US Media concentration is as bad as Canada's, and is getting worse.

Gannett and Tribune are thinking about merging.

We long ago have had a media dictatorship. In Canada, that dictatorship in print is in the hands for the federal government who now gets to control them with their strings-attached money.

There is no free speech when it comes to journalism, and Big Tech is getting in on the act. For those who worry about their rights and freedoms, your fears are grounded.

We are not living in a democracy. We are living in an illusion of it, and even that delusion is fast fading…

Notice how people notice bad things only when it happens to them?


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A paranoid press is making this sound as if this kind of cyber-fucking is just happening to them.

Not at all. It is common.

This kind of warfare happens in every sector of society, and all of the time.

But watch the press try to spin this as some sort of assault on the press, the way they have been spinning the death of Jamal Khashoggi as the same thing despite evidence to the contrary that even some others in the profession acknowledge, albeit far later than others have, including me.

It is navel-gazing and an attempt at making people think they need to go back to an old, abusive spouse because he got mugged.

What we have is lousy cyber-security. We have vested-interests who take advantage of it because citizens — and that lazy press — don’t exactly make real demands or ask important questions…

Memo to the American Conservative: If you don't understand the business of your own profession, then don't write about it.

The American Conservative has a stupid article about the death of journalism. It is the same sort of stupid other Left-wing media trolls have whined about, and I have said before, but let me say it again.

Journalism properties were bought by asset-squeezers for the last twenty years because legitimate companies could no longer make a profit because no one was reading their product anymore.

An Asset Squeezer is a vulture that feasts on dead carcasses. The end. The American Conservative has no grasp on the concept at all, and that’s truly frightening. They are blaming vultures for their death, which is ridiculous.

Asset Squeezers know how to make a profit from dead properties. They fire everyone they can. They sell assets, such as real estate. They cut down on printing and sell off the printing arm and centralize operations. They get rid of things as they shed resources that are profitable whether or not the publication is.

If this concept is hard to understand, think of it this way: you can’t find a job, but you have debts to pay; so you sell all of your jewelry, stocks, bonds, and collectibles before selling your house.

You are still bringing in money, but as you are not working, sooner or later, you have nothing more to sell.

The gravy train runs dry.

Now suppose your house and all your chattels were acquired by an asset-squeezer. The difference is they sell your house, car, gold, keep the cash, and then kick you out once they sold your last possession.

That’s what happened to newspapers.

But it is also actively happening in broadcasting, too.

I covered the newspaper industry in the early aughts: this was happening back then, too.

The American Conservative doesn’t compute: they are talking about the New York Times’ digital subscriptions as if it were a hopeful sign, when it is a sign that the industry imploded.

You still have a few relics who want antiquated information, but they aren’t going for local, but whatever seems to be left over. It’s like a fad food outlet being everywhere, and then it loses its popularity, closing most of its outlets, save for a few in a couple of larger markets, and then people who still want it drive up a distance to get to the few remaining ones.

But even that will not last long. Once the habit of not reading local was broken, eventually, people don’t even want the big city papers as they can no longer relate or have real use for it.

When the smaller arteries die, the bigger ones die as well, and that is a basic concept reporters still do not seem to be able to grasp.

Your audiences have been shrinking for decades. You are attracting grim reapers operators for a reason.

Do not expect a Reality Denier to know what the fuck is going on — they only report from the planet Deludo, and keep hoping for a miracle in Hell…

American media consolidation continues with Sinclair fighting for exceptions.

Not surprising that Sinclair is fighting to keep its empire as big as it can. The media landscape has been shrinking at an accelerated in the last twenty years in the US. Canada's media consolidation was always worse, and its recent woes are making an inexcusable situation catastrophic. If people are looking for a They to solve the problem, they are sadly mistaken as such a group doesn't exist...