In Ontario, there are two cultures...

The Private Sector made of people who have to hustle to survive, and the Public Sector who get paid a cushy salary and do not have to hustle.

There is no other culture here.

You can extend Public Sector to those who get welfare or government grants, too.

You either get paid by the government, or you have to survive on your wits.

And now that the Public Sector is getting the cuts they so richly earned, they are throwing fits because they lost face in public. Vote-shaming did not save their careers.

They were smug, insular, and ungrateful. No matter how much money they got, it was never enough. They always need more, and they can always find some other fringe group that needs to be put on the dole.

Now there is plenty of narratives of doom and gloom, but it’s bullshit.

Listening to people in the Public Sector was always amusing to me: they were the pampered house cats telling the feral alley cats how to live. They always spewed some philosophy how their manufactured ecosystem had what ought to be, such as how women were better leaders because they use consensus to achieve goals.

I worked for women in both the private and public sector. I do not ever recall consensus being an actual leadership style or having women get the job done through consensus.

I worked for both at the same time. I taught college, which is a public sector job. You cannot compare those worlds: if I didn’t get the job done in the private sector, I knew there would be a line up of other people who wanted my career. Public sector was dysfunctional. People were always complaining how hard their job was, and here I am, happy to be teaching because it was so easy compared to hustling for freelance work, and then having to research and get people to give me an interview. I could never understand what all that whining was about.

People would literally hold a mug of coffee and march up and down the halls complaining how busy they were. Sure, busy marching up and down the halls holding a mug of coffee telling people how busy you are.

But there were buffers the public sector had that the private sector never did. I know people who always looked for public sector work because they wanted a good job with great pay and benefits where they wouldn’t actually be busting their humps the same way they’d have to if they worked in the private sector.

The Liberal regime in Ontario always caved in to the public sector, and having unions had nothing to do with it. Public sector jobs are a two-way hack: the government can pretend the economy is healthier than it actually is as more and more people get on the Sunshine List, and people in those jobs can get things those in the private sector cannot. Everyone can pretend to be doing better than they actually are. The public sector’s mantra how they are essential for survival is pure bullshit, but it ensured they kept their jobs.

The province went into insane debt because of it. Kathleen Wynne’s press secretary made more money than US President Barak Obama’s press secretary, which is insane.

But those in the public sector got greedy and abandoned Wynne in the last election, defecting to the NDP because they thought now they’d get even more.

Except private sector workers had enough. Forty percent of people in Ontario have minimum wage jobs. And they work harder because minimum wage jobs are not easy jobs. They voted for Doug Ford who promptly halted the gravy train, and the predictable bitching is coming out in full force — and Ford has been prepared for their antics. He slashed Toronto City Council seats. He threatened to use the Notwithstanding clause. He is ensuring people can’t sue the Ontario government. He is slashing public sector jobs to be realistically aligned with current realities.

Because he is a private sector man, his culture is vastly different than the cushy one of the public sector. He knows, for instance, you don’t actually need 650,000 public sector workers. You can do just fine with one third of that. You have too many bullshit jobs there.

Public sector jobs were usually lower-paying than the private sector and it was the place where war vets were given employment after their tour of duty as a thank you for risking their lives in dangerous places of violence. It got co-opted as an easy way to look more financially healthy.

Except that kind of pyramid scheme can’t last forever, but there are consequences to its inevitable collapse: you have people who have been indoctrinated into that culture and honestly believe that to be reality. It is a socially-engineered environment that requires rote thinking, and no real transferrable skills that can mesh into the culture of private sector. You don’t have to produce widgets in the sense where you need to bring in a profit. You don’t have to hustle, innovate, compete or have some sort of edge. It’s a safe job with a Zero Risk Mindset.

So what you are having now is people who cannot get back into the realm of public sector — they may be educated, but they are worlds away from the private sector mindset where you are primed and groomed in a completely different way. They are not going to find the same pay, benefits, or protections they have become adjusted to, and think they are entitled to have. The more jobs losses in this sector, the bigger the problem because these were the people who had disposable income, particularly teachers.

When my mother taught jewelry-making, she had a diverse ratio of public and private sector students. She had factory workers, white collar types, and she also had public sector workers such as teachers, professors, nurses, people who worked for crown corporations, police officers, and even federal and provincial workers. There a lot of people who worked at casinos (public sector) who got paid to take courses as a perk and they kept signing up for her classes. She was a very popular teacher, and I was managing her career.

But I knew this wasn’t going to last forever, and warned her that having full and run-off classes wasn’t going to go on forever, and what she was doing was just a nice, albeit temporary thing. She got very angry at me and thought I was being a jerk. I wasn’t a jerk. I was working as business journalist at the time, and the one thing I could do extremely well was feel a change in the winds. It’s why I could easily predict the collapse of newspapers.

But then when the recession hit, almost all of her private sector students stopped signing up, and few new ones were joining. The casino workers lost their perk and also vanished. A computer virus hit mom’s account, and accidentally sent emails to her student email list — as many had used their work email as a contact, when all those bounced back as being no longer in use, I knew why. They all lost their jobs. The factory workers and the white collar types. None were close to retirement, either.

The only ones left standing were the public sector students. It never changed after that. Teachers had the most disposable income, followed by crown corporation workers — and when their company was sold to the private sector, most lost their jobs in the bargain.

It never recovered from that bloodbath a decade ago, and now that delayed culling has come to the public sector. When almost have of your workforce is earning minimum wage or is precariously employed, no one can possibly expect that the public sector is going to skirt paying their dues.

The temper tantrums and virtue-signalling isn’t going to change the reality, but there is something very dangerous here all the same: in this province, women in the private sector have an extremely tough road. Many private sector white collar types are on contract, and it is not easy being a business owner: banks discriminate against women in many underhanded ways.

Where women in this province skirted that problem was to work in the public sector. It was a hack for educated women to earn a decent wage and have a shot at upward mobility, but at the cost of losing that hunter’s instinct needed to not only thrive and survive, but to deal with obstacles such as losing a public sector career.

For many Ontario women, they are about to enter a nightmare world in which they are not fluent. The jobs available are going to most likely be minimum wage jobs or those with precarious security, no benefits, and have no chance for advancement. The previous job experience and university education won’t alter that reality. Make no mistake: this is a serious blow for white collar women in this province.

The cultures are polar opposites. The edge is given to driven hunters who have a sense of the winds around them. There is no consensus: you either latch on to a demand and strike first to obtain a high market share, or you go out of business.

I see a lot of women who are small business owners, from restauranteurs to groomers to aestheticians to publishers to marketers to haute boutiques. The amount of work they have to put in day in and day is shocking. Their businesses are first-rate. They do things you cannot find in a corporate chain store or company.

And they are not just good at what they do, they are superb. I see the amount of work they do with no outside help or support — the kind the Big Boys like Elon Musk get at the drop of a hat, even if he will bleed it all out and have nothing to show for it.

They are getting no help. There are no supports or cushion. They have to hustle and take abuse on a daily basis. They were hit hard by the Liberal’s minimum wage hike. They received no “basic income” in terms of business grants. They had to do it all by themselves, and they are repeatedly ignored — they were ignored by the Liberals, they were ignored by the NDP, and they will be ignored by the Conservatives.

And that’s not acceptable.

So what we have is women on the brink of losing their public sector careers because there isn’t any gravy left on the train, and you have the ones in the private sector who are marching forward in the private sector who are hyper-competent, but have no structure that allows some sort of incubation of their business to breakout just enough where they can expand their business.

But those are two cultures and two languages. Women get divided in odd ways, and the private-public divide masks the truth about women in Ontario: women are being held back, either by getting lulled by working in the public sector where they are at the mercy of a government’s whims, or being so overwhelmed in the private sector that they often do not have a chance to stop for a moment and think about the big picture.

And getting out of the shackles of both cultures and finding a new set of clearer filters to see both the reality and the solution is crucial to strike the problem at its core would be the first step to creating a different kind of economic revolution…

Russiagate did not destroy journalism. It was destroyed before then. What it did was show that partisan propaganda ain't what it used to be.

This was an interesting take on Russiagate:

It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

No, journalism was destroyed before that. Trump won the 2106 presidential election even though the press all marched lockstep against him.

He had Twitter, and he won.

And then social media and Big Tech became censors of the worst sort, but now that Robert Mueller, after months and months of having free rein to investigate — and he is a very, very good and thorough professional — found nothing.

The press and Big Tech rigged and stacked and manipulated to extremist and disturbing degrees.

And nothing.

giphy (1).gif

This was the industry’s last stand.

And they incited a populace and could not make an outcome happen.

They desperately wanted Trump to be led away in handcuffs as they cheered, and said, See! See! We were right! We are the heroes!

Why was this so important to the press?

Because they cannot come to grips that they collapsed.

It had to be the Evil Russians who rigged and stuffed ballots, not that they could not tell the little people how to vote and they would dutifully listen to them.

Hubris blinds the profession who refuses to admit it’s fubar.

I wrote about journalism’s collapse for Zer0 Books in 2018 in a book called When Journalism was a Thing.

Despite the publicity I should have gotten — and my publisher was supportive of my book and pushed it, knowing that I had ovarian cancer and was seriously out of commission, but did everything a good publisher should do without skipping a beat — managed to get me two interviews, and I managed to procure one on my own.

I was shut out.

I was ignored. Blacklisted.

All for speaking the truth and reality of the situation.


With 61 pages of references.

But all but two journalists were in denial. To those who interviewed me, and gave me a platform to express myself, thank you.

The rest are absolute hypocrites. They wrote about every bout of presidential flatulence, but when it came to examining and exposing their own shortcomings, they conveniently ignored me.

And now they can’t touch Trump.

But I am not going to stop. I have a laser-beam focus and a nuclear-level energy to keep going.

I have spent my entire adult life working on an alternative system, and I had to put up my proposal on Amazon in Kindle format — something no author should ever be forced to do — so if it comes to intellectual theft, I have a lattice of proof, and it was made clear to me that it was going to happen via email.

If journalists were all about truth and informing, they would have not just read the book — they would not run and hide from me like a bunch of conniving cowards — they would take my words to heart.

But they aren’t. They want to strut and vogue in superhero capes and mask pretending to save humanity.

No, you’re not. A big, fat super story you were all banking on to save you just went up in smoke.

You’re all Zero Risk, and your big, fat gamble just wiped you out.


And not only am I still standing, teaching, and writing books, motherfuckers, I am still an ambitious visionary who is merrily living my life to the fullest as I never bank or leech on anyone’s demise to fill my belly or validate my existence…


Governments are manipulating social media? You don't say! They are manipulating regular media, too. Grow up, middle class people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am the last grown up on the planet.

Longreads has a well, golly! piece that is so naive that it truly stuns me.

Some government is manipulating social media!

Motherfucker, here is the memo: every motherfucking government on this motherfucking planet is manipulating motherfucking social media and the motherfucking traditional media, too.

Just how motherfucking stupid are you?

Do you honestly believe any government wouldn’t take advantage of the mental laziness of the jittery middle class who buy into any self-aggrandizing patriarchal bullshit story?

Do you children know anything about reality?

No, of course not. You live in a bubble like the other journalists; so don’t pretend you know reality. You don’t.

Like the pauper journalists in Canada wanting to be sugardaddied and manipulated by their government because of their gross incompetency.

We have propagandists in the press who shame people who do not buy into their government’s lies.

And never question the lies the spread on behest of other governments.

And Al Jazeera should be ashamed of itself. The Christchurch gunman wasn’t influenced by Serbs or the Serbian government — and in comparison, is irrelevant.

On the other hand, did Al Jazeera ever condemn how their own nation’s citizens up and went to slaughter Serbs — strangers from a foreign country who never did them a thing to harm them?


Did you ever mention that Osama bin Laden cut his teeth murdering Serbs?

Did you ever mention how the Mujahideen videotaped the torture and slaughter of Serbs — videos that I have personally seen?

In the whole scheme of things, a song is nothing. Taking a plane to a foreign country to roast people on a spit is vile. Shame on you for your own propagandistic temper tantrum and anti-Serb bigotry.

Because that hatred killed a lot more people in New York City than it ever did in Christchurch.


There are no good guys. There is no hack or TORTEE that gives you any wiggle room. You have corrupt regimes instil fear and hatred in their own people and in people in other countries, and then that triggers wars.

And journalists, who were always narcissistic thieves and cribbers, nod their fat heads as they spew that hate without question, and then are shocked, shocked, shocked when some mentally unstable person buys the bullshit story and explodes with a weapon.

People, grow up.

Grow up.

And to answer the Guardian’s stupid question:

What do we know about the Christchurch attack suspect?

The answer is fuck all.

You are too busy morally masturbating in public to know what some jittery middle class loser with a gun was all about.

We live in an Age of Propaganda. Period. Lying and prejudice is glorified for money. Cowards get manipulated by their loser regimes, and never question why they believe fairytales without question.

Enough. Grow up. Find some courage and stop looking for other assholes to do your thinking for you…

An Age of Propaganda is also an Age of Cowardice.

If this study is true, we have absolutely failed as a society:

Trump-Clinton election battle left students with PTSD symptoms, study finds

Then we have a generation with absolutely no morals, logic, or worth.

How can that give you any trauma? I went through motherfucking cancer while looking after my mother who had cancer at the same time, and that was far worse in comparison, and life is too short to be whining.

You have to be a psychopath with no moral compass if that gives you trauma.

But I don’t believe a word of it.

It’s bullshit.

Because in another study, when the gender roles were reversed. there was not only no trauma, but subjects preferred the female Trump to the male Clinton.

So there is actually nothing inherently “scary” about Trump’s personality. People fail to see it if someone else takes on the persona.

What we have are people lying to themselves. They don’t actually have trauma. They have talked themselves into an artificial frenzy, and then become paralyzed with fake fear.

Because in order for propaganda to work, it requires cowardice. Lies feast on fear.

When you are fearful, you invite lies to infect your thoughts.

It is one thing to be vigilant and cautious, but another to give in to cowardice.

And the only way to conquer fear is by pushing the boundaries and getting to know the world around you — all the things that confirm your theories, but also the things that refute them…

Is the Internet a "Monster"? No, it is just a reflection of the monster we call the Human Race.




Fear is a drug.

It is a habit and an excuse not to do the things we need to do to progress.

This AFP article asks if the Internet is a “out-of-control” monster.

No. It is a tool, the way a hammer is a tool.

You can take a hammer and kill someone with it.

But for billions of people who used hammers their entire lives with incident, we don’t have discussions about whether a hammer is a monster.

Because that’s just stupid.

But so is AFP.

They have a vested interest in slagging the Internet; so this isn’t exactly an objective think piece. Just griping because AFP, like other news outlets, can’t get what they want with it. Boo hoo.

The Internet is a warehouse of babblings.

It merely expresses what is crossing the minds of billions of people.

So if the warehouse is an “out-of-control monster”, then so is the entire human race as a collective.

That’s not the way to see the world. That’s a coward’s defeatist attitude.

Bravery and sensitivity shows us a better way — and it is far better to understand those around you than run away from them.

No wonder the profession collapsed as badly as it did.

Because once we get to the core of those “monsters”, we find another person with their own melodies that may differ from our own, but are lovely nonetheless…not monsters…


Attacking the Dead: How to separate children from their roots in an Age of Propaganda.

New York magazine has a bullshit piece about champagne socialism — the fake trend that culturally, historically, and politically ignorant wannabes are babbling about now that they are too old and used up to be rich and famous and want someone to support their worthless butts because mommy and daddy never had the courage to tell them that they are average and have to work hard to earn things.

Self-sufficiency please.

And it is not as big of trend and the press pretends it is.

But people with money love to manipulate the little people.

Truly, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Middle class young adults are gullible and conniving — the perfect patsies.

And the Left keep playing them for fools.

The Left never understood math, and with no math, no foundation in logic. They gravitate toward narratives, meaning they gravitate toward propaganda.

So with no understand of numbers, means no understanding of neither finance or measurement. They have missed a critical step in Piaget’s hierarchy of cognitive development.

So you do have the structural solidity to understand quantity. How much can you afford? How much can a government afford? How much debt can you afford? How much debt can your country afford?

This is the exact point where the Left and Right have their chasm. The Right lack a certain piece of emotional intelligence, but the Left as a collective don’t have the logic. There are two black holes — one on the Left and one on the Right — that prevent unity and consensus, but let’s focus on the Left’s black hole this time. I will leave the Right one for another entry.

So when you have a collective with no logic, but a predilection for propaganda not understand that there is no bottomless well of monies to spend on everyone without anyone putting any effort, they want to be proven Forever Right. The problem is that they are hopelessly wrong.

There is no fairy godmother, Prince Charming, or magic beans. You have to work hard actively, and be a realist.

And you have to know the past. That is your reference.

Someone wants the United States to be weakened. That much is plain. They want it weak enough in order to find a pool of minions to exploit and distract so they don’t get challenged. This isn’t personal; this is strictly a lazy form of pragmatism. You cannot actually compete directly because until now you keep getting your ass whumped: so divide and conquer.

War is deception, after all. Psyche out your rivals.

As someone who has had inferior rivals try to psyche me out since I was a kid, I know the drill. Plant seeds of discontent in united groups in order to divide them and have them so busy with their petty and vindictive bullshit garbage fights to see someone is reaping the benefits of the propaganda campaign.

It is a sucker circus.

But instead of the news media asking, How did this fake trend come from, they are hyping it up, meaning they are, as usual, cribbing from PR firm press releases. Let’s stop WikiLeaks from sounding any alarms by discrediting them, and let’s try to manipulate the gullible youth.

But for the gambit to work, we need to create another divide that goes beyond Left and Right: young and old. Propaganda works devastatingly well at isolating and alienating youth from the support of their families, particularly their parents.

And we are seeing it now with this sudden interest in demonizing the icons of previous generations, such as John Wayne and Michael Jackson.

Were these men flawed? Yes, and so are you, princess. I have yet to hear someone not say something stupid and offensive. If we were to punish people on the basis of their insensitivity, then let’s just throw a nuclear bomb on this planet and get it over with once already.

Except that would be a dumbass thing to do.

Tolerance is critical to social evolution, and that means putting up with other people’s bullshit just as they put up with yours. Each generation improves, but that doesn’t mean you have no respect for your ancestors because they had less refinement than you do now, because you will seem as vulgar and barbaric to the next generation as the last generation seems to you.

You wouldn’t be as high up the ladder as you are unless the previous generation didn’t pave a path for you in the first place.

But disrespect is the hallmark of the current ideological mindset. People behave like entitled divas, snapping their fingers and expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting as they bark orders, and burn through the hired help for not jumping high enough on cue.

Fuck you.

For all the whining about the previous icons, what have the complainers done in comparison?

Not much, if anything. Kvetching on Twitter isn’t doing anything at all.

“Socialism” is a passing fancy because when you have a disrespectful generation, you also have an ungrateful one: it will never be enough. They have gotten into the habit of always finding fault and expecting other people to do their work and live their lives for them.

It is time to change the programming once and for all.

What we have is a me-centred mindset in an Age of Propaganda.

And it is not just on youth. The adults who should have been the guides didn’t understand the nuances of connection, nor did they explain that humans are flawed by nature. It is not an excuse to not do your best, but you still have to stop pretend you are without flaw or have no social burdens to carry. We all do.

But an Age of Propaganda keeps people living in the Now with no sense of connect to the Past, nor consideration how their panic will impact the Future.

When you attack the dead, you are so planting seeds of destruction for those yet to arrive, and none of us have the right to do that…

The Intellectual Barbarians: How emotionally illiterate over-thinkers create their own Kaizo traps.



A Kaizo trap is something you find in some video games: you beat the big bad, but you still miscalculated or ignored something, and you still die at the end.

Like the old game Karateka. If the hero approaches the princess with an aggressive posture, she is going to kick his cojones and he dies.

The point is to be kind to the one you need to rescue, not be the same brute you were when you had to go up against kidnappers and murderers.

But that old game did something very instructive: it challenged a player’s TORTEE. The One Rule That Explains Everything doesn’t exist. The game made sure that you learned your hero’s manners. There is a fine line between a hero and a barbarian, and this was the game that made it amply clear where the line resided.

In order not to fall into a Kaizo Trap, players need to do something other than go through the motions of playing. It is not just rote; you need another element to resolve the problem.

Kaizo Traps in video games are rare.

But the ones in the real world are bountiful.

And in modern society, we have no shortage of people creating their own Kaizo Traps.

The Intellectual Barbarians.

How so?

Simple: while they are strictly focussed on intellectual intelligence, they ignore half of the landscape, meaning they are too emotionally illiterate to see the big picture.


We know a lot about intellectual logical fallacies, but almost nothing on emotional fallacies. This was made amply clear to me when I had cancer. Doctors and nurses quizzed me about all of the factors in my life that may have triggered it off. They asked if I was a drinker or smoker. They asked about family history. They became increasingly agitated when there was no a single checkmark they could scratch out because I did not fit the profile. I am not genetically predisposed to it. I am healthy. I never needed to see a doctor. I still don’t need any medication. I am not a drinker or smoker. I never did drugs. I am the most exciting boring person you’ll ever meet.

My jobs have never had me exposed to carcinogens. I eat healthy. I take vitamins and minerals. I look after my health and immune system.

So after going through that list, a doctor will sheepishly say, “Sometimes these things just happen.”

And I will say, “There is one thing not on the list that you forgot to ask me — has there been some traumatic stress in your life?”

Because there was.

And then immediately, the doctor will dismiss that.

Well, my mother had the same traumatic stress and she got cancer at the same time.

Still dismissed.

“There is no proof.”

There is no proof?

Of course there is scant proof. The studies are not devised in an emotionally literate way.

And I have never ever had a doctor ask me about any trauma in my medical history.

So, of course there isn’t proof: no one thought to define and measure it.

Get back to me when that is the standard question during the Cancer Quiz portion of the medical visit.

And the funny thing is, I will talk to people in the same waiting room, and an interesting percentage will bring up some trauma in their life that happened roughly two to three years prior to their diagnosis. A spouse died in a horrific way or there was a home invasion, or a child died.

They will rattle a list a tragedies, and then came the cancer, as if it were part of a long unlucky streak, never quite wondering if the trauma may have triggered the cancer.

You can’t find things if you don’t look or use the right mindset and tools to look for them.

It’s like anti-vaxxers ignoring the fact that when there is mass immunization, certain diseases are wiped out. As soon as people stop, they come roaring back.

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis died in an asylum because he figured out that women were dying in childbirth because doctors never bothered to sterilize their hands, even after performing autopsies. Doctors thought he was insane and too emotional when he called hospitals murder dens.

He was right. The collective of intellectual barbarians were wrong.

Or once upon a time, people who had numb hands were thought to be mentally ill — until it was discovered it wasn’t “hysteria” but carpel tunnel syndrome.

Or when certain men had a succession of wives who died of cervical cancer were thought to be unlucky, not carriers of something that passed on something that triggered it, and now we have a vaccine to stop its spread.

A true scientific mind never dismisses anecdotal evidence or any evidence that does not fit a pattern. The first instinct should be to consider what it means — and then keep testing it to see if there is something new to be gleaned.

A pseudo scientific mind dismisses evidence, pushes people who challenge the status quo as being silly or intellectually inferior, and then reads the scripts and marches lockstep with that status quo.

If something doesn’t catch your eye or pique your curiosity, and you keep trying to explain away the exceptions to the rule as you cite flawed and crude irrelevant studies as if they were divine decree, you do not have a scientific mind.

You have a rote mind. You are not emotionally strong or literate enough to see there is a line of inquiry to explore.

I find it fascinating that we do not discuss traumatic stress. We know it can compel people to commit suicide or drop dead of a stroke and heart attack, but we don’t have traumatic shock specialists who could actually codify and quantify the physical impact of extreme emotional trauma.

And that is a shame, but considering that we have no formal educational structures to teach emotional literacy, we are always seeing half a picture, and always drawing the wrong conclusions.

And when you strictly stick to intellectualism, you are mimicking the thinking patterns of a psychopath.

That is what destroyed journalism. If you have no feel, you have no instincts and no internal measurements of the changes transpiring — and conspiring — around you. You live in a void vortex and facts can be no fortress unless you have the emotional literacy to know what it means.

In other words, you become half-stupid. Following a script and throwing tantrums is not going to salvage the plans of the half-stupid.

You can have you inner android honed, but unless your inner Neanderthal gets equal attention, your solutions will never work.

It is an internal — and eternal blind spot. The reason we have emotional illiteracy is that people are afraid, and then retreat and avoid the very things they must confront in order to solve the problem.

Intellectualism ranks and labels. It creates scales and pecking orders, sparking competitive thinking, and then those same intellectual barbarians become terrified of being seen as inferior; and hence, cannot see an obvious solution because it is standing behind the monster they fear the most — the one that psyches them out by taunting them that no matter how hard they study or what paper crowns they wear, they are stupid, deficient, and inferior.

And as long as they remain emotionally illiterate, the monster is right on the money.


Western thought is patriarchal, competitive, rote, and emotionally illiterate, and over the years, many obvious answers were ignored as the intellectual barbarians laughed and dismissed people who noticed healthy patients who had endoscopies were having problems because no one was sterilizing the equipment, spreading diseases, or that children living in certain toxic areas were all having a plethora of defects and diseases way above the national average. The people who first noticed it often weren’t scholars, doctors, or researchers — they were just people who were vigilant and noticed patterns, then started asking questions and challenged established narratives of Authority.

I remember when I was a psych student, I was taking a course in abnormal psychology, and we were going through (at that time) DSM-III-R, and we learned about alcohol withdrawal — what were the symptoms and indicators. Around the same time, a family friend developed a nasty cough and she was taking cough syrup. She was never a drinker, but as mom begged her to go to the hospital because the cough wasn’t going away, the dear friend stuck to over-the-counter syrup.

And then before anyone knew, she was in the ICU, having to be tied down. They told her husband to go buy a casket because it was over.

All of her symptoms screamed alcohol withdrawal, and I said this to the doctor who arrogantly dismissed me. Who had the medical degree? I did not back down — she must have had heart trouble, and the cough syrup had alcohol and she was having withdrawal symptoms.

Another doctor overheard me, and promised to look into that possibility. She made a speedy recovery, went home soon after with heart medication, and lived over a decade more after.

No, I did not have a medical degree. I didn’t need one. There was no medical mystery here as the first doctor implied. They can treat alcohol withdrawal and your heart at the same time.

My first family doctor could look you in the eye, shake your hand, and be 100% accurate in figuring out what was wrong with you. He would do all of the examinations, and tests, but he was always right. I learned from him as a little girl the importance of looking for quiet signs — but that takes feel.

You are not going to detect it staring at a computer screen or relying on AI because it takes more than input-output.

People are trying to eradicate emotions in intellectual thought. It doesn’t work. If you don’t hone your emotions, you miss everything that counts.

And you walk int an abyss hoping the numbness is a sign of intellectual victory as you don’t see that you have thrown yourself into emotional — and intellectual defeat…

Why so reactionary and regressive? Why an Age of Propaganda fears the future and keeps trying to live in the past.





People who do not have imaginations always crib from old playbooks from the past.

Welp, they think, it worked for some old rich white guy five hundred years ago in a world without indoor plumbing, human rights, or electricity, it’s just gotta work for me, too.

That’s the mindset of this current era.

Like socialism, that didn’t even work for the rich white guys who were rich and powerful through that system.

Don’t you passive motherfuckers have an original idea of your own?

Oh, that’s right. You don’t.

You want to steal bad ideas and pass them off as your own, and then have people you don’t like foot your bill.

What could possibly go wrong?

These days, there are almost no original ideas.

I listen or read the babble-puke of what some They ought to do, and I ask, “Who told you that?”

Because you know it wasn’t their idea, and certainly one that is well beyond the expiration date.

Blech. Rancid ideas stink and are as rotten as year-old eggs.

But when you have a passive generation, they are inexperienced, sheltered, and thus become fearful.

They look for established, Zero-Risk Ideas. That’s the problem when you have neglected and unchallenged Middle Class. They don’t have initiative because they are too afraid of losing their modest standing, but then watch too many commercials and TV shows telling them how special they are and how easy it is to obtain things.

If they follow the script.

People aren’t even consciously aware of it.

The Middle Class are a soft layer sandwiched between two hard layers who, by nature of reality, buffer a lot from this class of people who don’t get the right kind of challenges to see where their theories are off-base. The wealthy are wealthy because they take risks. They have to hustle and use war strategies to be that powerful. That’s why I don’t have any flying fucks to give to Jeff Bezos — he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

He wasn’t “blackmailed”: he was fighting a war, made careless tactical errors, got exposed as he had his guard down, and rivals struck at him the way he had to strike at bricks and mortar stores and other online competitors to be where he is today.

This is the man who owns Amazon, and remember how well his workers are being treated.

You do remember, don’t you?

And the company doesn’t play nice.

Not even with Washington Post employees who bitched about it in public.

So here is a Titan of Industry who is doing all sorts of below-the-belt things to prevent workers from unionizing — he has vastly more power and money than the lot of them put together.

And I am to feel sorry for him?

Fuck you.

But if you are sheltered and passive without experience of what goes on behind the press release, you can easily fall for that grifter’s bullshit story.

Because you are too afraid to go out on a limb and think, misusing the purpose of the past as you live in the Now, while terrified of the future.

This is a very cowardly era, and it doesn’t see from the cold terror — a fear that has no basis in reality.


The adherence to a less evolved past is evident in journalism. Here is one propaganda piece from the Christian Science Monitor:

Can old-fashioned journalism combat fake news?


The prevalence of misinformation on the internet is legitimately troubling, but could attempts to remedy the problem fall prey to all-too-human biases?

No and, no, you didn’t.

You didn’t write that for any other reason than to try to persuade people to give up their freedoms to come crawling back to you. Shame on you.

But why go back to an old and antiquated model that spread lots of fake news. Go read my first book to get you up to speed how shitty old-fashion journalism was. Give me a break.

Let’s go back to the days of slavery when women were property of their husbands with no right to vote! Three cheers for exposing workers to lead! Yay!

Because we have people who are Zero-Risk, and think they are playing it safe by going for the familiar.

Don’t make me laugh.


The past isn’t some sort of scroll of crib sheets. That is our previous trials and practice sessions. The past is our reference, but one that is less evolved than the present.

Sometimes there are people or events that were misinterpreted and misunderstood because they were pioneers who did things first and were ahead of their time, like Nicola Tesla, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, — or Bettie Page.


There was a collective societal glitch that prevented the past from appreciating what they had and lost, and so some ideas and people are resurrected in spirit to guide us to the future.


But remember: these were rebels and outsiders. They were stigmatized, unappreciated, and exploited in the past. Going for failed concepts that were proven unworkable is not the same thing.

These people are not the safe choice: their ideas and actions are risky, radical, and guarantee to turn everything in the present inside out — that’s why the past saw these people as a threat.

They are bringing with them something different, and they were active-thinking people who chased out in front.

And when we embrace these kinds of people, we begin to appreciate other firebrands and visionaries who live in the present.

Because we not only see the genius of this forgotten gem, we learn the meta-lesson of the past and we aren’t going to do it again.

But that’s not what is happening now.

People want some They of the past with some prepackaged idea that magically proves them right, and gives them stuff without effort.

And it bites them in the ass.


If you want a better future, you have to face the future ready to take nothing but risks.


And that means allowing other, seemingly contradictory risks to be taken by others.

This isn’t a competition. Stop replaying your motherfucking childhood, asshole. Get over your sibling getting an extra cookie.

Weaving with negotiation and cooperation expands our options, improves weaknesses, sparks new paths and innovations, and does not enable tyrants and control freaks who want everyone to follow their self-serving decrees.

When we are active, we weave the chords of time to include the past, future, and present.


And take risks instead of gambles.

So let’s not do the time warp again.


Let’s learn from the past, not recycle its mistake because fear drives us to find refuge in cages…

Personal freedom in an Age of Propaganda: The shackles do not exist. The magic is just aligning your perceptions with reality.





People who think they have me figured out would be very surprised to know that I have a soft spot for Bettie Page. I have a very cute vest with her pin-up photograph on it. I always found her career interesting: a very cute and perky woman as a fetish model, looking as if she had no idea she was in bondage skivvies. There was always an element of Candid Camera to it all (or, the raunchier Candid Candid Camera that I discovered existed when I was a kid and video rental place had the VHS tapes mixed up. No naked men, just women. Of course). She is the original perky goth, and good on her for it.

I stumbled on Bettie Page as a teenager. I was doing research for something in school, and came across a reference to her, and was very surprised when I found out what she did for a living. This was pre-Internet days; so it wasn’t that easy for me to find, and when I asked who she was, the males either smirked and wouldn’t tell me, or went all Victorian on me, and wouldn’t tell me because it was a “bad” thing to know.

I could pretty much figure out things just by the refusal to tell me that she was a pin-up girl. You have Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler in the same variety store that sold kids candies, but I am going to fall apart knowing that are such things as fetish models?

I think David Lee Roth gave an interview of his affinity for her years prior to his album.


And then, when I finally knew who she was and her place in popular culture, whenever I mentioned her, guys my age flipped their lids. How could I know about Bettie Page?

I also knew about G.G. Allin, which I would then bring up, creating a bigger flip out as if no young woman could possibly know about both Bettie Page and G.G. Allin.

I also knew about obscure comic book characters, the ribald version of Chuck Berry’s Reeling and Rocking, which I owned, and I knew lots of very dirty jokes, too. I may be prim and proper, but I am still a punk.

I found it strange that there was some sort of expectation that my knowledge bank should just include My Little Pony and Revlon.

My reach is global and goes back to ancient times because I am inquisitive by nature, and always up to learning and embracing different things.

I am not petty or jealous. I will learn from all sorts of people past, present, and future, nor do I hoard knowledge or draw artificial lines in the sand.

And if you think you are going to draw a line in the sand and think I won’t cross it, think again. I will not be shamed in some bid to hold me back or frustrate my journey of finding all the deepest truths of the universe.

But it isn’t just Bettie Page I like. My co-favourite queens are Queen Victoria, and the mighty Queen Nzinga, who happens to be Person #32 on the List of People Everyone Should Know. Queen Ana Nzinga was as liberated and badass warrior queen as you can get.


You did not screw around with her.

And that’s an inspirational mindset to live by and I do.

I may get inspired by all sorts of people — notorious, obscure, or even reclusive, but I am not a follower.

Your life must be your own. No one is you nor has the right to set the terms of what you are or are going to be. They will never be you, and drawing lines in the sand is just a game because people think they can shut down any competition because if they don’t, they will “lose” to others.

I am not of that ilk. I never have been, and never will be.

I always respected people who did not heed to authorities or mobs, and could stand alone because they knew what they were doing or saying was the truth.

People will praise you one day, and want to burn you into the ground the next.

So be it.

Their decrees are not mine, nor should they be because people are governed by fear — and do you really want that to be what defines your life?

It doesn’t define mine. It is a wasted emotion.

And I have better things to do than that.

Because in an Age of Propaganda, there is an attempt to shackle people with invisible chains.

They don’t exist. It is a ruse and a scam, just like the line in the sand.

The visionaries see the game and perform a simple, but powerful form of magic.

They align their perceptions with reality, and then see the shackles do not exist, and when you defy the fake shackles, there is no stopping you.

And that’s how new worlds are created…

What makes a successful protest?






Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 7.05.12 PM.png


Everyone wants to play dress-up these days, as if the cosplay at a comic book convention or Halloween party is the logical place to look for it.

France had the gilets jaunes — the yellow vests. These were readily available and cheap, but it wasn’t the vests that made their country’s leader lose face.

The protestors never relented and they showed they meant business.

They are getting results.

The women on the Left in the US are not successful.

They march with their little hats and costumes, and keep losing ground.


For all the talk, there aren’t actual role models. Wonder Woman was created by a man who had his own little harem.

Peaceful people do not lie. They do not hide their feelings.

But you have to fight and put things on the line.

You must have beliefs and goals.

You invest and do not expect other people to “come around”.

Peace comes when the liars and tyrants understand that there are things not up for negotiation.

The biggest error came when Hillary Clinton ran for president. If there ever was a boneheaded choice, she was it.

If the Left truly meant business, find the angriest and cockiest woman and unleash her. Let her launch her campaign from a battered woman’s shelter.

You don’t take a self-entitled conniver to do a job of a warrior.

Robert F. Kennedy had the right idea. He didn’t pretend.


Do not pretend your life is everyone’s life. Clinton was the clueless limousine liberal who fucked up an easy job.

Because she lived in a fantasy bubble.

She protested nothing.

And that is what she got.

If women in the US want to progress, they have to stop acting like motherfucking fairy princesses playing dress up, and find a new method and madness that gets actual results…

The 36 Stratagems of War: Your simplest guide to understanding basic propaganda.

If you have ever wondered if there are anything out there to show you how liars, manipulators, and propagandists think, there is one old war manual that can give you some clues.

The 36 Stratagems of War. The rules can also be found here.

It is a list of ways you can lie to victory and beat an opponent, and lying, by its very nature, is an aggressive and psychically violent act.

Deception is a hostile act. Sun Tzu flat out stated that war is deception.

Peaceful people do not lie. People who want true solutions do not lie.

If you want to win an argument and you tell a lie, you do not want a solution: you want to impose your will on another. You want the other to submit and lose their free will and voice and you take the spoils all for yourself as you dictate the confines of an environment that is rigged in your favour. You do not want cooperation to create mutually beneficial solutions with long-term viability.

The 36 Stratagems is the guide to win a war by deception.

If we plug in variables into each stratagem, we can see how we are possibly being deceived.

For example:

Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west

Meaning the attack is a misdirection to keep attention away from the real goal. If a political party, business, or media outlet are focussed too much on one person or issue, why are they insisting on attention being paid to a single entity? What are they hoping people do not notice?


Create something from nothing

Does a con man boast too much? What is the actual goods? Is it real? Is it just hype?

Hide a knife behind a smile

Is someone a little too concerned about you and your group? Are they positioning you to become a pawn so that they do not have to sacrifice anyone, banking on your gratitude?

Tossing out a brick to get a jade gem

Is someone deliberately putting out wrong or stupid comments, hoping you will give them ideas they can steal?

Once we use the Stratagems as a guide, we can start to break the fortresses of lies. It is not a foolproof way of doing so, but it is an excellent starting point...

Toronto Star's patronization campaign: We're not wrong. You're just stupid. Journalistic negging as a propaganda strategy.

One of the worst newspapers in terms of spreading meta-propaganda is the Toronto Star.

They are absolutely relentless, like bible thumpers.

While many journalist vehicles settle for a war strategy, the Star uses fanatical religious strategy, with dash of pick-up artistry.

I worked as a journalist. I wrote about journalism. I wrote about the Toronto Star. I have recounted before how their one-time managing editor Jim Travers lied to my editors at Presstime, accusing me of making up quotes, forgetting that I tape recorded the entire interview with his express permission. They got my tape, took my side, and told him they confirmed that what I quoted was what he said and in context. I did nothing wrong, he told them he would call to apologize to me — and never did.

But the Star is very image-conscious. They have cultivated a fortress that hides the true rot inside. Sometimes the rot comes out, but they preach so loudly that they hope to drown things out.

People like me do not fall for it.

Toronto Star tries to use every cosmetic tool under the sun to hide the fact they are not what they preach to be, and try to cut off criticism off at the pass, but their arrogance keeps getting in the way.

Let’s take a look this propagandistic column:

What readers should know about journalism

So, right off the bat, they have, like other cults and religions, created a pecking order. You don’t “know” journalism, and now the preacher will sing the gospel to you:

Study after study on trust in journalism points to an “understanding gap” between journalists and their readers.

They are manipulating readers from the first sentence: we have nebulous and un-empirical “studies” to show that readers are just too stupid to understand journalism.

This is more than just a pecking order: this is a brazen act of negging.

Pick-up artists use it to aim for a woman who is out of their league, and then knock them down a few pegs by making her question herself.

No genuine information provider would produce something so manipulative — the headline and first sentence alone betrays something far more malicious than what is presented.

This is no different than cult literature.

People understand journalism. It is not a complicated product.

People have no use for a gate-keeper anymore. They left because they found sound better.

But the Star hopes people turn back and come back.

The reason we have cultish publications such as the Star is that the structure of journalism actively fosters such Us Versus Them thinking. They are isolated in their little compounds called newsrooms. They have pecking orders. It is a very abusive and stagnate environment.

I understand journalism. I worked in it, wrote about it, studied it, and wrote books about it for two different publishers in two different countries on two different continents.

The cult of the Star is rapidly eroding, and not even a government bailout will change their fortunes, not in 2019, and not ever.

They will keep trying to position themselves as being intellectually and morally superior to their pigeons — but it is an old ruse, and one that no longer is working for them…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.