Truth, Explained, Arc II: Duality? What does that really mean?

No transcript this for this podcast.


I am now officially off this web site until further notice, namely, finishing my books.

Until then, here is a tune from The Hives…


Update: Someone I adore just asked me about the federal Grits and their loser strategies.


Justin Trudeau seems to take big motherfucking pages from Hillary Clinton’s playbook of being incapable of dealing with both internal and external problems.

The Girts are stupid in wanting to kick out Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott because they are being egged to do so. Go for it. See what happens, assholes. That is the plan. We now have an audio recording. There will be more to come. The Grits are imploding.

And looking for more “retaliatory” measures against the behemoth economic juggernaut the US. To do what? Have more factories close in Canada? We are already in a recession. Are you dumbfucks that stupid? Are you out of your brain cell? You have no cards to play. What’s wrong with you?

There will be more political fuckery from the Trudeau regime, but don’t ask me about it. I just finished making a photo light box to take pictures. I am swamped, swamped, swamped. When I come back, I will tear every regime imaginable into tiny pieces with my wit for your amusements, but right now — Kintsugi and war propaganda await me!

Ciao! xoxo.

Truth, Explained: Preface: On being the Marie Kondo decluttering the mind from bullshit by removing the flying fucks that make you buy them.






Does it spark joy?

It probably means your thinking is wrong.

Intellectual clutter is different than physical clutter: intellectual security blankets are usually the lies we cling on to in order not to have to think, act, or change.

Sophistry and the penchant for using logical fallacies and having life theories that cannot be falsified brings clutter to the mind and the soul.

Occam’s Razor helps remove the excess baggage in order to see what needs to be done to make improvements.

Truth, Explained is about the expensive bullshit stories people buy with those flying fucks, the currency used to buy them.

Get rid of both, and solutions become that much simpler — and then sparks inspiration to find a better path…

What's on tap next week...

Two debuts.

Finally, the Chaser debut! I wish I could say that I was dragging my feet, but it is tedious work in finessing certain things.

The Second is an advice column of sorts: Truth Explained. I will go back to my writing roots and give advice based in reality.

The first debut will be heavy. The second will not.

I would like to have a podcast and another Cavewomen Graffiti is due. I have other things on the go, but I want to shift the focus yet again.

The site is like rearranging furniture — you love what you have until an idea pops in your head, and you move one thing in a place you like better, but then everything else has to be moved around. It is the reason Chaser has been slow to debut — it has become an odd piece of furniture that I don’t know what to do with just yet.

Stay tuned…