Legacy media put out bad statistics? You don't say!

There is a must-read article by Thomas Baekdal about the latest “report” purporting to show how big bad Google is “stealing” money away from the victim media, complete with bad statistics as so-called “proof.” Baekdal does an excellent job of punching colossal holes in this report, but seems somewhat naive as to the motives of why this report was put forth in this form in the first place.

As someone who covered the journalism industry and went into journalism in order to study it, I can fill in the blanks.

The statistics of the report are meant to deceive: it is putting forth a false narrative how journalism is a blameless victim industry that was ravished by Donald Trump, Russia, and Big Tech. In this case, it is Big Tech who are the villains. The entire narrative is a sham.

And to make this clear: journalism would never put forth any sort of empirical or sound research: they only know narrative. No story is without a purpose or fit, and ever since Trump won the election even though the vast majority of news outlets told the little people to vote for Hillary Clinton, they have been scheming to go back to the good old days where their decrees were taken as Gospel Truth. The industry — both the owners and the content providers (i.e., journalists, producers, and editors) do not want to keep up with the times or make changes — they want their old clout back. The end.

This is the very reason journalism collapsed, and why we have a black hole when it comes to accessible information: people are not taking the void seriously. I am. It is the reason I have been pushing for an alternative to journalism for years. My motives are not tied in to dictating thoughts or exploiting people’s fears to get rich: things would run smoother and kinder if we had a reality report to guide us.

This “report” is pure garbage and is not meant to inform, but persuade: it is meant to scare middle class people and turn them away from social media as politicians — who also like to tell the little people what to do — are given permission to meddle and wrest control away from those citizens on the pretence of protecting them. It is an age-old game of propaganda, nothing more.

What News Corps and other media owners are hoping is to force this lie on the information stream and people to relinquish their own power and go back to the days when the press decided who you were going to vote for, shun, worship, and believe. Those days are done, and no manipulative fake report is going to get them there. The script does not play in the real world. The legacy media memorized the rhythms of a single wavelength that was rigged in their favour and that wavelength is gone.

The rhythms of the world shifted and changed. The end. Power is like virginity — once you lose it, there is no getting it back. You’re fucked.

Anyone who challenges this report and its subtextual narrative is going to either get their voices ignored or attacked. This is like a thug who gets arrested ranting about how the police are trampling on his rights to impose his authority on people and is somehow a helpless victim.

Because if media owners were truly in the business to inform and be integral to true democracy, they would have never fallen behind the times, but kept up with it. That never happened for a reason: because the old ways made them powerful, and the news ones had different rigs that were more equitable.

But even if that report was true, it doesn’t support the narrative, anyway. The industry failed to see reality — meaning they never had a grasp on it in the first place — and that’s not something they can blame Google: they saw the new world and work with it, while the press stayed on the old, and thought that was going to work. It didn’t…

EU, Copyright, taxes, and social media: A protectionist idea that will not save journalism.

An excellent and thorough discussion on EU’s “snippet tax” can be found here on Baekdal, but I would like to add something to the discourse.

If European media outlet think they can punish Google and “reclaim” ad revenue they erroneously blame Google and Facebook for “stealing”, they are sadly mistaken. Google can create or buy up a wire service or outlet and then just bypass having to bother with the press entirely. They can drop any links to media outlets, and it will be outlets — not social media — that suffer by the shut out. Like cable channels that ran re-runs of network programs until they gained enough money and audiences to create their own, Facebook and Google no longer are dependent on news outlets.

Western European news outlets are playing chicken and it is a game they will lose. It is too little, too late. Western Europe sticks to old patriarchal traditions, looks down on change, and when they do not adapt, they lobby the government for nonsensical laws that never solve the problem.

This was a problem that should have been addressed about twenty years ago when Yahoo, Netscape, and MySpace dominated cyberspace. Google and Facebook can vanish and be replaced with another breed that can bypass the old system with a different method.

Media outlets are at a crisis globally, and judging by their Mommy Government solutions, they are incapable of solving a thing on their own…