They dropped the ball way before tonight!

This is a photo op piece of PR propaganda:

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 3.59.08 PM.png

The holier-than-thou martyrdom is classic psychopath baiting, but face it: these goobers dropped the ball long before tonight, and it is an apt backfire to mark the rot of the profession.


2019 will usher in the alternative to journalism. Out with the rot of the old, and in with roar of the new!


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Eighteen: Journalists are neither saints nor martyrs. They have hidden too many sins.

Journalists have no reasoning skills whatsoever. Overprecise and overconfident, their ability to see reality has always been nonexistent because they have no formal training in it and it shows.

But they sure as hell love to tell the little people how moral and superior they are.

We died for you! they shout as if they were Jesus.

Dear Globe and Mail: foreign journalists have gotten themselves killed. Fuck your moral masturbation, and worse, hitching your ride on someone else’s murder.

Which is the complete fault of the profession because like everything else, they have devised a sum total of zero strategies and zero standards.

You ride a motorcycle without a helmet and drive it off a cliff, and you then complain about the hazard?

And it is a drop in the bucket to the number of First Nations women in Canada who get slaughtered so again, fuck you.

No one at the Globe can ever claim to be of the moral ilk of Chauncey Bailey, Daniel Pearl, or Dickey Chapelle (Person #15, Person #16, and Person #17 of the List of People Everyone Should Know) who were going against the grain of their profession, and it was their employers who failed to give them the adequate protection they needed. Blame corporate incompetence and negligence for their deaths. They were all rare gems in a profession that would rather speculate about celebrity boobies than do real work.

This is a profession that has no common sense.

Take a look at this propaganda piece, filed under “Midterms”:

Restoring The Moral Compass

You mean, Make America Great Again?

Memo to News and Guts: you not only are cowards, you are plagiarists ripping off Donald Trump.

And here is another memo: there never was a moral compass; so you have nothing to restore.

The Hill Times wonders why the federal Tories don’t like journalism.

Answer: because you spew liberal propaganda because you always gravitate toward whatever political party at the time pretends to be holier than thou so that you can hide your sins and act indignant should anyone call you out for your lies.


That issue of Time was a turning point for me. Not only did that issue imply that mass Serbian graves were Muslim, they ran that cover without ever mentioning to their readers that a German reporter noticed that the wire was on the wrong side; and that those people in the picture weren’t fenced in, giving a completely different context. (I had interviewed that reporter for a story I tried to do, but was axed at the last second because the editor was frightened off when the worst offending PR firm thumped its chest and he caved).

I wrote to Time outlining every lie and contradiction in a four page letter; they violated my moral rights, publishing a one paragraph and highly-altered version without my permission.

The late Pearl was one of the few journalists covering the war who did not fall for the PR firm bullshit stories against Serbs. The others did, and it should be no surprise that the one who was rational and objective was killed in another war, and the other stenographers all got cushy jobs as talking babblers.

I had said from the beginning of the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia that journalists lied, and knew they were lying.

And now they are starting to admit to their deceptions in a very interesting way, and thank the mess Saudi Arabia has gotten itself into for the slip.

This BBC series on the House of Saud says it all: the war was not started by Serbs but by radicalized Sauds. They parachuted in, caused bloodshed, lived in Bosnia — the land they stole from the very Serbs they maligned, and then did damage on 9-11 in New York City.

And journalists knew this tidbit all along.

They are changing their tune because they are exploiting the dead and hacked up body of Jamal Khashoggi, a partisan and dubious “reporter” with questionable ties to various groups: but they are remaking him as a saintly crusading reporter who died as a journalistic crusader…

But to make this lie seem as if it were a truth, they are now having to demonize the Saudis as they are forced to admit to certain truths about the former Yugoslavia in the divine passive, trying to hide the fact the (a) they kept this crucial piece of information back as they were making glorious careers for themselves and selling newspapers, and (b) they were complicit in war crimes and war propaganda.

Most Western journalists covering that war should be rotting in The Hague.

The number of journalists getting killed pales in comparison to the number of people who were slaughtered thanks to their ignorant propaganda.

If you believe a word a reporter says, you are a fucking moron who settles for shit.

This is a profession without instinct or insight. They have no empiricism or innovation. They spew garbage as they virtue-signal and plagiarize the same playbook as the Catholic church.

You’re not gods, you miserable assholes.

Chaser News was created to create a humbler and saner vehicle for information.

Chaser is coming back, but it is going to be different in many ways.

It will provide news about propaganda. It will be news about reality. It is not going to tell you what to think or how to think, but it will make you question your own thinking.

Like Harry Houdini and James Randi, it will show precisely how journalists have scammed and continue to scam the public. It is not like Project Veritas, however. They have the wrong mindset in dealing with those narcissistic knuckle-draggers.

It will first build a scaffolding. It will be serious for a short time.

And then it will be unleashed as halos are revealed to be nothing more than a tin-foil hat…

Pseudo-feminism in an Age of Propaganda.

This Time magazine cover is pure misogynistic propaganda.


Pseudo-feminist propaganda that is patriarchal in nature, infantilizes women and casts a woman with a position of power and a doctorate as a helpless little victim.

And the fact that this came from a mainstream US publication — the ones that are run by the rich white boys is a real knee-slapper.

This is a trigger cover, and I find it interesting that to “get” Brett Kavanaugh, used an oh-so-very-convenient one “issue” against him, that happens to be the posh “MeToo” movement.

Now, what are the chances?

What? Nothing else? Seven FBI probes don’t turn up other issues, just the one everyone is talking about, and even then, can’t prove it the way other cases were?

The scandal is a little too contrived to be plausible with the usual gang of unoriginal and pandering suspects squawking in front of rolling cameras, grandstanding, and trying to manipulate women to march lockstep on cue.

The gambit, however, is seriously backfiring on the Left. The Right, who were running for cover, suddenly are pushing back and rallying together, something that the Left has been trying to prevent. If they lose the midterms, they are in serious trouble.

And they are in that trouble thanks to their own conniving and manipulative games.

What they are trying to do isn’t working anymore, and there is good reason for it.

Usually, propaganda targets men. You can squawk sexism all you want, but propaganda is based on biological mechanisms that are devastatingly effective. We can pretend to be sophisticated and individualistic all we want, but a single effective piece of propaganda, and all your scripts and masks fly right out the window.

Sorry, children, it is in the marrow.

The biological purpose in life is to reproduce and ensure the next generation is primed to reproduce. It is the reason why war propaganda always targeted young, childless men: they have raging hormones, are violent, competitive, and the ones who traditionally fought in the frontlines.

But what the Left has been doing with far less success is using the same kinds of propaganda that target men during war.


The reason women were used in these images had nothing to do with love or morality: it was a very sexist reason of warning men that their genes were not going to be passed on, but their enemies.

Once a woman is pregnant, she is out of the baby-producing game for nine months.

But this current propaganda model is using the same patriarchal images and then is being used to incite women during peace.

It is actually reminding women that they are — no matter what they achieve — just victims.

War is marked by chaos and anarchy where there is no authority to govern. Peace is marked by order and predictable rules where there is a power that controls as it governs.

What the underlying message is simple: men find their power in war. Women cannot even find theirs in peace.

#MeToo was a legitimate movement that has now been derailed and hijacked by those who do not actually understand war propaganda, but mimic it without rhyme or reason.

I always said #MeToo’s biggest problems was a lack of leadership and game plan, making it vulnerable to its own weaknesses, where others can form a successful counterattack.

But there is a second, more serious problem: while men have their war manuals and have had them for centuries to help them use their innate abilities to govern and gain as well as maintain power, women do not.

That is not the fault of men. I have written such a book, but have not published it yet for my own reasons, but I do not plan to keep it under wraps.

So we now have women who have won several battles, but now think they will keep winning them and then win a undefined war.

And they are now in unfamiliar terrain, and have now allowed others into their ranks who should not be in there.

The pseudo-feminists who pretend to be feminist, but have deep sexist mindsets.

Because no feminist would have created that cover, let alone published it.

Feminism is not about wallowing in frailty, and that cover is all about seeing women in a narrative lens of victim.

A damsel in distress who is at the mercy of authority to recount her tale of woe as a partisan side takes pity on her as she is a valuable pawn in their war games.

The narrative is not one of a heroine’s journey, for instance. You either have to plea your case to the Man, or to the dead profession of journalism that has been run by sexists for decades.

But that is what you can expect in an Age of Propaganda: where people are infantilized and throwing temper tantrums expecting their servants to make things right.

The white knight to the Left has always been this nonexistent They to do things for them.

But feminism was never about relying on They. It has now become incompatible with Leftist ideology.

And feminism should have moved away from it decades ago and formed its own original ideology.

A Radical Centre. A Matriarchal Core.

But the partisan propagandists co-opted feminism and held it back in a holding pattern, where women are groomed and primed to see themselves as victims, even when they think they aren’t.

If feminism truly wants to break a glass ceiling, it means growing up and moving away from a patriarchal political school of thought known as the Left.

You have to have vision and built your own castle and garden: not search for nannying ideologies such as liberalism or socialism. Those were created by the patriarchal white boys, and those proved to be faulty and unworkable.

You want equality? Stop making demands and start forging your own path, and not see demeaning Time covers as some sort of validation of your untransmuted rage…

Lies journalists told you: Exhibit A: Bill Cosby.

He may have been convicted, but he would have never gotten as far as he did unless the news media built a house of lies for him.


Women who willingly entered his lion’s den trusted him completely.


Who could blame them when journalists dubbed him “America’s Dad” and “America’s Favourite Father?


It wasn’t just the entertainment magazines or soft news magazines. It was the hard news outlets that shilled that deceptive propaganda for decades.


Not one ounce of skepticism in all those decades.

They gave him a free pass, but when you are covering people up close, you see and hear things.

But journalists didn’t do a thing about it.

It took a comedian’s act on YouTube to break that spell.

Remember that.

Not the New York Times or the Washington Post or even 60 Minutes.

But Hannibal Buress.

A comedian, but it was no laughing matter that it took a funny man and not the serious reporters to send the real warning signals instead of the hype…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-One.

The magazine industry was made obsolete by the Internet just as the album was made obsolete by it as well.

Albums were highly controlled by the creator: the illustration was a message as was the title. The arrangement of songs also contributed to an overall experience of the theme that was the backbone.

Once music become digitized, the monopoly was wrest away from the creator as its parts were torn apart and the centre of gravity went to the listeners.

Magazines are much the same way. When communications was limited, editors had control of the theme, the cover, the articles and their arrangement. There was no confusing Time with Vanity Fair. Each magazine had its own fit and mandate.

And along came the Internet that pulled magazines apart and chopped them up as they did with albums.

Now Time, once the crown jewel of a magazine empire was sold to a billionaire for a pittance of a sum, and even still, was vastly overpaid.

We now have online publications lament magazines and their once vital covers, but covers are the tombstones of an obsolete industry.

Magazines were a creation of confines, not infinite possibilities. They are predictable and do not veer off course. They are static in a dynamic world, and often gave comfort to people who were looking for validation to go along with their stability.

Magazines sell a message rather than mere tell. They sold an idea and a narrative, and mimicked record albums in many respects.


It created an artificially controlled environment.


Magazines held court. So did albums, but the difference is the album is a direct message from the artist.


While magazines were outsiders who told audiences how to interpret the artist — or newsmaker in general.


Magazines were always crib notes for the middle class in how to think and what to think.


Music was the message, but magazines was the interpretation of what the message and the messenger meant.


Magazines and albums are patriarchal by design and it their core.

I would say the Internet is matriarchal, but it was anti-patriarchal, and broke the stranglehold both had on the collective consciousness, and decimated both as guiding forces.

Journalism relied so much on that medium, that it collapsed when that structure crumbled, but it shouldn’t have been that weak in the first place.

If your mandate and methods are clear, you can adjust, and journalism never could.

The reason it could do so with print, radio, and television is all of them had that Patriarchal thread in common. One way communication the way a parent, employer, or government has over their various charges.

Everyone was hunky dory until the anti-Patriarchal Internet came roaring along, and journalists never detected the difference.

And that is more than just a problem: it is the solution to why journalism collapsed: its very structure blinded it to the obvious signs, meaning the patriarchal no longer works.

The Matriarchal, on the other hand, can do more than just adjust, but it is built to detect changes, as it compares and contrasts. It is empirical in nature, unlike the more dogmatic Patriarchal.

And the alternative to journalism cannot be Patriarchal in design, or you are just wasting your time…

Time magazine's propaganda games continue making the National Enquirer look like a serious publication in the bargain.

 "The original version of this story misstated what happened to the girl in the photo after she (was) taken from the scene. The girl was not carried away screaming by U.S. Border Patrol agents; her mother picked her up and the two were taken away together."


Time magazine never learns.

Of all the children to pluck from obscurity to slap on the cover?

The one who didn't fit the narrative.

Time has played these games before -- during the Civil War in Yugoslavia, one cover story ("Must It Go On?") was filled those kind of optical games -- both the cover had been challenged by one sharp-eyed German journalist -- but there was a picture of a mass grave -- the cover story did nothing but slag "The Serbs" as evil...but of all the mass graves to show -- Time took the one of Serbian graves to show -- graves with crosses and Cyrillic writing.

And yet made absolutely no mention of whose graves they were as their text made it seem as if Serbs were the sole culprits.

And now, this cover.

They never change. They never learn.

Just spewing distorted narratives even when they try to use evidence that disproves their theories...

If you need any more proof that media owners are incapable of innovation...

This article should illuminate:

Meredith moves to sell Time, Fortune and Sports Illustrated titles: sources

Meredith just bought Time and Fortune and other rags for almost two billion; so why try to divest itself of them? Because of this silly logic:

The move illustrates how Meredith sees some of Time Inc’s titles that attract primarily male readership as not playing to its core strength in women’s magazines, which include Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle and Martha Stewart Living.

So instead of re-setting these publications to have hard news and business stories that would also attract over half the population, just sell them off...

Because women, to them, just do not care about real things in the world.


You have a slot, and you just shove the preset scripts into each slot.

If it doesn't fit, get rid of it. This is the binary thinking that actively helped destroy journalism.

So do not be shocked that it collapsed...