Memo to the Wall Street Journal: There is no "miscalculation" with the US trade war with China. Learn to read the signs.

This article is a riot:

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.40.28 PM.png

The yahoos at the WSJ never went to a magician’s show, played poker, or fought a war.

Let’s review what the president has guided over the last couple of years — a burning hot economy that has more jobs than people to fill. Profits are soaring. Everything is gangbusters for the US. Trucks are clogging up the highways and trains are humming with goods and raw materials.

That gives the president huge leeway to take a series of calculated risks. He has weakened Canada who is heavily dependent on China and the US, and he has placed Canada in a precarious and unprecedented blind without a compass or roadmap. Justin Trudeau is an international laughing stock. Chrystia Freeland has no substance. Neither has managed to do a thing. They are easy prey and no matter what conniving bullshit gambit they can think up or crib, it doesn’t do a thing. This anchors Canada right where they need to be placed on the game board.

The US economy can take some serious hits and still be in a strong position. China cannot touch this even with their meanest sanctions. They can throw their weight at Canada, emboldening them because Canada is in ill-prepared nation that honestly believes the world sees them as cute and cuddly — and sees that delusion as a strategy for survival.

The US has carefully positioned itself since 2017. The Chaos Narrative has slowly built a spider’s web using Canada as a misdirection. Canada is begging the US to bail them out. They broke. Being that dependent on Trump who screwed them over with USMCA is a deliberate piece of theatre.

And it is no coincidence that Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on the orders of the US: that was the opening salvo and had Canada been run by competent players, they would have told Wanzhou that Canada’s weather wouldn’t be good for her phone reception. Pride and image are predictable bait and both nations ran head-first into the trap. Two birds, one stone.

The only thing China’s retaliatory tantrums are accomplishing is building suspense for the show. This is all part of the act, and reminds me a lot of how my grandad Anton gave free entertainment to my mom and grandma at no cost.

He would get them both to sit on the front porch,, ready for the live action theatre: he would tell one neighbour some made-up thing he said the other neighbour gossiped about them — and then go to the other neighbour and say the same thing to them. Hilarity ensued when the neighbours got into a serious brawl right in front my granddad’s house. Divide and conquer.

Canada has already been alienated, and with China throwing its weight at the table, they are now doing the same thing. Just as Canada has alienated China, China has alienated Canada. The more they thump their chests as payback, the less inviting they are to other potential trading partners.

In boxing, bulk gets you only so far — strategy is what separates champions from the also-rans. You have to constantly move and probe as you bob and weave: the US is doing all of those things, and China is merely reacting to the probes, giving away their thinking patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and secrets in the bargain.

Canada and China were dragged into a fight with each other so that China’s reactions and strategies could be studied and a plan of action could be constructed from it. This was the test and prototype. Toss a brick to get a jade and in this case, the brick was Canada who were duped into becoming lab rats. China obliged without stepping back for a second to think how wise it was to stomp all over a former ally. For both countries, the ramifications of their credulity will haunt them for decades, and there is no undoing the damage.

So no, there is no miscalculation. Journalists fucked up their profession because they have no understanding of vision or risk. We are in the midst of a high-stakes game with China playing right along to the script. The US will take a hit, but they can more than afford it — in fact, they absolutely must take this hit in order to win their win, and victory is much closer than it appears for them.

Democrats are all bluster — they have no vision, and don’t want people to see their obvious deficits — that’s the reason they despise Trump who thrives on big gambits. They are jealous of him.

Never underestimate the man — in this game of Go, he has won every round — and the next always comes with a bigger handicap. He is firmly in control, and while others miss the signs, they do so at their own peril…

Wall Street Journals' massive bullshit story: In journalism there are the have-nots...and the have-nots who pretend to be haves.

Here is a self-serving bullshit story from the Wall Street Journal:

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 9.31.41 AM.png

There are no haves in journalism. That is a bald-faced lie.

You do have some pooling because the old guards who were indoctrinated on newspapers providing what is sanctioned subjects and opinions go to larger newspapers because they need some sort of a peg where other people are more likely to do the same thing, so they can all follow a Zero Risk script.

But that is not something to consider as any growth, nor are there enough of these people to buoy the larger broadsheets.

And considering I get email blasts from the WSJ, New York Times, and Washington Post — the Big Three, as it were, considering how deeply discounted the subscriptions are — and how often they send the blasts — you know they are operating at a loss.

I used to cover the industry of newspapers, and I can still do the math and read the signs. If there was any truth to the WSJ piece, you wouldn’t have them stalk people with incessant deals.

While the rest of the US economy is booming, newspapers are not. Neither are magazines or broadcasters.

What we are seeing is larger papers be able to coast on their old resources, and that won’t last. Other smaller papers got devoured by asset squeezers, and they are working their way up. Of the three, the Washington Post is the most vulnerable, then the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times can hold out the longest, but if all this anti-Trump hysteria that goes way beyond the worst hate-fests of the past isn’t kicking up numbers, nothing will.

Journalists have gone to loopy extremes to paint themselves as valiant martyrs. It is not translating to salvation. They are going after Trump as if he were the plague personified. It’s not working, either.

And trying to pretend the national papers are the haves in this equation is just another gambit trying to make it sound as if they are doing better than they are, and they are not…

A very uncivil war...




The Wall Street Journal dishes on Vice and their thwarted blossoming relationship with the Saudi regime.: I found this passage interesting:

The talks with Vice about a business partnership are unlikely to move forward, according to the people familiar with the discussions. Vice said it was reviewing its deal with government-controlled Saudi Research and Marketing Group, or SRMG, to produce documentaries about Saudi society.

How nice. No special interests, just pure facts and objectivity here, kids.

And then who should bluster into this narrative but Big Tech’s Bad Boy:

Amazon Inc. founder Jeff Bezos on Thursday pointed to additional efforts on the part of Saudi Arabia to polish its image in the Western media. In a blog post, Mr. Bezos alleged National Enquirer publisher American Media Inc. had tried to blackmail him and potentially colluded with Saudi Arabia to damage his reputation. The National Enquirer last year published a front-page cover of Prince Mohammed and nearly 100 pages dedicated to his kingdom’s reform efforts. Saudi individuals also have held talks about a possible investment in AMI, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

When asked on Friday in Washington whether Saudi Arabia played any role in the dispute with Mr. Bezos, Adel al-Jubeir, the minister of state for foreign affairs, said: “As far as I know: flat no.”

Oh my, oh dear.

Legacy media tattling on digital media who are getting exploited by Big Tech. Because there is economic troubles and danger, all of a sudden, the knives come out, and they are cannibalizing each other.

Vice hooking up with a regime? Not surprising as its daddy is shedding a few assets, but everyone here has their own interests and survival they’re fretting about, and there are no halos in this batch to root for…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


Yes, the West are emotionally illiterate and conniving. That is the reason they are perpetually unhappy and uninformed.

The Wall Street Journal has this opinion piece:

America Is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure?

A healthy society reserves anger for special occasions. Today taking offense has become a reflex.

No, they are not outraged.

They are emotionally illiterate, competitive, self-entitled, and conniving, and they are bored and ungrateful, as they are terrified.

That’s it. There is no genuine core for the antics, if you had a genuine press, they would tell people to go fuck themselves, and grow up.

But they can’t because they are too deluded and cowardly to speak the truth.

France 24, the kings of delusional thought have this knee-slapper:

How Trump's bashing of The New York Times and CNN has benefited all

Journalism hasn’t benefitted, you dumb motherfuckers: jobs are being lost, and news consumption continues to go down; so these tools do not know what the fuck they are puking.

What is happening is nothing new. In the 1990s, journalism relied on “super-stories”, such as the personal life of Princess Diana, the trial of OJ Simpson, and the impeachment hearing of Bill Clinton to try to whip up emotional gossip-frenzy and ratings…and there would be a seeming spike in news consumption, but then, the crash, because the overall audiences were still abandoning them.

Because it doesn’t work.

But as outlets are as historically illiterate, they forget, or think people forget.

No, I remember.

Because I multi-literate.

But there is a dirty little secret Big Tech is trying to hide: that their numbers are far worse than people actually know.

Those so-called “Russian bots” were inflating the numbers of alleged users and followers, and they were getting rich from the exaggerated figures. Fake users, fake followers, it was all for show.

If the followers are bloated, then so is the outrage.

It is not real.

There is a study in psych where cockroaches racing ran faster if other cockroaches were watching.

And the cockroaches on the Internet are thumping their chests louder and harder for the same reason.

But don’t buy the hype. It’s all bullshit…

Rich white men are manipulating wokeness and political correctness to control the masses? You don't say, Wall Street Journal! Why do you think we are in a neo-Victorian Era?

The Wall Street Journal seems to slowly realize that “woke”, “Resistance”, and political correctness are nothing more than ruses and shams used to manipulate the gullible middle class to incite them.

You don’t say!

Yes, it is just the rich white men on the Left who are exploiting that socioeconomic caste that perpetually live in the Now. The faux offended posturing and virtue-signalling is a choreographed farce that was hijacked from a previously legitimate series of social movements.

They are using Saul Alinsky’s playbook and have for a long time.

Big hint: When Hollywood A-list actors talk about “resistance” and advocate masses to spark a civil war, your know some Machiavellian strategist is behind it.

Just look at this propaganda headline from the San Antonio Express-News:

'Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option': How Silicon Valley is trying to help Democrats capture Congress in 2018

Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option?

Are you kidding me?

You people have done nothing but meddled in the political process from Day One, when President Bill Clinton created the climate to foster your life sinks and become robber barons who spy on your own users and sell their data — without their permission or payment.

The author of this piece of garbage has the nerve to try to spin a narrative that mass influence from the super-rich to the masses is a good thing.

That’s ideological slavery.

Who gave Big Tech tycoons the right to dictate how other people ought to think and behave?

We must all ignore our own wants and needs to keep tyrants happy at our expense?

They have no qualifications and are so removed from reality, that they have no clue how this whole democracy thing works.

And, for the record, I am a Radical Centrist, meaning neither the Left or the Right have one grain of my respect.

No one can take either clowns seriously. They keep trying to rig outcomes to suit their own selfish agendas.

Fuck them.

They have never done a single thing for me, and would gladly walk over my corpse to grab whatever valuables I had on my body.

They don’t call me to see if I am healthy or can pay my bills — and I am going to listen to what those garbage-spinners have to say?

Ha ha!

Not a chance.

And if they dare try to pull some phoney baloney neo-Victorian bullshit that I am some morally deficient person, I will gladly show my actual record and ask what they did beside sexually abuse their nannies as they abuse their underlings, steal ideas from their employees as they pass it for their own, censor information that exposes them for the human trash that they are, and spy on their own customers.

Not one of them actually did a single moral thing in their empty and miserable lives — and don’t tell me about their pseudo-charitable donations that are all window-dressing and tax write-offs.

Not one of them ever lifted a finger to help another human being. While they were busy inciting empty-headed middle class sheeple into thinking they are offended over tampon commercials, I was a full-time caregiver to my dying grandmother whose life was ruined when paramedics dropped her, causing her freshly amputated leg to pop open, broke her teeth, her arm in two places, and gave her a brain bleed.

She was bed-ridden and could not move her arms — just her head. She was in and out of hospitals until the day she died, but my mother and I looked after her 24 hours a day, feeding her, changing her, and keeping her spirits up — that cost me much of my career and my piece of mind.

So which one of these woke fuckers can say the same?

(Oh, and by the way, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Do not think that is the only hard decision I have had to make.)

They can babble and spew as a misdirection all they want, but their ugly truth gives them away at every turn.

And had journalists not become propagandists, they would not be writing how normal it is for overlords to dictate how the little people ought to vote.

But then again, social media is rapidly weakening. Twitter and Facebook alone have become the Church of Moral Masturbators.

Once upon a time, old money would donate equally to both political parties because they never cared who was in power — they had their interests covered either way.

The new money are from the short-sighted previous middle class prey who can only think in the Now, alienating half a population thinking they can oppress them.

No, dummies, you just create half a nation that will work overtime to humble you.

That’s how journalism fucked up its own fortunes: by picking sides instead of doing their jobs.

Citizens abandoned journalism because they became mightier than those propagandists — how long will it be until they see themselves as superior to you?

And sooner or later, the virtue-signallers will over-play their hand so badly, that they will become radioactive and shunned — and they will have you to thank for exploiting and inciting them and exposing them as the cowardly nerds with no intellectual heft that they really are, and that is the middle class’s biggest humiliating fear.

It is already happening, and it is about time…

How to kill the dreamers and visionaries? Just misuse social media.


When I took Political Sociology as an undergrad, my professor made a very interesting point: when we try to equalize unequal entities, what happens is not that the weaker or poorer element elevates, but the stronger or wealthier entity demotes.

The harmonization does not move up. It harmonizes down.

Of course, she didn't just make an opinion. She had case study after case study proving the point.

If your attempt to elevate the fortunes of the dispossessed hinges on opening the floodgates and making everything accessible to everyone equally, you are going to fail.

You will pull down those who had an advantage of a rig, but in no way are you going to help those people who were once denied it.


It is very simple: the people who had the rig will always assume it is their natural/innate superior that makes them better, and they are used to the rig that serves as their invisible crutch. Kick away the rig, and their reality changes -- a reality they are no longer in tune with, and they will keep doing the same thing, but expecting the old outcome.

But then why do the people on the lower rung fare no better?

Because they never had the opportunity to understand the nuances of the old rig and the limitations imposed on them, they believe their limited worldview is reality. The blinders of their confined world trick them into believing they need no further refinement or understanding. Worse, they will do the same thing, but the new rig at first rewards them, and then they will believe they are making progress, even if they stuck in the same rut as cannot move upwards or forwards.

It is no different than someone with a gambling addiction who got hooked on beginner's luck: they think they are special/smart/lucky when they got their first "win", not thinking that jackpot may have been rigged to sucker in new players.

Stimulus-response takes over, and you have instilled an unnatural habit in the person for life.

You cannot just "liberate". Lotteries now give classes to big winners because society has learned the hard way that you can't just give a big sum of money to previously poor people and honestly expect them to know what to do with it.

And yes, that includes you personally.

It includes all 7.4 billion people, so get over yourself.


What happened to journalism is simple: it got demoted after their rig was taken out of their exclusive control and given to billions of people.

Now the people who wrest control away from old media companies pretty much gave a jackpot to people who once had no way to broadcasting to publishing their own views.

People who had no experience in many different critical things. People who did not understand the concept of sophistry. People who think logical fallacies make definitive crushing arguments. People who never bother to verify information, nor would know how to do it if their lives depended on it.

I used to liken it to amateur writers who got an article published in their local paper. They would crow and compare what they were doing to how I was making a living, and they'd show me the article in question.

Sometimes it would be a "profile" on a friend of theirs that had a business or was a local athlete or artist -- and there wasn't even an interview or a single quote from the subject, and me being me, would make a comment about how it would have been interesting to see a quote from the person and other people who had dealings with them.

The blanched and shocked faces never failed to amuse me. "I hadn't thought about that!" more than one would tell me.

No kidding.

You can read hundreds of articles, but if you had to make one, you would be shocked at all the things you would miss.

Writing is not just slopping words together and then sophistry and insult is going to forever crush opposition. It is about facts. It is about avoiding the confirmation bias, appeal to authority, sink or swim, and a long list of other logical fallacies.

It is a long, complex, and complicated undertaking.

But social media made none of those requirements of broadcasting or publishing to a mass audience.

Journalism was dragged down in quality and power as a result, and the profession collapsed because of this mass equalization. Content providers were decimated because anyone anywhere can write anything they want and billions of people have access to it.

Journalism is trying to scare people into reclaiming their former glory. They still don't get it.

Communications has been harmonized down. People just babble and spew these days because they can get away with it.

And journalism is also just babbling and spewing, too, making them indistinguishable from the amateur babblers and spewers.

But now there has been a shift, and another group of people are suddenly getting harmonized down: the dreamers and visionaries.


Dreamers and visionaries do not function in the same plane as most other people. They have a vision of the future, and they have grand plans. 

And understanding that realm is not simple. Not everyone's level of cognitive development is the same. Jean Piaget's fourth and final stage, is the stage where visionaries do the best: in the world of hypotheticals, and unless you have the right mindset, you are not fluent in the language.

Pre-social media, these people had a barrier, keeping them shielded from those who were not imaginative, sensitive, flexible, or forgiving of their eccentricities.

It was the gift of learning Shibboleths and nuances that help elevate them and get them into the history books.

The rich white men had the money and means to build their fortresses and got to do many epic things that the rest of the world got already prepackaged.

But social media is tearing down those walls -- and many of companies who reaped the benefits of these creative big thinkers -- are backstabbing those people at the first sign of controversy, and throwing them under the bus.

Old Tweets are suddenly cause for firing bankable directors. Heartless corporations -- in a bid to pander to complainers who probably never lined their coffers to begin with -- are being equally heartless to not just the unpaid interns they are exploiting, but also the very people who consistently put them in the black.

It is not as if the sentiments weren't known to these companies in the first place. They were merely could ignore them and give in because the returns outstripped the cringeworthy behaviour.

But it is still a harmonizing down.

Elon Musk was once seen as a visionary, and now people who have never done a thing in their lives are decreeing him a fraud.

What happened?

That's an interesting question because we don't actually know the real answer.


I find it very interesting how certain things are being framed in regards to social media -- but selectively so.

On the one hand, we have a admission that there are literally millions of fake followers on Twitter. Leftie Americans are blaming Russians for disseminating fake news on Twitter...

But they are not actually questioning whether or not the faux-rage on Twitter may be less organic and more, Machiavellian in nature?

Who is not to say that a rival person, group, company, or even nation didn't hire a PR firm or secret operatives is deliberately smear certain targets with fake Twitter rage?

And companies are just falling for it without investigating or asking the most basic of questions.

The harmonizing down allows it to happen.

We have fewer visionaries and when that happens, we stop progressing.

The problem was the honour was given to a very confined demographic, and one would think if social media was a true equalizer, we would see other groups produce their own visionaries, which is something that is depserately needed.

Except that is not the case.

The very structure of incubating visionary thought is being dismantled, meaning we are harmonizing down, not up.

This will prove to be detrimental to progress -- both technological, but also social progress.

Because once that buffer is gone, you don't have anything to work with, nor do you have experienced people passing that knowledge to the next generation.

What we are seeing is the dismantling of progress. When you get a hold of things and try to salvage them, you are starting from scratch, and you are doomed to make errors that you could have avoided if you had some veteran to teach you.

Journalism made this fatal error, and that's why it does nothing but spew hate and babble lunacy.

It has no ideas of its own anymore.

Journalism needed visionaries and dreamers to push it forward, but the industry decided to shove them away.

Social media is a shell game on many levels, and one that is not trustworthy. I am certain a little digging will show that many of these supposed citizen mob attacks were choreographed and had some rival behind it to sabotage some other entity.

It is a Troll Scroll for a reason.

But the damage it is doing to social discourse and progress is not to be ignored, either...

Newsweek in turmoil? You don't say, WSJ: The entire industry is beyond turmoil. But as usual, the chroniclers of reality refuse to see the obvious.

A "storied media brand in crisis." That is what the Wall Street Journal has to say about the Newsweek implosion. How long ago has this problem been going on for this alleged storied media brand? According the WSJ:

Two years ago, a loan application from the parent company of Newsweek raised the suspicions of an employee at a small Minnesota bank.
The bank staffer’s misgivings helped trigger what has become a wide-ranging fraud probe by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, people familiar with the matter say.

Possible fraud at Newsweek? Oh, you don't say, WSJ!


The problems in journalism go back much more than just two years ago. The entire industry has been trying to wallpaper over their various dysfunctions. It all about hype and trying to persuade people to buy a newspaper or tune in to a newscast.

The truth is that memes have replaced newspapers. People are not getting informed -- but they have been not getting informed for a very long time.

You are not going to pay for a magazine when you can find out from other outlets for free.

But then, people didn't even bother going to the free ones.

Scavengers bought media properties, and are squeezing the assets out of them -- and this is not a recent practice. Hollinger did that over twenty years ago.

Who else is going to buy worthless media properties? The only people who still think Newsweek had any cache to it are other journalists. It is a highly incestuous industry that is too closed off to citizens to be of use, value, or interest to them.

The industry collapsed. It collapsed a long time ago. Journalists are denying the obvious, and then when a big name such as Newsweek is exposed, they try to spin things, calling it "storied" without looking deeper into the rot.

There are other properties like Newsweek: companies that bought name publications as fronts to keep prying eyes from seeing their own sleight of hand. This scandal is only the tip of the iceberg.

And when the second or third scandal hits, the industry will become completely toxic -- and the notion that any wealthy benefactor wants to be associated with a tainted industry will fly right out the window.