Journalism's sunny spinning of rot continues...

Everything is great at the Atlantic with having a sugarmommy…except people are leaving in droves.

Vice News is doing so great on HBO…except it just got the heave ho.

Neither one is doing as well as they pretend to be doing: in this climate, being in a national magazine would have people clinging on to that job under any circumstance.

And things don’t get cancelled because they are bringing in viewers.

So things are happening behind the scenes, but don’t expect anyone to do anything but sunny spin that rot…

In an Age of Propaganda, everyone is in a "resistance": even those in the Establishment.

I love this propaganda piece:

New Zealand’s Loss of Innocence

You mean New Zealand’s self-aggrandizing delusions proven to be a sham.

Because people are people.

Here is another piece from the Atlantic:

France’s Yellow Vests Are Rebels Without a Cause

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to figure out what they want. It’s not an easy task.

No, they have cause. They were promised a bill of goods and the promiser failed to deliver. They are angry for a reason.

Just as Ontario teachers are angry because the new regime isn’t doing things they way they want, but in this case, here is one Establishment group fuming that one higher up the food chain is telling them to tighten their belts:

In protest, classroom teachers began an online campaign over the weekend encouraging each other to wear black on Monday as a symbolic form of resistence.


What are you resisting? Reality? You work in the public sector, you are the ones people resist against.

And really, slacktivism in the form of “wearing black”? I wear black all the time. It doesn’t take effort, except that I have pet hair I perpetually have to clean with a lint roller.

But in an Age of Propaganda, everyone tries to look like the underdog. Even the rich. Even those work work for the government. Anyone who is an underdog who resists is painted as the aggressor and the tyrant.

It doesn’t actually work, however.

It’s a shell game where narrative never quite aligns with reality, but people confuse having a beef with being oppressed.

Here is the memo: Life is hard.

Sometimes you just don’t get your own way.

Next up: dictators whining they are being oppressed by those citizens they are barrelling over with tanks. Get out the hankies…

Adlibture: the stream of inspiration that will take you to the strangest of places. Follow your instinct, not the script.






Reading journalists whining is a real pain in the ass. Shut the fuck up.

Stop spinning a narrative overtly or covertly. What is done is done.

When you ignore people like me, expect the same treatment in return from the public.

Because no one is listening.

For a reason.

Journalism is following old scripts. The new kids are all frauds who are cribbers. Fuck them. They are riding on the coattails of the old and broken antiquated models.

If the profession wanted to be reborn, then they have to start from the very beginning.

And learn Adlibture, not scripture.


The first step is anarchy, and with anarchy comes adlibture.

Follow your instincts, no matter if people disagree with you or think you are strange.

You take risks, not gambles.

You find inspiration wherever you wish.

For me, I have many, but let’s talk about one: my adoration for a comic book character who is seen as Steve Ditko’s other bug-themed superhero.

Ted Kord the Blue Beetle.

He is what every person should be: a person whose word is their bond.

You make a promise. You keep that promise.

The end.

He made a promise to a dying man where no one else heard him.

He did not have superpowers, but he was smart and made the technology.

He was inconvenienced. A police officer dogged him convinced he killed the civilian who was the original Blue Beetle.

But a promise is a promise.

He may have been rich, but he used his wealth for good. He could laugh. He could fight.

But most of all, he could absolutely be trusted to do the right thing.

I have the entire Charlton run in my office.

For a reason.

Because I have an affinity for the character, I have no problem being inspired in different ways.

Make use of what you have. Keep your promises. Help other people. Don’t forget to have fun.

And I did that all while having to deal with cancer.

And it took me out of very dark places. The Kordian System is a resounding success, and who cares if it came in a comic book?

Wisdom lurks everywhere.

That is the reason journalism’s collapse is an enigma.

But it is a selfish profession that hordes in anarchy, stealing scripts.

Not creating adlibtures that make you fluid and adaptable.

Because once you prove that you can be absolutely trusted in anarchy, you are on to the next step: alchemy.

Turning lead into gold.

Because alchemy is the emotional science that takes those adlibtures and puts them to good use.

You can improvise and assess on the drop of a hat.

And then, when you have your personal gold, you share it.

The third step of altruism.

You do not tell people how moral you are: you show.

No virtue-signalling or teeth-gnashing.

You give. You give credit where credit is due. You do away with pecking orders. You are not petty or jealous, let alone vindictive or closed-minded.

Your adlibtures begin to create new worlds on their own — and if you do it right, long after you breath your last.

People patronize me, ignore me, bully me, and dismiss me.

But they can never stop me.

I made a promise a long time ago.

And I keep my promises.

I have no trouble telling people off.

But I also have no trouble being inconvenienced to help someone when they are down without them ever knowing that I did.

That’s what should have been journalism. It should have been a noble profession.


No alibture.

And hence, no way of getting on track to altruism where it could freely create castles and gardens of gold without losing anything in the bargain…

Why did US female politicians wear white to the State of the Union? Obviously, they were part of a polygamous sect as their Husband-in-Chief got the spotlight. Faux feminists strike again.




Don’t you just love a mindless cult where women all have to dress alike and rely on cheap and empty symbolism because they have no power or substance?

I know I sure don’t.

This is cosplay for people who don’t have an original idea, but want attention without having any accomplishments to earn it.

It looks like a polygamous cult of unoriginal dressers as they shrewishly stew that their big shot husband gets to talk and be in charge.

Hollywood actresses wore black to the Golden Globes during the beginning of #MeToo.


No better than the aimless protestors all wearing red cosplay.

All we need is some women to prance and vogue with stink face in a group wearing yellow outfits, and American women have summoned the Apocalypse upon themselves to be devoured by reality. Well played.

How about all going as a dancing banana?

Women choosing their outfits in reaction to a man is as un-feminist as one can get.

You are telling the world you are a follower, like a good little woman. You are interchangeable, faceless, and disposable. Individuality, independence, and originality, please.

And no feminist would go along with that farce. Ever. It is the reason why we needed feminism in the first play — to break away from shackles and prisons of uniformity.

You wear what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want, and why you want it. Not what the high school know-it-alls decree as they’re smoking pot in the girl’s room.

You are just confirming that you are nothing but surrounded stones in a game of Go.

And the Atlantic, that partisan rag that always justifies leftist delusions, think those minions upstaged Trump.

No, they didn’t.

They served as a contrast. He has power. Nancy Pelosi looked like she needed to change her underpants.

They actually did their rival’s propaganda for him. A sea of faceless enemies can band together, but the Hero can stand alone.

Do you not know what you all look like?

Villain minions.

The Force is not with you.

These dress-up games should be very concerning for any woman in the US right now.

Whenever there is a reliance on theatre, it is a misdirection used to hide the fact that the person doesn’t have a plan nor power and is relying on stunts.

There is no maturity among the female politicians and it explains a lot. It is petty high school mind games in a place where you are supposed to, you know, have tangible results for the people who elected you.

If the government had genuine feminists, firebrands, trailblazers, rebels, and visionaries, there would be actual results. You can’t dine on symbolism. You are just buying time, hoping some They will do away with your enemy, and then you can lie and say your garbage contributed to it.

And the grifters wore white.

My teenaged self would be devastated that women’s rights were being thrown away in this horrific and childish way, but at least my adult self doesn’t put up with tricks like that…

Journalism's Covington Fiasco: They know they screwed up. And they are still in denial. But I called it out before.




That book is an inconvenient truth.

It scares book journalists and those on the Left right out of their wits.

It is not as if I give the Right a free pass. I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, and my latest book goes into detail about partisan outlets on the Right. I am not on the Left or Right. I am a Radical Centrist, meaning you are not going to manipulate me to join your little clubhouse as some sort of true believer.

That requires scripts and passivity, and that is not who I am.

But journalists pick sides and then pretend they don’t. That makes them inauthentic, and then they waste time and energy trying to prove lie after lie about how they are important and always perfect, which is honestly, a stupid thing that destroyed their profession.

And when evidence of their manipulative gaslighting is exposed, they spend time trying to spin yet another manipulative piece trying to save their worthless asses.

The Atlantic is one of the worst offenders. It is pure garbage, and their attempt at spinning Covington is no different:

The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story

And the damage to their credibility will be lasting.

Oh, you more than just botched it.

You created the non-story.

There was no story there in the first place.

What you had was two attention-seekers get free press at a canned spectacle. This wasn’t news, but it was filler that the press could pretend was news.

As usual, reporters picked sides and them went into overdrive with some melodramatic narrative ganging up on some high school ditz in a red baseball cap doing what teenaged boys do: think they know everything and then smirk their way through life.

Yeah, how brave of you. Time magazine needs to put you intrepid souls on their cover again.

And then the press demonized a teenager who committed no crime and deified a man base don his skin colour without verifying anything about him, and employing that cloying Native American stereotype that is patronizing and dehumanizing pretending it’s the opposite.

And then in a world of social media where everyone can put out information, journalists got busted.

Idiots: you could pull that garbage off when people had no access to a global audience, the way you did to Serbs during the Civil War. You could plaster Serbian mass graves and then accuse them of slaughtering the other side.

From their graves? Are Serbs some sort of ghosts with machine guns?

Covington blew up in the news media’s faces, and it was a serious explosion.

And entirely avoidable. If the press was as perfect as they always claim to be, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

The article still doesn’t get it. It paints the New York Times as being something other than a propaganda rag for limousine liberals.

You are not fooling anyone except yourselves.

You damaged your credibility long before Covington.

As I keep mentioning this morning, I have three books that document how you have already done it — the how and the why…

Know your propaganda! Part Three: Being a journalist means never having to say you were wrong.

The Mary Sues over at The Atlantic make excuses as to why journalism collapsed:

The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past

Why the news is going back to the 19th century

This is posted under their “Ideas” and not “Excuses” section, but here is the rundown of sophistry that explains why this profession imploded:

1. Too many players: In a world of 7.4 billion people, there are “too many players”? Funny how porn sites do not suffer from too many of them being out there. The problem is that they are all the same. They all look the same, have the same defects, the same narrative, and have the same misalignment with reality.

2. Not enough saviors: What the fuck? You need a knight to save your worthless asses? What’s wrong with being useful enough for people to subscribe? The medium is irrelevant. Stop expecting other people to save your arrogant asses.

3. No clear playbook: The first sentence here is a riot:

News organizations are experimenting with anything and everything.

No, they haven’t. It has the same structure and the same core. When you ignore the central defects that are holding you back, then you aren’t actually doing anything differently. Journalism was a profession that had cancer and took chemo and radiation off the table.

4. Patrons with varying levels of beneficence: Your sugardaddies want you to grind to their rhythm? You don’t say, motherfuckers.

You are the only profession who gave away your independence for dependence. You’re seriously fucked in your perspective. The end.

So, as usual, journalistic propaganda wants to wear a halo. One that it doesn’t deserve.

The kicker is the profession could have avoided their collapse if they were actually attune to reality….

Why do mainstream media outlets keep insisting that women be victims?

The Atlantic is true propagandistic dreck, and this article is vile:

The New Authoritarians Are Waging War on Women

Donald Trump’s ideological cousins around the world want to reverse the feminist gains of recent decades.

First of all, stop pretending other countries needed Trump to be sexist. Are you really that stupid?

You woman-hating manipulators are so full of shit.

Women have to realize the fight never ends. You get complacent, and you pose as a weak spot to overtake.

It doesn’t matter what is your gender, race, or whatever, you get too comfy, and someone will see you ripe for picking.

You have to fight like a demon in hell for your paradise. You watched Kardashians instead of your local city hall meetings? Fuck you, you worthless dumbass.

You made fishy face selfies on Instagram? You moronic piece of shit. There were more important things to do than imply on Facebook that your cupcake recipe is better than anyone else’s.

Men are in power because they never rest.

As in, ever.

Because someone else can overtake them.

So keep that in mind and at heart.

Set your priorities and do the damn fighting yourself.

Do not expect some They to come rescuing you.

But should you be focussed on what’s on sale at Marshall’s or what quackery you wish you could order online on Goop, and people who do not give one flying fuck about money-sinking garbage start taking away your paltry rights, do not do this:


Because that just makes you a loser who indulges in cosplay and passivity because what does that bullshit accomplish?

Who is going to take a buffoon like that seriously? What kind of opposition is that?

Learn what works.


You pull shit like that, and you will make an energetic and eloquent fuck you to the Man.

You don’t have to say a word. You can be silent, but still mean business.

When women learn to make damage to show they mean business, their rights will firm up real fast.

You don’t dress up like a clown and expect someone in power to say, “Gracious, look at those women dressed like gaudy Amish. I have completely changed my ways and mind, and will now do all of the work and give them lots of rights because they are just standing around wearing a cheap costume.”

You didn’t vote for that motherfucker and he still won the election.

Do the math.

And stop being passive and allowing propaganda like The Atlantic to frighten and manipulate you.

They are no better than Trump. They are just trying to find some sort of coalition to gain power.

Because that’s what men in power do.

Your choice is to either be proactive or be a warrior who means business. If you can’t live in peace and have a place to call your own, then you have to put everything on the line and make sure your oppressor doesn’t have it, either.

That is the reason I believe in the nonviolent proactive option. You have to cut things off at the pass. Women should have founded their political parties by now.

And you can never be predictable.

The sooner women start using a new approach to their age-old problem, the faster their problem will be solved. If you want control, then you have to fight for control. You can’t shame people into giving it to you, and you can’t give a flying fuck what they think and waste time arguing with them. It is all about action.

If the legal system doesn’t give you justice, you create your own legal system. If the political party isn’t pushing your agenda, make your own. If businesses aren’t promoting enough women, boycott them and reward the ones that do.

The first question women need to ask is, What’s in it for me?

How will you benefit? If you don’t, then it is time to put out the ultimatum: if there is nothing in it for me, then there will be nothing in it for you, either.

No votes, nothing.

No symbolic bullshit. What is the tangibles in it for you?

Once the collective grasps that these sexist games would vanish, there would be no stopping women.

But so long as they wallow and allow their voices to be co-opted by partisan propaganda, things can never get better…

Big Tech may be crumbling, but journalism was FUBAR long before that: revisionist bullshit stories are just bullshit.

Apple used to be about innovation.

Now it is about censorship, propaganda, and dictatorship — and the reason Big Tech is imploding.

Tim Cook has made a bullshit decree, about how “hate” has no place in Big Tech…and yet Big Tech has manipulated, controlled, censored, spied, and betrayed users at every turn.

Go fuck yourself, you miserable hypocrite.

Then the Washington Post’s clueless toady, Margaret Sullivan is actively trying revisionist propaganda, but she lacks the intelligence for it, and her transparent stupidity is something I chronicled repeatedly in my latest book, but this one takes the dummy cake:

The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.

Nice try, moron, but journalism fucked itself up way before that. Big Tech got away with shit because few people understood their con games, and journalists fellated those Big Tech Boys until they started to lose their jobs without reinventing themselves.

Don’t blame Big Tech for your decades-long professional incompetence, you asshole. Fuck you.

And the self-serving bitchfest doesn’t end. We have garbage being spewed how Big Tech is so bad, but nothing about how journalists kissed their asses with question for decades. The robber barons got away with it because journalism is a profession filled with nerds and cheerleading dummies who never question anything.

Big Tech is just another version of Donald Trump: they kiss their asses until they realize they were nothing more than discarded pawns, and then they remember to point out all the things they knew all along, but buried.

And never take any responsibility or have anything resembling a learning curve.

So fuck them all.

Big Tech is in a heap of big trouble, and journalism is already a dead profession.

I have been saying this for a long time — ignored and uncredited, of course, but I am on record for pointing all of this out long before it was posh.

2019 is going to be a very different year. The Limousine Liberals are going to be in serious trouble. Big Tech and journalism will both see very different, but unprecedented implosions. The Champagne Socialists are in for a rude awakening when their Limousine Liberal parents are forced to cut them off for survival once more — and without Big Tech enabling their delusions, the Indigo children are about to find out exactly why they are called that: because life if about to beat them black and blue.

But the implosions will not be outrages. They will not be violent, mass protests. There will be too much shock and unpredictable turns for that to happen. There won’t be civil wars or revolutions.

The social engineers miscalculated a lot of things, and they are trying to sweep things under the rug, as Apple is doing with their overt censorship. They learned nothing from the fall of journalism: you can censor and ignore things all you want, but once people had freedom that you take away, you become Public Enemy Number One, and then you’re fucked. You don’t have Steve Jobs to bail you out this time.

People don’t need apps, especially when things go south for them. Once people are stymied without their distractions, they will see how piss poor they were all along — and that having a godphone and tats doesn’t make them middle class.

When that reality sinks in, it will be a whole new ball game.

And then the Sucker Circus unveils a brand-new act to shock and amaze…

Bad journalism and why Chaser has become my driving force.

I have been writing about perception misaligning with reality for a long time — since 2005 when my first book was published, and multiple times here.

My undergraduate thesis was on the topic, after all, and it is something I know well.

After all, my book through A Dangerous Woman Story Studio Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations studies the phenomenon, and her signature course is Truth, Perception, and the Nature of Reality.

So the Atlantic’s inferior copy of my musings were of interest to me.

Reading and listening to this ignorant bullshit from oblivious motherfuckers reminded me why journalism needs an alternative.

Because journalism is akin to reading a medical book, and then deciding that you can now be a doctor.

That’s what we have, and that’s not acceptable.

Not anymore.

Chaser is empirical. It is more than just an art or craft — but an actual science.

And when I read bullshit from the Atlantic, it makes me more determined to combat their kind of cancerous garbage that pollutes the information stream to do it in a more professional way…

Memo to the Atlantic: The Left and Journalism find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear, too. Who do you weasels think you are kidding?

I am not someone on the Right.

I am not someone on the Left.

You are not going to tell me where I am going to stand.

You are not going to dictate or shame me in how to think.

You are not going to make up rules, draw a line in the sand, and then honestly expect me to play childish games with you that you rigged to place yourself on top of a fake pecking order. It is the equivalent of playing Got Your Nose.

You want to bicker and rage puke, go ahead. If you are some petty and nerdy control freak who must morally masturbate in public and turn life into some annoying little competition so that everyone’s attention is deflected away from living their lives so they have to indulge you and do everything to your majesty’s exacting and self-serving specifications, see a shrink, not me.

I am a Radical Centrist, and there is a difference between being a Centrist (a fence sitter), and a Radical Centrist (a political atheist).

A Radical Centrist is not taken in by the smoke and mirror games of the Confirmation Bias, nor does a Radical Centrist ignore structure and propaganda.

There is no one ideology, narrative, belief, or value, or mindset that is flaw-proof. That’s why we debate, research, experiment, and test those beliefs, find the current flaws, change, alter, drop, refine, and improve them.

And that is what a Radical Centrist does: keep finding the centre of gravity and maintain the balance of reason.

If journalism was actual journalism, that would be what you would find in stories: a centre of gravity. You would have sensibility, rationality, and it would not pander to ideologues who are too stupid to know they have become ideologues or enable the delusions of people who think their life requirements and perceptions of reality are the only things that count in the universe.

But journalism became the preachers to an extremist cult. They villainize people and groups with no regard of the long-term consequences of their behaviour.

Which brings us to the pretentious propaganda rag The Atlantic.

They had the nerve to publish this drivel:

The Cruelty Is the Point

President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear.

And it hasn’t been the point for journalists and the Left?

Do not tell lies.

Ever since Trump was a serious contender for president — and ever since, the press and the Left have had a very sick and twisted vendetta, throwing epic fits because they could not fool all of the people all of the time. They have been actively provoking civil conflicts and openly musing about having a civil war.

Inciting people to murder is as cruel as it gets.

You have faux bored housewife/husband “Resistance” movements, for what? You lost one election. You are not in a “Resistance”: you are in soggy underpants. Please change because your attitude stinks.

And what have the press and the Left thrown from those soiled diapers in Trump’s direction: they have called him a fascist, mentally ill, a traitor, a sadist, someone who has dementia, stupid, and have made sick comments about his relationship with his daughter, because heaven forbid a father admires what his female child has become, and said even sicker things about his youngest.

The amount of hate puke coming from the Left who have become pontifical pricks who have some sort of default assumption that they are even more perfect than the gods they pretend they do not believe in.

The vitriol coming from Hollywood is precious. You are an industry that lies, cheats, and steals, all while you sexually exploit women and children, mistreat animals, destroy the self-esteem of people, are stoned out of your minds, and have been indoctrinating the public to glorify racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and violence for decades with your narcissism — and you call out Trump?

Nice try.

And journalists. Where do I begin? Cribbing from press releases, lying, exaggerating, distorting, and inciting hatred and fear — why are you resentful of him? Because he has more power than you knuckle-draggers do now?

Finally, the Democrats. You never actually do a thing for feminism, but keep frightening the womanfolk into voting for you so they can have abortions. This may come as a huge shock to you fat cats, but if the only thing you can offer is that, you failed women.

I am pro-choice, but you also had Bill Clinton in office, and you all behave as if his behaviour was normal.

The Left in the US and Canada remind me of the old saying that people who point a finger of blame at someone have three fingers pointing back at them.

The article is pure propaganda that uses a confirmation bias to the extreme. American politics has always been ideologically violent and primitive. Left, Right, it doesn’t matter, the entire system is filled with hate and fear. Vote for us or you’ll all be slaves!

And the Atlantic feeds into the wicked fire with garbage essays like that one.

Instead of finding a psychologically healthy alternative that has cooperation and ideological tolerance that shuns pecking orders, we just have small and petty minds try to keep the sickness of pseudo-democracy going long past its best before date…

Chuck Todd's Atlantic Fiasco: When the bad guys pretend to be heroes, their own deeds call them out.

Chuck Todd's propaganda piece in The Atlantic is something I recently discussed here, but recent events have proven his deluded diva tantrum to be just that.

Journalists have been "fighting back" with their non-stop monomania hissies ever since they told the little people to vote for Hillary Clinton and the people did what they wanted without reading the memos because those memos do not serve anyone else but a few billionaires who made their dough manipulating and exploiting people through journalists for far too long.

And it is not working. Newspaper editorials recently had their own Let's Bully the President Day about a month ago, with hundreds of paper marching lockstep with the same melodramatic meltdown...and it didn't do a thing.

But Chuck Todd isn't one to talk. The Meet the Press babbler works for NBC, which has been trying to shut down Ronan Farrow for over a year: first by killing his Harvey Weinstein exposé, but when they were exposed for shutting down Farrow's well-researched piece, they tried to shut him down again, by claiming that his work was not up to snuff.

Andy Lack's memo tried to deliver the death blow in a memo, which has now spectacularly blown up in his face, especially now that their own Megyn Kelly contradicts that entire sketchy narrative.

NBC News is a hypocritical outfit, and had they been honest and truthful, they would have owned up to it all, but no, they are arrogant know-it-alls who keep making excuses as their lies become exposed.

So when you have an oblivious call-to-arms when your own sins are there making faces behind your back, you are the bad guy who is trying to pretend that you are some sort of valiant hero who will fight back.

No, you are not just the villains, but the defeated villains; as in, it's over, fellas, and you lost the game, the battle, and the war in November 2016.

You lost because you covered up your own sins as well as the sins of your little buddies.

Game over.

With NBC News in nuclear meltdown mode, Todd's nincompoopity in the Atlantic is a hilarious tone deaf spewfest. It is a complete humiliating disaster.

You don't want to meet the press because they, quite frankly, are a repulsive bunch of trolls who think if they babble loud and long enough, people will give in.

It is a pathetic piece in a pathetic publication, all while the sucker circus continues its macabre show while the world communicates with each other without the middle man...

Starting over in a Post-Journalism world, Part One.

Chuck Todd's sophistry in The Atlantic is as cringeworthy as it is completely out of touch with reality:

It’s Time for the Press to Stop Complaining—And to Start Fighting Back

A nearly 50-year campaign of vilification, inspired by Fox News's Roger Ailes, has left many Americans distrustful of media outlets. Now, journalists need to speak up for their work.

This is a paranoid conspiracy theory and a form of misdirection: journalists have no one else but themselves to blame for their death.

Yes, Mr. Todd, journalism is dead.

Journalists spewed a lot of lies. On purpose. For personal gain. Fake news, and I chronicled it all way back in 2005 in my book Don't Believe It!: How lies become news.

And Roger Ailes had nothing to do with it, as he was also a news producer whose feints and ruses I wrote about in my second book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism.

So let us get that misconception out of the way.

Journalism was in trouble for many reasons, and I chronicled that in my fourth book When Journalism was a Thing.

You had your Stephen Glasses and Jayson Blairs. You had your Janet Cookes and your Kim Stacys. Your profession cribbed off so many PR firms and press releases during hard news events such as wars, that to now wear a fake halo and pretend you are all some kind of moral authority is a real gag.

Have you forgotten how many of your own were ensnared in #MeToo? Your colleagues. Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, the Big Boys.

Rose was with CBS, but Lauer, he was at your network, Mr. Todd.


The network that killed Ronan Farrow's story.

So your spinning in the propagandistic Atlantic is as pathetic as it gets.

Bottom line: your wicked cult did it all to yourselves, and you are no better than those priests who abused their power by abusing children and covered it up.

Enough of your garbage.

Journalism is dead.

Good riddance.

Besides, Mr. Todd, it is too little, too late.

Journalism is over. Finished. Gone.

And now it is time to start over in a Post-Journalism World.

Yes, Mr. Todd, you forgot to read the memo as you were busy writing your temper tantrum about how everybody else is to blame but journalists.

A post-journalism world isn't something on the horizon: it is happening now.

Journalists can complain or not complain: they are no longer relevant, and their profession is no longer a thing.

Deal with it.

They ignored the nuances of the Fourth Medium to their detriment. They were so used to telling the little people what to think that they didn't see the people went marching on this spinning globe without them.

But we have a huge void to fill with the next generation of information disseminators.

Journalists are too ignorant and arrogant to change their ways. They are declaring war on the dead Roger Ailes, instead of realizing that the war is over and journalism lost.

And it deserved to lose. It earned its loss.

Why is it Ailes' fault? Because he didn't walk lockstep with your propaganda, and chose to use his own instead?

What a perfect world he ruined presenting another viewpoint? If only he stuck to your little script, it would be all so very glorious for your kind?

That is not what killed journalism -- or its façade.

If you cannot see reality, then you cannot be left in charge of reporting it. The end.

And it is the end of journalism.

But when a curtain falls, it will rise again, but with a new act on the stage.

Journalism is a relic of a bygone era when people were at their mercy to get their information, and to disseminate it.

Those days are gone.

Because we will see the rise of another medium, and it will also change the way we live in this world,

That is the reason why a new replacement to journalism is beginning to emerge now.

The old guard are tone deaf. They are too tainted to be credible, reliable, valid, or useful.

They use old methods when those methods no longer do what they are supposed to do.

And when you have an Establishment journalist writing in an Establishment magazine about "fighting back", what you are saying is you wish to wage war on the people to keep a tyrannical status quo in place.

Because that is what journalism was: shackles that prevented people from being able to bypass the gate-keepers to speak to the world directly -- unedited and unfiltered.

Right now, we are living in a Post-Journalism World. It is one of pure anarchy, and it is devoid of any reliable and valid system of gathering information for a general audience.

But the seeds of the alternative are already in place.

It is F.R.E.E.D.

It is the system of getting information without the egotism and drama as well as the narrative and the sloppy methods that have no empirical value.

It is a creative science whose laboratory is not in the Ivory Towers, but in the real world.

I ran myself as a test subject for years.

The backbone of F.R.E.E.D. is Method Research.

It is a far superior way of gathering information. It forces those gathering information to be vigilant, disciplined, humble, and active, something journalism always failed to do.

Mr. Todd may be barking orders to no one in particular, but F.R.E.E.D. does not play those childish and self-serving games.

Journalism is dead.

And it is time for those in that dead profession to try their hand at adulting -- meaning facing the reality and truth as they finally admit their own responsibility for their own destruction...

Is The Atlantic America's most delusional publication?

The Atlantic is one of those publications that has zero connect with reality.

It can babble nonsense and propaganda forever, but it is not the quantity of words, sophistry, spin, or opinion that counts.

The Atlantic spews a worldview that is flawed, but it cannot ever admit a mistake; so it tries to slop on enough excuses to keep some sheltered notion of reality going. It is fantasy porn for the Left, nothing more.

And it is the kind of thinking that prevent true innovation and progress.

They remind me of a spouse who is in a loveless marriage, but to get a divorce would mean change, and that is construed and being wrong. So prop up the marriage by enduring fights, affairs, and then the marriage counsellors and the self-help books and the religion, and then plastic surgery, empowerment phrases all around the house and the too-smiley Facebook pictures.

Until the other spouse either ups and leaves or goes into a homicidal rage and offs the entire family.

The Humanities are in a crisis because they keep teaching the same archaic things, and expecting a different outcome.

We can look at the fortunes of structure-creators -- the STEM guys, and the content-providers -- the Humanities guys on the Internet to see how good is a Humanities education.

The content-providers are paupers compare to the multi-billionaire structure creators. This divide has been there even for radio and television, but over time, STEM got with the program and thrived in changes, while Humanities stubbornly held on to fantasies that do not align with reality.

You would think people in Humanities would get a clue, and radically overhaul how they teach their subjects.

Not a chance. That would be tantamount to admitting flaw, and apparently, those knuckle-draggers are vying for God's job.

There is nothing wrong with being a Persian carpet.


Flaws inspire new wisdom, lessons, innovations, creations, and the like.

STEM always looks to improve and do one better with their next cycle.

But not the arrogant Humanities.

But The Atlantic cannot admit the reality, and thus, keep an entire discipline back with their sophistry. They cannot even admit the Humanities are in crisis.

Sorry, guys, enabling the flaws on the Left is not going to help anyone.

The cowardice stems from part arrogance, part laziness, but mostly falling for the old lie that to succeed and thrive, you always have to be right.

The Humanities needed to take a page from STEM decades ago, but they always looked down at STEM as somehow being inferior and soulless, when it is hardly the case.

People finding cures for cancer isn't a soulless act. People figuring out how to fix sick hearts or manage schizophrenia aren't heartless, either.

Science is the art of understanding the world in order to improve it. Many times, it's wrong and veers into unethical territory, yes, absolutely.

But you also have people who cure. Humanities could also cure people and help them thrive, and it has stagnated.

Journalism education, for instance, helped destroy the profession, with a generation that has two percent reading a newspaper at all.

That is Humanities' greatest failure -- and shame.

But do not expect The Atlantic to ever have the morals or courage to admit it...