Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Seven.

Journalism has been behaving as the arrogant and slacker egomaniac student who thought he could coast and pass…

And then, suddenly, realized he was failing miserably to the point of being thrown out of school.

Thinking that trying to seem hard-working, but being completely unaware of what they actually means and entails, tries to fake it within the last month of school, trying to save his backside.

Except it isn’t enough to counter the failures with the faux attempts, and gets kicked to the academic curb.

The quality of investigative pieces lately are so corrupted with spin, propaganda, and distorted tidbits of facts that the pieces are essentially garbage.

What is passed for investigative work these days is airing of petty and egocentric grievances from whiny and self-entitled individuals who never think they are to blame for anything, and demand that benevolent They should do all of the work flawlessly.

That’s not journalism. That is enabling the passive deluded who look all sad and pouty for the cameras as if that made their whining legitimate.

Or media outlets use big fonts with empty phrases such as “A Globe Spotlight Report”, signalling that there some sort of real effort by the press to dig deep, with embarrassingly contrived results.

The Boston Globe recently had such nincompoopity:

Inside our secret courts

Criminal charges often disappear without a trace. There are few rules and fewer records. In these private hearings, who you are — and who you know — may be just as important as right and wrong.

Sounds serious, except the headline doesn’t quite align with the actual goods.

First, and the biggest red flag that this piece is junk journalism is that the first paragraph starts with an anecdote, which is colour, or to put in more bluntly, filler.

It is a one-sided complaint, and as such, is not all that unless you investigate it from every angle before making a decree what actually went wrong.

But I found this passage hysterical:

But justice would elude her. The case would go into the darkest corner of the Massachusetts criminal justice system, where closed-door hearings are often held in private offices without public notice, where the outcome is up to the discretion of a single court official who may not have a law degree, and where thousands of substantiated criminal cases go to die every year.

You mean, like journalists have always done and still keep doing?

No public notice, where the outcome is up to the discretion of a single editor who does not actually have empirical training or got the job through nepotism, where hundreds of real stories die every year?

You mean just like journalism.

A journalism education is not an actual education. It doesn’t teach students how to actually research in the way that the profession had to train students to research or analyze data.

So here is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and if the reporters themselves are passing judgement on their label of “secret court”, implying that it is an evil entity, and journalists have a profession that mimics this evil entity in every way, shape, and form, then how can we trust this article?

Or anything else they spew for that matter?

You can’t.

That is the reason the alternative must have much more rigorous and empirically-tested training than the current model.

Th point isn’t to lull the middle class into thinking they can crib shallow snippets and fake it, nor allow them the delusion that they actually know what is going on just because they have an uninformed opinion on it.

The point is to expose reality so that everyone actually fully understands what they actually know — and don’t know.

Journalism became the security blanket that cultivated arrogance and temper tantrums as a hack for righteous rage.

The alternative is the map that brings humility and understanding.

And there is a lot of arrogance and ignorance on the Troll Scroll.


Yes, as the US military highlights the education, job training, and travel you can get as you “find your future in the army”, they never made it a secret, either. That marketing is not aimed at the wealthy or middle class, Sherlock, as considering both those better-to-dos threw hissy fits at the draft, the army had one venue left open to them.

The sheltered middle class believing they uncovered a secret truth when they were merely blind and ignorant of it until it suited their own purposes is not an actual accomplishment.

But they merely mimic how journalists conducted themselves when they used to be a thing.

And people of the Troll Scroll should remember that.

If people are followers, then the alternative mustn’t indulge that antiquated and geezerish way of reacting to the world.

But a more thorough and measured way that explores the actual nature and essence of truth, reality, perception, and interpretation instead…