The National Post's intriguing obsession with being Steven Galloway's publicists.

The National Post is spewing how Steven Galloway is sue happy, which is nothing new for any Canadian male on the #MeToo hitlist.

Patrick Brown is doing it. So is Jeramy Dodds.

In the US, it is #MeToo.

In Canada, it is #NotMe!

It is the way sheltered little boys roll in this bland and timid country.

But the National Post insists on being PR flunkies for not just Steven Galloway, but also men like Jordan Peterson, the latter who is being represented in court by one of the Post’s own columnists/lawyers.

As they are cheerleading him.

That is not only unethical, but bizarre.

No one should have a newspaper at their disposal writing propaganda on their behalf.

I find this pattern very intriguing, however.

I remember finding the coordinated propagandistic attacks on Serbia during the civil war equally intriguing, and when I started to do basic digging, I stumbled upon FARA.

Because the Post is not a newspaper that bothers with actually reporting.

They are stenographers. They parrot press releases. They sit their asses in courthouses and are mere authority conduits. They are lapdogs by trade and design.

And it will be interesting to see the story behind this little piece of theatre…

Failure to compute: National Post's hatchet job on Julie Payette misses the Big, usual.

The National Post has serious woman issues.

They will give front-page sympathy treatment to men such as Steven Galloway, blaming everyone else for the trouble he brought on himself. They defend men as if they were helpless and sheltered little boys to the point that it is farce. Their lens is so distorted that they cannot see the obvious.

But that’s what happens when you follow scripts, and not facts and logic. They have absolutely no common sense. They follow some formula that made sense in a bygone era, and try to mimic something that resembles journalism, always falling off the mark, and sounding like uncultured rubes. It’s as if the Beverly Hillbillies ran the newspaper thinking they’ve fooled people.

The intriguing attack on Governor-General Julie Payette is pure narrative propaganda that is downright Victorian in its assumptions. Children, this 2018, and it time to be woke.

The entire thesis of this piece is that Payette is ill-suited for the job as she seemingly bungles by questioning the ribbon-cutting, rubber-stamping, and the tea partying as if she were doing something wrong.

No, here is a thinking woman who has skills, knowledge, and talents whose assets are being squandered by the federal government as they sink money on sanctioned insanity that produces nothing. We are wasting taxpayer money on garbage scripts and we have bureaucrats get their knickers in a knot because someone with a brain and critical thinking skills is questioning their zombie rules and trying to — heaven forbid! — do something real.

STEM policy is important, not enabling leeches who got their positions via nepotism and patronage to get a photo-op with someone wearing a paper crown so they can brag to their fake friends at cocktail parties.

Payette is the lone sane person in an asylum we call Parliament Hill, that should instead be rechristened Bedlam to better reflect the reality of the games citizens allow to go unchallenged because of the misdirection of pomp and circumstance.

It is a sham, of course. If a Governor-General merely signs things without question, they are like the citizens in supposed democracies where people are legally required to vote, but there is just a single name on the ballot. That is a waste-of-life activity designed to make fools of people who are obligated to participate.

Instead of questioning the Establishment’s stupid and manipulative rules, the Post goes after the educated female who is asking questions. If Canada were truly a sophisticated and civilized country, they would recruit Payette to do something she is qualified to do — make real policy in regards to science where this country is lagging.

People who are working under the Governor-General and backbiting her to reporters are the ones who should be scrutinized, not the woman who is challenging their schoolyard games. The previous Governor-General was adapt at playing make-pretend and enabling useless ceremonies and he is praised and lauded. Why? What does the country get from that that they can dine on? What can they take from the bank? How does those rituals progress governance and this society?

It doesn’t, of course. The games cultivate false pecking orders so that out-groups are dismissed and those playing the games can delude themselves into feeling superior. Canadian journalists always go after people who stand up to conventions and traditions because to question them would expose the leeches for who they really are and what they are scamming.

At the end, it is about the bottom line. You have an engineer who was an astronaut, and instead of using her brains to solve problems and innovate, you are mad at her because she doesn’t want to play tea party. If we had an actual government and not an unreasonable facsimile of one, she’d be made science tsarina and make the blueprints of where the country will be going over the next fifty years.

But heaven forbid we have a female visionary and innovator! What will the neighbours think of us? How will it impact the children?

This should have been an exposé on government waste and incompetence, but that would mean questioning an authority that might give the Post some free money to stay afloat, and that is bad.

But the Big Obvious is not just lost on the rubes at the Post. The clodhoppers at the Globe and Mail are equally callow, with them jumping on the anti-Payette bandwagon. Charities in limbo? Who runs these charities? What percentage of their funds go to what they are supposed to go to, and haven’t we figured out a better way to improve our lot than through charities? Why do we have a system that has charities dependent on a single person to “work with them”? What kind of unproductive lunacy is that?

Enslaved by made-up rules and some dead person from another century and millennium’s decrees? Scripts are treated as sacred bibles and then all the thinking and functioning just stops. That is not Payette’s fault or doing.

But the fact that the Establishment news media do not see the big picture is telling: they destroyed their own industry because they followed scripts and did not think for themselves or rely on their own wits and not someone else to prevent their own tragedy. Their lens has been distorted, but yet they refuse to take it off, even as it cost them their own profession.

Do not wonder why journalism is no longer a thing: they write nonsensical hatchet pieces tearing apart the very people whose ways would be an inspiration: why look down on Payette for questioning an Establishment’s self-serving rules? If they did that all along, they would not be in the hot mess they find themselves today.

But the Post would rather write drooling love letters and free advertising to disgraced good old boys than to actually do the job they pretend to do…

National Post's Man-aganda continues, but they ain't the only cowards in journalism.


Jonathan Kay may not have the ability to understand that women's chromosomes in no way prevent them from spewing man-aganda, but then again, that fourth and last stage of Jean Piaget's is a tricky one to reach.

The National Post thinks it has some sort of legitimate way of spewing misogyny without being called on the carpet for it.

No, only someone with bigoted filters would think there are intellectual, moral, or philosophical differences based on external features.

Memo to the National Post: if men can be feminists, then women can be self-loathers, too, especially those without talent who just do whatever the Big Boys tell them because courage and original thought take real guts, talent, and ovaries to pull off.

The suggestion that it is otherwise is a very bigoted assumption that convicts them of the charge, but no one could ever accuse anyone at the Post of being a deep thinker.

Maybe if you actually spoke to everyone and informed them with actual information and not dumb sophistry, you would not be reduced to whining in public about how you cannot make ends meet because people are not buying your product.

The Post is a man-agandist publication. Nothing else. They hold the trembling little gonads of those scared little boys who need to know they are not to blame for anything just to reassure them.

Fox News Channel perfected it, and it is something I took apart in my book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism.

Some men are men: they do not fall apart if their employers are women. They do not harm anyone, male or female because they have courage, compassion, intelligence, ability, morals, and bravery. They get ahead on the job because they are competent and innovative. They actually know how to behave and are fantastic people because their testosterone is not afraid of the presence of estrogen.

Others are little boys. They thump their chests, but run to mommy and daddy whenever someone sees their bullying is just to prevent those of quality from besting them. The Post enablers those men who hold society back and force the rest of us to waste time and resources cleaning up their messes.

And considering how badly the Post's fortunes have fallen, they are trying to hold on to as many little boys as they can. They give free front page advertising to Steven Galloway as if his self-pity was Very Important News. They are forever running around like irrational chickens, screaming #MeToo is a witch hunt ecause they are too thick to get it. The irrationality has gone overboard, and their propaganda blinds them to the obvious.

But they think they can fool people into thinking they are some sort of legitimate news outlet.

No, you're not. You spew man-aganda, even if you have a few chicks and broads willing to do the dirty work for you.

The sex of the one who spews propaganda is immaterial and does not legitimize your slop.

It is the content of your argument, the structure of your arguments, the scope of your vision, the facts you choose to ignore, and the inherent rigs of your work that actually determines whether or not you are a legitimate news source, or an apologist for incompetent men in power.

The race and gender of those puking out your sophistry is not some sort of protective force field. It is a misdirection, nothing more.

Christie Blatchford happens to be the Post's loudest man-aganda and gets a pay check regardless of how many lives get mucked up because of primitive thinking.

Like this piece of silliosity. I love the preface of that video:

Trudeau’s #MeToo moment has once again proved that if women are going to come forward with allegations, it should be in the courts not in newspapers, according to Postmedia columnist Christie Blatchford. The courts are the one place where both men and women can get due process.

Due process? You may cover the courts, but doubtful you have been sucked into that mindless machine and been eaten alive.

Child molesters get a couple of years when they are convicted of assaulting scores of children for years. The End to the argument of Due Process. No due process. Just a game of make pretend as we torture people and waste their lives and raise their hopes to get spat at with their own tax dollars. If there is any definitive proof that we allow society to become heartless psychopathic barbarians, it is how we run our courts when it comes to sexual assault trials. 

Let's just take today's legal news and see how great the Post's theory applies. In this case, a judge dismissed a sexual assault case against four teenage boys who were accused of assaulting an intoxicated teenage a girl, and they were cleared because she was drunk at the time.

And according to Blatchford, this is reasonable because an Authority figure decreed it so.

Let's see: if you are intoxicated, your judgement is acknowledged by the law and scientific research to be so bad, that:

1. You cannot give consent to drive and if you do, you are arrested because you do not have the mental capacity to operate a vehicle.

2. You cannot operate a plane or boat, either.

3. Children's Aid will take your children away from you until you go into rehab.

4. A drunk police officer, judge, teacher, lawyer, doctor, and babysitter caught on camera while intoxicated on the job would cause a scandal.


Because your ability to make decisions is garbage when you are bladdered.

But the judge seems to set a double standard when it comes to teenage girls:

"The issues here focus on consent," O'Donnell said. "Was the complainant capable of consent? For example, did she understand the nature of the acts in the car to the degree that she could reject them or agree with them?

"This is an area in which judges have come under criticism in the past, but we must remember a drunk person can have the required capacity to consent to sex. The person can even be quite intoxicated and still have that capacity."

Okay, that is Authority decree, but let us replace some of his words with something just as important:

This is an area in which judges have come under criticism in the past, but we must remember a drunk person can have the required capacity to operate a bus full of schoolchildren and drive them home. The person can even be quite intoxicated and still have that capacity.

In fact, if that is the thinking, we should ban any law against drinking and driving entirely. I think police officers should be allowed to be intoxicated while handling firearms, too. They can even be quite intoxicated and still have that capacity to fire a loaded weapon.

The judge's Authority logic decreed it so; so, obviously, it must be true.

Let us make it all legal so that at least we can be consistent with our primative sanctioned lunacy.

So, we have, to put it mildly, a legal system that is run by whim that has no basis in evidence or fact -- but mostly on whatever lobby groups do a superior job to convince lawmakers to back off with certain laws or at least water them down.

And the National Post thinks this is a good and glorious thing, and too bad the populace is meddling by making some demand for rights or something.

No wonder the National Post's colour is Minion Yellow.


Appealing to Authority is what they do best, after all. No wonder they are upset that the current federal regime didn't give them money to enable their incompetency. They sucked up to them and everything!

Because that's how passive cowards navigate through the world. Whatever the Man tells them, that's good enough for them, male or female. Equality means equality.

Once upon a time, you had journalists risk their lives and cover dangerous things. Some would reject anyone who decreed to be an Authority, regardless of political affiliation.

But then came the dregs who thought appeasing Authorities and praising them was the way they could get ahead. Short cut your way into a "career" as a "journalist"!

They were the ones who had no talent, just a conniving nature, and they would in no way go out and do real and dangerous work, because they knew they could not handle it.

Like those hiding under the National Post banner.

But they are hardly the only ones.


#MeToo was a social media-based movement. It exploded among educated, white collar women in the US who endured the war strategies of incompetent men who distracted their competition by terrorizing said competition by various means that would do the most emotional damage.

Sex had nothing to do with it. Sexual harassment was not about the sex: it was the way of gaining dominance by creating an invisible barrier to make rivals hesitate and feel inferior enough not to go after the same brass ring.

So when the Post frames this issue that this is about sex, this is mere smoke and mirrors. This is about workplace terrorism and sabotage.

You had previous generations of women endure this degradation in silence because they thought if they did endure it and broke barriers, their daughters and granddaughters wouldn't have to put up with it, too.

That was a big tactical error.

These were the same women who wanted Hillary Clinton as their president. Clinton was a symbolic choice on many levels: she was an Endurer (but she was also an enabler, and the reason I never cared for her), and the reward for endurance and patience was to finally reach the top.

Except she got easily clobbered by Donald Trump.

But not just clobbered: her supporters leaked that infamous tape of him crowing about being able to harass any woman he wants with her blessing and impunity. 

If all that dung-swallowing was actually worth it, people would have been outraged, not vote for Trump, and installed the first woman in the White House.

It didn't happen.

It didn't happen.

A lifetime of pretending getting abused on the job was the price to pay to pave the road for the next generation was proven to be a con game.

And those well-educated, white collar women who got abused, and even raped on the job and said nothing, snapped and revolted because they suffered a real and terrible shock that not Everything Will Work Out In The End.

All those affirmative sayings they plastered on their walls at home proved to be the same horse-dung they swallowed on their claw and crawl to break a glass ceiling that wouldn't break.

And so #MeToo exploded on the scene and resonated, but its epicentre was the US.

It is a legitimate movement. It is not a witch hunt. It is what happens when an entire generation without their own war manual get disillusioned and are forced to face reality when their own home-grown strategies prove to be worthless.

But in Canada, we are not in the same place because we are a nannied and sheltered people.

If we lose our safety net and are forced to survive on our abilities and wits for real, the shock will be far greater than what spurred #MeToo.

And we are there.

Canadian journalists are beyond there, but because their lens is that of a coward's, they are still in the denial stage. 

Because if they saw reality for what it is, they wouldn't be supporting and begging governments for anything as they sucked up to Authorities, hoping for a paltry little patronage appointment.

They would be rioting on the streets.

Really, that sad and pathetic lot have nothing left to lose.

Because those Authorities they drool over so much have played those arrogant and oblivious empty-heads for the fools that they are. Fish in a barrel, nothing more.

The problem is they think they are still something special because they get invited to a cocktail party here or there, or because they hang out in the corridors hanging on the every word of some Authority to report about it to the little people.

But because #MeToo is a social media movement, journalists could not stop the movement from making damage to their own profession.

CBS had their Charlie Rose problem, and it should not be surprising that one of their bosses ran to a law firm that brags that they "kill stories" about the deeds of delinquent little mediocre boys pretending to be Great Men.

Oh, and the one of the principle members of that legal cabal doing the story killing is a woman.

Which is the go-to sex many sexual predators run to in order to make it seem that they are not predators. As if.

Journalism did not fare so good during #MeToo. Despite hiring legal enablers to sweep their sins under the rug, the tiny fraction that did slime out was ugly enough.

It was the biopsy that proved why the profession no longer had any credibility left.

They were no better than the people they labelled villains over the years.

They were never for the people.

They weren't for the poor, the sick, or the dispossessed.

They weren't for people with darker pigments, or people who toiled in blue collar jobs.

They weren't for people whose sexual orientation was not heterosexual.

They weren't for children as they never bothered reporting anything to them.

They weren't for over half the population who are women.

They weren't for foreigners.

They weren't even for most men.

Just the well-heeled ones.


And only if you were the right sort of man. Not the used up and broken souls who lost their health in factories.

They did away with Labour sections and called it Business, you sillies.

And when their snobbery got the better of them, they ran to those Great Men to bail them out.

Memo to the Post: they no longer have any use for you.

You relics went out with the trash years ago.

But when it is garbage your little boys and girls are spewing, it is very hard to notice the difference...


National Post's Free of Charge Image Rehabilitation To Steven Galloway Continues.

Welcome, bitter himbos and their enablers from the Troll Scroll known as Twitter! Here is what I think of the intellectually-stunted rebuttal you cling on to like a security blanket...

The National Post has become the National Mommy: protecting the little white boys who get their sorry butts in a scrape, and then are allowed to bawl in public as the Post gives them free publicity to do so.

They have certain obsessions. The come from Toronto, after all, a city that inexplicably wants to seem cultured and refined enough to seem as if they are all cocktail parties all the time.

Except for all those homeless people those same blowhards walk over every day. It is a city with serious problems, but do not speak of those problems in public.

The National Post has the same mindset. It likes the Great Man myth. It does not like when said Great Men turn out to be vulgar goobers.

Steven Gallloway did not behave professionally on the job -- a lofty one and a hard one for Canadian authors to procure. Authors are perfect guests for those boring old cocktail parties, and that Galloway's ways got him in hot water was mortifying.

The National Post has been working as his social worker/image rehabilitator for a long time now, and this melodramatic Woe Is Me drivel is very tone deaf -- and not the place for the Post to publish.  

And that green-tinged Sad Boy pity painting of him is really stretching it.

Galloway is the architect of his own ruin. It went to his head, and in a nation where most writers cannot make a decent wage and must rely on government welfare disguised as grants and teach at colleges and universities, most authors struggle to make it.

Galloway had a lofty position, and though the university didn't think he did all of things he was accused of -- they did not exactly give him back his halo, either. He had a good racket going, and then blurred lines that brought him his ruin.

For an author, the article is cringeworthy and not very good writing. He is too selfish to see the obvious. He had many Establishment types come running to enable his delusions, and for that, he should be very grateful.

But gratitude is something Galloway doesn't seem to grasp. UBC fawned all over him, and it was not good enough. He was allowed to hold a position of power, even though Canadian publishing has deteriorated over the years. Nothing new or innovative under his watch.

The Post is man-aganda: propaganda to reassure the boys that they are perfect and without fault. 

Galloway is fortunate this happened in Canada before #MeToo: if it were a US university and if it happened now, we would see a very different outcome with no one giving a free platform to make excuses and paint himself as a victim. He wasn't.

This is the reason Canadian newspapers collapsed: we are being surrounded by real crises all around us, and of a country of thirty-six million people, the Post keeps giving copy inches to Galloway. Repeatedly.

He is not a tragic figure. He is an arrogant one who overplayed his hand. He did what millions of people do at some point of their lives: goofed up on the job and got himself in an unfixable scrape.

It is not news. Get over it...

Postmedia shuts down more newspapers...and no, it is not just a broken business model that did it in.

More papers are being closed, and that should surprise no one. Canadian journalism has destroyed itself years ago, but now that the piper has come to collect, newspapers are being taken into the grave.

Journalists and editors are still in absolute denial, blaming a broken business model, which is not an adequate explanation. The entire journalism model is broken beyond repair.

The level of unprofessionalism was always atrocious, but Canadian journalists got away with it for years because they were the only game in town. The Internet broke down those confining gates, and journalists never bothered to keep up with the times. They have always been sloppy, incestuous, deferential to authority, and used sophistry and even propaganda when it suited their purposes.

The National Post is Postmedia's crown jewel, and yet the smaller properties are crumbling all around it -- for a reason.

The Post's dubious shenanigans have subtly helped pull down an entire profession's credibility. They cover events in a blatantly slanted manner...and then one of their writers/lawyers takes two of the "newsmakers" associated with the story as clients.

Once upon a time that would have been a scandal and a textbook case in journalism ethics, but a destroyed profession doesn't muster much ire.

And then there is this "column" by the Post's Barbara Kay -- a wallowing, but by-the-numbers crisis management piece meant not to inform, but to sell shamed mediocre author Steven Galloway.

When I wrote Don't Believe It!, I discussed how the Canadian arm of the PR firm Hill & Knowlton had proffered crisis management advice -- and one of the feints was the use of proxies: having other credible friends, allies, and acquaintances to act as your mouthpiece without seeming to be your proxy.

This column is a classic proxy rehab feint -- it has every element of crisis communications in it, making it a serious conflict of interest that Kay has no business writing -- and the Post had no business printing.

But the Kay family has a peculiar obsession with Galloway. While Barbara Kay supposedly disclosed one association in her article, it is not exactly complete. Her son Jonathon Kay has also subjectively shilled for Galloway's innocence in public -- and I had been there at one very bad J-talk at Facebook's Toronto offices where the topic was about journalism and truth. Of course, there was no actual discussion of it, just an obsession with Chartbeat -- but out of the blue, son Kay went on an irrelevant tangent about poor, little Galloway -- he too, was pushing forth proxy image rehabilitation -- and he wasn't disclosing why this was so important to him.

When there is more to the story -- the right thing for the Post to do was not to publish something very questionable -- but it got worse for another reason -- and a highly deceptive one.

The Galloway Affair was a pre-#MeToo incident -- and the article's headline and content implies this was a #MeToo thing -- and this was a shady implication as a column could possibly get.


Because it was a very different social atmosphere at the time of Galloway's ouster from UBC.

#MeToo is an American phenomenon, not a Canadian one. The Galloway Affair was not inspired by #MeToo. It was not part of a movement. It wasn't a bandwagon knee-jerk incident. It was not inspired by the success of #MeToo as that movement did not exist and it was not common for women to come forward at the time. Even in the final report, Galloway did not come off as a wronged innocent; so he is not some poor little boy.

He is a professional communicator. He makes his living as a communicator. He was in charge of teaching university students the art of communicating. He cannot make any claim of not being able to communicate clearly to anyone.

He had a free and easy pass with the Canadian Media Establishment and Elite -- many who wrote an open letter defending the little boy.

Just as the Kays are doing for him now.

To link the Galloway Affair with #MeToo is deceptive: he wasn't part of #MeToo. Kesha was also a pre-#MeToo case -- and she was flayed alive by other women. Jian Ghomeshi was also pre-#MeToo, and his accusers were disbelieved because they had things to do with him after he smacked them around -- as if this wasn't typical behaviour. Women are murdered by their husbands who abused them -- so we know it's a thing.

So Galloway wasn't a #MeToo witch who was hunted. His case was no where near it.

He behaved unprofessionally, and he had all sorts of Establishment cheerleaders running to defend him. For Kay to misuse newspaper space to babble and shield him is astounding.

Memo to Barbara Kay: If Mr. Galloway has something to say, let him write a book about it himself. You aren't his mommy -- and neither is your son. Both of you are way too emotionally involved to babble in professional settings about it.

But for the Post to enable such non-journalistic image repairing is unconscionable.

However, this is par for the course in Canadian journalism: always running to defend little friends with big titles who do very sketchy things and get caught, as real issues get ignored.

It is no wonder that Postmedia is deep in debt and hard up for readers. It is not just a bad business model.

It is a rotten journalism model, too...

Canada's Stenography Journalism: Do not use the brain cells. Just parrot whatever tripe they tell you.

"If you don't like it, why don't you go back where you came from?"  


I get that one. A lot. Aside from, "What kind of accent do you have?", that is probably the second-most bigoted comment I get from my fellow Canadians.

For the record, I do not have an accent. I was born and raised in Canada -- so I have some sort of Ontario accent thing going on like everyone else native to this Canadian province.

But it is a form of othering to remind me that I am not considered native to my country of birth for my unspeakable defect of having fabulous Eastern European facial features.


That one comes when someone first meets me, even when I did not open my mouth to speak.

When I point out a problem, then I get people who snap that I should go back where I came from, to which I reply, "I was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada -- so I am back where I came from, you're still stuck with me, I will not be driven out of my country, and I am going to exercise my right to free speech to prevent that country from getting hurt. But if you don't like progress and truth, why don't you leave the country for a place that clamps down on basic human rights and sees nothing wrong with oppression?"

Do not pick a fight with a person who is honed to see reality in order to find the truth. 

Canada is not the United States, and though we may look alike and dress alike, we are not alike.

Americans have a very specific ideology that can be summed up in one word: Improve.

Their work is never done. They seek problems in order to solve them. They admit flaw. They admit defeat. They have comeback kids who rise up from the ashes to redeem themselves. The Hero's Journey is all about not just solving a problem to improve your surroundings, but admitting your own weakness in order to improve yourself.

They invent. They re-invent. They brought activism into mainstream acceptance. They change. They are brave enough to take the status quo and throw out the window in order to make a better system.

They listen, and a throw away thread in a forum about emotional labour and the undue toll it takes on women's careers becomes a book and from there, a new problem is acknowledged and battled.

It should be no surprise that Civil Rights took form in the United States, despite their puritanical leanings. Collectively, at least, Americans are teachable and they have no trouble taking on their own Establishment.

Canada has never been of the same ilk. It is always about keeping up appearances and seeing your curses as blessings so you do not inconvenience anyone, especially not the Establishment.

Here is a van from a health care centre I came across today:


Smile through it all. 

With a creepy Red John smiley right on it.

This place is very close to my house, and the place deals with terminal and palliative care issues.

You are sick, in pain, and even dying, but keep smiling through it all because no one actually wants to be bothered to help you.

Do not acknowledge a single negative emotion. Do not mourn. Do not grieve. Do not feel wronged or outraged.


So you can make that expression completely lose all of its value to become sick garbage you wear on your face.

I had once overheard a few doctors in a huddle talking about "five celebrations", and it took me a moment to realize what they meant: as in five celebrations of life.

As in five patients recently died. That is doublespeak of the worst sort. What's next? Calling rapists sex heroes?

There is one thing to keep positive in bad times; it is quite another to ignore the negative and spin it into something positive. It is a world of difference and the latter is a deliberate and malicious misuse of the former. It means you are willfully ignoring bad things as you sweep them under the rug.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer was a serial-killing nurse in Canada who got away with it for years and years. It was not as if her bosses were not clued in that she was a dangerous menace: they swept her away so that no one had to deal with her or be held accountable for her actions. Make her go away and you can have sunny brochures and posters how great you are as an institution for your country's most vulnerable.

The I'm sorries are worthless because it will happen again, and is most likely still happening.

But point out the rot and you will immediately be told to go back where you came from.

The problem is, when you come from Canada, you're already there, and so is the problem.


I worked as a journalist for many years. I covered business stories and crime stories. I am not flashy or showy by nature. I can be the one who sits quietly and let you talk without interruption for hours. I observe. I analyze. I empathize. As I am fond of saying, I am Teller, not Penn.

When you are the more quiet one, you are not distracted by your own ego or whatever yarn you are spinning to get attention to yourself: you can see the world around you and how the sum of the parts interact with one another to make up the whole. In my journalism career, I have done stories for both US and Canadian publications and did stories that required interacting with people and places that had dealings with both countries.

I was always fascinated by the differences. There was one story I was writing for an American publication about a Canadian company. The company seemed off in some way, and the anecdotes I was told during the interview seemed like a misdirection for me. The problem was there was very little information coming out. I was working with wisps of threads.

So I devised a hypothesis and went out to see if there was any way I could confirm or refute my theory.

I called up a Canadian government agency and flat out told them why I was calling and my theory to see if there was a way I could confirm or refute. I was rudely informed they didn't know, they didn't want to know, and treated me like a paranoid conspiracy theorist for asking.

Then I remembered the company had dealings in the US; so I called that country's governmental counterpart with the same questions.

It was a very different experience.

No, I wasn't crazy. No, I wasn't a hysterical female or paranoid conspiracy theorist. Yes, it was more than possible, but not even that agency could find out, let alone me.

But there were ways they could find it -- and were looking. It was already on their radar.

I could not go with an accusation, but there were ways I could lay the groundwork to let readers know there was something there to look for -- or a good question to ponder.

Eventually, it was the US agency that discovered that our mutual suspicions were correct.

It could have been stopped in Canada years ago, however.

Since then, I have followed a lot of stories where Canadian grifters plundered people here with reckless abandon, but then thought they were geniuses who could avoid detection, and then took their show across the border where there was real money to be had...and then were discovered, arrested, and convicted in the US.

Those con artists weren't smart. They were just dealing in a place where people in positions of authority close their eyes shut while their minions walk around with a vacant and soulless frozen smile on their faces.

All you have to do is google "no laws in Canada" and see the frightening long list of things that are actually not illegal here.

It goes against the narrative that everything is all good and there are no worries because everything is perfect.


Because They will do something about it.

And journalists have helped form that narrative here for years.


I had many stories shot down in Canada over the years: the rise of gang violence in Toronto was never going to happen. How to tell a city's most pressing social problems by deciphering graffiti was another. How art crimes was out of control in Canada. There were others, but if the core of the article was to imply that the country was less than perfect, the story was shot down.

Journalism here was more stenography than actual reportage: you just parrot whatever the PR flunkie tells you over the phone, at the press conference, or in the press release.

And like the enablers of a serial-killing nurse, journalism is a profession that has overlooked many transgressions committed by editors, reporters, photographers, publishers, producers -- and even j-school students.

I came across it once when I worked as a professor. I taught an Advanced Communications course that was a requisite to pass many programs. I had one group of engineering students, but there came a media studies student who needed the course and asked if he could take my class. It was no harder to mark 101 papers than 100, so I said yes.

There was one assignment -- the major one -- that you had to hand in or else you would fail the course because it was worth as much as the passing mark. You could get all of the other assignments perfect, but if you didn't hand in the final assignment, there was no credit.

I had repeatedly warned students not to plagiarize, and that I would be going through every single report to ensure it wasn't.

For whatever reason, four students thought I was bluffing. Three were from the engineering program, but the fourth was the media studies student.

I had two departments to inform. The head of engineering was not happy. I informed him that I wasn't happy either because all of my warnings fell on deaf ears. As I promised, I googled every single paper, and four were copied whole from the Internet.

There was no doubt of what they did, and as an educator, this is a traumatic thing to have to do.

But the department head was a man of decisive and impressive action. He yanked out two of the offenders from another exam so that students were put on notice that cheating had its price, but it was also talk of the professors during the promotion meeting. They had all failed. Not just because of academic dishonesty, but because a zero on the paper couldn't get you a pass in the course.

Unless you were the media studies student.

I informed that head, and he called me at home...and he was determined to ensure that this student pass. I had repeatedly said it was plagiarism. I wrote it on his paper in big bold letters, and gave the link where he stole every word of it. I repeatedly said to the supervisor that to get a zero on the assignment automatically meant a fail, regardless of whether or not he stole his work, and he got a ZERO on that assignment, and I had already recorded the grade as such in the computer system.

Apparently, doing the other work was good enough to pass...and let's not make extra trouble for the cheater, and I was overruled. Period. As I was already leaving to teach at another college, there wasn't anything else I could do. He decided the student would pass, even though it in no way reflected on what his actual output was.

I had never had that problem with any other department. That defender of student dishonesty had been a news director at a radio station before that -- and I shudder to think what he let pass so that con artists weren't going to be inconvenienced. 

And if you are a journalism veteran teaching journalism to students, and you go out of your way to pass a dishonest student, you cannot expect truth or honesty in the product.

Because you are not going to see any problems in the people and institutions you are covering.

You will grab the press release, crib from it, and then tell people you are a journalist, and not a stenographer.


An industry is only as good as the mechanisms in place to police it. You allow your members to lie and to harm, you are an enabler of rot. When that industry is journalism, and it proves to be one that cannot police itself, they cannot police anyone else.

It is a profession that requires bravery, vigilance, and humility.

And the ability to see reality in order to find the right tools to find out what you cannot see by mere eyeballing alone.

Journalists, as someone once quipped, are not thin-skinned, but no-skinned. Do not imply they are less than perfect, particularly here in Canada.

When TVO's Steve Paikin was accused of a boorish quip by an eccentric-looking self-made female entrepreneur, journalists already decided he was innocent, but his place of work decided to have an "investigation", and they allegedly cleared him in a report that I have read repeatedly, but it never sat well with me for several reasons.


Because it is typical of reports that look thorough on first glance, but do not hold up to actual scrutiny. If I were being investigated for something I didn't do, I would not want this kind of shallow babble used as proof of my innocence.

There were problems I have outlined previously -- namely that the eyewitness who had the actual knowledge was acting squirrelly, which the firm hired by the station with the vested interest of looking pristine, dismissed as not being credible.

Yet why this person behaved this way was not actually addressed -- and there were real ways of ascertaining the reason why.

There were no private investigators on this report, which is troubling, but when you are pretending to look at a work-related problem, it is a very good idea to do some legwork with someone who can look into certain aspects of a witness's background. You have to know.

But that alone isn't the real problem -- it is who is doing the interviewing.

Not psychologists. Not social workers -- and when we are dealing with sexual harassment allegations -- those are the experts you employ to interview witnesses because they -- particularly social workers, are trained to pick up on threads that hint at what is the most probable truth.

As a journalist, I have dealt with social workers and interviewed them. Although my degree is in psychology, those front line workers had given me a few lessons in understanding what to look for -- and were correct. There are signs, and everyday, they are overwhelmed with them.

When dealing with personal kinds of abuses, that's who you want to assess the situation, and give you a lay of the land.

Nor did we have any sort of forensic psychiatrist analyzing anything here -- and again, as someone who has interviewed them, their knowledge of even semantics is a priceless tool.

That didn't happen. It should have. You had the wrong tools used to create something, and just because you have people looking into something, doesn't mean they have the useful skillset to uncover the truth.

Just as you can have a blood test giving you a clean bill of health, doesn't mean that test can catch diseases, cancers, or other genetic problems that can kill a person if not caught in time. You have to have the right blood test -- and other tests that are specifically made for detecting certain problems. I have known young people who got a clean bill of health, only to find out they had a now incurable illness because the shallow tests they passed were not made to spot serious ailments.

This report was not a good report. As I said before, if I were a journalist covering this story and got this report, I would have my hands full finding more credible sources to tell me what really happened. I'd want to know more about the enigmatic witness who was going out of his way to muddy the waters instead of being definitive in either the accused's favour or the accuser's. You cannot dismiss a claim unless you can tip the scales one way or another. If you cannot, you must then spell out your findings are inconclusive, and why.

And that's why TVO's report is just window-dressing, not an actual document of any empirical or forensic value.

Worst of all, there is no governing independent body that investigates bad journalists. It should be that kind of institution, not a gun-for-hire to do that kind of investigation.

But journalism doesn't have that -- for a reason.

Because lord only knows what ugly secrets we'll find.


If you do not want to see reality or truth, you stick to a perky script. You cannot be a chronicler, but a stenographer, owning no responsibility to what you are spewing.

It should be no surprise that Canadian journalism has always been far weaker than the offerings in the US and UK. They defer to authorities, and prefer a set script that pigeonholes everyone so no one looks wrong or is questioned.

It is why #MeToo took off in the US, but was always shunned in Canada: because it would be a de facto admission that things were not perfect and needed serious reworking and reinventing.

Americans thrive in the notion of improvement and change.

But Canadian journalism bristles at the eccentric, enigmatic, and different. Change is good, so long as the status quo is left untouched. Our elites are to be revered and seen as outsiders.

And once someone is seen as an elite, there is no allowance to challenge the narrative -- the script is superimposed on reality, and all sorts of questionable things can happen without outrage, let alone a scandal.

Let's take Steven Galloway. He is a mediocre author with a snooty disposition who had an easy ride and hype that never actually matched the ability.

I have written about him here and here.

He got in trouble at UBC, a pre-#MeToo outing of his actions.

He was fired, and Canada's authors all ran to his defence with an open letter defending him.

I recall attending a J-Talk where a journalist, Jonathon Kay, was feeling sorry for Galloway, babbling about the toll and how Galloway had "felt like" killing himself -- meaning Kay had a relationship with Galloway that extended beyond the professional.

Galloway admitted to some very unprofessional doings as someone who was put in a position of power at a university, but the university still has to pay him $167,000 by decree of an arbitrator, they obviously transported from a century ago.

Like TVO, the university has no independent means of investigation -- and that is an absolute must. They made decrees that didn't align with the facts -- even though there was admission of quite a bit of wrongdoing, as in actions that he should not have done in his position. That should have been enough to fire him.

But as Galloway's "privacy" was somehow compromised -- a ridiculous charge as he was a public figure who craved and cultivated attention to himself -- he gets a settlement as if he were some innocent victim, which by his own admission he wasn't.

There are no damages here. He was the architect of his own self-entitled misery. The damages are self-inflicted.

In Canada, $167,00 is a princely sum -- people who are truly innocent and are seriously injured through car accidents or negligence will not get that much for their pain and suffering. There are Establishment imposed caps preventing it.

But an irresponsible lout does get it for making trouble for himself and having no common sense, but because he is considered an Establishment figure, he is given leeways that are unjustifiable.

Do not expect journalists in Canada to question this outrageous outcome. They socialize with him, feel sorry for him, defend him in public, and see nothing wrong with doing those things. The sense of entitlement is there -- and there is hardly any mention of this -- just stenography.

If this happened in the US, there would be no credible arbitrator who would give him a dime.

But this is Canada. If you don't like it, you can always go back where you came from -- or smile through it all as you get abused for no good reason whatsoever...