are Google and the Washington Post run by bratty five-year-olds?


Here is a memo: Just because someone does not applaud your rigs and does not believe in exactly everything that you do, does not give you the right to destroy, confine, or censor the other person. Not everyone’s life requirements are like yours.

Maybe your parents were too busy having affairs to bother with you during your formative years. Maybe “willful intellectual neglect of children” was on their bucket list. Maybe ideological OCD is a real thing. Maybe you were just born an asshole. I don’t actually care about the why.

Really, I don’t.

But why on Earth do people, still in 2018, resort to childish measure when it comes to trying to impose their thoughts on others?


That’s essentially what some knuckle-draggers at Google tried to do to Breitbart.

Yeah, it’s partisan and biased, just like you.

And inaccurate, just like you were with your little blurb about me for years that never got corrected even as I was sending feedback.

It’s much better now, but it took me getting it verified for that to happen.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.23.14 AM.png

Besides, kids, the Internet is big enough for everyone!


So share that space, Googlers!

But I am sad to say that the brats over at the Washington Post are petty and mean.

Read this bullshit bullying disguised as a piece of news:

Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again

You Posties have been known to tell fibs on many occasions, as in, over and over again.

You blame Trump for the demise of newspapers, even though the industry was in trouble long before that.

You had Janet Cooke, the whole Jessica Lynch is Rambo fiasco, the whole giving legitimacy to a dubious web site about fake news, and that thought thieving reporter you fired.

You guys have a very large nose you pick, too!

Memo to the motherfuckers at the Washington Post: We got the memo that you do not like the President of the United States because he said you were no longer the “cool” kids, but a bunch of nerds who tell fibs to make yourselves sound important.

Yes, it is very sad for you that you can no longer be kingmakers and tell the little people how to think.

That wasn’t a lie. He told an inconvenient truth that you cannot accept and that denial destroyed your profession. If you had the courage to face that reality years ago, you wouldn’t be throwing temper tantrums in the gutter.

You are so vindictive that you are trying to manipulate the public hoping they do not believe anything Trump says because he said you were fake and a bunch of scheming liars — so if you discredit him, then maybe people will be tricked into reading your bullshit again.

But life for 7.4 billion people have gone on without you long before the November 2016 US federal election, and they will go on without you no matter who is the president because you did not keep up to code.

That is on you, not the president.

So get over it, children. Adulting is a powerful technique you should try.

So your “fact-checking” ruse is a pile of garbage.

And fake news, too, because it is war propaganda disguised as information — and people with brains aren’t buying what you are selling…

Big Tech may be crumbling, but journalism was FUBAR long before that: revisionist bullshit stories are just bullshit.

Apple used to be about innovation.

Now it is about censorship, propaganda, and dictatorship — and the reason Big Tech is imploding.

Tim Cook has made a bullshit decree, about how “hate” has no place in Big Tech…and yet Big Tech has manipulated, controlled, censored, spied, and betrayed users at every turn.

Go fuck yourself, you miserable hypocrite.

Then the Washington Post’s clueless toady, Margaret Sullivan is actively trying revisionist propaganda, but she lacks the intelligence for it, and her transparent stupidity is something I chronicled repeatedly in my latest book, but this one takes the dummy cake:

The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.

Nice try, moron, but journalism fucked itself up way before that. Big Tech got away with shit because few people understood their con games, and journalists fellated those Big Tech Boys until they started to lose their jobs without reinventing themselves.

Don’t blame Big Tech for your decades-long professional incompetence, you asshole. Fuck you.

And the self-serving bitchfest doesn’t end. We have garbage being spewed how Big Tech is so bad, but nothing about how journalists kissed their asses with question for decades. The robber barons got away with it because journalism is a profession filled with nerds and cheerleading dummies who never question anything.

Big Tech is just another version of Donald Trump: they kiss their asses until they realize they were nothing more than discarded pawns, and then they remember to point out all the things they knew all along, but buried.

And never take any responsibility or have anything resembling a learning curve.

So fuck them all.

Big Tech is in a heap of big trouble, and journalism is already a dead profession.

I have been saying this for a long time — ignored and uncredited, of course, but I am on record for pointing all of this out long before it was posh.

2019 is going to be a very different year. The Limousine Liberals are going to be in serious trouble. Big Tech and journalism will both see very different, but unprecedented implosions. The Champagne Socialists are in for a rude awakening when their Limousine Liberal parents are forced to cut them off for survival once more — and without Big Tech enabling their delusions, the Indigo children are about to find out exactly why they are called that: because life if about to beat them black and blue.

But the implosions will not be outrages. They will not be violent, mass protests. There will be too much shock and unpredictable turns for that to happen. There won’t be civil wars or revolutions.

The social engineers miscalculated a lot of things, and they are trying to sweep things under the rug, as Apple is doing with their overt censorship. They learned nothing from the fall of journalism: you can censor and ignore things all you want, but once people had freedom that you take away, you become Public Enemy Number One, and then you’re fucked. You don’t have Steve Jobs to bail you out this time.

People don’t need apps, especially when things go south for them. Once people are stymied without their distractions, they will see how piss poor they were all along — and that having a godphone and tats doesn’t make them middle class.

When that reality sinks in, it will be a whole new ball game.

And then the Sucker Circus unveils a brand-new act to shock and amaze…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty: Journalism was supposed to be about the interpretation and gestalt of reality. Time for the reboot.

Another dead body in Toronto the Violent.


A record and it is still November.

One city.

You have a City of Hate.

And yet the Toronto Star is too obsessed with a single man who they constantly knock:

Premier Doug Ford and the politics of spite

Excuse me, but that body count started before Doug Ford won the leadership contest, let alone was premier. Toronto has serious problems, starting with its tolerance of violence and homelessness, and when someone isn’t applauding you, you accuse them of being spiteful.

Look at your squalor and not your cocktail parties, please.

Toronto has a problem, and it is not Doug Ford.

We have columnists ask what has Donald Trump learned from defeat.

What defeat? The pendulum of voter switches in the US is predictable, and switching political parties at midterms to the rival party is nothing new.

Which means it doesn’t matter which president it is, or how well or badly he is doing, the results will be the same.

The same.

That means the electorate have settled on a rig, and party affiliation or popularity have nothing to do with it.

But why don’t journalists ever see it?


Look at the Washington Post going on yet again about “fake news” merchants.

The same newspaper that brought you the fake news story Jimmy’s World.

The same newspaper that brought you the fake news of Private Jessica Lynch, and then had to apologize:

A Long, and Incomplete Correction

The same newspaper that in 2016, used a dubious website as a legitimate source of what was decreed fake news.

Watergate and the Pentagon Papers are but a distant memory.

Why are you looking at other merchants of lies when you have a chronic problem with it of your own?

Then there is the New York Times that has such blinders when it comes to the man they helped make the current US President, that they have lost all rationality, using sophistry to demonize his every thought and idea.

Now they have gone off the rails to argue that poor people who want jobs to get out of poverty are misguided idiots:

Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.

All right, people at New York Times, let’s take away your jobs and blacklist you all from getting work for, say, five years.

Tell me how good life is for you then.

Let us remind the world how it came to be that you are obsessed with your ex-boyfriend Donald J. Trump when you wrote your first love letter to him on November 1, 1976:

He is tall, lean and blond, with dazzling white teeth, and he looks ever so much like Robert Redford. He rides around town in a chauffeured silver Cadillac with his initials, DJT, on the plates. He dates slinky fashion models, belongs to the most elegant clubs and, at only 30 years of age, estimates that he is worth “more than $200 million.”

Flair. It's one of Donald J. Trump's favorite words, and both he, his friends and his enemies use it when describing his way of life as well as his business style as New York's No. 1 real estate promoter of the middle 1970's.

“If a man has flair,” the energetic, outspoken Mr. Trump said the other day, “and is smart and somewhat conservative and has a taste for what people want, he's bound to be successful in New York.”

That’s why you are now straining your brain cells trying to say his private sector logic is completely wrong.

No, try going on without employment for any stretch. It is emotionally draining, devastating, traumatic, and life-altering.

People are made to work. They are made to be productive and create. That there are people who exploit it is true, but there can be simple checks and balances put in place to keep things honest; so do not start telling lies just to spite your ex-idol.

That is mere jealous and manipulative propaganda.

But that’s what happens when you forget what you are supposed to do as journalists.

You are to report the sum of the parts of reality to show the whole.

You bring facts that society integrates.

As the gestalt psychologists famously noted, the whole does not equal the sum of its parts.

But you cannot see the undivided without its fractions.

Like pieces of a puzzle, each piece has a story of its own, but when put together, those smaller stories vanish and the big picture emerges.

That is what journalism once vowed to do.

It doesn’t anymore.

And that’s where Chaser comes into play.

It is not about the sticking it to people just because they aren’t impressed by you.

It is more important than personal grudges.

It is about seeing reality and then finding the truth....

An interesting turn in the White House...

Mainstream Western media is deliberately keeping quiet about the more salacious details of Mira Ricardel, the deputy national security advisor for the White House who has clashed swords with First Lady Melania Trump.

CNN and the Wall Street Journal aren’t telling people the whole story, and Esquire is too stupid of a publication to get the connection, and don’t expect NBC to get it, either.

Or the BBC.

Or the Washington Post.

Or the New York Times.

Or the Guardian.

Because they very well know of Ms Ricardel’s pedigree.

They will tell you she is of Croatian heritage, as the Weekly Standard did way back in 1995 when she was known then as Mira Baratta:

Needless to say, Baratta's ethnic background has opened her to charges of pro-Croatian bias. Some eyebrows were raised, for example, when she received the "Award for Excellence in Politics" from the National Federation of Croatian Americans in May for her "exceptional leadership on Capitol Hill in assisting Senator Dole's efforts to bring justice and peace to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina." But this hardly counts as treason, and most of the specific allegations range from the disingenuous to the downright comical, such as the claim from one Serbian group that Baratta is working for Dole because he is of Albanian descent (proponents of this theory -- which his office denies -- say his name should really be pronounced "doe-LAY")

It is not comical, you bigots, and the Standard failed to confirm or refute one way or another.

(And remember, it was Serbs who had first revealed that Madeleine Albright’s family had been Jewish, not Catholic, and were proven correct, something that had not be known at the time, but Serbs were murdered in concentration camps as Jews were during the Second World War, and they kept watch and never forgot who was victimized).

But back to Ricardel.

Her family weren’t merely Croatian, which itself is nothing to note — but they were fascists during the Second World War.

Ustashi for the historically illiterate.

Her background was a radicalized anti-Serb one and she played a major role in the 1990s on how the former Yugoslavia would be dealt with:

It’s also worth mentioning that a Dole staffer advising the then congressman on foreign policy was a Croatian woman named Mira Baratta, granddaughter of an officer of the Ustasha regime (the Nazis’ Croatian incarnation) and daughter of Petar Radielovic, who called Croatian Fuehrer Ante Pavelic “the greatest man in Croatian history” — and who in 1985 defended Andrija Artukovic, “the Himmler of the Balkans” at his L.A. trial. Artukovic had said, “Kill all Serbs and Jews including children so that not even the seeds of the beasts are left.” Baratta helped frame a 1995 Senate bill lifting the U.S. arms embargo against Croatia and Bosnia, and even advocated for the Albanian cause against the Serbs. To quote Richard Perle, “Other than Richard Holbrooke, Baratta has been the most influential individual in shaping U.S. policy” in the Balkans.

That is akin to calling Adolf Hitler the greatest man in German history.

There is absolutely no difference.

She shaped US policy in the Balkans in the 1990s with not a single person questioning her bigoted background.

And that anti-Serb bias blared in the US who were behaving just like Ustashi did in the Second World War.

This wasn’t some distant ancestor: these were the people who raised her — people who were never held accountable for their own war crimes and were left to keep thinking in their hateful and deceptive ways.

And she was driven to get very far where she could have a president’s ear, and with renewed Western interest in Serbia, there are many important questions that need to be answered.

And then Ricardel clashed with Melania Trump, a woman who is Slovenian by birth, and knows the workings of her old homeland very well. If Ricardel thought she could bully the First Lady, she was in for the surprise of her life. A disrespectful attitude hints at a game of wills, and usually there are very strategic reasons for it.

For meddlers in Balkan affairs, this is a serious blow to their clout, but the mainstream Western media will be certain to keep the secret fascist backgrounds hidden from the middle class, but not all of us are going to inveigle the public…